The family that destroyed America (with a warning for the future)

I’ve seen it argued quite convincingly in response to the DEI saga that LSWMs should accept Jewish overlordship. After all, for generations low status white males have seen their kids prohibited from attending Harvard and other colleges, due to affirmative action. Black and hispanic kids get preferential treatment, rich whites get legacy admissions for their kids, which leaves Asians and low status whites excluded. But then the colleges pick a fight with the Jews and within a few days their whole palace begins to crumble. Jews get stuff done.

Well, with the opioid crisis, you see something similar. There is exactly one family responsible for creating this disaster: The Sacklers. I argued most people have no agency yesterday. The Sacklers are an exception, they had enough power to destroy a country.

The important thing to note is that low status white males didn’t recognize what was happening, because they get stuck in vague convoluted theories about Zionism and the Federal Reserve and Bohemian Grove and the Bilderberg Group and the black nobility of the Vatican, when there’s one single family out there earning billions by getting them addicted to opioids.

This should have been an easy one for the conspiracy theorists to solve. One shady family, trying to stay out of the spotlight, because they made a killing off Joe Sixpack’s lower back problems. You didn’t solve it. Where was Alex Jones? He was sneaking into Bohemian Grove, because he thought they were committing child sacrifices there. But the most common conspiracies are banalities, that revolve around money and involve just a few people.

Nan Goldin, Jewish fag hag, savior of the white race

But then a Jew got addicted to oxycontin and in a few weeks she got the ball rolling and shut their empire down. In 2017, Nan Goldin, just a typical fag hag in New York with no college education who began smoking weed as a teen after her sister died of suicide when she was 11, revealed that she was addicted to Oxycontin, the drug sold by Purdue Pharma.

She learned about the Sackler family. She began organizing families of the addicted, protesting at the museums the Sacklers managed to get named after themselves, demanding they stop accepting donations from the Sacklers. She got arrested for her protests. You know, the sort of stuff leftists do. Just like hysterical climate change alarmists, preachy vegans and other leftists. The sort of stuff that annoys you, because then you get STUCK IN TRAFFIC!!!!111eleven111!!!

It worked. After a few months, everyone knew about the Sackler family. Today they lost their company and they’re stuck suffering constant lawsuits. All it takes is for one Jew to get really pissed off and a problem stops. But now tell me this: Joe Sixpack from bumfuck nowhere flyover country USA has been seeing his whole town go to shit from these opioids for decades and achieved exactly nothing.

You can complain to me that the Sackler family are Jews and so Jews are responsible for this. Fine with me. But then I’m going to complain that you low IQ low status white males see your whole shithole town go to hell in a handbasket and you respond by getting onto the Internet to complain about Klaus Schwab and the global warming hoax and the black nobility of the Vatican and deep underground military bases and all your other low IQ low status white male theories.

I don’t see Nan Goldin getting up there, drawing diagrams like this:

No, that’s what low IQ low status white males get up to. And then other low status white males start ironically posting it on Twitter and then other low status white males respond with “nice schizopost” and then you all sit down in a circle, pull down your pants and put your hand on the sausage of the guy to your left and start jerking each other off, UNTIL ONE OF YOU TURNS BLUE BECAUSE HE OVERDOSED ON OXYCONTIN.

By now the mess has gotten so big, there is just no recovery. Your entire society has just imploded. You have 70 opioid prescriptions per 100 people in Freedomland. We in the Netherlands have 3.5 (already too many, as the problem is now spreading here too). What are you patriotic freedom-lovers doing, that requires you to get twenty times as many opioids, as us Europoors?

You now have a 110,000 people dying of opioids every year. The Sacklers brought the wood and ignited the fire, but you low IQ low status white males left it burning so long because you were looking for Sasquatch in the forest, the forest caught fire and now the crisis just continues with the Sacklers out of the picture. People began buying Oxycontin pills from dealers, rather than doctors. Then gangs started making fake Oxycontin pills with fentanyl.

Those gangs now make a fortune. LSWMs complain all the manufacturing has been shipped to China. Well, the average small company in bumfuck nowhere USA complains they can’t find employees who are not on opioids. You can’t have someone on Oxycontin drive a forklift truck. There are entire towns in the United States, that just become non-viable because of this.

Children are dying of suicide, because their parents became addicted to opioids. Crime exploded, because people got addicted to opioids. Stores are running losses, because desperate opioid addicts scam them with gift cards. There are outbreaks of HIV, because opioid addicts have sex with people in exchange for opioids. And the best part is: You can’t really stop the opioid prescriptions, because when you do, those people turn to the illegal market.

Most of the opioid addicts are men. The pills make you unable to hold onto a job, you start causing car accidents, your sex drive is destroyed by high doses of opioids. Women are divorcing these men. A third of divorces cite substance abuse as a factor. The women then seek out new boyfriends, but a girl is ten times more likely to be sexually abused by a stepfather than by her biological father. This is creating spirals of poverty and trauma, that are going to last for decades to come.

But Oxycontin never really worked. It was marketed as a 12 hour drug, but in reality it stops providing pain relief for most people before the 12 hours have passed. But rather than prescribing something else, the doctors were encouraged to increase the dosage when patients complained about this, because the insurer pays per milligram. It’s genius: Sell something that doesn’t do what you promise. When people figure out it doesn’t work, sell them more of it! And then when they’re getting more of it, they get addicted to it, so now you have a customer for life!

Purdue Pharma knew this. They already figured out during the clinical trials that it just doesn’t work for 12 hours. But that’s why the scheme works. That’s why the product became so successful. That’s why the Sacklers became so rich. They sold a generic opioid and marketed it as doing something that it can’t do. This is how plain old capitalist greed destroyed small town America.

