The Eternal Westoid

The Eternal Westoid is the man who thinks there’s always a technological solution just around the corner to every problem he created, provided you can even get him to accept the problem is even real to begin with. You can weaponize the Eternal Westoid’s naive optimism against him, by confronting him with a problem so severe that he will slip into denial about it. I’m not trying to give Xi Jinping or Vladimir Putin any new ideas here, I’m legitimately worried they already figured this out by themselves.

It doesn’t matter which level of the pyramid you look at. Climb to its highest echelons and you’ll find virologists who will insist that surely this strange virus that popped up within a literal stone throw’s distance from a lab where they were funding the development of corona viruses with new furin cleavage sites must have evolved spontaneously somehow without us noticing.

Descend a little further down and you’ll find public health scientists who will insist to us with a straight face that we’re all just going to have to accept that for years to come more people will die than normal. Why? Well people missed medical appointments in 2020 due to the lockdowns so now we’re all just going to have to die, there’s nothing we can do about it. And if you wonder why we had negative excess mortality in summer 2020 then, or heck, in summer 2021 even, you need to SHUT UP and get in line with the new story.

In this sense, your government is now sounding like the substack crowd back in 2020. They implemented these lockdowns, realize they won’t go to jail over them, so now they throw the lockdowns under the bus for LITERALLY ANYTHING that now goes wrong. And all of you morons are going to play along with it because you’re idiots:

“Sorry to say sir, your kid just died from a mysterious Scarlet Fever outbreak caused by immunity debt.” “Well gee doc, good to know, that’s exactly what me and my paid subscribers were arguing was going to happen on my substack back in 2020, this is all your fault for your lockdowns causing this immunity debt, we were right and you were wrong back then.”

“Yes that’s right sir, we scientists were very stupid and you were correct. You were a true Cassandra. Sorry sir, I just heard your other kid died of Scarlet fever too, you’ll have to learn to live with the prospect of spending the last years of your life in a Dickens novel. Really sorry about that lockdown mistake sir, if your wife dies next year or you yourself die just keep in mind that’s all due to us locking you up in your home for a few weeks too. Make sure to enjoy chewing on this bone we threw you, don’t ask why we threw you this bone in the first place.”

Coming up next, you’re all going to dispute the radical notion that a virus that has killed a couple of million people so far may cause long term health problems. “It’s just like the flu, there’s long term symptoms after the flu too.” Yeah, genius discovery guys, 9/10, make sure not to pay attention to the simple fact that 8% of people get the flu in a typical year, whereas you’re getting SARS-COV-2 TWO OR THREE TIMES A YEAR.

Oh and then there’s the inconvenient fact that SARS-COV-2 draws T-cells into your brain, which influenza doesn’t do. Turns out when you insert a furin cleavage site into a coronavirus to widely expand its tissue tropism, the virus can cause problems that other respiratory viruses without special genetic enhancements that never seem to evolve naturally don’t have. Shocking, I know. It’s almost as if that mysteriously low unemployment rate has an actual reason.

Do I need to go over the basics? “It’s always hypochondriac women who complain of these vague symptoms.” Yeah turns out if you have a womb your body responds differently to viruses because it can’t afford those viruses entering the fetus, nor can it afford the kind of aggressive up-front immune response that aggressively purges it in men (“man-flu”) as the IgG’s and other stuff will pass through the blood-placenta barrier. You’re genetically more similar to a male chimpanzee than to a human woman, dude.

Again, none of this would be very controversial, if we hadn’t faced a cover-up from day one, with all of the world’s most prominent virologists gathering together to protect their (well-funded) hobby of tinkering with viruses to create new abominations. In this sense, the substack stupidity is downstream from the virologist evil.

The Eternal Westoid’s greatest act of naive optimistic stupidity of course was to believe that although all his previous attempts at vaccinating against corona viruses had failed, he somehow had the incredible luck of figuring out how to do it, just in time for a new global corona virus pandemic! Take it away, Ralph Baric:

How’s that working out for you all? Are you all getting sicker yet? “No we’re not getting sicker, we’re just getting infected two-three times a year with a virus that has mysteriously stopped hitting unvaccinated nations, must be all that immunity debt from the lockdowns.” Ok.

