The LSWM’s guide to a Russian invasion of the Baltics

We call this the LSWM’s burden. Ours is the abnormal period.

TL;DR: Go fight the Bolshevik horde.

The longer version:

“That’s never going to happen” -Dumbass LSWM

I sure hope you’re right.

“But there are ethnic Russians living in Estonia!” -Dumbass LSWM

Yeah and there are ethnic Turks living in Bulgaria. Doesn’t mean Turkey gets to start a war with Bulgaria.

“But there are brown people living in my country!” -Dumbass LSWM

That’s not the fault of the Baltic states, that’s the fault of the hypersocial agreeable middle-class dumbasses in your own country who don’t vote for LSWM parties. In Eastern Europe everyone is a shitlord.

“But there are pink-haired they/thems at my university!” -Dumbass LSWM

Not the fault of the Baltic states either.

“Why is it my business what happens in Eastern Europe?” -Dumbass LSWM

Because our democratically elected governments signed alliances with the Estonians, the Latvians and the Lithuanians. And our word means something. For your country to collectively turn its back on these people, who sacrificed their lives to bring down the Soviet Union, an empire more evil than Nazi Germany (look up the skeletons of the dead naked children still regularly being found in Moscow who were abused by Beria if you wish to dispute this), registers in the annals of history that your country is full of cowards.

Oh and since I know low IQ LSWMs love to go this direction whenever you mention Marxism: No, Beria was not a Jew, he was an ethnic Georgian, just like Stalin. And Mao Zedong was not a Jew either. Marxism has a habit of rewarding very evil people with power.

Our political systems are not perfect. Our leaders are far from perfect. But it’s a hell of a lot better than anything that Marxist regimes ever produced.

If the Baltics were invaded, I would expect my country to draft men like me. And if I were drafted, I would seek to fulfill my duty.

“So what about Ukraine?”

Our governments don’t have any direct military alliances with Ukraine. Ukraine more or less on its own initiative sought to join the Western sphere of influence, despite reluctance from Western political elites like those in Germany. Russia reacted to this Ukrainian decision with a ruthless and cruel invasion. I like to think this situation could have been prevented, but there is just no way to justify this invasion. The Ukrainians do not want to have Russians invading their country, not even the Russian speakers want to be annexed by Russia. And even if they did want it, it violates the rule of law.

You can have different opinions on how we should respond to this situation. But what we do not have, is a promise we made in the past, that we would defend them. We defend them, because we don’t want bullies to get their way.

“But Putin is against woke!” -Very dumb LSWM

Russians will tell you whatever you want to hear. If you’re an LSWM they tell you they’re fighting against woke, if you’re brown they tell you they’re fighting against racism, if you’re a Marxist they tell you the Ukrainians are all Nazis, if you’re a Nazi they’ll tell you the Ukrainians are led by Jews.

“But Hunter Biden/Chelsea Clinton/Barron Trump is on board of an Estonian company that—“

Yes, your political elite is corrupt. We live in a dark era. That’s how the world now works. But the Russian oligarchy is not morally superior to our oligarchy.

That is again, not the fault of the people of the Baltics, who bravely sacrificed many lives over generations, to liberate themselves from Marxist yoke. They triggered the chain reaction that led to the implosion of the Soviet Union. These are people who were crushed by tanks. Plumbers, locksmiths, seamstresses, students.

These are things that are supposed to mean something to you. We have it bad, sure. But they don’t shoot you when you try to leave your country, do they? There are no people building their own hot air balloons in an attempt to escape your country, are there? If you insist on pretending that it’s all the same, you’ll eventually find out the hard way why it isn’t. These regimes have a way of grinding down your soul.

Those are the people to whom our democratically elected governments made a promise. And as I’ve never seen dumbass American LSWMs or dumbass European LSWMs marching in the streets, demanding an end to NATO, I’m simply asking you not to be a coward when something happens, some incident in a border city in Estonia, or you wake up and hear on the news there are Russian troops surrounding Tallinn.

“But my neighbor John Astor XII’s son is off to the Bahamas while you expect me to die in a ditch?”

Yeah and all my friends and family have always stuffed pork down their throats every night while I ate plants, from the day I was a 10 year old boy. That’s their moral failure and other people’s moral failure does not liberate you from duty.

I’m not claiming to be a brave man.

I’m just trying to rationally explain, what I consider to be the proper course of action, that I hope to live up to, should the time ever come.

What I’m trying to say here, is that I aim to mentally integrate the reality in my head that as a citizen of the Netherlands, I’m part of a pact, to defend the Baltic people who brought down the Marxist-Leninist Soviet regime, should the Russian oligarchy ever seek to force them back under its yoke.

That pact is a consequence of different treaties, including NATO and the European Union’s pact.