This was not inevitable. You can look at Europe, Japan, South Korea. We have almost all the problems the United States has. Economic stagnation, manufacturing shipped offshore, mental illness, even high rates of drug abuse. But we don’t have an opioid epidemic. That takes the Sackler family abusing the American system to serve their own interests.

But it also takes a cultural factor. In a sane society, you wouldn’t have women fresh out of college luring doctors to sell more opioids on behalf of a pharmaceutical company, with commission awarded based on how many opioids they got the doctors to prescribe. It’s insane that such a thing could ever exist. It’s insane that doctors did not publicly speak out about it and Purdue had no whistleblowers. And again, shutting it down is not enough. Once you’ve ignited the fire, you flip a society over into an alternative state and end up stuck with it.

And I have to emphasize again. It wasn’t hard to figure this out. But you couldn’t do it.

So what’s next?

After Americans are done dying from opioids pushed by greedy scammers, what are they going to die from next? Well, here’s a spoiler:

Low carb diets (aka low IQ LSWM diets)Opioid epidemic
American exceptionalismAmericans imagine themselves to be really clever critical thinkers, by arguing that low fat diets don’t work and carbs make you fat. This is only seen in the English speaking world. There is essentially zero interest in low carb diets in Japan, because people there know what works.70 prescriptions per 100 people, versus 3.5 in the Netherlands. No European country has anywhere close to as many prescriptions, but Americans justify this by imagining themselves at the forefront of medical innovation.
EscalationAmericans began with low carb diets, which are so great that they stopped being fat. Oh wait, they moved on to the Keto diet. The Keto diet worked so well, that they stopped being fat. Oh wait, they dropped their last 20 grams of carbohydrates and began with the Carnivore diet.Oxycontin was this miracle cure for your pain! But if it stopped working before 12 hours, that meant you had to increase the dose! But then it still didn’t work, so you increased the dose further!
Making the underlying problem worseWhen you start following a low carb diet, you increase the fat you eat. It’s fat that causes carbohydrate intolerance, which is the real problem you suffer: Your body can’t properly digest carbohydrates, so you get blood sugar spikes. High fat low carb diets CAUSE carbohydrate intolerance. And so when you try to eat carbohydrates after stopping the low IQ low status white male diet, you find the problems are worse, so you get back on the low IQ low status white male diet.The opioids did not cure the pain, they just obscured it. People could continue working through the pain, which thus prevented their bodies from healing the damage. They also suppress the immune system. Studies show long term outcome for back and neck pain is actually worse for people receiving opioids.
Harmful largely irreversible societal transformation
Supermarkets start selling “low carb” products, like the insane “low carb” potatoes.
Children born to mothers on these low carb diets are born with brain damage, from gestational diabetes and assorted issues.

An entire industry of agricultural producers emerges, that lobbies on Twitter and other places to convince low IQ LSWMs that “low carb” is the solution to all their health problems. Animal agriculture begins causing irreversible pollution of the environment.
Crime spikes, unemployment spikes, divorce spikes, criminal gangs enter the market, doctors become corrupt, etc. Small American towns entered irreversible stagnation due to opioid addiction.
Succesfull lobbyists

Almost all farm subsidies in the US go to animal products. Almost none go to foods that people are supposed to be eating more to achieve proper health. This is caused by successful lobbying by large producers.
The guy at the FDA who approved Oxycontin in the United States went on to work for Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of Oxycontin, afterwards.
Manipulating researchThe studies that came out pushing low carb high fat diets were funded by the meat industry.Purdue Pharma claimed its opioids had less than 1% risk of addiction. But this was based on four sentences in a journal about an experience with hospital patients under controlled circumstances.

My advice to low IQ low status white males would be to just ask a skinny person how many carbs they eat. Just walk up to some skinny Asian grandmother and ask her: “Excuse me, I’m on the low IQ low status white male diet and it’s not really working, can I ask you how many carbs you eat on a day?”

She can probably guess what the low IQ low status white male diet consists of, but how many carbs she eats, she doesn’t know. That should tell you all you need to know.

I don’t know either. Only fat and formerly fat people know how many carbs they eat. Normal people just eat fruit and vegetables, along with wholegrain bread, pasta, oatmeal porridge and that sort of stuff and then they don’t get fat.


  1. We’ve had this argument before, but it’s worth discussing again, and reiterating some important points.

    You hate ketogenic and carnivore diets because they contribute to animal suffering, and use up land that could otherwise be re-wilded through forestation. But you also have this obsession that plant based diets are healthy for ALL HUMANS and low carb diets are unhealthy for ALL HUMANS. Unfortunately, it is not this simple.

    You rely too much on highly flawed nutritional science based on epidemiology (pseudoscience) using associational data full of confounding factors like the “healthy user bias”. Dr. Michael Greger relies on this data way too much. Dr. John Ioannidis is the most heavily cited scientist on earth, and he correctly points out most nutritional research is meaningless and a complete waste of funding grants.

    The correct approach to use is nutritional biochemistry on the individual level. Take the biggest killer of humans: atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. What are some of the biomarkers that are the best predictors of this disease? To name a few: ApoB, triglycerides, HDL, post prandial blood glucose and insulin levels, fasting insulin. LDL is too problematic as a predictor, because the standard tests don’t determine whether the LDL particles are small and dense (problematic) or large and fluffy (non-problematic).

    Now, take 400 random humans with different ethnicity and varied genetic profiles, and split them into 4 groups: 100 consume a ketogenic diet, 100 consume a wholefoods plant based diet, 100 consume a Mediterranean diet, and 100 are in the control group (standard western diet). Carry out this randomised controlled trial for several weeks/months. Take their blood work before and after.

