The left is ontologically evil

I’m going to have to point out something important, which is that the left is ontologically evil. When I say ontologically evil, I mean that the left doesn’t exist as an independent cosmological principle, in the same sense as bald is not a hair color.

People who are truly leftist, are comparable to a very good chat bot, in that they show all the signs of being human, but don’t harbor an actual part of the divine spark in their bodies. There is no Atman in the body of a true leftist.

As a result it is also not possible for leftists to experience qualia. There is nothing there to experience qualia, it is a hollow shell. Rather, a leftist is Maya. A leftist is a delusion, a challenging projection of the mind. If you were to interact closely with one, you would be terrified one day to gaze into their eyes and to realize there is nothing there. You are interacting with a derivative of your own mind, a mirage, a shadow cast by your own soul.

Atman always returns to Brahman eventually. No portion of the divine light is ever truly lost. But over time as a soul matures and goes through multiple incarnations as a human being, the challenge is to dare to stray further from the divine source, like light that emanates from a bonfire and dares to illuminate a vast and mysterious forest, equally full of beautiful and hideous things. This I believe is also what Jesus describes in his parable about the Prodigal Son.

You have to understand that it is the nature of leftists to summon all sorts of emotions in you. But you are looking at a delusion, a projection of the human mind. Leftists are a trick that the Asura play using Maya (magic).

The Asuras are demons, who indulge in pleasures beyond those any human can experience. They are addicted to passions, but the Asuras are not happy, because they don’t compare themselves to humans, but to the benevolent Devas who are much better off than them. Torturing human beings gives them a brief relief of the envy they must constantly undergo.

The Asuras feast on the emotions that they summon in you through Maya. They feast off your fear, your anger, your envy, your lust. As your understanding of the world grows, all good art that makes you feel something is going to be leftist, because it is ultimately also part of the Asuras attempt to extract emotion from you. All art however, is only a mutation, a derivative of the Platonic forms.

On the other hand, you will find that just as nostalgia is intrinsically reactionary, all true comedy is right wing. This is because to laugh, is to wake up from a nightmare and realize its absurdity. Leftists can’t be funny. They can only draw you into a nightmare with their empty promises, entertaining you the way a horror movie would, but it is ultimately the right that reveals its absurdity.

The left can’t produce something new, it can only invert and subvert and produce endless derivatives of the Good, the Beautiful and the True. This is why those who succumb to leftism seek out ever further escalating bodily perversions too, including tattoos, piercings and eventually culminating in bodily mutilation. This is the general principle also described in the Silmarillion by Tolkien, where Melkor produces discord in the song of the Ainur, by trying to increase the glory attributed to himself.

Ultimately however, the discord he produces is always eventually incorporated into a greater harmony. This is true for the evils produced by the left as well. It is always eventually incorporated as part of a greater harmony, by enabling true virtue to manifest itself. The priest volunteers to give his life in the concentration camp, the unidentified man blocks a tank while carrying a shopping bag, the British single mom who became a billionaire author ends her career to speak out against the mutilation of vulnerable teenage girls.

Again, AI works in accordance to the same principle. AI can not produce art, it can only be commanded by human beings to produce endless derivatives of art that already exists, twisting and perverting it beyond recognition.

What you have to understand is that it is very difficult to tell whether someone is truly a leftist. As the soul matures it is going to stray further away from the Source, diving further into the darkness, almost completely forgetting from where it came.

Just as the discord of Melkor was ultimately incorporated into a greater harmony, amplifying his humiliation, the mature soul is able to entertain and accept every leftist critique, which is ultimately factually correct yet motivated by envy, without agreeing to the conclusion, because the conclusion they seek is annihilation. The conclusion is the kind of unimaginable destructive cruelty only envy can motivate. It will never state this out loud to you, but you can know the tree by its fruit. By accepting every leftist critique, they are rendered inert.

Leftist arguments are not principles or cherished beliefs, they are ammunition used against a resented target. This has to be understood for leftist environmental activism too. There is no true love of nature to be found on the left. If you think you found it, then it is either not true love, or not truly leftist. The right understands this at a guttural level, which is why they constantly look for signs of hypocrisy.

It is also important to understand the difference between antisemitism on the right and antisemitism on the left. Right wing antisemitism is that of an insulted heartbroken lover. It is the Catholic heartbroken that his messiah is rejected, or the Austrian artist who longs for a Jewish lover, or the American who learns about the USS Liberty. For this reason, the right flips constantly between philosemitism and antisemitism.

