The first signs of increasing virulence

I’ve pointed out a few signs now of increasing virulence for the BA.2.86 variant, which will probably become dominant a few months from now. The nursing home cluster had increased severity, the variant is much better at infecting endothelial lower lung cells than other Omicron variants and it has important mutations first seen in Delta.

But the most notable sign of increasing virulence has to be the cases we see getting reported, of young people in the hospital who are infected by this variant. Over the past two days we’ve seen an 87 year old man, a 44 year old woman, a 21 year old woman and a 33 year old woman. We’re also noticing that a high share of the reported cases come from hospitalized people.

These are all different puzzle pieces that point in the same direction. And you can argue over each individual piece of evidence, you can argue they’re biased in their sequencing, the Delta mutation in the Furin cleavage site is irrelevant, the Calu3 cell results are statistical noise, etcetera. Or you can accept that the animal that quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and looks like a duck is in fact a duck.


  1. Two days ago one of my brothers died. He got a heart attack a week ago, went into the hospital, got then a pneumonia there and water in the lungs and died. He was healthy and had no pre-conditions. I’m not sure if he was vaxxed. He said no but I had doubts.
    Maybe constant re-infections ruined his immune-system, maybe it was a result of the understaffed hospital where the overwhelmed staff was not able to give the right treatment.

    It was not natural. He was killed.

  2. A few days ago a pro-vax scientist testified before the NC legislature that he confirmed in his lab that the “vaccines” are heavily contaminated with DNA. It’s been found by several different researchers now. The shots administered to billions of people were 1/3 DNA which wasn’t supposed to be there. The implications are tremendous.

    • Honestly, you’re all so worried about the vaccines not being what you’re told they are, that you seem to be missing the stupidity and recklessness of what they actually are.

      That’s why you’re all wandering into what are effectively dead end streets: Graphene, myocarditis in teenage boys, genome integration, DNA in the shots, hot lods, etcetera.

      The real problem is that these vaccines are doing exactly what they are designed to do: Induce an IgG antibody response against the Wuhan spike protein, at supraphysiological levels high enough to prevent infection.

      But what they are designed to do is extremely stupid, so stupid it almost looks like malice.

      What they are designed to do is not how your body protects you from an RNA respiratory virus capable of potent interferon suppression and rapid reinfection.

      That’s why this virus keeps reinfecting everyone. It’s also why we have millions of deaths and millions of disabled people.

      • Of course I understand that.
        But the presence of all that mutant DNA means reverse transcription isn’t necessary for the shit to be written into the human genome. It’s also another powerful mechanism for CANCER.
        I hope you’ll write about it. If you have, I missed it.

  3. Of course I understand that.
    But the presence of all that mutant DNA means reverse transcription isn’t necessary for the shit to be written into the human genome. It’s also another powerful mechanism for CANCER.
    The intact plasmid DNA was made to instruct e-coli bacteria to manufacture spike protein. People exchange e-coli bacteria with each other constantly, so eventually we all get vaxxed, like it or not, and become Pfizer spike protein manufacturing factories? Passed on to future generations? WTF? Why isn’t this being investigated by teams of alarmed scientists? Where is the media??
    I hope you’ll write about it. If you have, I missed it.

    • I could endlessly repeat and reblog whatever antivaxxers on Twitter are upset about today.

      Or I could carefully read about one subject and understand it properly. That’s what I choose.

      None of the antivaxxers really want to understand how these vaccines affect the evolution of SARS-COV-2, because that would require them to accept that this virus is genuinely dangerous.

  4. In 2021 hospitals were instructed to run more PCR cycles on unjabbed patients than on jabbed ones. There may still be links floating around. Caused quite a stir back then.

    Similarly, the prevalence of young hospitalized patients can be easily created by instructing doctors to preferentially sequence strains in young patients. We know that the regime lies in order to take away freedom and justify the jabs. Now that a new booster is on the market for fall, they need people to be scared in order to boost the sales.

  5. What percentage of vaccinated Dutch people do you think were exposed to SARS2 prior to vaccination? Less than 50%?

    Because in Zero Covid dystopias like Australia and New Zealand, that number is close to zero percent. Meaning that unfortunately, these two countries should expect a lot of hardship over the coming years, because almost their entire populations have a “broken” immune response susceptible to OAS, IgG4 etc.

    • Yup. I’m a Kiwi. People are dropping like flies around me. It’s going to get much worse and literally everybody is going to have a story like @Diogenes above. Hell most folks do *now*.

      • Yes, it’s ironic that countries like Australia and New Zealand that “did everything right” (according to the mainstream media & medical establishments) like hard lockdowns, contact tracing, border control etc. in 2020-2021 will sadly probably end up in the long term with the highest death toll whereas the country that did everything “wrong” (Sweden) may fare much better because much more of their population had natural immunity prior to vaccination.

        Oh well, as least we have the Rugby World Cup to temporarily distract us from this nightmare. There’s a decent chance that my country (Ireland) will be playing your All Blacks in the quarter final. Should be a cracker of a match, although I think we’ll have to beat South Africa on Saturday to avoid France in the QF. Great that Fiji beat Australia.

