The global descent into dementia

The US president shakes hands with an invisible person. Did Joe Biden take Datura, or does he just have dementia?

How many people die of Herpes Simplex I every year? The answer depends on how you define a HSV I death. If you only count infants, it’s a handful of people. If you also count the people who develop brain damage that leads to Alzheimer’s because the virus reactivates in their neurons once their immune function declines, then it’s likely to be a lot more. With HIV a similar principle applies, as you don’t directly die from HIV itself, you often die from some obscure respiratory pathogen that a healthy immune system could keep out. But with HIV, we decide to count such deaths as HIV related.

You have to ask yourself why this difference exists. I think it’s a combination of factors. HIV infection is avoidable for most people, HSV infection is much harder to avoid, unless you never plan on kissing anyone. HIV will kill you at a much earlier age when left untreated, HSV strikes around the same time as everything else strikes. And finally, HIV has the disadvantage of being new.

The average person will think of HIV as the only immunity damaging virus we encounter in life. In reality of course it’s somewhat more complex. Measles causes a transient immunity damaging infection, it can wipe out immunity to pathogens you’ve previously been exposed to. Cytomegalovirus could be thought of as possibly causing a very slow form of AIDS. Your naive T cells decline faster than they otherwise would, as this virus keeps stimulating them. With an absence of naive T cells, you’re more vulnerable to other pathogens.

When it comes to the question of why humans age, a part of the answer seems to lie in the cocktail of different viruses we’re exposed to over a lifetime, including those that we never manage to eliminate. And so the unfortunate thing I have to mention, is that living in an era where we now have a fifth human coronavirus, one that damages our T-cells, infects our neurons and reinfects us about twice a year, you have to consider the possibility that we’re now all aging faster. Studies find our organs are aging 3-4 years faster with every infection.

And so in light of that fact I wish to ask again: What are the long term implications of this mass vaccination program? I think we can all agree the vaccines helped buy us about half a year in 2021 without any significant COVID burden, at the cost of severe adverse effects. But what are the long term implications for the population, when a nineteen year old gets three shots of a vaccine, that fixates his immune response on a version of the virus that was already extinct by the time he got his third shot? And what happens when every other nineteen year old in his country also got those three shots?

The reason I’m asking is because this is the data we have right now:

And for every age group you look at, the result looks the same. Not vaccinated is tied with last dose <3 months and everyone else shows higher positivity rates than not vaccinated. This result has also been constant for months now. Vaccinating everyone once every three months is not very sustainable, so these results are very ugly.

And there’s also the ugly fact that the states with the lowest vaccination rates show the lowest positivity rate:

Now I ain’t no scientist, but these two images look awfully similar and I don’t think they’re supposed to.

And you could excuse this sort of fact, blaming the climate, or population density, or health related behaviors, if it weren’t for the simple fact that we see it at the level of individual nations too. We even see the pattern within other nations, as Eugyppius has shown for Germany, where the DDR borders became awkwardly visible on the COVID maps.

As I have explained a number of times by now, we seem to be stuck in an immunological twilight zone of sorts: Never quite as vulnerable as a naive population, never quite as resistant as an unvaccinated naturally immune population. I’m not sure if this will change significantly. The BQ.1’s and the XBB’s are completely antibody evasive, but they’re not causing a massive jump in hospitalizations yet. If we find out they can’t do it, I’m skeptical of the idea a next variant can come along that can cause this disaster. After all, as I’ve shown with the 1918 pandemic, immunity takes on many forms. Your lungs themselves are trained by infection. Even if your entire antibody repertoire is mismatched, your lungs will still have been trained through exposure to be better capable of surviving respiratory infections.

I don’t dispute that antibody dependent enhancement is happening. Rather, I think it mainly takes on a form that people don’t really pay attention to: Uptake of viral particles by white blood cells through complement and the Fcr receptor. If you are suffering constant damage to your white blood cells, your immune system can fall apart without you noticing. The T-cells continue to recognize the Spike protein, so there is no acute respiratory distress syndrome due to an over-exuberant pro-inflammatory cytokine feedback loop, but such silent damage to our immune system is equally disastrous.