This stuff is supposed to mean something to you, as a man who is a citizen of his country. We can not afford to just descend into a spiral of cynicism, disillusionment and paranoia. Some of you people would still be posting about Jeffrey Epstein and Podesta as you heard the Russian mortars land in your backyard and your children were shipped off to Russia for reeducation.

But it all just ultimately means very little to us and I don’t think that’s a good thing.

And if you ever wonder why our governments pour billions of dollars into Ukraine to keep the Russians from winning, this is why.

Because if the Russians ever win, Moldova and the Baltic states are eventually next. And then your sons will be drafted.

Let me just give you one simple small piece of information:

There were Russian polling stations, for the Russian election, in Transnistria. Transnistria is legally part of Moldova.

It doesn’t take a genius to see where this is going. They’re aiming to incorporate Transnistria into Russia eventually.

“You sound like a neocon!”

Yeah I don’t know why it suddenly became so hip and cool for right wingers to just insist that every single attempt to stop dictators from dividing the world between each other is wrong.

We’ve all been through the Ronpaul911wasaninsidejobzionistlobbyneoconagenda rabbit hole. Every LSWM knows about that stuff by now.

Trust me. Been there, done that. I know who Richard Perle is, I know what the Project for a New American century is, I know about all the NORAD exercises going on during 9/11, I’ve seen all of that, I processed the whole thing. I am as mentally scarred as you are, probably moreso.

That doesn’t mean I’m dumb enough to think that America should just leave NATO member states to fend for themselves if Russia ever wants a war with them, like Trump is now suggesting.

You made a promise, you keep it. If Mexico ever decides that New Mexico has that name for a reason, should other American states just say “well not my problem”?

If Mr. Xi decides he wants to gobble up Taiwan, should you say “well fine, go ahead, not our problem, RONPAUL2012”?

You know what’s next right? Your American prestige is gone, the world reorients around China, countries hurry to break their ties with the US in favor of China.

And if they then decide they would really like Guam too, would you suggest just giving it to them? Then Hawaii is next.

We have these lines in the sand for a reason. And we hope we never have to enforce them. But when challenged, not enforcing them is worse than enforcing them.

The problem is that in the Western world we are entirely disillusioned by everything.

But if everything sucks and you are entirely disillusioned, that’s an easy way to be invaded and conquered from the outside, by something even worse.

You have to put up some limits to that spiral of cynicism and disillusionment we’re all being sucked into. Or, if you have completely internalized the low IQ low status white male worldview, if you really think your country is so terrible and your government so corrupt and your elites are satan-worshipping pedophiles who came up with a fake global warming hoax to force you to eat bugs and gave you mRNA vaccines to sterilize you or kill you and want to ship you to FEMA camps, you should just stop posting for a second and move to some country where things are better, like the Islamic republic of Iran, North Korea, Syria, Eritrea, Liechtenstein, Bhutan, or whatever place you people think is not hell on Earth ruled by Satan’s minions.

“I’m a starving peasant, my wife was whipped by our feudal overlord when she looked for berries on the king’s hunting ground, my son is forced to repair the lord’s fence, our petty king is secretly a sodomite, and now you want me to grab a pitchfork and give my life to keep out the Mongols?”

Yes, that is exactly what I want, because if you don’t do it, you will be overrun and then you’ll be drafted by the Mongols to go fight the petty kingdom to your west, where the feudal overlord would not whip your wife if she looked for berries on the king’s hunting ground, your son would be offered a fair wage to repair the fence and the king simply screws wenches like he is supposed to instead of taking it up the arse.

If you live in a total shithole, where everything sucks and everyone is corrupt, but one day the ground opens up and Satan climbs up with an army of demons behind him, you don’t welcome him as a hero.


DON’T CARE. IT IS AS IT IS. DEMOCRACY GETS YOU THE GOVERNMENT YOU DESERVE, THIS IS APPARENTLY WHAT YOU DESERVE. The fact that low IQ low status white males rallied around a corrupt New York real estate mogul perfectly illustrates that.

You morons were all so sure the election was going to be stolen from you, the evil elites would never let your God-Emperor win, then he actually became president and you suffered an existential crisis only resolved by his loss four years later.

Your own “intellectual class” consists of guys like Tucker Carlson, who thinks Japan should not have been nuked and evolution is a hoax. My suggestion would be that if these morons are dumb enough to think we did not evolve from other species, you should maybe consider not believing these morons when it comes to climate change too.

But if there’s anything you take home from this, please let it be this:

We’re all paying for Ukraine to keep the Russians out.

Our governments are sending billions in support to Ukraine, that you and me end up paying for.

That’s a good thing. I’m glad to see my taxes being used for that purpose.

We don’t want Russia to win.

And we don’t want Russia to win, because none of you are ready for what would eventually be necessary if Russia does in fact win in Ukraine.

