The infrastructure for evil is now here

The narrative you’re hearing everywhere now, especially in the mainstream media, goes as following: “Stupid mainstream media, Omicron is much milder than Delta, you were fear-mongering for no good reason!” However, this misses one important point: You only have two groups of people to look at now. On the one hand you have South Africans, on the other hand you have the travelers. The travelers are generally healthy young people, so we expect to see them do fine. The fact that they’re still getting it, even after their third shot, is what’s worrisome however.

Then there are the South Africans. South Africans are also very young, but they also had a massive wave of infections just a few months ago. More than 80% of the population was thought to already have been infected by august of this year. We know that if you’re infected, your next infection is almost always going to be milder. In one study of reinfections, chances of hospitalization were found to be 90% lower and no deaths were found. In other words, it makes perfect sense that this wave in South Africa is very mild. It tells us very little in regards to what we can expect in elderly people with no previous exposure to the virus.

But there is a point I find far more important to make today. We all know that our species is in deep trouble. There are seven billion of us, on a planet that can barely feed a billion specimens of our kind. We disguised this with artificial fertilizer, overfishing, greenhouses, pesticides, irrigation and various other techniques that boost our ability to feed ourselves far beyond what the Earth could deliver in the absence of these unsustainable interventions.

Worse, these unsustainable interventions erode the Earth’s carrying capacity. If you fixate nitrogen with natural gas to produce synthetic fertilizer, you’re feeding yourself today, but the carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere where it eventually warms up the planet. You probably won’t be able to feed as many people in India fifty years from now as you do today. Our industrial activity also poisons the soils, there are vast swathes of land where humans can no longer safely live, let alone grow food.

There’s just not about to be a techno-fix that’s going to solve all of these problems for us and it should be pretty straightforward to see the writing on the wall at this point. Bill Gates favorite author, Vaclav Smil, has written a lot about how long the energy transition will take us. Bill himself has also warned that two degree of global warming is probably not even achievable anymore at this point.

I know there are people in denial about all of this stuff, but if you don’t see the problem, it’s because you don’t want to see the problem. There’s nothing I could say that would convince you otherwise. I remember hearing talk radio shows, where these middle-aged Republican guys would argue that whenever they open the old wells in Texas they’re full of oil again. If that’s the type of stupid crap you believe, I stand no chance of changing your mind.

But, imagine you were not in denial about this stuff, you were very powerful, you want to save the world and you’re a ruthless utilitarian. What would you do? You figure out who consumes the most resources while being least essential to the overall functioning of our society and you start to get rid of those people. Those would of course be elderly people in the Western world. The earlier you act and the more of them you eliminate, the less catastrophic the overall outcome would be.

We have now essentially created the kind of conditions in which you could dramatically reduce the world’s population in a controlled fashion. Let’s have a look after all at what we have created:

-We have created a system in which the narrative is controlled by a handful of social media companies. Twitter will censor Harvard epidemiologists when they suggest that masks don’t work. Entire communities are just eradicated overnight when they speak critically of the vaccines. Reports of side-effects can be effectively suppressed. Because they control the narrative, they can generate the impression of a fake consensus that does not truly exist.

-We have created a system in which people will consent to have harmful material injected into their body every three months, to maintain their freedom. You could throw whatever sort of dangerous stuff you want into those injections and people would have no real way of knowing. You could target whatever demographic you want: The elderly, the reluctant disenfranchised who waited for months before getting their first shot, ethnic minorities.

-We have created a system in which people can’t flee. You’re prohibited from traveling in many places if you did not receive the injections. In Canada you can’t even board a train anymore.

-We have created a system in which you can be thrown into a camp at any given moment, because the government has determined that you carry a dangerous disease.

-We have created a system in which dissenters are economically disenfranchised. The American congress engages in insider trading based off secret information they have about the pandemic. The big tech companies became even richer, when brick and mortar stores were forcibly shut down by the government. If you violate the rules, they will now bankrupt you with fines. Meanwhile you are prohibited from doing your job, if you refuse to undergo a medical procedure.

-We have created a system in which most people can’t even afford to reproduce anymore. You live in one room apartments in cities with real estate prices that go up by 20% a year now. You literally don’t have the physical space for a child. You can’t really leave the city anymore either, because there are hardly any jobs outside of the dense metropolitan cities and you’re going to end up in towns where you’re the only adult under thirty.

-We have created a system in which government officials will have their houses raided by the judiciary branch to find out what they knew about the pandemic. Do you think these elected government officials still work for you? Of course they don’t. Ignore shadowy groups like the WEF for a moment. Even if your prime minister thinks it’s useless to have a lockdown, the prime minister will be afraid of saying no, because you’ll face political prosecution. If you do what every other country does you’re fine, if you try to do what Sweden does, you risk facing political prosecution.