On the left this does not exist. The left can only know envy. It hates Jews for the exact same reason it hates white people. The left can tolerate Jews, as long as they are defeated, humiliated and pitiable. The right can tolerate Jews, as long as they receive the faintest sign that their love is recognized and requisited.


  1. Leftists have completely destroyed Argentina. Which means that Javier Milei (Anarcho-Capitalist Libertarian) will likely become their next president. Here is what he has to say about leftists:

    “You can’t give shit leftards an inch, if you give them an inch they will use it to destroy you. You can’t negotiate with leftards, you don’t negotiate with trash because they will end you! And since we are so much better than them, since we are defeating them in the cultural battle, we’re not only superior economically, we’re MORALLY superior! We’re aesthetically superior! We’re better than them at EVERYTHING and it triggers them! And since they can’t beat our arguments and ideas peacefully, they use the repressive apparatus of the state to try to destroy us with taxpayer money to influence public opinion and destroy us, and yet they’re still losing! You understand? They’re LOSING! They’re desperate, shit leftists are losing the culture war! For the first time ever, leftards are cornered!”

  2. Lot of good points here. I think this and all evil comes from lucifers rejection of Gods law. So while it looks like jealously of success like you mention, the success is a result of living under the law. Its not a coincidence that both Jews and the Christian west (until the last 50 years) were both followers of Gods laws and allowed great success, evil cannot tolerate Gods laws so seeks to destroy its followers.

  3. > The right can tolerate Jews, as long as they receive the faintest sign that their love is recognized and requisited.

    “requisited” should be “requited”

    Not normally a grammar Nazi but your English is usually so good that these little slip-ups stand out like a sore thumb to me.

  4. There are all sorts of cases to suspect the Jews, to indict and disavow them, to expel or eliminate them, and sometimes they frankly start to sound rather convincing, but I don’t think that I could fully hold in contempt a group that gave us The Believer (2001). I’d honestly be given to say that any alleged deeds of misconduct of theirs may have been worth it to get such a work of cinema.

  5. It sounds like your psyche is trying to grapple with the truth that we live in a reality where the feminine aspect is trauma bonded to satan, but you’re choosing to look at it through a weird political lens because you don’t fully understand what you’re seeing yet.

  6. Hey Radagast,

    This old movie made an impression on me as a young tyke. A cheesy early 80s film about a “dystopian” future in which our high IQ authorities forbade the use of cars and fossil fuels.

    But one man, one HERO, had kept his race car hidden in his basement, only to unearth it for the purpose of…hmmm…I don’t quite remember the purpose.

    Closely related to the foregoing is this classic Rush tune about a future dystopia in which a similar old timer bequeathed his classic race car to his nephew, even while the authoritarian future police drive electric vehicles and attempt to apprehend the offender:

    I have no real point to make.

    Just wanted to stick you in your ribs lol

  7. This verbalises perfectly my gut feeling about the leftist globalist scum that seeks to control the world. They use health, environment, equality, you name it, as a mere pretence to impose their rules. It’s obvious from their actions, that they couldn’t care less about health and nature. Be it the vaccines, the ugly solar panels and wind turbines that replace living forests – the proof of their failure to achieve anything net positive for the world is obvious. The single objective is a total control, which eventually will fail, but it could take very long and many lost lives until it’s done. Then we’ll have a golden century until the good times breed weak men again, and the cycle begins anew.
    The actual duality is between freedom and control, but we call it right and left now because the leftists do not want to accept that they are actually seeking to limit freedom and gain control, but rather prefer to wrap the bitter pill in some noble sounding coating.

    I am constantly thinking what my role in all this is. How can I throw some sand in the wheels of the meat grinder.
    It makes no sense to complain how evil they are or invoke the principles of freedom and justice within the system. The rebels are not suing Palpetine in the Imperial courts.
    Wake up some friends, game the system whenever possible and try not to get caught, like “optimise” you taxes, milk any subsidies you can get your hands on and use them to plant actual trees. Anything that escapes their control is good, because freedom is good. Ideally, move to a less leftist place. US citizens have Florida, Texas, Tennessee while we, the poor europeans should consider Tatooine. Become a Jedi 🙂

    Thank you, Radagast!

  8. Our past incarnations are so numerous that every sentient being has at one stage been your mother, and you once loved each sentient being as your own dear mother. This includes all leftists, asuras, and Ḥamās terrorists. There may be little/zero hope for them in the space of one incarnation, yes, but in principle, it’s good to hope that one day they all eventually become enlightened, and are happy, peaceful, and free from suffering.

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