    You will almost certainly get wildly different results. Some will see their blood biomarker CVD risk factors improve on the ketogenic diet, some will see theirs worsen. You will see the same in the Mediterranean and vegan groups. Even in the control group, some will handle the standard American diet (SAD) better than others (ever wonder why the Inuit and south Pacific islanders have such high rates of obesity and diabetes when eating the SAD?).

    But it gets even more complex than this. What fat sources did those in the ketogenic group consume? Monounsaturated, polyunsaturated or saturated? Some in that group will see their ApoB skyrocket from coconut oil (C-12, saturated), others not so.

    In the vegan group, some will see their triglycerides and post prandial glucose soar after a fruit smoothie, but not from oatmeal. Others will handle the fruit smoothie just fine.

    But it gets even more complicated than that. Did this study take place in Miami (25 degrees latitude) or Oslo (60 degrees latitude) in the Winter? The location of the study will distort the results. Why? Because if you live in a strong solar environment, you can tolerate more carbohydrates, with no deleterious effects. This makes perfect sense from an evolutionary perspective, when you realise that high carbohydrate foods don’t occur in nature in Oslo during the Winter.

    • Blahblahblah

      There are a total of 150,000 Inuit.

      There are 330 million Americans.

      You are doing what people always do, which is to take something that someone says and then to look for some sort of exception to the rule they can come up with, so that they can then disregard the rule they don’t like to hear. It’s annoying midwit behavior.

      “Gay buttsex gives you AIDS”

      “Well actually, there’s this woman who had heterosexual sex with a man at a party ten years ago and-” (doesn’t even bother to finish his sentence because he’s already back to cruising)

      “Birds can fly”

      “Well actually ostriches-”

      It’s possibly the most annoying behavior.

      Do you think I don’t know this shit?

      If you stop eating meat and dairy and start eating vegetables you stop being fat. If you want me to account for every exceptional circumstance, like some moron on a pacific island who only eats coconuts and lays in the sun all day, then you’re not making an insightful point, you’re just being obnoxious and making communication unnecessarily difficult.

      “Yeah but what if an eskimo”


      “Well you didn’t consider that people with Cushing’s syn-”


      There is an exception to everything in this universe. Mammals can’t fly, except for bats, females carry the fertilized eggs to term, except in seahorses.

      If you’re looking for some sort of exception to discredit a simple mental model that allows you to make meaningful statement and predictions about the world, you’re engaging in leftist behavior.

      This is what leftists do all the time.


      Thanks, you achieved nothing, except making communication more confusing, absurd and inefficient.

      You’re not even wrong. That’s the worst part. Yes, men can get pregnant, because you insisted on playing a linguistics game that achieves nothing except make a handful of dysfunctional attention-seekers feel validated for a brief moment.

      Did you ever notice something? Ever considered why I call people who follow keto diets or get hooked on opioids low IQ low status white males?

      I like cutting through taboos. I like giving it to people straight. I like to get to the point. And you don’t like hearing the point, so you respond like a leftist would.

      And I like to insult people, because something that doesn’t trigger an emotional reaction in you, isn’t going to stay stuck in your head. When it doesn’t, you’re going to move on to the next shitty blog, stuff some more junk down your pie hole and forget about it.

      In which case, I might as have well written nothing.

      • “look for some sort of exception to the rule”

        “If you want me to account for every exceptional circumstance”

        The issues I have raised in my original comment are not “exceptions”, they are common problems. You have to ask yourself why veganism has such a high attrition rate. 84% of vegetarians/vegans eventually abandon their diet.

        The problem you have is that you are an idealist. You fantasize about a utopia where all 8 billion humans are vegan.

        I’m not an idealist, I’m a realist. I believe in a compromise, a middle ground. A sustainable solution that will benefit the planet, animal welfare, and people’s health:

        – Humans get much of their calories from healthy plant foods. Fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices

        – Factory farming is outlawed. No more animals stuck in cages, spending their entire lives indoors

        – Pork consumption is strongly discouraged due to the high intelligence of pigs

        – Dairy consumption is strongly discouraged due to the cruelty imposed on mothers being separated from their calves

        – Consumption of organ meat is encouraged due to its extreme nutrient density. This will allow people to drastically cut their meat consumption, because just 1 serving of lamb liver a week has pretty much every nutrient your body needs to thrive. Incredible amounts of retinol and vitamin B12

        – Have food forests with chickens roaming freely and laying eggs for us to enjoy

        – Encourage the consumption of non-sentient mollusks like oysters and clams. Like organ meat they are extremely nutrient dense, high in omega-3

    • Plants have less fat and the fat they do contain is less harmful than animal fat.

      That’s the short story.

      The long story is just another “turtles all the way down” case.

      Plant fat is relatively less saturated than animal fat.


      Yeah those are mostly medium chain triglycerides which are less harmful than other saturated fats. But if you constantly ate coconuts and chocolate, I’m guessing you would probably still get fat.


      Yes but in natural foods fat can form conjugates with starch that are absorbed slower in the lower intestines where they may be metabolized by bacteria into butyrate or increase overall thermogenesis as it takes energy to metabolize these nutrients whereas with pure oils the fats are more rapidly absorbed and directly contribute to-

      Or you can just accept that plants are healthy, whereas animal foods and overprocessed foods are not.

      Because that’s just the conclusion you end up with, regardless of how deep you zoom in.

      I’d argue we already understand at an intuitive level what makes us fat.

      Nobody can look at Kale and seriously think “that’s going to make me fat”.

      Similarly, nobody can look at bacon or ice cream and seriously think “if I eat this and make sure I don’t eat any bread, I’ll be lean and healthy”.

      We just try to fool ourselves with words into not realizing what we already understand.