-We have created a system in which people are now fine with witnessing unexplained mass death. Here you can see the most recent numbers for the Netherlands:

We witness 30% more deaths than we normally would be seeing. More than 80% of this excess mortality is non-COVID. People don’t really care, they just accept it. This is a thousand people a week now who die from unexplained factors, in a country of seventeen million. People are afraid of a virus because they’re told to be afraid of a virus, even as four out of five excess deaths are unrelated to this virus.

-We have created a system in which violent suppression of protests is now normalized. The Dutch police will shoot on crowds, people are blinded by water canons and bitten by dogs. This is now seen as a normal response to people protesting against the lockdowns and the vaccine apartheid system.

-We have created a system in which your ability to work a job, go to college, visit a restaurant or even enter a supermarket is now under the condition of a database that registers whether you’re allowed to enter or not. The government could revoke your access and you would quite literally be left to die on the street of hunger.

This is, whether you like it or not, the type of infrastructure you need for genocide. Genocide is not a crazy right-wing populist conspiracy theory. Genocide is the rule of history, particularly the 20th century, when governments killed over a hundred million people. You could imagine yourself to be blessed and lucky, living in the end of history, a society where the whole world becomes composed of liberal democracies with a McDonalds on every corner of the street.

On the other hand, it could also be that the future is simply going to offer us more of what we have seen in the past. I don’t want the government to have the right to force medical changes to my body. One of the reasons I don’t want the government to have that right is because the 20th century has shown that formerly democratic governments can transform into dictatorships that go about secretly exterminating entire ethnic groups under the guise of public health:

Always remember that the Holocaust was just a conspiracy theory until the camps were liberated. The other thing you need to remember is that people don’t construct the infrastructure for genocide with the idea of committing a genocide. The Holocaust was the ultimate outcome of a steadily escalating slippery slope of dehumanization and restriction of human rights.

It’s theoretically possible that Bill Gates is a friendly harmless geek who wants to save the world. It’s theoretically possible that my government officials are perfectly nice people who feel forced to implement policies they don’t really want, to protect us against a virus they imagine to be extremely dangerous. It’s also possible that they think we need some sort of China-lite system with a social credit score that will help us get our carbon emissions down to zero.

And it’s also possible that they’re planning to kill ninety percent of us, as the billionaires and their families sit out the storm on their megayachts somewhere in the Pacific ocean, the politicians and other lackeys inject themselves with saline placebo’s for the camera, your family members start dropping dead from strokes and heart attacks in the coming months and you start seeing AI and drones deployed on a massive scale to keep the system running. It’s even possible that they’re all demonically possessed, by incorporeal entities that envy us for having physical bodies.

The honest truth is that we don’t really know what’s going on. Conspiracy theories that seemed absurd two years ago are now our lived reality. If Alex Jones had told you two years ago that you would be prohibited from going to a restaurant if you were unvaccinated, you would be laughing. At this point, I wouldn’t be shocked to watch Biden grow green scales and drink the blood of orphans on camera by the end of next year. I would probably be accused of herpetophobia if I spoke out against it.

But what I do know is this:

It’s much easier to deliver new responsibilities to the government, than it is to take away responsibilities from the government. We have now given the government the task of eliminating a seasonal respiratory virus and the bureaucrats who work for the government and in academia don’t seem eager to let go of that responsibility. At this point, there are vast swathes of people, whose job it is to carry out the rituals of this new religion. Those people will be eager to hold onto those jobs. You don’t want any government to have the kind of power that our governments now have over the population. Historically, whenever these systems were built, they were eventually used. I honestly doubt this time will be any different.


  1. The fact that you think co2 decreases crop productivity is astonishing.

    As we increase co2, satellites show plant biomass increasing. We’re increasing the carrying capacity as we speak.

    If co2 had continued to decrease at the same rate as the last 150 million years, the entire biosphere would have been gone in a couple million more.

    As far as opening old oil wells and having them produce again…. I’ve done it. Have you?

    • >As we increase co2, satellites show plant biomass increasing. We’re increasing the carrying capacity as we speak.

      Yeah the first one degree or so of warming increased global agricultural productivity. But you go ahead and tell me what you think is going to happen to Africa if they get another two degree of warming.

      >If co2 had continued to decrease at the same rate as the last 150 million years, the entire biosphere would have been gone in a couple million more.

      It’s strange that you’re worried about what will happen a couple of million of years from now, when we’re right now facing the worst humanitarian catastrophe since World War II.

      >As far as opening old oil wells and having them produce again…. I’ve done it. Have you?

