The garden of Gethsemane

Christ in the Garden ~ Nikolai Ge

Yesterday I went to the forest. I took three grams of Psilocybe mushrooms and brought my vaporizer with me, that I had filled with a bit of cannabis. I laid down in the forest and it was beautiful and very pleasant, as the sun radiated on my face. However, we should never take pleasure for granted, particularly because there are people out there who go through severe suffering. I did not have to go through severe suffering today, everything ended on a positive note.

This is why I meditate on the life of Jesus when I take psychedelics. I meditate on how he violated the rules, to show love to those who were isolated because of disease. He was a rebel, but only for the greater glory of God, never against God. I meditate on how he was completely alone in the garden of Gethsemane, when he realized what he was going to have to go through. He begged his friends to help him, but they fell asleep. Even his best friend Peter ended up denying him three times. As a teenager I once cried when I thought of how much he had to go through, this was before I ever took any psychedelics.

We can never live up to his example and we should always keep that in mind, that’s why some of his early followers begged their persecutors to crucify them upside down, to make it clear that they did not believe they could live upto what Jesus had to go through.

I don’t know if I can ever be a good Christian, but I try to obey God and I try to be a friend of Jesus. There are numerous denominations out there and the biggest one has a number of rules that I just don’t comprehend. Sometimes I think the best way to serve Jesus is to just forget all the rules and remember that Jesus focused on showing love to those people society looked down upon and that this is what a good Christian should focus on.

Sometimes I feel like a bad person because I find that I can’t agree with the rules of society. However, I believe that Jesus showed that we’re sometimes allowed to break the rules, if doing so helps comfort other people in their pain. None of us can truly understand what it meant to have leprosy. It meant to be cast out from society, people were not allowed to touch you, you had to make it clear that you were approaching so that people could hurry away from you. So what did Jesus and his most impressive followers like Francis of Assisi do? They were willing to violate these rules, to help ease someone’s pain.

I don’t think it’s wrong to take psychedelics. One of my friends is a good Christian, a real follower of Christ and he sometimes takes psychedelics so I don’t believe it’s forbidden. Psychedelics grow naturally everywhere and they have made me behave better to other people, so I think it’s not wrong to take them. I think they were part of God’s plan.


  1. Ever read Bruce Charlton’s blog? His conception of Christianity is ruthlessly stripped down to what he considers the core teaching of Jesus, based on what is considered the most authoritative book (John, because it’s the only one written by eyewitnesses). He says it’s about compassion, yes (love, fundamentally), but also about eternity. This essay might be a good place to start (, but I’ve mostly just read his primary blog ( Interesting stuff, and he has good insights into the modern psyche.

    But what I really was want to ask about is what you consider “a bit of cannabis” to be. What I typically put in a vape is 10 to 40 mg flower–I weigh and track every time I use it (one reason to do so is to have an objective record of whether I’m building a tolerance). Curious if you do something similar?

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