      • Thanks. My experience with dieting lasts 20 years. I started dieting 20 years ago and lost 48 lbs, from about 223 to 175 lbs, by EATING LESS.

        This left me constantly hungry and obsessed with food for completely understandable reasons. It was difficult to function when food was intrusively on my mind.

        So, I switched to strict low carb. It instantly made me able to not think about food all the time. I still ate less than I would have liked, but it was easier.

        I ate low carb for 8 years and gained 3 lbs per year. I slowly realized that it is a crazy way to eat. At which point I relaxed low carb.

        I continued dieting in the sense of eating less than I would have wanted.

        Meanwhile, my blood sugar was progressively becoming worse. I have a diabetes gene (per 23 and me). My dad is diabetic.

        Saw an endocrinologist in August and started losing weight, but it was very difficult. I lost 12 lbs, but my blood sugar barely improved.

        So, realizing I was at a dead end, I decided to try vegan on Dec 9. Now I get most of my calories from carbs. I keep track my my blood sugar and it got better since Dec. 9.

        I know very well that

        1) regardless of what restrictive “diet” I am on, I still have to eat less than I would like. So far, being vegan makes things a bit easier.

        2) I never eat junk food like candy, chips in packages, sweet drinks etc

        That’s my confession.

        • Yeah when you’re vegan and don’t do anything very stupid, your insulin sensitivity will gradually improve, improving your blood sugar. The low carb diets, especially keto, are completely unlike anything our ancestors ever ate. Even the meat that people ate before the 20th century was low in fat, if they had relied on it too much they would have suffered protein poisoning. Inuit are basically the only exception, because near the arctic circle animals build up thick layers of fat.

          If you want to speed it up a little, donating blood would probably be your best option. Men who eat meat end up building up iron in their bodies, which contributes to insulin resistance. High serum ferritin is harmful.

          See for example:

  2. Nan Goldin didn’t develop an opiate addiction after oxycontin; instead, she experienced a relapse. Some find it ironic given her history of glamorizing the punk junkie lifestyle for decades.

  3. I’ve never been fat (always skinny) or done opioids lol. Maybe that makes me a boring, low status and low IQ white male. BLSWM. Or an NPC, or whatever insulting name there is.

    The main argument for the carnivore diet I received was that hunter-gatherers and nomadic herders ate more meat, compared to settled agricultural people who relied on grains. Since the hunter-gatherers and herders who ate meat and dairy were usually taller and in better health than the grain-munching peasants, it made sense to eat meat.

    However, to be honest, I have not given it much thought beyond that. I distrust arguments about diets because ultimately following a diet is a corporeal, not logical, experience: you feel healthy, you feel good, your skin looks good, and you don’t gain weight. It sounds superficial, but these are important signals from your body that you are doing alright, since you have no way of performing blood tests or analyses on yourself. Your gut will always be a better judge than some expert somewhere. Now, having been on this diet for three years, family members tell me my skin looks better, I usually feel like I have a lot of energy, and I also am a more satisfied on a daily basis compared to when I ate more carbs. I’m still the same weight. I guess that will always take precedence over whatever arguments people lob. My advice to others would be to try out different diets and choose based on whichever had the best effect on your own health. Ignore the experts, trust your gut.

    • Also, people don’t get hooked on opioids because “they were deceived by the Jews”. They get hooked on opioids due to wanting to die, because they live in areas that have been deindustrialized and essentially abandoned by American corporations. They have no future, and live in a deteriorating society, so they turn to drugs to numb the pain. They don’t need to be told that they’re destroying themselves, because really that’s what they were setting out to do.

      • The opioids and the conspiracy theories about reptilians serve the same purpose; as a means of escape from the real world where you feel marginalized.

        • True, it’s a crude form of escape for the working class. Drowning in vice. Same with lottery tickets, internet porn, etc.

          Only one quibble– they ARE marginalized. It’s not just some feeling that came up out of nowhere, for no good reason. People living in healthy societies don’t commit suicide en masse.

          I think it’s impossible, or at least very difficult, to feel well-adjusted in a society as alienating as ours is at the moment. You can look at the rates of anxiety, depression, and suicide. I don’t hold it against them.

          • Yeah, not everything has to be hostile or confrontational.

            The video was nice. Kid’s stuff used to be so… normal looking. What happened?

            Working with people and real materials > interacting with alienating screens. My Greatest Gen. great-grandfather was a small-town doctor. He served in WW2 and saved a man’s life. He also built a log house/cabin, and it’s still there. Somehow every generation afterwards– including mine– is more educated and yet not capable of doing a fraction of what he did.

    • What really makes the hunter gatherer’s more healthy is the gathering. Farming cultures for most of history typically relied on two or three staple crops, while the the gatherers ate a diversity of fruits, vegetables, and grains (And yes, meat.) If you’re retarded and you eat the same thing everyday as a vegan of-course you’re going to be unhealthy. I suppose the one advantage of eating meat is it allows you to eat nothing but meat and feel fine until your prostate balloons up, you get kidney stones, and you lose your hair.

      Being vegan isn’t that hard if you’re not retarded. It’s not really a sacrifice even, just eat good food; and maybe take some supplements. Big fucking deal. The hunter gatherer’s still had to eat some meat, because they didn’t have the plant diversity that we have now. But we do have the diversity in plants we need.

      Those vegans who gave up are bourgeois faggot larpers; they never actually cared about animals, they just wanted to feel special. It was a fad for them. They’re weak, the ancient Spartans would have seen them thrown from the cliffs after noticing their weakness as newborns.

      • “and maybe take some supplements”
        You mean definitely take supplements, or otherwise you will be deficient in vitamins, most of which are found in… meat.