Of course not everyone was smart enough to figure out how to do it, we had dozens of teams developing a vaccine, we approved four of them, by now we figured out three of those vaccines were not as amazing as originally anticipated so governments became a little “vaccine hesitant” when it comes to administering those shots, particularly to teenage boys, but that one company surely figured out how to do it correctly!

The final Westoid delusion of course is that Chinamen are really stupid and haven’t figured out yet that you need to get infected 2 or 3 times a year with their new virus with no end in sight if you want your GDP to go up and make sure the pension funds don’t go bankrupt. And if only the Chinaman would figure out you can just go out and get 2 or 3 infections a year with no problem if you get our magical mRNA elixir (very much unlike the Chinaman’s mediocre magical elixir), they could all go back to normal and wait in line to see whether they can get their kids treated for the Scarlet fever or whether there are too many parents with RSV kids ahead of them in line.

“You want to lock people up in their homes now?” No I’m proposing the radical idea that when you create new viruses and release them into the population all your options suck and there might not be a solution. Yes, this is an innovative new idea, the idea that sometimes you can fuck things up so badly that there’s no way to make things right again. But it’s an idea you’re going to have to learn to live with if you will.

If you happen to have a time-machine and feel like going back to September 2019 to educate the world about the importance of eradicating this virus, you truly have my blessing, I wish you all the good luck you might need, but that’s not the world we live in. It was already everywhere before the Chinese themselves knew what they were dealing with, we never stood a chance.

And as all the world’s virologists got together to obscure its man-made origins, you never stood a chance of winning public sympathy for eradicating what otherwise would have seemed like an unremarkable cold virus to people at the time. Hey can I make a suggestion?

Every minute you waste is a minute less that she gets to spend in jail. She lives in the same city as me, I think I saw her and she looked nervous as she must have realized my brain was processing who I was looking at. For the non-initiated, this is the Rotterdam virologist who insisted in her email to avoid addressing inconvenient facts that aren’t in the public domain yet. Her email literally amounted to: “Make sure not to try to debunk inconvenient facts that the plebs hadn’t stumbled upon themselves yet.”

And now comes the magical part where I piss you all off again. It turns out it’s a very small step for people who were fooled into thinking you can change our atmosphere and live with the consequences, to be fooled into believing that you can spread synthetic sarbecoviruses that decimated our ancestors (as evidenced by the fingerprints in our DNA) and live with the consequences. There’s a poetic sense of justice to it all.

There’s Joe Sixpack who thinks it’s all a hoax. Then there’s the sophisticated bourgeois version of Joe, Joe Six-figures if you will, who genuinely believes his Tesla will solve the problem and who thinks his mRNA injection will keep him from ending up as just another statistic. “Technology will solve it” is soft denial, which tends to make a bigger mess than hard denial, as hard denial is eventually stopped by the fact that you crash head-first into the hard wall of reality, whereas with soft-denial you still have the ability to dig yourself into a deeper hole afterwards because you were wearing a helmet.

It’s far, far too late by now, but it would have been useful for virologists and epidemiologists to recognize that the reason our species hadn’t been decimated by sarbecoviruses yet is because the other respiratory viruses that occupy our respiratory tracts are engaged in competition for hosts. Instead of asking: “How could a virus evolve that will decimate our species?” They should have been asking themselves: “How come that hasn’t happened yet?” They would rapidly figure out we have little friendly dogs spreading between our respiratory tracts, who prevent the wolves from getting in.

In China you can find villages where 2% of the population have antibodies against the bat corona viruses. How come this never sparked a pandemic? No gain of function of course, but equally important: Viral interference. The pandemic began when the lockdowns began, for a simple reason: the other viruses were interfering with the spread of SARS-COV-2. The lockdowns were the equivalent of killing your own four guard dogs, because you heard a rumor there’s a rabid dog out there trying to bite people.