The challenge we’re faced with is to reconcile all the various lines of evidence that we have available, to understand the picture that it forms:

-We’re the descendants of primates who underwent genetic selection by multiple coronavirus outbreaks. In other words, corona viruses can cause widespread injury or death to unaged human beings, strong enough to leave genetic fingerprints in our genome.

-Excess mortality this year is so far higher than during either of the previous two years, even for elderly above 85. This happens even though most mortality during the past two years in that age group would have been in elderly who had less than two years of life expectancy left. This is very worrisome and also visible in the form of a reduction in life expectancy in the US.

-Excess mortality comes in waves that tend to affect neighboring European countries simultaneously, followed by periods without excess mortality. These waves tend to happen during waves of SARS-COV-2 infections. This means the excess mortality is mostly directly caused by SARS-COV-2. Some is due to the heat waves, some may be from delayed vaccine related adverse effects, but any reasonable person would agree the evidence overwhelmingly suggests it’s mostly due to SARS-COV-2.

-Vaccines have failed to reduce infections at a population level. In fact they look like they’re increasing infection risk and show evidence of now increasing hospitalization risk and death too.

-There are strange outbreaks of specific types of cancer in the United States. One way this could possibly be explained is by selective damage to or depletion of specific classes of cytotoxic T cells.

-People are reporting evidence suggestive of immune depletion after SARS-COV-2 infection.

The picture you get when you connect all of these dots just isn’t looking very pretty.

Society as a whole is drifting towards a kind of synthesis: Nobody really argues for lockdowns anymore and nobody really wants to forcibly vaccinate us anymore. Those people are quietly embarrassed. Simultaneously, there are very few of us “antivaxxer right-wing populist conspiracy theorists” left who would honestly insist this virus is a nothingburger. Take a look at this to see what I mean:

Here you see a typical low status white male on Twitter, he even has the Platonic form of a low status white male as his avatar. But for whatever reason he lists some cocktail of dietary supplements that he presumably insists would fight off SARS-COV-2. You wouldn’t do that if you sincerely believed SARS-COV-2 to be just another flu.

And for what it’s worth, if the Fauci’s and Andersen’s of this world had honestly announced on day 1 that they believe a genetically engineered SARS virus has escaped from a lab in Wuhan, chances are the whole subject would have ended up less politicized and everyone would have sought to work together to suppress this virus.

If you tell people they have to stay in their homes because there are too many elderly getting sick as this year’s flu strain is unusually severe, then they’re not going to work along with you. The reason elites faced such massive opposition from the working class is because they made it look like they’re changing the social contract because they cut funding for hospitals and now found themselves unable to deal with a severe flu season. And the reason it looked like that, is because they lied about what had actually happened: One of their stupid experiments blew up in their face.

I have no desire to be forever vengeful towards one demographic or another. I really just have a very simple autistic desire to understand what is unfolding around me. And what I see suggests to me that we’re in big trouble: We’re all being continually reinfected with a virus that damages our brains, blood vessels and our immune systems.

The main reason it behaves so different from all the other corona viruses seems to be because of its Furin cleavage site, with two simultaneous codon pairs found nowhere else in its genome, that make the natural host of this family of viruses instantly reject it. You can’t infect bats with this virus due to the Furin cleavage site. It’s this same Furin cleavage site that makes it so easy for this virus to infect many different kinds of our cells and injure us. It looks like this synthetic Furin cleavage site may be one thing that prevents this virus from ever becoming “just another” human corona virus.

And so that means we’re now stuck with this mess for the foreseeable future. I wish to illustrate once again what that means. You’re getting infected with this virus about twice a year right now, although sewage evidence suggests the lows are getting higher, so in 2023 we may very well find ourselves getting infected three or four times a year on average.

In people who were infected but not hospitalized by this virus, IQ drops by about 0.2 standard deviation units. The standard deviation for IQ is 15 points, so 0.2 standard deviation units would be 3 IQ points. If this effect is the same for every individual infection, that means for two infections a year, your IQ would drop by 6 points.

“Maybe it’s just correlation instead of causation, maybe dumb people are more likely to get infected.”

I don’t believe this to be a likely explanation and I will list some evidence to show you why:

-Productive infection of neurons, spreading through nano-tubes between them.