        Hunter gatherers prize meat, including parts of animals like the organs. They rely on it as their main form of subsistence. It’s not something that they are forced into but would otherwise avoid. Not to mention the various herding cultures around the world that do perfectly fine on dairy.

        However, I think there is a difference between eating a certain way in order to make an abstract argument and eating in order to be healthy. If you want to be healthy and feel, then try the different diets personally. Pay attention to your skin, energy levels, and so on. If you want to make an abstract argument about cruelty towards animals and are using your diet as a way of doing so, then fair enough. It’s not like I want to get in a fight over it, I just don’t believe that it’s healthy.

        • Your diet, mating behavior, exercises, and everyday life in general should be dictated more by impulses than through conscious control. Trying to reason, when you should be relying on your gut, is one of the main causes of why modern people end up in abnormal, fucked up, and straight up weird places compared to our primitive ancestors.

          • Hunter Gatherer’s at the most only got 30% of their calories from meat. Hunting animals is hard and dangerous, picking fruit not so much (If you know what you’re doing). Meat had some nutrients they couldn’t get anywhere else, but that isn’t the case today.

            I know that Radagast eats oysters (Since they’re more like plants than animals in their capacity for suffering, I imagine) And I don’t think Radagast is suffering from health problems from his dietary choices. Radagast if you see this post, do you take any supplements?

            I’m arguing one shouldn’t eat meat from an ethical standpoint, but also that you can be a healthy vegan by taking certain steps. Perhaps those steps are supplements, including oysters in your diet, or maybe a bit of both.

            Also, humans use reason for what we put in our mouths all the time. Animals instinctively know which berries are poisonous, while humans have to use logic to narrow down what we can consume. If you just relied on your instincts, and ate everything that looked good in nature, you’d die. No you have to use logic in what you eat.

          • No reply button appeared on your comment, so am posting below mine instead.

            Like I said, I’m no expert on the subject. I’ve only skimmed some books and articles, so I can’t refute the figure you gave, even if I’m skeptical of it. However, it’s clear that they (and the herders) consumed more meat than your average farmer– who was shorter, more out of shape, affected by more diseases, and generally died at a younger age. So much for civilization.

            Meat is also more nutritionally dense and filling (because of the fat), so you need less of it to feel full. And of course, it’s harder to get. Both factors could account for the reduced intake. Nevertheless, the logic is: use carbohydrates for cheap fuel, but feast on meat. Not: avoid meat at all times and rely solely on carbohydrates.

            Most vegans I know take supplements, as there is no other way to get some of the vitamins they need. They don’t look unhealthy, but their diet certainly is not natural. They also underestimate the degree to which the LSWMs (their self-proclaimed enemies) are wolfing down Doritos, yuge bottles of Coke, and ice cream. I certainly don’t see poor people feasting on steak, liver, and roasted lamb where I live. As for the ethical side, IDK, but I can respect people taking a stand over something they feel passionate about. I just disagree with them.

            “No you have to use logic in what you eat.”
            Heh, they probably didn’t just scarf down whatever, whenever. I mean more using trial-and-error 90% of the time, except in clear cases where something is bad. You try a little bit of this for a while, and then see how you feel. If it works, keep doing it. If not, stop. That’s my approach to diets, too. Eat a certain way, see how you feel (excluding the stuff that is clearly bad for you, like energy drinks, gummy worms, Doritos, and the rest of the crap). Then make adjustments from there. So, if the carnivore diet works consistently, and makes me feel much better than the other diets I’ve tried, then I’m going to accept that as better than any evidence or expert out there. Instead of imposing some opinion on myself. Gut feeling, happiness > evidence, reasoning– any day.

          • You’re not wrong about the farmers; but my argument is that the farmers were so much more unhealthy because of the lack of diversity in their diets (Relying on only a few staple crops typically) Rather than it just being because they mostly ate plants. Herders might be big and strong, but they also suffer from a huge amount of health problem. Mongolians might be taller than Chinks, yet they don’t live as-long due mainly relying on animal products. Diet diversity is the key to health, and there’s enough diversity in plants to sustain you. Look at this man and tell me you can’t be big and strong as a vegan.


            There’s plenty of non-meat foods that will leave you full. If you’re only eating carbs you’re the stereotype of the unhealthy, retarded, vegan. Eat beans, kale, peanut butter, asparagus, avocado, you’ll feel full same as eating steak. Protein is what makes you feel full, but plant protein is just as good.

            Yeah I believe you’re right about the supplements, but taking supplements isn’t a big deal in my eyes, and you probably decrease your need for them a bit by eating oysters and clams. Poor people where I live tend to eat allot of processed meats, chicken nuggets, burgers, etc. You would be better off eating steak instead of that shit of-course, but you don’t have to eat steak just because you’re not eating doritos and coke.

            Trial and error for the first generations, then the survivors of such experimentation teach their children what to eat or not. No parent is going to let their kid die from eating a poisonous mushrooms and just go “Well, that’s life! Trial and error!” All the evidence you dismiss from “experts” is just our collective trial and erroring.

            Do whatever you want however, if you want to go bald eating the carnivore diet go-ahead. You can look like Joe Rogan if you work out enough. Some chicks think Joe Rogan is sexy, you’ll probably do fine.

          • We can agree to disagree. I don’t think you’ll look horrible, or feel awful, if you try the vegan diet especially if you cut out garbage foods and take supplements. In fact, most vegans I know IRL look normal enough, not unhealthy or obese. I personally prefer my diet, but it is what it is.

            I’ve never wanted to look like a bodybuilder lol. They look absurd. You can only get a body like that by locking yourself in a gym and MAXING STATS, and then shooting steroids and stuffing yourself with food. Nobody who does real work outside looks remotely like that– whether hunters, pre-industrial artisans, herders, farmers, or whomever. In all my time doing this high-fat high-protein diet (3 years), I’ve always been lean and skinny.