      You should tell BP about this, they’re wasting a lot of time pumping up oil from thousands of meters below sea level.

      • The recent warming is noise if you look at the very long term on the Kelvin scale. The famous hockey-stick graph is designed to look very scary. The more likely candidate for recent global warming is orbital wobbling or eccentricity as super-cycles of gravitational interplay in the Solar system play out. Earth has been considerably warmer … and colder.

        As for CO2, most plant life evolved with atmospheric CO2 at levels four to six times higher than the present level. Cutting atmospheric CO2 levels by half would put the world dangerously close to starvation as plants themselves starve to death.

        The way of the Greens is the way of death certainly for humanity, possibly for far more.

        • >Cutting atmospheric CO2 levels by half would put the world dangerously close to starvation as plants themselves starve to death.

          Yeah and cutting your calories by half if you’re obese is going to cause you to die of starvation. It’s the wrong thing to be worried about. We don’t have to worry about CO2 levels in the atmosphere being cut by half, because it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

          Even if we stop all of our emissions today, the warming permafrost in Siberia will continue to release more carbon into our atmosphere for decades to come. The invasive earthworms in Canada are eating the soil there and also releasing more carbon into the atmosphere. We even have coal fires around the world, that are releasing carbon into the atmosphere.

          We’re not about to run out of carbon in the atmosphere. Even if reduced our own emissions to zero today, more carbon would continue to build up in the atmosphere for a very long time.

          Rather, the problem we face today is that we may end up putting so much carbon into the atmosphere, at such a rapid pace, that it will cause mass human death at some point in the end of this century.

          • Well, we could always plant more grasslands, populate them with ruminants like cows, and tell everybody to eat more grassfed beef, butter, and cheese.


            But seriously, the answer is somewhere in the middle, between doing nothing on a path to destruction and doing a panicky overreaction on a path to destruction.

  2. I’m not on board with your claims of CO2 warming the atmosphere (even the IPCC “only” sees a 90% chance of climate change being anthropogenic), and the idea that self-refilling oil-wells are nonsense. I can see the experts still debating the CO2 thing heatedly on many fronts, and as long as we can’t explain the medieval warm period or little ice age, we can’t really claim to know it all. As for oil, it’s not 100% sure that stuff stems from degrading micro-organisms. An alternative explanation is that it comes from below the earth’s mantle, and on the way up it just absorbs some organic matter, creating the impression that it is made out of that stuff. Those are not conspiracy theories, they are healthy skepticism of a science that does not have it all figured out (yet).

    As for the rest of your piece, yes, it is bad, yes, it reeks of genocide. As heard in a Jordan Peterson lesson “humans tend towards authoritarian leadership during times of disease”. Clearly, this is a feature rather than a bug.

    The difference today is that many more people are educated and able to share important information, and we are indeed getting something injected that kills people. At some point, everybody is going to know someone with a vaccine-derived adverse effect. And everybody knows how both pharma and politicians profit from the vax-subscription.

    I don’t presume to know what’s going to happen next, but I reckon the resistance grows stronger by the minute. The powerful are slowly losing their grip on societal truth, and they will have to find a new crisis soon, or else too many people will wake up to what is really happening.

  3. >As for oil, it’s not 100% sure that stuff stems from degrading micro-organisms. An alternative explanation is that it comes from below the earth’s mantle, and on the way up it just absorbs some organic matter, creating the impression that it is made out of that stuff. Those are not conspiracy theories, they are healthy skepticism of a science that does not have it all figured out (yet).

    It doesn’t even really matter much where it comes from, whether it is abiotic or not. When it’s too deep underground, getting it up costs more energy than it delivers us.

    If oil is somehow abiotic it still doesn’t change the fact that you need to extract it to use it. If you can’t get it out of the ground then you can’t use it.

    I think there’s a reason you stopped seeing oil gushers and now see people destroying Canadian forests to process some tar sand junk: It’s because the good cheap easy oil is gone.

    Of course, it would be fantastic if we had some sort of mysterious mechanism that automatically replenishes our natural resources at the rate at which we consume them. Perhaps somehow the ocean is still full of fish, somehow the soils are not pouring into the ocean, perhaps somehow the aquifers in India are not drying up, perhaps there is still easy cheap coal with little overburden in Appalachia.

    Perhaps the acidifying ocean is actually perfectly fine for animal life in the ocean. Perhaps microplastics are good for our health too. Perhaps China’s soils around the coal plants are not poisoned with toxic mercury, lead and uranium so that anyone who grows food on these soils becomes sick as a result.

    Or perhaps resources that you use actually don’t regenerate at the speed at which you need them to regenerate.