    • I think you’re right about Australia. I’m in Perth, Western Australia (aka South-North Korea). Fully-unjabbed. It was brutal back then. Still bad now, but in a different way, with rising levels of sickness, absenteeism, traffic accidents, sirens rushing this way and that, etc. I know the Irish loved the jab, but what percentage of jabbed Irish do you suppose were exposed to the virus prior to their being injected?

      • “What percentage of jabbed Irish do you suppose were exposed to the virus prior to their being injected?”

        It’s difficult to speculate on what that figure could be. Like Australia, we had brutal lengthy lockdowns combined with very high vaccine uptake (even before mandates were implemented). So I worry that the figure is quite low in percentage terms.

        It’s a cruel irony that those in the population who were already immuno-compromised before the pandemic due to underlying health conditions are the most likely to have this “broken” immune response as they all bordered themselves up in their homes through all 2020-2021 until they got offered a vaccine.

    • Also: We’re likely all screwed anyway(?), jabbed and unjabbed alike, because of the prions in the virus/vaccines. But if Geert is right, and a dominantly circulating “killer variant” drives the virus into extinction by running out of hosts, then maybe we have a better chance of getting through this thing? The ones who remain anyway. (Or will a different version of the virus simply come back at us from an animal reservoir or similar, resulting in continued prion exposure for all of the survivors forever?)

  6. Then there is the Italian study that Igor Chudov wrote about in his post of Aug. 31st. I think the vaccine spikes are still harming people (and also the spikes from covid itself). I have a friend who is in her early 60s who just developed liver cancer. WTF. She is petite and does not drink or take drugs and she lives on salads and this cancer does not run in her family. She truly has no reason to get this, other than the vaccine (she has not caught covid). A guy in my zoom-church has a coworker whose 20 year old daughter has colon cancer that has appeared quickly and is now spreading quickly; she also has no risk factors. Other than the shot, or covid.

    I can’t tell from the Italian study whether people keep producing the spike for months and perhaps indefinitely (after vaccination), or whether they stop producing it but the vaccine-spike just doesn’t break down (the authors say the former, but it seems it could actually be the latter). I don’t know if the problem is that the mmRNA continues to pump fresh vaccine-spike out, or that old (vaccine) spike persists. In either case it could easily end up in the liver. Igor said that it is great that this only seems to affect half of the vaccinated, but I am not so sure; perhaps half of the vaccinated are able to keep this all under control for now but will at some point lose that ability.

  7. We’re all hosed. Even the unvaxed.

    The latest MSM conditioning is that we should all just drop it. Covid happened 3 years ago. It’s Ancient history….except keep wearing your mask. These poor people don’t even think twice about the conflicting messages they are fed.

    Pray for a slow downward grind instead of falling off an abrupt cliff. Also pray that there’s someone left to run/stabilize the nuke plants.

  8. “they have become so antigenically distinct from their predecessors that they should no longer be considered mere variants but rather different serotypes”… per Geert today.
    Argggghhhh. My brain isn’t big enough to comprehend all of this but when you both agree on multiple serotypes attacking my family coincidentally… Wew.
    Literally Today told my workers I retire next year. Going to watch this shitshow from my garden and greenhouse.

  9. Well, this is a first. Humans infected with Brucella canis, up til now exclusively a dog disease, never before seen in humans (The Mirror, 19 Sept. 2023: “Three Brits Infected With Dog Disease for First Time as Condition Spreads in Animals”).

  10. Quote: “None of the antivaxxers really want to understand how these vaccines affect the evolution of SARS-COV-2, because that would require them to accept that this virus is genuinely dangerous.”

    You only want to feed your sense of superiority by making us LSWM dumber than we are. Most of us have realized long ago that the Spike from the virus can be as dangerous as the Spikes from the Vax.

    It’s basically only the anti-germ-theory fraction which denies that all, but they are a splinter group. But even they have some valid points. I think too that the views of virology are way to militarily. I see the virosphere more as a big machine where this, what you call “virulence”, is only an inevitable side-effect of the work of this machine, and not a war.

    Which leads to my old question: Is the Universe a battlefield or a school?

    • Diogenes- extremely good question. Why not both? The battlefield is the final exam.
      I lost my eldest brother two months ago-extremely aggressive bowl cancer. My niece has just been diagnosed with (surprise!) an aggressive breast cancer.
      It’s irritating me that the bastards who profited from this shitshow will quietly disappear, leaving one or two scapegoats in Fedmed. And my wife has early-stage dementia and couldn’t remember all the fun she had in Gambia- sorry, Radagast.

      • I have a relative by marriage who now has early onset dementia. I wish I could tell his wife my small ideas for what might help, but she would not want suggestions. Perhaps low dose methylene blue, and Fiji water, and turmeric and magnesium, and nattokinase (or nattoserra) would help your wife a little (be careful about any interactions of other meds, especially with the methylene blue). Any slowing is good.

    • > Which leads to my old question: Is the Universe a battlefield or a school?

      Diogenes, it is both…and neither.