The world is a tough difficult nasty place. I know the LSWM consensus is now “we should take it up the arse from Putler and Xi Jinping because somethingsomething zionism epstein hunter biden neocon WEF woke”.

But if your ancestors thought like that, you would look like a Mongol.

It is as it is.


  1. Damn, not the Baltic States. Oh no. Please no. If, uh, good ol’ uh… Vilnis (?) falls, Western Civ is next. I’m literally crying watching the Russians bomb the great old European building they have which is really old and historical. Hopefully Biden and Kamala can preemptively start a world war.

    ——PS: I am texting this from Hezbollah bunkers in S. Lebanon. Unfortunately I am only allowed to use the internet once a day. I tried to take the authors advice (after he called me retarded for the 7th time) but instead of welcoming me the Arabs are using me as a hostage for a prisoner exchange. Please send word to my family.


    • Americans just love to put their arrogance and ignorance on display.

      Most abominable people on this planet.

      • Rintrah, it’s hard to believe you’re even being serious, this is so bad, after so many brilliant articles.
        Not just wrong, but stupidly evil wrong. Are you high on something bad?

  2. I cannot fathom giving a black life about that war unless it was close to you or you knew someone close to it.

    Literally who gives a shit lmao

    Would you even care if the news didn’t talk about it?

    How many hours a week do you scroll feeds?

    • Yeah because you’re an American low IQ moron.

      There are 70k ukrainian refugees in my country alone.

      It’s ravaging my own country. It caused a cascading economic crisis due to a spike in gas prices.

      Once it’s close to you, you already lost.

      • Note: That’s 70k refugees right now.

        Add to that tens of thousands more, if Russia starts winning.

        And then you can add tens of thousands of people in the Baltic states, Finland and other countries, who are not going to wait to find out if they’re going to be next.

        These sort of cascading migration waves are how the Roman empire collapsed.

        • >Would you even care if the news didn’t talk about it?

          Honestly, yes.

          I’m a man, with a hypermasculine autistic brain.

          What do you think I care about?

          I play autistic map games, I read about 19th century Jihads against the British in Sudan, about conflicts between Kazakhstan and China over rivers feeding Kazakhstani lakes, I don’t need the news to tell me this stuff is going on.

          I don’t write about that, because nobody else is going to care about it and I have nothing to say about it that isn’t already on Wikipedia.

          My life would be a lot easier if I cared about whatever it is most people care about, but I don’t.

          Guys like me care about wars. Genes like mine had to be in the gene pool at some frequency, so that we would win crusades every once in a while and kicked the Mongols and Abbassids out.

          • Guys like you and Lady Lindsey Graham, with your “hypermasculine brains” and silly war fantasies, haven’t done anything to defend your countries and you never will.
            I haven’t either because there has been nothing to defend against!

          • If you care about this war you should actually be physically fighting in it. Talk is cheap. Early on a guy I know was ranting about it and I told him to go volunteer; Ukraine would pay his airfare from the U.S. and train him (and they would). He is in good physical shape. He said he couldn’t since he was in his 60s. I told him that there were plenty of men in their 60s there fighting, and that he would be accepted immediately. He suddenly became very quiet about the topic and hasn’t mentioned it since.

          • Oh, I just realized that Nelly the Clever Pig is Rintrah.

            Anyway, the point still holds, but if I had known I would have made it more politely.

        • “If” Russia starts winning.
          You’re sounding absolutely ridiculous and I don’t appreciate that I’m blocked and prevented from replying so I can defend myself against the idiotic accusations of people like your sensitive sycophant.

      • I’m verifiably high IQ and intelligent, I just have priorities in life other than:

        -caring about things very far away from me

        -fussing about what Should Happen ™ in situations I have zero control over

        If you want to give yourself an ulcer over ukraine, carbon emissions, fecundity rates and other v-gan concerns, go right ahead. I just think it’s foolish to go histrionic over things so far removed from your control, when in your case you’d be far happier focusing on things you CAN potentially accomplish, like getting and keeping a girlfriend. You look to the horizon because you don’t want to look in the mirror.

        • Fair enough.

          The problem is that I’m expected to play a game that I just don’t consider worth playing.

          Imagine you work at a company. At first all is fine, but then your shift is moved to start at 7AM, the coffee machine no longer works and you’re expected to take your vacation days in january or february because nobody can fill in for you.

          At some point you will just sit around and wait for the whole thing to fall apart.

          Well, that’s how I feel about everything basically. I can’t remember asking for any of it, the cost-reward ratio is entirely distorted and I’m eager to see it all finally fall apart.

    • Fucko why do you larp and pretend to give a rats ass about your race and nation when you’re a self-interested individualist at heart?

  3. Russia has already won against NATO and the US. It is the third Rome in prophecy. It has conservative catholic values. You wish your country were even remotely like Russia.

    • LSWMs would really rather argue their own country has already lost a war before it started, than consider the possibility that they might have to support their country instead of cynically badmouthing it.