Disruption of the blood-CSF barrier.

Blood markers of brain damage during COVID infection higher than in Alzheimer’s.

Increased Alzheimer’s risk after infection that remains elevated as long as subjects are studied.

-The evidence for (micro)strokes, blood clots in the brain, etcetera.

If we’re all gradually getting dumber, wouldn’t you expect to notice that? Well, take a look at 17-18 year old’s test scores, to see it happen in real time.

If you look at all this evidence, is it really so far-fetched to believe that some man-made abomination from Wuhan is damaging our brains? I think of myself as a reasonable person, if you give me a pile of evidence that a new virus is damaging our brains and our immune systems, then I’m inclined to believe that is in fact what’s happening, especially in the context of ongoing unexplained mass disability and death.

You might argue to me that the infections should get milder over time and cause less brain damage. But here’s the thing: If the infections get milder, I would expect your viral load should get lower over time. If people’s viral load is getting lower, we would expect to see less SARS-COV-2 RNA in sewage over time. But here’s what we actually see:

In the absence of evidence to the contrary, I would argue: More virus in sewage will generally mean more accumulating brain damage in the population.

So what’s the solution then? Should you wear a mask, should you try to avoid getting infected? Well I’m a simple man. I look at history, at communities that managed to avoid respiratory infections that were endemic in other communities. What constantly happened was that the communities where these infections were non-existent would be wiped out upon meeting the ones where these infections are endemic. Smallpox was mild in 15th century Europe, it decimated Native Americans. The same is true for measles and influenza.

My expectation is that avoiding SARS-COV-2 is similar: It works really well, until it doesn’t work. Then you get infected with a highly fusogenic variant with very high ACE2 affinity, without your body having received training through exposure to less fusogenic variants with lower ACE2 affinity.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe the 2% or so of the population who continue masking are the real Nietzschean supermen who will avoid infection forever and have to take care of the 98% of us who keep getting infected and turn into drooling morons over time. If so, their fate is probably worse than mine.

But if that’s what happens, we run into other problems: You can’t realistically exercise with a well-fitting mask on, nor can you dance in clubs. We would have to wear those masks for the rest of your lives, because as soon as someone comes into contact with an infected deer the whole pandemic would restart again. I would rather spend the next few years going to the gym, to festivals and to clubs, than to live long enough to see the orangutans die out in the wild by isolating myself from humanity.

All I do know is this: Whatever genius high tech solution you come up with in an effort to protect people from this virus, it would have enjoyed more public support if the Fauci’s and Andersen’s of this world had honestly revealed to the population on day 1 that a dangerous man-made virus has escaped from a Chinese lab. The cover-up of what happened is the unforgivable sin that led to the mess we are in today.

The only way out that I see is for the population to build up the sort of diverse layered immunity we have against other respiratory viruses. If we play our cards right, I expect it should be possible for people to repair the damage they incur after infections. For example, although I am a couch potato who has probably had a bunch of infections by now, my VO2 max within a month of heading back to the gym is now above average for my age.

Similarly, I think that brain damage and blood vessel damage can be addressed as well. Until that happens, until we seriously look for ways to repair the damage, I expect we’re stuck accumulating progressively more severe brain and immune system damage, gradually declining into dementia, until we lose all sense of, time, space, identity and individuality.


  1. “I think we can all agree the vaccines helped buy us about half a year in 2021 without any significant COVID burden”

    I’m not so sure. The curve dropped off in a way that we might expect due to seasonality, (similar to summer 2020) only for infections to explode in younger people after the jab rolled out to the younger age groups. We’ve had continuous covid ever since. What if the spring drop was pure seasonality and the neat curves would have continued without the juice?

    Secondly, where is the data showing excess non-covid mortality correlates with SARS-CoV-2 in waves? I’m not saying any of this as an anti-vax absolutist or covid nothingburgerist. I will say that I see no difference in people at all. I don’t know anybody who has become any more retarded than they already were, or any real additional illness. At the moment it’s only something I read about in alt-covid land online.

    • >Secondly, where is the data showing excess non-covid mortality correlates with SARS-CoV-2 in waves?

