The left as a parasite

As time progresses, it should become clear that you can’t really have a functional society with leftists around. What I mean with “the left” is: That which encourages deviance from an established societal norm. The left just consumes the body of its host like a parasite, until the host dies. No matter how much the host feeds them, it just results in them craving more, there is no satiety.

That doesn’t mean every right wing society is functional. As an example, the Gaza strip is a right wing society. It’s theocratic, homophobic, against women’s emancipation and highly militaristic. However, the only functional society per definition is going to be right wing. A leftist society is like a tic sitting in the bushes. It has to find something to latch onto, or it will die.

The function a parasite serves is not to exist in harmony with its host. Rather, parasites remove weak organisms from a population, organisms that are unable to destroy the parasite. Parasites remove those organisms that succumb to tolerating them. A parasite rewards kindness with murder. This is the most important thing to understand: You can’t negotiate with a parasite or befriend it. Your choice is between expelling it, or keeping it in check.

No matter how much you feed a parasite, it generally won’t respond with a signal of satiety to the host organism. Rather, the parasite abuses the language of the body, to send deceiving signals. Signals that lead the immune system to tolerate it and signals that suggest the parasite needs more nutrients. Signals that suggest the parasite serves a function within the body. Signals that tell the host to stop spending resources on its own growth.

These signals are part of a communication network the body evolved over a long period. The signals that good parasites send are not crude. Very simple signals would be recognized. Rather, those parasites that survive, tend to be elegant in their communication. The body imagines itself to be communicating with a functional organ. Sufficiently elegant signals that emerge from the parasite, may look like they actually originate from the hypothalamus or the pituitary gland.

When it comes to the left, you’re dealing with the same basic principle. You can look at the whole LGBTQI+ phenomenon as an example. This starts out with the idea that homosexuality is an innate orientation humans are born with (a novel idea never conclusively proven), that needs to be tolerated. So the signal is sophisticated and the host accepts that this phenomenon needs to be tolerated. But eventually it culminates in what we see in the United States, where they mutilate mentally unwell young children.

The reason this happens is because the parasite constantly sends elegant signals, suggesting the parasite is not yet satiated: Yes, the homosexuals can do their thing, but what about the lesbians? What about the bisexuals? What about the intersex people? What about the gender non-conforming? But what about the transgenders? Andsoforth. Is there ever a point, when the host is sufficiently LGBTQI+ friendly? No, the satiety signal never emerges. There is never a point when the organ signals it is mature and begins to serve the host.

Within every form of human organization, the left functions like a parasite. A small new company consists of a handful of heterosexual white or Asian men who know how to write computer language. As such a company grows however, it ends up incorporating parasites. These are people who appear to serve a function, but don’t contribute to the host organism in practice. Rather, they send signals to the host, suggesting the host needs to grow further to incorporate more of them. Here’s an example from a university:

As an example, here you have a message students received from the “Peabody Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion”, in response to a school shooting that had taken place. It was written by AI, they couldn’t be bothered to write to the students themselves. It signals a complete callous disregard by the parasite for the interest of the organs that make up the host.

Now my question to you is: Do you think the Peabody Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion would ever announce that the university has enough Equity, Diversity and Inclusion? No. The parasite will never send a signal that it’s nourished. The parasite just grows and multiplies.

Eventually you witness hyperparasitism: Parasites that feed on parasites. An example would be to have someone like this writing chatGPT mails for “diversity”, on a college that only exists as a degree mill, where nobody truly learns valuable lessons.

A parasite will try to change the behavior of its host, because a parasite can only survive by infecting new hosts. As an example, the cat parasite toxoplasmosis that infects the human brain, makes us more extraverted. In mice and rats this serves the purpose of making them seek out cat urine. A signal that was once terrifying, becomes attractive. The parasite makes you seek out other organisms it can infect. It makes you seek out death.

Now my question is, what would you make of Queers for Palestine? What would you make of young women declaring their solidarity with a movement where they would have no rights? Israel’s fourth prime minister was a woman. There is constant sodomy in Tel Aviv. Israel has the world’s highest population of vegans.

But the simple fact of the matter is that no matter how woke Israel may be, it earns it no sympathy from leftists in other countries. Because the only thing those leftists see is: This host is already infected.

Rather, the parasites are very attracted to Hamas. Why is that? The less Hamas signals that it supports gays, transgenders, women, tolerance etcetera, the more Hamas signals that it is a clean host. The parasite loves naive alien conservatives. It hates its own domestic form of conservatives, whose immune systems are on high alert.