      And then the LSWMs wonder why their wives don’t want to be their kitchen-slaves anymore, don’t respect them and divorce them.

      It’s like LSWM nationalism has inverted in on itself and now the most patriotic thing is to root for your own country’s defeat by whatever barbarian horde you can see in the distance.

      Imagine explaining this to a German in 1918.

    • Russia has lower Church attendance than the United States, has an AIDs rate comparable to an African country, and Russians are currently being ethnically replaced by Asian Muslims.

  4. I have very mixed feelings about this war. For many reasons, I never comment on it from a pulpit.

    Ukraine has been a battlefield for the last thousand years, with borders changing significantly every century. Remember that even the Russian language, the Russian Orthodox religion, and the original Russian state originated in Ukraine. So, it is a place where the Russians may care enough to spend a million of their lives and 50% of their GDP. Russia may win despite the money and the weapons.

    It is up to you to decide whether it is good or bad.

    Indeed, losing this war (neocons define losing as anything except 100% victory) may have very bad consequences for many countries such as yours, currency catastrophes, etc.

    Neocons have lost every conflict and might lose this one, too. They always get into situations where the opposite side cares more than we do, and our enemies win despite our money and weapons.

    I find this war very upsetting and regrettable, and I have followed this story for many years. I am genuinely unsure of what I want to happen. When I think about the next 20 years, I want one thing; I want another when I think about the next 1,000 years.

    You have a point about Russian propaganda.

    • I expect that Russia will eventually win it. They’re depopulating entire villages of men to send off to war. But Europe now has no other choice than to make that victory as expensive as possible.

      When the UK left the EU, the EU bureaucrats were very upset. It could have easily triggered a domino effect, bringing down the whole EU. But nobody ever considered starting insurgencies in the UK, or invading the UK. But the Russian regime decided to respond in a manner that ensures enmity for generations to come.

      Now there are only painful solutions.

      • You “expect” that Russia will eventually win??
        Sorry to break it to you, but Russia now controls all of eastern Ukraine and that territory is NEVER going back, no matter how many billion$ are sent to Zelensky.
        And btw that drug addict Z, idol of Sean Penn, isn’t going to be alive much longer.

        • Russia has to hold that territory indefinitely – that means boots on the ground there indefinitely. If they reduce their numbers too far then Ukraine will simply take it back. IMO, due to financial reasons, Russia will end up doing this by 2030 at the latest.

  5. Thank God Rintrah has zero say over American foreign policy. He sounds as bad as Lindsey Graham.

    The war in Ukraine is a terrible tragedy that could have been avoided or resolved through diplomacy by now, but the military-industrial complex wants to keep the bloodbath going to make certain rich people richer.

    They were waving Ukrainian flags on the floor of Congress today as they voted for billions more dollars to “help” the people over there. Sickening.

    Russia is more justified in what they’re doing than any stupid war the US has fought since WWII, and the notion of going to war with China over Taiwan is just crazy.

    • Keith is a pig fan of the “appeasing Hitler” strategy. We should just give our geopolitical rivals whatever they want in order to avoid bloodshed. The parallels are actually hilarious, Hitler actually justified invading Poland with the exact same reasoning Putin uses. “We’re just saving ethnic Russians/Germans from the oppressive majority and claiming our old lands back.”

      Not saying Putin is actually Hitler, Putin doesn’t actually care about ethnic Russians judging by how he’s racially replacing them, Putin exclusively cares about the state as a mechanistic apparatus, and the ethnic justification for war is solely for the benefit of his underlings.

      The hilarious thing is that Russia seemingly now has plans to expand into the Baltics, once again showing that in geopolitics, appeasement doesn’t work, and that nations are always going to try to gobble up as much influence as they can. First Ukraine, then the Baltics. First Taiwan, maybe Japan next? South Korea? It’s in the United State’s interest to not allow our geopolitical rivals to gobble up their neighbors and expand their Empires; it is also in our interest to bleed our rivals as much as possible in proxy wars, forcing them to use up their limited resources and manpower. Sorry you don’t like the great game, but this is how it’s played.

      WW2 wasn’t any different btw, we fought the Germans because they were our geopolitical rivals, and we didn’t want them expanding. We didn’t know about the Holocaust until after the war was over. Our boys fought the Germans because Hitler wanted to conquer what was ours, that’s all the justification one needs. Europe is ours, Putin can choke on red, white, and blue cock.

        • Trump only wants the European nations to start paying their fair share.
          As for me, FUCK NATO.
          The reason the Deep State is desperately trying to stop the reelection of Trump is that he would be an actual president and not simply a dumb tool of the Pentagon like Biden.

        • Sensitive sycophant, I’ve always thought your comments are idiotic but your comments on the Russia-Ukraine war are simply retarded.