            “Trial and error for the first generations, then the survivors of such experimentation teach their children what to eat or not. No parent is going to let their kid die from eating a poisonous mushrooms and just go “Well, that’s life! Trial and error!” All the evidence you dismiss from “experts” is just our collective trial and erroring.”

            I don’t dismiss evidence, I dismiss academics. I feel the same way about academia that vegans do about McDonalds. What comes out of academia is 99% mindless spergazoid nit-picking, not truth.

            [CITATION NEEDED] HAS THIS BEEN FACT-CHECKED? Fuck you. (Not you, but you know the kinds of people I’m talking about).

            And experts consistently get things wrong or have disagreements between different worldviews. There’s plenty of people who advocate for the carnivore diet or paleo view, who are intelligent, insightful, credentialed, etc.

  4. Gautama Budda, the last sentence in your rant is so sensible.

    Quote Normal people just eat fruit and vegetables, along with wholegrain bread, pasta, oatmeal porridge and that sort of stuff and then they don’t get fat. Unquote

    You normal or you medium status white male?

  5. The truth is that Low Status White Males are the most marginalized group in the west, and that’s why they act so marginalized. The hatred that WESTERN Jewish people (So the ones living here, I’m not including the Israeli’s who are actually dying) have faced from leftists in recent months is the hatred Low Status Whites Males have faced for decades. People who are marginalized don’t feel like they have any power to change the world around them; they’re the opposite of Gods, they’re slaves.

    There’s no need for some absurd and ridiculous JQ conspiracy theory for us to know that Nan Goldin had confidence in her own powers; which is why she was able to change the world. Changing the world is like seducing a woman (Or so I’m told, I’m a virgin) you just need confidence. Everything in modern society is designed to break the confidence of the Low Status White Male.

    Low Status White Males prefer to criticize reptilians and Illuminati satanist shadow men because they’re scared of actually criticizing real people. Everyone’s heard the quote “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” Well, in Low Status White Males circles you’re not allowed to criticize actual people. There’s always some ridiculous monster just above everything, and you’re a SHEEPLE if you care about the Sackler family.

    Low Status White Males just want to live in fantasy worlds to escape reality; abused children dissociate and do the same thing. Low Status White Males are slaves, that’s why the Sackler family can kill tens of thousands of them and all they can say is “Yes daddy, can I please have some more? I love opioids, it helps me see the reptilians!”

    You know what reptilians and satans actually are? They’re people far smarter and wiser than you; who choose to do bad. You can call these enlightened evil beings reptilians as a metaphor, but they’re not literally lizard people (They’re lizard brained sociopaths however) You’re wasting your time looking for the magical lizards, the lizards are right there in-front of you.

  6. Also:

    – Lab grown meat and insects could would also be part of my “sustainable solution”

    And here’s a further example to illustrate the points that I was making in my original comment. Peter Attia was overweight despite competing as a long distance swimmer. When he dropped the carbs and adopted a ketogenic diet, he dropped to single digit body fat and all his lipids/biomarkers drastically improved. Skip to 5:55 in this video:

    But I’m done debating diet and economics with you Radagast. In fact, this will be the last comment that I post on your blog for the foreseeable future. I’m very grateful for all your excellent posts regarding psychedelics, SARS2, climate, identity politics et cetera.

    Farewell (for the time being) everyone.

    “Hey you, out there in the cold
    Getting lonely, getting old
    Can you feel me?
    Hey you, standing in the aisles
    With itchy feet and fading smiles
    Can you feel me?
    Hey you, don’t help them to bury the light
    Don’t give in without a fight

    Hey you out there on your own
    Sitting naked by the phone
    Would you touch me?
    Hey you with you ear against the wall
    Waiting for someone to call out
    Would you touch me?
    Hey you, would you help me to carry the stone?
    Open your heart, I’m coming home”

  7. Blah blah blah blah BLAH

    You FAGGOTS splitting hairs

    “Oh! Should I eat this egg from a chicken that wasn’t provided with the proper nutrients???”

    You faggots are so up your own assholes you don’t even understand what the issues are.

    It is possible you readers will go to your graves never understanding what’s at stake.


    This is the bottom-level truth.

    But so few want to acknowledge it.

    Thus, we readers are inundated with all manner of hair-splitting debates about THIS or THAT

    How about we just acknowledge that living a life necessitates feeding off other alive things?

    Oh! But no!

    “We are better than animals. We have ideals and principles”

    Yeah, these days we are seeing the conflict of “beliefs about principles” as against raw reality.

    It’s fascinating to an observe a world which is predicated on life feeding on life, and the various characters within it debating “just how much” and “to what extent” the blood should flow.

    You might be well served by Robert Anton Wilson’s book “Mask Of The Illuminati”

    The protagonist is a schlub like yourself, Radagast.

    The story involves Albert Einstein, James Joyce, and Aleister Crowley.

    The schlub protagonist begins his story as a schlub holding a field mouse in his hands. Marveling at its beauty.

    As I recall, the end of the story demonstrates the schlub snapping the field mouse neck.

    Could you snap a field mouse’s neck, Radagast?

    This is the true meaning of occult practice, the difference between the “Right Hand Path” and the so-called “evil” “Left-Hand Path”

    LSWM Lives Matter is correct to call you out on your waffling, fence-sitting bullshit.

    I hope he sticks around, or starts his own blog.

    You are the protagonist with the mouse in your hands, unsure of what to do.