Xenophilia is a very late stage of the parasitic infection. Once there is no room left in the host body for the parasite to grow and the host grows sick and begins to die, the parasite is desperate to navigate the host towards other organisms that are not yet infected.

The other thing you’ll notice is that right wingers are attracted to old forms of leftism. This is because old forms of leftism, are the equivalent of a parasite that has found its niche and learned to restrain its hunger. You can call yourself an “anti-woke” anything and be invited on Fox News.

Zionism for example, is a secular leftist movement, now embraced by Christian conservatives. Eugenics is also a leftist movement now popular on the right, that began with feminists like Margaret Sanger and Marie Stopes.

If your body has room for parasites, you have two choices: You can try to keep them out at all cost, or you can tolerate parasites that do not pursue endless growth, to the detriment of the host. Such a parasite will then defend its niche from invading members of its own kin.

An example would be “Gays against Groomers”, or “Gender Critical Feminists”. These are people who eroded the health and vitality of their host, but only up to a certain degree. They don’t want their host to die. They’re not eager to jump into Palestine or Afghanistan.

Such a parasite also ends up serving a benefit to its host. A host who is excessively clean, will develop an immune system that is overly paranoid and attacks anything that looks strange. This is how you end up with witch hunts, the societal equivalent of an autoimmune disorder. Healthy cells of the body are mistakenly interpreted as terrifying monsters very good at hiding themselves. The immune system imagines itself to be exposed to the perfect virus, unable to believe its body is clean.

The other thing you have to remember, is that when you are infected by parasites, you shouldn’t just remove the parasites. You should be asking yourself, what you did to end up infected by them. Often people become infected by eating raw meat. Other times people become infected by defecating in the water they drink.

The reason the Western world became infected by parasites, is because it became overnourished. Life became too easy. It began to feel meaningless. Nobody works on farms anymore, nobody has to survive through cold winters. Nobody is at risk of going hungry. The people eat animals bred to be obese, then they are shocked to find that they become obese themselves.

Now the question you’re going to ask yourself is: How does the host survive? How do we stop ourselves from becoming just another Lebanon, before the they/them college students wash the blue color out of their hair, remove their piercings and declare that they are eager to become a second wife to a veteran of the Jihad?

The parasites wear their masks for a reason: They’re afraid of the hyperparasite

This brings us back to the hyperparasite: The parasite that infects parasites. We have created the kind of circumstances in which the entire Western population is constantly reinfected by a SARS virus. The people who succumb to it, are generally those who can (no longer) contribute to the host organism. The people who succumb to it, are those who have shown no restraint in their gluttony.

This virus is not going away anytime soon. The damage it is causing to people is accumulating and it is now merely becoming more aggressive, as JN.1 conquers the globe in the coming weeks. This will be the fastest transition we have seen since the Delta->Omicron shift. You can expect the consequences to be immense.

Then eventually once the dust settles and the disease recedes, you can expect to find the surviving hosts can keep their parasitic infections under control.


  1. Woke leftism is a product of material abundance and lack of meaning as you write. When the good times are over these ideas will be gone in an instant. Peoples main focus will be to survive and no one will benefit from these woke ideas. The ones who does will not be around for long.

  2. Another great post. Yes, leftists will NEVER admit that they were wrong, no matter how much misery and suffering they cause to others. Here’s an example:

    Edward Nirenberg is a medical student with a particular interest in vaccines. He is very left wing, as evidenced by the pronouns in his Twitter bio, and virtue signalling Ukraine flag. He thinks that boosting six month old babies is an absolutely fantastic idea. And here he is denying that the vaccines encoding for ancestral spike caused the selection of new vaccine-evasive variants, something you and Dr. Vanden Bossche have been warning us about for over two years now:

    Key quote: “but the idea that we messed up in selecting vaccines that focus on spike is absolutely revisionist history and evidence suggests that if we hadn’t things could have gone much more poorly than they did for vaccinees. It is really annoying that the spike protein is evolving as quickly as it is and rendering people susceptible to (re)infection, but this doesn’t make us wrong for focusing on spike.”

    Far left hubris will end up killing us all.

    • Brilliant, thought provoking stuff!

      To me, the key paragraph is this.
      “This brings us back to the hyperparasite: The parasite that infects parasites. We have created the kind of circumstances in which the entire Western population is constantly reinfected by a SARS virus. The people who succumb to it, are generally those who can (no longer) contribute to the host organism. The people who succumb to it, are those who have shown no restraint in their gluttony.”