          The “appeasement” accusation is nonsense. Why am I supposed to hate Russia?

          Can you imagine if Mexico was controlled by a hostile empire, say China, and loaded with missiles pointed at the US, loaded with dozens of hostile bioweapons laboratories, was being coerced into the Chinese empire, waiting for the day to attack?
          AND they had killed thousands of Americans?

          Mexico would be invaded, conquered, and made the property of the USA.
          You know it and I know it.
          The US flag would then have 60 stars, with the addition of new formerly Mexican states.

          • >Sensitive sycophant, I’ve always thought your comments are idiotic but your comments on the Russia-Ukraine war are simply retarded.
            I’ve never payed much attention to you Keith because you’re not a interesting commenter, you’re just another generic LSWM commenter with the same opinions and posting style as any other. You’re interchangeable so I don’t have a strong opinion on you personally.

            >The “appeasement” accusation is nonsense. Why am I supposed to hate Russia?
            Love and hate do not play a role in geopoliticcs. I don’t have to hate Russia or the Russian people to see them as a geopolitical rival.

            >Mexico would be invaded, conquered, and made the property of the USA.
            You know it and I know it.
            OK, and? Germany justified its invasion of Poland by them killing and oppressing ethnic Germans. France disarmed the Germans and had a massive army that could attack Germany at any time. The thing is, none of this matters, right and wrong do not play into geopolitics. You’re acting like real life is Star Wars, you see geopolitics like a child, with good and bad. This still doesn’t mean Russia or Nazi Germany are our allies, or that they will stop at Ukraine/Poland. Yes, it’s appeasement to cuck to rival powers what they want in the desperate hope for peace. The historical basis for their claims are irrelevant.

            If you have to be a moralistic fag, the Donbass separatist were supported by Putin day one, so any deaths in the Donbass from 2014 to 2021 are on Russia’s hands as-well. That’s what happens when you fund and organize civil wars and separatist movements.

            History, common sense, and the invasion plans that they have already been constructed show that Russia is not content with swallowing up Ukraine, and why should it? If we’re too weak to stop them it’s in the best interest of the Russian state to build their Empire up as much as possible. It’s to our benefit to have Ukraine as our ally, why are you rooting for our country’s enemies?

      • > Keith is a pig fan of the “appeasing Hitler” strategy.

        Liberals really know only one historical analogy.

        > First Ukraine, then the Baltics. First Taiwan, maybe Japan next? South Korea?

        Don’t threaten me with a good time.

    • >Russia is more justified in what they’re doing than any stupid war the US has fought since WWII, and the notion of going to war with China over Taiwan is just crazy.

      Mr. Kim hears you and realizes the time has finally come to unify the Korean peninsula.

      LSWMs like you still draw lines in the sand. You just draw them in a place where you can’t defend them.

      “If Chinese troops invaded Alabama I would defend my state!”

      Yeah, too late to win.

  6. “If the Baltics were invaded, I would expect my country to draft men like me. And if I were drafted, I would seek to fulfill my duty.”

    What would you fulfill your duty with? A broomstick? Does the Netherlands even have an army? I thought a big part of the problem was that Western Europe didn’t want to spend the money or effort to do their share if there were a war to be fought. They wanted the U.S. to do it, with U.S. money. So now there is nothing to use to fight with. Have you ever shot a gun? I have; including a black powder one with a real kick, and I took a hunter’s safety course. When I was in elementary school a nice old ex-miltary guy (not a pervert) would take us out into the woods and show us how to target practice safely. You’re not going to learn how to do this in a day, so if you really are willing you’d better get out there on the range and start practicing now; war is a physical activity, not a mental one. But, then, does the Netherlands have shooting ranges???? Will you be reduced to practicing for war by repeatedly hitting a trash barrel with a shovel???

    I don’t think that the U.S. will go to war to help Western Europe. The country is broke and sick and the young people are gigantically fat. Back when my 99 year old father in law was in WWII, there was one family in his town with 8 sons; that was what Italian American families were like then, and all the sons went to war. These days a family will have one or two kids; who is going to fight this war?

    • Yup. Honestly, European countries need higher rates of private firearm ownership. Our enemies can’t control territory where every civilian could own a firearm.

      • I assume that you personally have training and experience with actually physical firearms, or are in the active process of getting it. And if it is not legally available, you are getting it anyway somehow since you claim self defense from Russia will be a matter of life and death. Otherwise this is just blather in an attempt to get Americans to fight for you.

  7. Your article proves haw stupid you are.

    Imagine if Russia invaded all the way down to Italy and all the way West to the English channel.

    How many Muslim and African inbreeds do you think would be allowed into Europe then?

    How much sick gender bending queer insanity does Russia allow (hint ZERO).

    The smart move for all Europeans is to join the Russian Army and then invade Europe.

    Russia is your friend.

    Your corrupt government is your enemy, not the Russians.