    • Fair is fair, you know what, you’re right. Life feeds on life, and there’s too many people on our island. They’re eating everything and soon we’ll all die out when there’s nothing left. You know how Komodo Dragons keep their island in balance, so their kind doesn’t overrun everything? They eat each-other.

      Lets line the Low Status White Males up for the slaughterhouse, and after your meat goes on my plate, you can reincarnate as a cow that goes onto the plates of other Low Status White Males; fattening them up for me to enjoy myself. It’s the circle of life. I’m the apex predator, and you’re the cow.

      The field mouse is far more beautiful than whatever creature you are. I’d prefer to snap your neck.

      “I’m human you shouldn’t harm me! I’m superior!”

      Sorry, I’m not a Neuron worshiper. You’re Asura, you’re a villain. When I play Skyrim I don’t waste my time slaughtering every rabbit that I see wandering, I go for the dragons. Live by the steak, die by the steak.

      If you don’t think morals or even common-sense should influence predation, if you want to be a mindless predator, be prepared to be the prey. You want to be a part of the circle of life? Well, be prepared to be part of the whole circle. Your flesh is just as tender as any other.

      • >Fair is fair, you know what, you’re right.

        Thanks. Your entire post reaffirms what I had written. We live in a Hell Realm. Glad you’re catching on.

        Your chosen name suits you — you somehow perceived me (or are strawmanning me) as advocating for “mindless predation” when I said no such thing.

        Highly mindful, intelligent predation — maybe.

        The problem for you is that everything you have written to me, whatever actions you take in this world, will not do a whit of good from protecting yourself against OTHERS’ PREDATION.

        You will probably have noticed this “fun fact” at some point in your life: Bad Things Happen To Good People. If you have not, you will eventually.

        The common man frequently blinks in the face of the horror of this world, and retreats into “good thoughts” as a sort of Amulet of Protection from the ugly truth.

        This is what you have done, though I am encouraged by your inadvertent admission that this world is truly a Hell Realm, even as you thought you were teaching me a lesson.

        With the possible exception of some weird, barely-imaginable Transhuman future, The Law Of The Jungle and The Law Of The Food-Chain will be eternal.


        “Every human is a heap of convictions which he uses to assure himself that he exists as a ‘real’ ‘individual.’ In fact, this heap of convictions is the entire content of this bag of flesh called the common man, particularly when it is in the presence of others. He babbles on, spouting a fetid, green slime of nonsense syllables which constitute all that he ‘thinks’ and ‘values’ about what should be and shouldn’t be. The victim’s first goal is to impress upon others his boundaries of individuality on which, if someone happens to trespass, unpleasant consequences might ensue. This is simply the posturing of the insecure whose convictions are nothing more than platitudes and “divine” revelations indoctrinated during childhood.”

        For your further edification:

        “The food chain concept explicitly states we are in a constant process of consuming each other and being consumed by each other. There are no free lunches and each encounter demands knowledge of who is going to consume whom. Some people prefer to look upon this as trading: after all, we are human, aren’t we? But no, we consume each other all the time, often in subtle ways. Indeed, we live off the flesh and blood of everyone we meet. In fact, right now, each of us is living off the flesh and blood of people we haven’t met and others are living off of us.”


        “Do not forget that helpful behavior is often nothing more than the attempt to build points for future security. While it might be *natural* for such a person to give, at the same time he is giving he is also accumulating points which, sooner or later, will be collected.

        The collection process can even be displaced — this is, collected from someone who doesn’t owe that person a thing. This is often caused by frustration which leads to depression or aggression. Neither can be tolerated for too long, so the results of the frustration build and find release in sado-masochistic activities — which include extracting points from any victim.

        Note that I didn’t say *innocent* victim, for no one alive is innocent. Everyone is involved in accumulating points and surviving. Thus, every act of survival is an act of destruction. Every breath destroys universes. We are all murderers.

        These sado-masochistic acts include punishments dealt out both upon others and upon oneself. But even if a person simply punishes himself, his pitiful sight is punishment for all those around him.

        If he wishes to be helpful, his best bet is to commit suicide — unless, of course, he learns how to be a Toxick Magician and uses his natural self-destructive habits in a more effective and satisfying fashion.”

        • >Your chosen name suits you
          Why do you think I chose it?

          >Thanks. Your entire post reaffirms what I had written. We live in a Hell Realm. Glad you’re catching on.
          You think I don’t already know that? Do you think I’m blind? Of-course we live in a hell (of our own making) I don’t actually mind living in hell myself. Demons exist for me to overcome and destroy, if there were no demons to be destroyed, there would be no purpose, no story.

          Hyperborea and the Garden of Eden are what heaven look like, and while I understand they are good, I don’t know if I would actually switch places and live in those times if I could. I’d rather fight evil than hide from it, putting that duty off on other men.

          >Highly mindful, intelligent predation — maybe.

          Well, the only intelligent predation in modernity is cannibalism (Though probably metaphorical rather than actually eating people). The facts speak for themselves.

          >The problem for you is that everything you have written to me, whatever actions you take in this world, will not do a whit of good from protecting yourself against OTHERS’ PREDATION.

          Good, I welcome the challenge of all Asura and Demons, for I exist to smite them. I care about the weak, not my own well-being. You’re not a badass for eating processed beef, you’re a fat pig. You’re this fucking thing. A bloated monster.

          >if someone happens to trespass, unpleasant consequences might ensue. This is simply the posturing of the insecure whose convictions are nothing more than platitudes and “divine” revelations indoctrinated during childhood.”

          Gods are those men who make their convictions reality, imposing that reality on everyone else. NPCs don’t experience real divine revelations, Gods do however. The difference between humans and animals is that humans can become Gods. This is why you’re Asura and not a tiger, you’re able to discuss these topics after-all.

