The lesson to draw from Okinawa

So, some of you will have noticed Okinawa now has a LOT of people hospitalized with SARS2. On the latest day for which we have the numbers, they had 1130 patients with SARS2 in the hospital:

There are just a total of 1.5 million people who live in Okinawa.

This means 0.07% of the population is in the hospital with COVID, almost one in every thousand Okinawans.

So, if we look at Italy, the country where they began locking everyone up at home because they had too many people getting sick, the peak of their first wave had 32874 people in hospital with COVID.

On a population of 60 million, that’s 0.05479%. In other words, Okinawa, after vaccinating all its elderly three times, after already having had multiple waves of infection that should deliver cross-reactive immunity, is doing worse than Italy at the very start of the pandemic.

And you might say “well, Okinawa is a small island, so unlike in Italy, everyone gets infected at once”. But if you look at Cyprus, which has 1.2 million people, at most they ever had 301 people in hospital at once with COVID.

So what happened? Well, for starters, immunity waned:

Almost half a year passed since their last wave, so their immunity largely faded away. The protection from antibodies and even the T cells just doesn’t last for very long. And that’s a nasty thing, because have a look at this:

The Netherlands is halfway through a similar period of viral absence. You’re basically stuck with the worst choice: Either you have these constant overlapping waves in which everyone gets sick, or you don’t have them and then you have the hospitals filling up again after a while because everyone now lacks immunity.

And what I have to point out is that the longer this vanishing act lasts, the worse it becomes once it returns. There are two reasons for this. There is of course the waning of immunity. But more problematic, is the increasing innate immune antagonism. When the virus returns to infect people, they won’t just lack immunity. Rather, their innate immune system will struggle to activate their adaptive immune system.

But the most important lesson to draw is not difficult. Anyone can do this, you just have to consciously make yourself aware of it: We’re three years into this, everyone has been vaccinated and/or infected, but there is still no end in sight. A bad vaccine is forever.


  1. The speed at which new variants and new symptoms are emerging is scary

    I used to hold onto the naive believe that my pureblood status would protect me & my family, but this failed experiment will likely hurt everyone

    Wild blueberries apparently have compounds which cross the blood brain barrier and are beneficial to cognitive health

    • I have observed a lot of things, and drawn the conclusion over the decades that fatty wild fish is mandatory in the diet, but the rest of the diet should be essentially a mix of random organic plants with very little fat in it. This allows one to reap the benefits of being a v-gan while avoiding 100% of the drawbacks, and on this basis I have been a pescetarian for many years and the doctors insist my health is as close to perfect as they ever see.

      There are plenty of 80+ year old pescetarian fitness gurus like Jack LaLanne, Clarence Bass, and this random old guy in okinawa who seems to have spent his life eating fish, rice, and lots of weird root plants and seaweeds:

      The reason I bring this up is that the general principle, to constantly flood your body with a varied mix of random organic plant chemicals, seems to hold true for every single exceptionally healthy old person I meet, and since I am not an atomized modern person there are quite a few of those in my large and multigenerational social circle.

      Each of them has some pet theory as to which plants are good and why, but a lot of them seem to just throw random shit in a blender with a frozen banana or two and just chug it every morning without thinking too hard about it, and both categories seem to get outstanding health results as the years wear on.

      I would not be surprised to find that some of these plants did something against the hoax virus as well.

    • Can I add another vote asking Radagast to do this?

      I’m a Kiwi and I can’t make head nor tail of the few stats I can get hold of.

      If our host would do some posts on NZ I’m sure I’m not the only one who would be interested.

  2. Sven Kurbel’s hypothesis: Jerne’s “immune network theory”, of interacting anti-idiotypic antibodies applied to immune responses during COVID-19 infection and after COVID-19 vaccination

  3. As long as it’s not visible on the streets, nobody will care.

    I guess even when half of the people on the streets are missing, they would still do as if it’s all ok.

    • Half of people today are useless keyboard polishers. If the stupidest, fattest, darkest skinned, and most equality believing half of the country just evaporated overnight I sure would not goddamn miss them

  4. So with vaccination, natto seems to not be very effective. I am not vaccinated, and due to reading some research where natto (or maybe nattokinase) destroyed spike proteins (in vitro) I have taken to doing something really gross: putting some natto slime in my nostrils whenever I notice stuffiness/symptoms of oncoming cold or something. I get symptoms whenever I am with people. But so far, the (horrible) slime has cleared the symptoms, so I have not fallen ill.

    Another thing that has helped me with brain fog: fasting, only taking MCT oil for a day. It seems there is something that is causing human bodies to have trouble in digesting carbohydrates. I am thinking the keto-religion grows out of this. Something to do with insulin, insulin resistance and that stuff. Fasting (something a lot of religions prescribe periodically) helps the body clear out gunk that has gotten stuck in cells. This is especially useful when all kinds of toxic loads are high.

    There is something amusing about how self-created problems like environmental toxins can only be tolerated by adopting a lifestyle that is pretty close to a monastery lifestyle. Simple food, fasting, low stress, doing ones own research.

    • Thank you for that point about carbohydrates. I am not vaxxed, and I think I haven’t had covid (I have an elderly relative at home so I’m going to great lengths to avoid it since it would kill him), but about five months ago I suddenly gained five pounds. It is the weirdest thing; I had been at the same weight forever. I think it might be that I can’t deal with carbs anymore, as you are describing.

      The problem with fasting is that it isn’t necessarily great for females. It can cause a shift to male sex hormones, and it can raise blood pressure. I’ve tried fasting a number of times in years gone by and my blood pressure went high. But maybe the trade off is worth it now. I have a vaxxed neighbor who is female and who has been fasting and I just saw her carrying her bicycle up a flight of stairs, which is amazing given her age and overall health situation.

      I wonder if all carbs are a problem, or just some. Maybe sweet potatoes are okay? I just hate fasting. Also concord grape juice improves my memory (it did even before covid), and that is not suitable for fasting.

      By the way, Xlear is pretty good for preventing infection. So is taking a daily claritin. If you get tired of the nasal natto.

  5. The number of Americans on Social Security disability has been skyrocketing since April:

    Brain inflammation? Microclots? Jabbies falling victims to the famous virus, now “swept under the carpet” to hide it, because our rulers are out of options?

    On Monday I saw a dead body on the sidewalk, paramedics lolling by, not hurrying. This morning this was in the local news:

    This is not right. It is murder. It is genocide. I have fifteen years of experience doing data analysis, so I could figure out things as early as the Diamond Princess in March 2020. But most of these poor normies have no fault, and cannot be held to a similar cognitive standard. They are victims, like those sent to the trenches in WWI, or the victims of bombings in WWII.

    • >Brain inflammation? Microclots? Jabbies falling victims to the famous virus, now “swept under the carpet” to hide it, because our rulers are out of options?

      Probably yes. The brain damage from an infection tends to take a while to reveal itself.

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