    • >Imagine if Russia invaded all the way down to Italy and all the way West to the English channel.

      >How many Muslim and African inbreeds do you think would be allowed into Europe then?

      You realise Russia is sending African mercenaries and drafted muslims into Ukraine right?

      • Russia has been very busy in Africa, very busy indeed – kicking the global west out.

        All those resources you see. It is China’s turn now to milk that halal goat.

        The thing with those Central Africans is that they are exceptionally good with a machete. They just love a good hack-a-thon of some fresh Slavic meat, preferably female.

        As for the Chechens, they are involved simply as Hamas trainers allowing the jihad crowd to get in some practice as against NATO, before they move on into Gaza and finish the Jews off.

  8. Quote: “We don’t want Russia to win.”

    I want Russia to win!

    I read Russia Today and enjoy every victory of the russians. The russian-ukrainian conflict is an inner conflict of the old sovjet empire. Not our business.

    The intervention of the west has the only purpose to hide the vax crime. It’s the vaxxers war they losing now.

    • >The intervention of the west has the only purpose to hide the vax crime. It’s the vaxxers war they losing now.

      You LSWMs really do believe in your own bullshit huh?

      Russia had its own vaccine. Everyone participated, they all thought it was a good idea.

      • Quote: “Everyone participated, they all thought it was a good idea.”

        That’s your apology? The Hitler-germans could have said the same.

    • You can keep reading RT, but also try to read something on the opposite side for breadth, do not get stuck on RT only – it is very insidious and best read sparingly

  9. Take your thousands of Ukrainian refugees and tough shit. Don’t cry about it. At least they are White.
    If the war had been averted as it should have been you wouldn’t be getting all those new White people.
    But people like you don’t want to be “appeasers” so the fine art of diplomacy has gone out the window.

  10. I am happy for Russia to conquer a bunch of far away countries I don’t care about until my own government gets frightened enough by them to bring back capitalism, patriarchy, high status for engineers/officers, etc. in order to make their armies work well enough to preserve their own power. I have absolutely no emotional or rational political interest in giving theatre kids their peaceful monopolar world in which to go nuts and eat me.

  11. Russia is going to win in Ukraine, but it’s not all doom and gloom.

    A golden future, safe from the Russians, awaits in Oz!

    Europeans can transfer their treasure to antipodean ponzi lords, and in exchange, get to live on the bottom rung of the Australian property ladder.

    It seems like a shit deal, but early birds will be rewarded as refugees from other conflicts further inflate the Ponzi!

  12. This is a very confusing post*.
    Pope Francis (and others here, like Igor) spoke well, without siding with Putin**.
    When I lived in Brussels I met a (self-proclaimed) ‘Protestant’ lady (an Afrikaan white from S.Africa) who didn’t believe in the divine nature of Jesus Christ.
    And she was actually a religious activist/diplomat! At least she was honest.
    SOOOO: if a ruling class in the “collective West” is building an anti-christian religion, how do they expect the “Global (East and) South” to like them?
    Why does the “Global South” not trust the “collective West”? Ponder on that.
    This “West” has to step down from No 1 peacefully, not bc of the “democratic principle” but bc of who has the resources to be No 1. And yes, demography is one such resource (see “Human Resources”), but not the only one. Russia has all the resources (and wanted to sell them wherever possible).
    The ‘collective West’ is hungry for resources (free if they can grab them).
    Who creates wars then?
    (I don’t want to insult you by saying that the West puts religion (or recently) democracy in front to hide the true motives. But that’s what it seems like, and it’s very confusing to see a supporter of that in Rad who–more or less–says he wants to revert development)
    Besides that, the ‘Global South’ see them ‘West’ as inherently racist (which is also anti-christian).
    My suggestion: solve these contradictions first, and then try to solve complex problems like the Middle East or the Eastern Europe issues.
    (I don’t even want to mention the ignorance, or the jealousy: how historically Rus’ are the 3 Russias, ‘White’, Kiev and Moscow Russias; and how they were European Union (of the East) before the EU… And how Russia copied the Western techniques/inventions, with Peter & Catherine the Great, and with Communism).
    And of course, do you expect the Western people to go die for McDonalds, or woke, or anything?
    + + +
    *A couple of reminders:
    a)Victoria Nuland said “F-ck the EU”. She would love this post by an anti-american Dutch!
    b)The Dutch people held a referendum rejecting Ukraine accession to the EU.
    **People are dying there bc some psychopaths want to make the Black Sea a “NATO sea”, and of course Russia won’t let them.