      You can just look at RNA in sewage and correlate it to excess mortality in Euromomo. Takes some manual effort, but it’s quite obvious what’s going on when you do this.

    • Although I’ve been against mass vaccination from the start, I think it’s a fair statement that it did buy half a year of reduced covid burden despite sazonality and other factors.

      While the national statistics are easier to manipulate in order to inflate vaccine efficacy (say, attributing “unvaccinated” to many patients you couldn’t/wouldn’t determine vax status), the same efficacy was also shown in international data. For a while, least vaccinated countries were markedly worse in general, especially in Europe.

      From memory, it seems that peak vaccine protection and unvaccinated vulnerability happened around Delta, then it all went downhill and trends reversed.

  2. I would attribute the drop in test scores to remote learning before I would blame covid. The drop in scores has been consistent for all age groups in the US.

    • But then why is the drop actually smaller in black and low parental income students, who would be expected to have a more difficult at home learning environment?

      • Maybe their scores were already so low from poor in-person instruction at their Title 1 school, that remote learning wasn’t a significant enough of a change to make much of a difference in outcome. Maybe a kid who used to get a C- was now getting a D+.

        But the middle class kids had further to fall, so to speak. They went from having competent teachers and a supportive learning environment at good schools to being stuck at home by themselves on their iPads. Just seems like middle class kids had more to gain by being at school while low income kids had less to gain by being at their inner city school. I think what the pandemic showed us is the quality of schools really do matter, but only if the kid is there in person interacting with teachers. I could be wrong though, as I haven’t dug into the data on this. Just speculating.

      • Sweden did not close schools during the pandemic and their test scores have not changed measurably during the pandemic.

        Florida, with less drastic in-person restrictions, ranked 3rd nationwide in Grade 4 reading and fourth in Grade 4 mathematics according to the recently published NAEP scores.

      • Really? I haven’t been following the situation closely, but it is my understanding that the gap between the highest and lowest performing students has widened. Do you have data showing otherwise?

        I know that there hasn’t been much learning loss in low performing countries (most of Africa). That’s because their schools are so terrible that it makes little difference whether or not kids attend.

  3. I have learned the win hof method (you should go take his class, he lives thre i thin) since all this begun and as far as I can tell, have gotten flu like symptoms/sick from it once. I lived in a government town that ignored all the restrictions more than most, and hippy town that really ignored them after that).

    I am curious if the disease fighting affects of the win hof stuff helps at all. I don’t think I look a lot older, though I do feel a bit older, and seem to be jumping from one musculoskeltal injury to the next. Schools were out here for only a bit compared to others, but test scores are down here too, though I have not looked into how much compared to other places.

  4. I really hope you are wrong about cumulative cognitive decline occurring with each infection, because that is a civilization killer if the effect is persistent.
    If it is half as bad as you say and the average person loses 3 IQ points per year, then by 2032 the average IQ in developed industrial nations will be around 70, which is going to make it hard to keep modern society running.
    If your high IQ engineers are now merely average in their mental abilities good luck keeping complex systems like power plants, petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical and electronic factories running for any length of time. And without electricity, plastics, rubber, spare parts, antibiotics, fertilizer, tractors, electronics industrialised societies and going to crash and die-off.

    If that is the intentional effect of a slow kill weapon made in a lab it is terribly ingenious…you destroy your enemies by making them mad. Not a great strategy however since the irrational unhinged madmen can cause a lot of damage to the world during their slow decline.

    Your only hope in that scenario is that unvaxxed people with high natural immunity suffer a very mild decline and that you have enough of them to provide guidance for everyone else in a far more automated economy. With fewer choices and a lot of quasi-monopolies. A vast mass of newly stupid people seeking guidance from demagogues?
    Sounds grim. What is this, the Idiocracy virus?

  5. I wonder if there will be class division between the slightly retarded takers of the vaccine vs the healthy smart vaxx avoiders.

  6. Sars-Cov-2 is M. avium. Bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics, in this case, clarithromycin and azithromycin. Antivirals, cmRNA vaccines coded with Pseudouridine, adenovirus vaccines are not going to work at all. Covid-19 would have been over in february 2020, had each person received a kit with clarithromycin to be taken for several months.

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