    To me it looks far likelier that a bunch of bipedal apes are in for a very rough hangover.

    People enjoy being in denial about it and it’s easy to be in denial when you think global warming is the only problem. Medieval people did not think animals could go extinct either: God would not let that happen. When you start to realize we’re running into this problem everywhere, it’s kind of hard not to see it. Global warming is simply the biggest of the problems we invited for ourselves, that’s why it gets the most attention, but it’s just another symptom of the fact that a planet that used to have one billion bipedal apes two hundred years ago now has to feed seven billion of them.

    • >It doesn’t even really matter much where it comes from, whether it is abiotic or not. When it’s too deep underground, getting it up costs more energy than it delivers us.

      That was not my point. The point was that since we don’t know where the stuff comes from, or why, we can’t exclude oil wells filling themselves again. And “getting it up” only costs a lot of energy when you are old.

      You listed a bunch of problems that are mainly a result of greed and failed planning. Most of them could have been avoided, and many of them can be remedied even now. Blaming the amount of humans on the planet is an incredibly simplistic way of viewing our various problems. Yeah, sure, everything is easier if you have to feed one billion people than if you have to feed seven billion. But that doesn’t take a genius to figure out now, does it? The challenge is to have seven billion AND to find sustainable ways of handling that number. I think that’s where it really gets interesting. Everything else just qualifies as complaining and fear-mongering. It’s not wrong to point it out, but it also doesn’t help solve anything.

      If it’s any consolation, at some point in the future, a pulsar blast, volcanic eruption, earthquake, climate change (CO2 or no), supervirus, nuclear war, solar flare, alien warship etc. will come about and pulverize humanity. It’s not a question of “if”.

  4. RE: Carbon. Let’s be honest. Few will willingly accept the decrease in quality of lifestyle that going carbon neutral would entail. Africa and Asia don’t want to remain at their present level either. I am not sold on the link between CO2 and heating either. Mostly done by “climate models”. Models which are far more complex than pandemic models. We all know how accurate the latter turned out to be. Though I am in favour of a cleaner environment. Not completely spoiled by wind turbines and solar panels.

    Other than that I think it is a fantastic post. Looking forward to the next one.

  5. > We have now given the government the task of eliminating a seasonal respiratory virus […]

    Well written article but this started long ago. Mandatory vaccinations of children started in the 1800s and 1900s. That set all the legal precedents. Similarly, all the precedents have been set for just about every other aspect of life to be controlled by government (money, property, job market, etc.).

    Hunker down. There’s no escape until we become multi-planetary. Governments and the powerful people behind them seem to be keen to start using all of these “tools” that they have. As you write, whether that’s for conspiratorial reasons or due to inherent systemic incentives and incompetence, it doesn’t really matter.

  6. Civilization will soon collapse. The bastards in charge can try to hold on, but nothing can delay nor hasten the inevitable. On the other hand, the world will end a good while later, in the year 2280. The band-aid smothering humanity may be ripped off quickly or slowly, but we’ll feel better after it’s off.

  7. Wow, you started out with the virus and ended up on man made global warming. I’m in the grand solar minimum camp. Colder temperatures on the way. We’ll all be begging for global warming.

  8. To be honest the infrastructure for the genocide is in place already for quite some time: think Glyphosate, GMO
    What is new now is the public acceptance of the genocide.
    I live in Germany /unfortunately/ and on the state television there was a short comment stating that the unvaccinated are the caecum/appendix of the society, and the society would be better off if the appendix is removed.
    This is german national TV station 80 years after the holocaust.

  9. I am afraid that the first batches of the novavax and valneva vaccines will be especially deadly in order to punish the refusniks. Those people are evil.

    • Yeah, good point. At this point I personally won’t even take a vaccine that *looks* safe to me. The reason is very simple: I no longer trust that my government wants to keep me healthy. The government behaves like it wants me to die.

      • exactly, my thinking is as follows: if somebody fools me and steals 50Euro from me I can still presume he is not going to intentionally try to kill me.
        If somebody tries to kill me I can expect anything!
        The situation with ‘ze vakziines’ is that in Germany zero healthy kids between 5 and 18 had died of covid as of end of May 2021. Still those politicians and bureaucrats are pushing for the vaccination of said kids, with the absolute perfect knowledge that some kids will be killed as a result. Those people are killing an unknown number of kids for money/evil/power/you name it. They are also doubling down and approaching the 0-5Y olds. When they are killing kids you can expect them to do everything, no matter how evil it is. I envy the Americans for their second amendment allowing them to wear arms. In europe the bureaucrats have the monopoly on fire power and we are much less protected from them. The assumption is they wouldn’t be evil – now we know they truly are.

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