1. Funny memes, and here are some funny comments from LSWMs:


    Apparently all the locals on the Island hate Zuckerberg because of all the land he is hoarding:

    “Zuck didn’t buy a lot of his land the normal way. A good portion of it is what is called “kuleana lands” which are lands where native Hawaiians have tenant rights. He got a bunch of those transferred over by dirty dealings, so locals hate him.”

    So when the SHTF, all they have to do is block the air vents to the underground bunker. Or weld the doors shut from the outside. Or pump in seawater like the IDF do to the Hamas tunnels.

    There is also the risk that the private security guards he has hired will turn against him.

    Unless it’s all a decoy, and his real bunker will be somewhere else.

    • You think they didn’t think about this? They spent 10 years and a quarter billion dollar on it.

      They will have AI drones hovering over there, ready to shoot any low status hawaiian males approaching the thing.

      • Taking 3000 Mcg of acid and waking up as Mark Zuberberg being slow roasted over the fire by hungry Hawaiians. Your skin blistering and melting off as the savage hordes laugh with glee and salivate thinking about their lunch.

        >My demon robots were supposed to protect me!

      • True, but perhaps the AI drones might not be able to stop a local LSWM farmer with nothing left to lose loading his Cessna with fertilizer and Kamikaze-ing himself. Such an impact could potentially destroy critical infrastructure necessary for survival, such as the water collection systems, wind turbines and solar panels.

  2. Why is it RR has been so eerily silent on the incredible drama of the US President maybe being shoved out of the presidency by his own lib party?

    Turns out Joe has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s dementia and is being administered a regular dose of Provigil, a common side effect of which is “an upper respiratory infection” (his “cold” during his debate disaster).

    Is RR sad that billions of dollars of American tax dollars will no longer flow to Ukraine if Trump wins?
    Among other things…

    RR would be a Biden voter if he lived in America, pretty sure.

    • And if you tell me you’re “too smart to vote,” then you can fuck off to Singapore or North Korea as far as I’m concerned, and never spout your political opinion again.

    • First of all, I’m not American, so it’s not my business.

      Some of us outside of America have other stuff we find more interesting than your election.

      Second, it’s rather undignified to reward two old men arguing over who’s better at golf with your attention.

      You know what this is? A mockery of the audience, the equivalence of someone flashing his hairy ass at you.

      You are mocked by choosing to be an audience to this clown show.

      You are better off following sports than politics, because unlike politics, at least sports doesn’t pretend you have any influence over the outcome.

      • You people are kind of funny, because you’re all staring at some guy’s fat hairy disgusting ass, he’s mooning you all on stage and you’re all going:

        “Ha the media said he has a beautiful strong shapely ass, but it’s actually fat and hairy! Turns out they were lying all along! Me and the other low status white males on Twitter and Zerohedge already pointed out years ago that his ass is fat and hairy! We are real critical thinkers, who see through the mainstream media’s lies!”

        • Hmmm, the election as a humiliation ritual. . .

          The ritual serves to demoralize the masses, which in turn makes them weaker and more likely to comply with whatever stupid gets dumped on them next.

          It’s an interesting idea.

    • >Is RR sad that billions of dollars of American tax dollars will no longer flow to Ukraine if Trump wins?

      Such a waste, furthering America’s geopolitical goals and all. (Nations aren’t real anyway CHUD!) That tax money could go to keeping the spic-nig-LSWM cycle going.


      LSWM boomers need more funding than merely a trillion a year in medicaid and medicare costs, the money that goes to killing our enemies and protecting our allies should instead go to housing more illegal immigrants and keeping grandpa Bobby (Lard Lord) Joe alive. Imagine how many vaccines we could create with 70-90 billion a year Ukraine gets!

      Real Americans like Teddy Roosevelt and George Washington knew the truth, war is bad. America exists to perpetuate the spic-nig-LSWM cycle and anything else isn’t a real freedom.

      Honestly, why didn’t we just force a peace settlement between Hitler and Poland? Give Germany some of Poland’s land, force Poland to remain neutral, no one has to die, more tax money could be spent on healthcare for old people, everyone wins.

  3. Not sure why you would build a bunker way out there?

    It’s too low to survive a tsunami so probably not expecting a meteor strike.

    It’s so far from anywhere you would need a long lead time to get there unless you know what is happening before it happens.

    Could be a good place to see our the next Frankenstein virus you paid some psycho shit head to make in a lab.

    • On the plus side, the island locations chosen by the elites would be isolated from lobotomized zombies who might otherwise compete for supplies of long-pig.

      Tell me that becoming the cannibal chiefs of their own islands hasn’t crossed the elite’s minds.

      I remember reading once about elites asking some guy about explosive neck collars to keep their bunker security forces in check. That’s how they think before they get hungry.

      Someone will go into the pot when other supplies are exhausted, and it probably won’t be the guy with the private army wearing explosive neck collars.

      Not at first anyway.

      • Might also be a good idea to put some distance between yourself and the other apex predators.

        I bet the vampiric aristocrats of, say, Europe would give an egghead like Zuckerberg a run for his money.

        The aristocrats already have fortresses already built in all the best strategic locations – close to where the meat is.

        No need for drones, all they need is a stockpile of explosive neck collars 😛

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