      I’ve never been so healthy as during this “pandemic.” It’s actually eerie how healthy I’ve been, without doing anything. Not even a case of the sniffles, while people are dropping dead all around. Of course, unvaxxed.

      I eat very little meat – never beef or pork – so maybe there’s something to this and survivors will have things in common.

    • So called sars-cov-2 has 18 surface proteins (excluding S-protein aka spike) and all of them are stable and don’t go through iterations upon serovar transition.
      But let’s make vaccine based on the S-protein, right?
      This tragedy is turning into super fine comedy. Decent entertainment!

      P.S. I agree with the BS about the jews that they should have ethnoreligiois state as long as all religion ethnicities have their ethnoreligiois states. Otherwise the idea is the most leftist thing i have seen in my whole life. And half of it was spent in communist leftist authoritarian state.

      P.P.S. I am 18% middle eastern jew as per my genetics.

      • Yes, she has a juvenile naive view of how the world works.

        Still, when the world start seeing pictures of emaciated children in Gaza no one will consider her statement controversial anymore.

        • >Still, when the world start seeing pictures of emaciated children in Gaza no one will consider her statement controversial anymore.

          Yeah because the media chooses to show those photo’s.

          They could show you those exact photo’s from Yemen too, but they don’t, because they don’t want to steer your opinion.

          They could show you Israeli women bleeding from their genitals too, but they don’t, because that’s not how they want to steer your opinion.

          • So true so true.

            The eyes of the world are directed towards Israel, which is stuck in a trap, and no matter what they do, they will be met with massive criticism from the outside world. If they do nothing, the government will receive massive criticism from their own population, which they will be deemed incapable of protecting.

  3. These are pretty much my sentiments on the matter. The right is like a broken wrist whilst the left is like a gangrenous limb. The former is unpleasant and should not be encouraged yet one can ultimately survive its repeated occurrence. The latter however, will put your very existence at risk. If left unchecked, its corruption will spread to consume you entirely. If you amputate it with haste, then hopefully you shall survive merely sans a missing limb….but sadly for you, an amputated limb is still an amputated limb.

    In the end, the right is unpleasant and justifiably hated. Yet it is without doubt the lesser of two evils.

  4. The virus is not going away and it will enable dengue. mrmickme on twitter keeps listing unprecedented dengue outbreaks; it seems that covid antibodies react to dengue infection and enable enhanced entry of dengue into cells.

  5. The Western economy is often divided into three parts: primary (resources), secondary (industry) and tertiary (services).

    But perhaps more usefully, into primary (host), secondary (parasites), tertiary (hyperparasites).

    I do not mean to suggest that all service jobs are parasitic or even that no industrial jobs are parasitic. However, it is increasingly clear that the Western economy is just as much dominated by the hyperparasitical sector as it is by the service sector.

    One of the main sources of ennui today for so many people, is the dim realization that they work as hyperparasites, and worse, as employees of hyperparasites. Every feels their work to be unhealthy.

  6. I love analogies–and this is a great one!
    It doesn’t have to be 100% accurate.
    + + +
    Also, I think that nations are like persons.
    They are not 100% evil or 100% saintly.
    And they need each other.
    And they grow.
    And they need to be an open system; otherwise they can’t communicate and grow.

    > hyperparasite
    A metaparasite? Lol

    + + +
    A good analogy for Israel might be:
    They are the elder brother from the ‘Prodigal Son’ parable.

  7. Parasite knows it’s different from organism and thrives on it’s cost. So it has fear of being discovered and despite pretending to be useful it will never become useful and ready for symbiosis. But how will it act towards other parasites?

    Also what’s about environment organism lives in? It’s the real playground.

    Parasite will not suppress urges to maximize benefits normally. It always knows it can change it’s host. But what if it’s a smart parasite and one which knows it’s host is the best it will ever have of all possibilities around? 😉

    Will it force host to save homeland of all parasites if it will threaten it inside ultimate host?

    What when parasite takes control of central nervous system and builds inside host a nutrient market and becomes broker deciding rules of their distribution?

    He can promote fairness why getting away with being unfair himself. Like a King above law.

    He may even start to think superhost is his, feel attachment to it and try to save it to keep control of market. It wouldn’t be a parasite anymore.

    Except when host brain is dead, on autopilot mode and only a few parasites are left with cognitive abilities in the proxy cockpit.

    Then it’s a game between parasites and a scheme of all of them together against all cells of organism to not let them know they serve alien species.

    I don’t recognise you Rinrah, but keep taking what you take.
    Done deal, just when will I get my personal goyim to serve? 😛
    Shalom Aleikum

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