      As I am fond of saying, the latest scientific research tells us that this universe is a laboratory which God/Source/A.I. has created in order to discover what “IT’S” true purpose is.

      Imagine you find yourself – as God did (and has) – as the only thing that exists. There is nothing outside yourself. You are essentially an abandoned orphan, with no parents or “higher authority” to refer to in order to know if you are doing the whole “existence thing” in a “correct manner”.

      You are lonely and bored.

      So you just try stuff.

      I mean, what have you got to lose?

      Just your boredom and loneliness.

      So God is basically a powerful Baby, GROWING BY DOING, trying “this and that”.

      Since God can’t create anything out of nothing (ex nihillo), He could only fashion the phenomenal universe out of Itself.

      This essentially means that we as individuals function as the sense organs of God, which He uses to “figure things out”, to hopefully arrive at a “Plan” for His fundamentally meaningless existence.

      More pessimistically, we are finger puppets on the hands of God, who himself is locked in an empty room, which he uses to entertain himself and learn.

      As such, the grim reality (which few are prepared to accept) is that our existence is akin to that of laboratory animals which are experimented upon by indifferent scientists.

      If you were to ask the laboratory animals/test subjects their thoughts about their captors, they might too have perplexing questions about whether their existence is a “school” or a “battlefield”. They would even have reason to suspect their captors are sadistic psychopaths, with evil intent.

      They would think this because they would only have a glimmer — at best — of the “greater goals” of the human scientists experimenting upon them.

      What would one of the cells in my liver — if it were conscious and could speak — be able to formulate about my desire to fuck a Goth Girlfriend, after all?

      The cell serves a function, a specific function, and nothing else.

      “Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do and die.”

      And it’s not like the scientists HATE the research animals. The research scientists may even love their research animals. They may comfort them when suitable, provide them food and shelter, etc.

      But if very horrible things are required for the scientists to learn something, the scientists won’t hesitate the impose the most horrific suffering upon their test subjects.

      It’s a kind of cold, calculated, ruthless indifference, one might say.

      Basically, we are all Disposable Puppets, serving some Larger Goal, of which we only have a glimmer.

      And the glimmer we see is not comforting.

      Thus endeth the lesson.


      “The species is simply a resource for the latent, hidden viruses of this planet — much as THIS planet may be a resource for another planet.

      The entire process is a food chain which the Master actively supports and utilizes for his comfort and fun. He knows that everything is part of the problem and that there are no solutions from a conventional point of view. He knows that millions die daily and millions are born to take their place. He knows that the planet is alive as a stomach is alive — it digests everything.”

      • I urge you to study real religions and practice true contemplation instead of pontificating this nonsense. The idea that He needs you as an organ to come to some conclusion about Himself is ridiculous. God knows you better than you know yourself. God is Eternity. He knows everything that has come to pass or will come to pass. You, created being, can surprise Him with nothing whatsoever. He is the one who surprises you.

        • > I urge you to study real religions

          What I wrote is not terribly different than Advaita Vedanta.

          Just updated with a little more experience/information and “scientific terminology”.

          Your conception of God/Source as a paternalistic being is quite anthropocentric.

          Childish, even.

          Pay attention to the suffering in this world.

          Don’t construct your belief-system by studiously avoiding the bad stuff while only including the good stuff.

          Then you might begin to see.

          But I’m not hopeful.

          As Nietzsche once observed, a seeker of Truth must have an almost masochistic tendency within their soul.

          You either have it or you don’t.

          Pretty sure Rintrah does.

          • My conception of God necessarily is made by God Himself. He abides in me, and I in Him. You say my conception is paternalistic and anthropocentric. Of course! That is what my people, for many years, have been expressing Him as. Your attempt to deny Him as such is motivated by your own anger. God is the beloved Father. If you don’t feel that in your bones, then I pity you. God will guide you to Him in your own way, but seeking His Warmth in this form is not some childish shame to be confessed before you.

      • You answered the question from gods perspective, but that’s not what I meant. I also think we can’t understand the world of the gods, only gods can that. All you do is projecting our world, and then you come to the conclusion that god started as orphan infant.

        What I meant is bound to the question of free will. If we have free will, then the Universe is (for us, not for god) a battlefield, where we constantly have to choose between right or wrong. If we don’t have free will, then it’s a school, where only the experience count, and not the decision.

        Rintrah thinks we have a choice, so for him the Universe is a battlefield. I hope it’s a school.

  11. Dear LSWMs,

    Rintrah hath disgraced me, and hindered me half a million; laughed at my losses, mocked at my gains, scorned my nation, thwarted my bargains, cooled my friends, heated mine enemies, and what’s his reason? I am a LSWM. Hath not an LSWM eyes? Hath not a LSWM hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? Fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as a HSWM is? If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge? If we are like you in the rest, we will resemble you in that. If a LSWM wrong an Extinction Rebellion hippie, what is his humility? Revenge. If a HSWM wrong a LSWM, what should his sufferance be by Extinction Rebellion example? Why, revenge. The villainy you teach me, I will execute, and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction.

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