    • Russia attacking the Baltic states isn’t even worth commenting.
      They can’t even hold Koeningsburg if there is an organised NATO attack. They may attack the Baltic states, or pretend to, as a detering measure, against such an attack on Koeningsburg (aka Kaliningrad).
      That’s what happens when NATO is run by Americans safely drinking their coffee across the Atlantic.
      (And you may not believe it, but the Slavs have as much history in the Baltics as the Germans, with the Hanseatic League, which also included Novgorod…
      And they mixed! A lot! Actually, Russians are heavily Baltic and Finno-Ugric, besides Slavic)
      And NATO is also trying to make the Baltic a “NATO lake”. It seems to me Russia is attacked from all sides. And you say they are the aggressive. I would laugh if it wasn’t sad.

      • Russians are also heavily Germanic! believe it or not.
        And Germans are heavily Slavic too (German anthropologists says so).
        Of course they (Russians) are also Eurasian.

  13. > If Mr. Xi decides he wants to gobble up Taiwan, should you say “well fine, go ahead, not our problem, RONPAUL2012”?

    Yes. Next question.

    Also, Stalin was good.

    Also… RealLifeLore? Seriously? That’s a new low, man.

    • I think you’re overestimating China btw. They’re becoming richer and more powerful, yes—but in the long term, they’re literally gonna disappear due to their extremely low birth rates.

  14. Full neocon…

    Muh Hitler. Muh move if you don’t like it. Muh appeasement.

    I am just as confused as everyone else.

  15. “our democratically elected governments”

    Democratically elected?

    The leader of the party that won the recent election in the Netherlands was undemocratically prevented from becoming the Prime Minister.

  16. I would sooner pick up arms against the traitors inside my “democratic” country than ever harm a single foreigner in their name.
    I know who threatens my way of life, my freedom and everything else i care about.
    Its not Putin, Xi, whatever funny name guy is running Iran or anyone outside the borders of “my” country.
    Not that i personally would harm anyone. Im more of a peaceful protest-type person.
    So really, when push comes to shove i will gladly go to prison in protest of my corrupt government. Id light myself on fire too, but i do have hope this shitshow eventually collapses one way or another and id like to see that.

    Also, you should not get the background about this conflict from the MSM. You are reading actual wartime propaganda. Im genuinely disappointed that you would just eat that up without any doubts, considering that i know you are not stupid.
    You know these journalists lie. Yet you believe them here. I do not understand why.

    This entire conflict was purposefully provoked by NATO/US and their support of Ukraine during the civil war that went on for years before the recent escalation.
    They (and their proxy, the Ukie gov) completely ignored any international laws relating to the protections of (Russian) minority groups, and later dissident groups forming their own government. They broke Minsk-1 and 2 and continued their bombing campaigns of Donbas despite knowing full well that this would mean Russia would invade.
    They had 8 fucking years to prevent this and did nothing but encourage and arm the Ukrainians.
    The retards in charge of NATO thought they could just use the Ukrainian nationalists as a disposable tool to destroy the Russian army and eliminate the country as a geopolitical rival of the US. And they did get the war they wanted so badly almost as soon as Biden was in office. Weird huh ?

    But they planned this about as well as “Case Blue”, with even more disastrous results for the Ukraine. The vastly smaller country with a vastly smaller pool of possibly draftable soldiers backed by a skeletonized western arms industry and the moldy stockpiles of NATO “surprisingly” did not win. Anyone with a functional brain could have told them that beforehand, but yet here we are. Maybe the Vax melted their brains. I dont know.

    And now you expect me to come in at the 12th hour to try to fix their shitty unwinnable proxy war despite the fact that the west simply does not have the production capacity to win what has become a modern remaster of WW1 style artillery battles.
    All just so the US can continue to force the will of their elites onto the rest of the world without these pesky Russians interfering like they did in Syria.
    You want me to die to a drone, or glide bomb, or artillery round, or hypersonic missile, or even just a drunk Slav with an AK so the US government can regime change random shitholes around the world in easy mode without interference.
    No thanks. Thats certainly not in my best interest. And quite unethical.
    I have no stake in the American empire nor its proxies and care not about their fate.

    As for the baltics, tough luck. If they really dont want to be turned into the next Ukraine then they are free to stop antagonising Russia at any moment.
    I have no obligation to defend these people from the consequences of their actions whatsoever.
    I do not know anyone there. I do not care what happens to them.

    Also, the meme about “deserving your elected government” only applies to legitimate elections, a luxury not granted to the banana republic i regrettably live in, considering said republics repeated attempts to outlaw the only opposition party with a realistic chance at winning an election.
    Please explain to me what (legal) options i have to stop this system from repeating the run-up to the 3rd Reich (and eventual end) and i will gladly implement said plans post haste.
    If you dont know either, then i would argue i dont deserve any of this.

    You know, it really is the 1900s again. But you got the sides all mixed up.
    The Russians have not become the “bad guys”. They are not the soviets.
    We did. (Or rather the American government and its proxies.)
    And im not going to participate.

    You dont really expect people systematically disenfranchised at every step throughout society to come to its defense when they could instead literally just do nothing and be liberated, do you ?