          Your nihilism is a conviction in of-itself. A tiger does not argue why it’s ok to eat the cow before he bites, npcs are more like animals than Gods, they’re just ignorant. You choose to bring suffering when you’re an enlightened being, this is why you’re Asura, a devil.

          >“Do not forget that helpful behavior is often nothing more than the attempt to build points for future security. While it might be *natural* for such a person to give, at the same time he is giving he is also accumulating points which, sooner or later, will be collected

          Yes, but we’re all God at the end of the day, we’re all part of the same body. Everything you do is self-interested, since we’re all one, yet modern man pursues self-interest to the detriment of himself.

          Sometimes cells in the body have to sacrificed for the good of the body’s whole. Sometimes cells have to consumed to feed other cells, and sometimes cells become cancerous and have to be purged before they kill the whole body. Humanity is primarily composed of cancer cells right now, they’re taking up too much space and resources, not contributing anything, and killing our world and ensuring nothing will live here in the future. You mistake the constant feeding and multiplication of cancer cells for the behavior of healthy cells.

          >We are all murderers.

          Suffering and destruction of the good are what’s wrong, not killing in og itself. You’re not a bad person for killing microorganisms by breathing, those beings don’t even have the capacity to suffer. They don’t have nerves or emotions. You’re a bad person for enslaving beings who can feel those emotions and feelings, and then butchering them; when you don’t even need to so in order to survive. That’s just gratuitous torture.

          >he learns how to be a Toxick Magician and uses his natural self-destructive habits in a more effective and satisfying fashion.”

          Good idea.

          • Good man, you are wasting your precious time with those one dimensional excuses of human animals. They have already chosen the path of the one-trick pony missionaries and sealed their minds from the potential but frightening act of being surprised.

          • >Wisdom: What good is the rule?
            It’s simply a matter of inherent nature. I can’t help to want to do good due to my inherent nature anymore than you can’t help to only care about your own self-interest. Ideals aren’t rational (rationalism itself isn’t rational) You’re not going to be capable of convincing me to give up morality anymore than a lib would be capable of convincing me it’s ok to troon out children.

  8. When somebody shows me their true nature, I believe them the first time. Banking and finance and the GFC, the predatory financial system, the rigged financial and commodity markets, Nuland, Blinken et al, those behind the mass coerced injections, those running big pharma and the medical industrial complex, those running and owning the weapons and arms industry in the global west, West Bank ethnic cleansing, the Gaza Arab ghetto, those turning thousands of innocent children into human mincemeat via old testament style vengeance and retribution, the list goes on and on. Crying “holocaust” and “antisemitic” does not cut it anymore. People are simply sick and tired of endlessly paying for it all the time. The Jews cry, and everybody else pays the financial cost.

        • Hi! I love your comments! (i think you are from Australia?)
          I just had to say that what we are seeing in the ME is not Old-Testament-spirit, but a distortion of the Old Testament. Of course, you just said “old testament STYLE”, so perhaps you also recognize the distortion of the spirit of the Bible (which is the necessary completion of the OT).
          (Let’s not get into the letter of the OT because it’s a very complicated text with various layers)

          • I am not down under in Aussie. I am in the Pacific on an island. Look at however how Putin dealt with the Chechens. He dealt with them in the New Testament way (the Christian way, to love your enemy and treat your enemy with, pity, kindness and respect). Now the Chechens are their allies – even willing to die for Mother Russia. Look at this outcome in contrast with how the Zionists treated their Muslims. They locked them inside a giant Warsaw Ghetto on steroids. When the inevitable ghetto uprising occurs, then the Jews cry out in pain – as if they are the victims. Victims yes, victims of their own relentless old testament ways – vengeance and retribution – not kindness and respect. The Christian way is to love your enemy. The Jewish way to to bomb them into mincemeat.

          • I understand what you mean, and I think you are right about the NT inspired handling of the Chechens. I am not sure but I guess the Jews (who didn’t become Christians) are stuck in a special/extraordinary perception of themselves as superior(?). In the book of Jonas, the Lord explains that He cares about the Assyrians (Nineveh) too, and they are special to Him too. So I am guessing the superiority fixation of some modern Jews (and some muslims) is a distortion of the OT.

  9. I want to thank Radagast for a very interesting post.

    When the unscrupulous rich control the politicians with the help of their lobbyists this is what we get. The United States should be seen as a deterrent example to the rest of the world. I am ashamed to live in a country that worships and bows to this shithole country.

    • “Excuse me, I’m … a white male and … can I ask you how many genes I share with a Japanese?”

      Potatoes/tubers, onions, cheese and eggs and just around the last, nasty flu season around Easter a whole cow.

      Apex diet. Literally, the diet above 1000m a. s. l.

  10. I’ve suddenly developed symptoms of having less estrogen. The only things I’d changed were to start consuming a couple of nicotine lozenges a day, and eating two big bowls of popcorn per day. So I checked, and nicotine reduces estrogen in the body; so much so that women who smoke can go into premature menopause. Dietary fiber also reduces estrogen in the body (“Several studies have reported inverse associations between fiber intake and estrogen concentrations in older women, presumably because of a decrease of β-glucuronidase activity in feces that results from high fiber consumption and leads to a decreased reabsorption of estrogen in the colon (20).”)(NIH NLB 2009).

    I think I will go out and buy a carton of Twinkies.

  11. > >Wisdom: What good is the rule?
    It’s simply a matter of inherent nature. I can’t help to want to do good due to my inherent nature anymore than you can’t help to only care about your own self-interest. Ideals aren’t rational (rationalism itself isn’t rational) You’re not going to be capable of convincing me to give up morality anymore than a lib would be capable of convincing me it’s ok to troon out children.


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