This stupid act of taking down our shield would have been sufficient to kill a couple of million people, but you then pushed it beyond the viability of herd immunity with the mass vaccination campaign. I didn’t know this in early 2020, I had other stuff to attend to, but it’s the sort of stuff that virologists and evolutionary biologists should have warned the general public about back then.

There’s exactly one of these guys who has been remotely useful, Geert van den Bossche. If Leonardi had a few more years of experience under his belt I suspect he would not have joined the vaccination bandwagon either, but once you’ve made the commitment yourself it becomes much harder to see the beast for what it is.

But it doesn’t matter anymore.


    • with what cost?
      the American potatoes eating bug is still with us and it’s pain in ass if you only have a small field, you got stuck with chemicals forever cause you can’t gather every one to stop the spread

      what was cost of burying communism? domestication of communism in West
      try to eradicate it back to normal

      people started using antivirals now like they do with antibiotics, new candies

      how is candida and pylori doing in population? things that shouldn’t be there at all

      this civilization invents stuff and trials it right away because of human fashion thing or herd drive for novelty

      it’s exponential nr of live testings now, soon things gonna compound so fast you won’t even be able to track the one thing or combination that fkd everything up permanently

      we may need to learn a thing of two from people of dark ages soon…

  1. Quote: “If you happen to have a time-machine and feel like going back to September 2019 to educate the world about the importance of eradicating this virus …”

    If it’s true they have found SARS-COV-2 in many old blood donations from ~mid 2019, then the whole Wuhan-Lab-Leak-Story can’t be true.

    I read about rumors the virus (or progenitor) was spreaded by US soldiers around ~2011 while some kind of international military sports competition, and that this was an unexpected result of a strange “Obedience Vaccine” which was given to the soldiers.

    Maybe wrong but I don’t buy the Wuhan-Story.

      • Shi Zhengli, the Bat Lady, is a key personality in this whole thing. Afaik she got the virus body from Ralph Barik and tinkered the furin-cleavage-site on it around 2007. There were strange science papers published from her in this time. My assumption is she drove into the jungle to pretend a natural origin of her creation.

        Whatever, the question is: If the virus was ready for use latest around 2010, but the world got noticed first about the virus in 2020, were was the virus in the ~10 years between?
        In a lab tresor? For 10 years?

  2. “although all his previous attempts at vaccinating against corona viruses had failed, he somehow had the incredible luck of figuring out how to do it”
    And the “solution” was so lackluster.
    The main reason I never considered the shot was this basic premise that all previous attempts failed. And the current proposals were an inactivated vaccine or single-protein using “new”/failed platforms.

    Didn’t anyone ever think about inactivating a coronavirus to make a vaccine before in decades of studies? Target a single protein? Always smelled like simplistic bullshit.

    While the popular opinion is “covid is bullshit so why you believe the climate stuff from the same people?”, I prefer your framing indeed.
    I more easily see the similarities between the disastrous mass vaccination campaign with the “Westoid idea” that there’s always a solution to our problems provided our scientists can figure it out. In the process we’re risking very fragile systems that threaten our very existence.

    Likely we can’t solve every contagious disease with vaccination provided we mix the correct chemicals in a lab. Likely we can’t use obscene loads of energy expecting that tech bros will figure out new sci-fi ways to better use energy.

  3. Well said, Ed. Though nature, like the natural bodies she produces, is quite antifragile. Judging natural systems for their ability to put up with civilized man is like judging your splendid immune system for its ability to put up with bullets.

    • Yeah this is peak westoid thinking, up there with “CO2 greens the earth”. Drastic had a whole bunch of cranks in it, as these things tend to go.

      I sometimes think these people believe they can change reality by getting everyone else to agree to their theory and so they keep pushing an idea that would make our lives a lot easier.

    • “But the vaccinated chickens were transmitting the virus, shedding 10,000 times more virus than an unvaccinated bird.”

      Interesting. If this is happening with the mRNA vaccines the vaccinated are now actual walking bioweapons. What a shitshow.

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