    P.S: If anything, my ancestors would do everything they can to prevent me from volunteering for the gay remaster of the eastern front. They would probably also have a slight issue with me enforcing the american occupation of Europe. They probably would (reasonably) call me a traitor if i did that voluntarily.

    • This comment is better than the post, and should be swapped for it honestly.

      Also, as a member of the younger generations in America I 100% agree. I get nothing out of these conflicts and occupations except a massive shitstorm in the future (when the currency collapses due to debt) and the chance of dying in some pointless war. There are no benefits— the average American is poorer than the average Russian, Iranian, Chinese, etc. We just have more junk food and pointless crap to distract us from how hard the West blows at the moment. They see as more of a cash crop to inflate with debt and fake junk food.

      Our elites have shred the credibility of the US govt, dollar, military, etc all for their own benefit and now they want us to defend their rigged system because ‘patriotism’ and ‘responsibility’ and all this crap they don’t believe in for a second.

      And yeah, my ancestors in the Greatest Gen were ISOLATIONISTS. They did not walk around talking about how tough they were and how their genes made them special because they play video games. They avoided war until the last minute, until they were attacked, and then got in the fight to defend their country. They were the real fighters, winners, and conquerors, yet they had the exact opposite of running your mouth, trying to get into any fight, and acting like some ghetto thug in general.

  17. I have a more simple way to look at it for everybody in the comments. Everybody that used to be under russian boots thinks never beeings under russian boots ever again is priority number 1. Former warsaw pacts members are kicking and screaming not to be in the chud empire like white women not wanting to be with indian men. On the other end the same country wants to be in alliance with chadmerica like brown women wants to be married to a european man. Same with the kurds, japaneses and koreans. Nobody who as been close to america’s rival want to be in their sphere of influence. I don’t think there was ever an empire where people where begging to be in the empire ever before, but it show the goodness of america. Let’s dismnantle the american order of the world because ‘muh masculinity’ or ‘muh tranny’ or even ‘vaccine’ is worthy of aktion T4. We sould stop importing brown people and kick them out as much as we can, but mixing russia or china into that is retarded..

    • Ostalgia.
      One reason is, when you don’t have everything (Rad said “You are Kings”), then you have something to look for in your life.
      The abundance in modern societies is killing desire.
      “The citizens of the GDR lived, loved, worked and grew old. They went on holidays, made jokes about their politicians and raised their children.”
      Former East Germans massively denied to get vaccinated. Obviously, they also learnt not to trust the politicians.
      Don’t get trapped in the manichaist view of things.

  18. The USA could have had a better outcome by either (1) not prodding Russia into war or (2) sending lots of US troops to decisively win the war. Instead, they chose a middle path of color revolution and doing everything they can to incite war while expecting Ukrainian men to do all their fighting. Then they sent a huge amount of war equipment to be destroyed in the Ukraine, and a huge amount of our tax money to munitions manufacturers and corrupt Ukrainian elites, while getting the minimum possible gains from both and ensuring a total victory for Russia.

    The only thing they’ve achieved is to maximize the number of dead based white men, which was probably the real goal all along. 50 years from now, Planet Earth will be like one of those modern movies with no sympathetic characters, where you find yourself hoping everyone in the movie will just die already. The last remaining noble white people will be gone and it will be an entire world of child-sacrificing pagans and clannish brown people whom nobody with a heart could possibly care about.

  19. I wonder if being born after the 90s makes Zoomers more radical. Like, your formative years are really the 2008 depression, post 9/11 America, then the Trump 2016 meltdown, wokeness… very few Zoomers remember the Soviet collapse, end of history, endless suburban homes 90s.

    If that’s your first impression of the system, you’re not gonna care for it much.

  20. You seemed to miss the giant grift angle about the SMO on both sides. Deputy Defense Minister of Russia Timur Ivanov just got fired for corruption.

    Zelensky has been accused of skimming as much as 400 million.

    ”What also is unknown is that Zelensky has been buying the fuel from Russia, the country with which it, and Washington, are at war, and the Ukrainian president and many in his entourage have been skimming untold millions from the American dollars earmarked for diesel fuel payments. One estimate by analysts from the Central Intelligence Agency put the embezzled funds at $400 million last year, at least; another expert compared the level of corruption in Kiev as approaching that of the Afghan war, “although there will be no professional audit reports emerging from the Ukraine.”
    I would not stand in a ditch to be killed for this war.

  21. Rintrah, I believe your primary concern is what would happen to your diet were you conscripted to fight in the trenches. Very shameful.

      • In Hindu society only the Kshatriyas are permitted to eat meat, though this is mostly only done on campaign when duty commands you do what is necessary. Something to think on. I’m vegan myself still, yet when I join the military I probably won’t be able to sustain it, may be something that just has to be accepted.

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