The Map Is Reality

Every once in a while I need to bring this up.

From time to time, you need to take mescaline. The ideal source in my experience, is the San Pedro cactus. I’m just going to link to this study, which demonstrates what I’ve noticed too. Taking peyote more often, makes people feel less anxious. I think you should just take mescaline twice a year, minimum. The winter is not ideal weather for it, but I just take san pedro at home in winter and it’s terrific.

What mescaline does is that it doesn’t just bind to the 5ht2a and c receptors, like all the other psychedelics, but it tells your brain to flood itself with serotonin and dopamine, similar to what MDMA does. This is why it feels like a kind of natural form of MDMA. There’s really nothing quite like it. I’ve had 2CB, but it’s like an insipid soyjack version of mescaline.

That’s basically the problem that makes me miserable. The world is turning into an insipid banality. The future they have planned for us basically consists of a bunch of Asian and white men (some of them pretending to be women) programming AI systems that are supposed to get us out of the hole we dug for ourselves, but never do. Then women with more pigment are tasked with making sure the chatbot doesn’t offend people by mistaking black people for gorillas.

Humans taking mescaline from a cactus that makes you vomit and trip for hours and turning it into 2CB is essentially just a microcosm for how our whole society functions. We take something amazing and turn it into something bland, so that mediocre people can participate in it too. And in the process they exclude non-humans and make it about humans.

The future I aspire to is something like that of the Wicker Man, but the world these people are producing is more like a New Years Eve party you were invited to by someone who only invited you because he doesn’t know anyone except the host and that you only attend because it’s too confronting to have to be alone.

We live in this strange world, where the greatest possible adventures can be had by people on screens, but in the real world there simply isn’t that much left to do.

I see just one solution to this problem. You have to disengage. Don’t give them your attention. And find out what puts you in stasis. I think the important thing is to cut out coffee, cannabis and tobacco from your diet. Cannabis and coffee are strangely similar. They put you in a stasis, but whereas cannabis makes the stasis idyllic, coffee just makes it frustrating.

You can’t really divorce the effect that these plants have on your brain, from the effect that they have on the reality you experience. The Map is reality.


  1. If there’s ever a repeat of the “magical cactus forest party” you had in 2020 I would be sure to attend. In the meantime, I’m happy to announce that I found a dealer on Telegram who sells shrooms (also the psilocybin chocolate bars), LSD tabs and DMT (yellow powder in vials and vape pens I think?). Also found a local guy who sells ketamine for 50€ per gram. So I can finally begin experimenting, I will start with microdoses and work my way up very carefully and gradually, it’s mainly the anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, anti-addiction and neuroprotective effects from these drugs that I’m after. I also would like to start growing Lion’s Mane as a hobby.

    I’m also currently reading Michael Pollen, he has two books which discuss the scientific evidence behind the benefits of psychedelics. I wonder if there is reason to believe that the neurogenesis and neuroprotective effects of psilocybin are superior to those of mescaline and LSD. It’s a great shame that there is a dearth of research in this area.

  2. People who live in homeless encampments in the U.S. live like the people in England in the 1600s who dwelt in the waste areas. Those populations gave us the Diggers and the Levelers and the Ranters and to some degree the Quakers. It is perfectly possible, at least in the U.S., to escape the created world you are describing. There is a cost of course; you have to be near people who are suffering ordinary miseries such as addiction and illness and cold. But I have known people who were entirely capable who decided to live in those settings due to the freedom they permitted. It is like a “real” Burning Man, or like Arctic expeditions for them. I find it strange that so many young people demand that the world be interesting and strange, but then also expect to live in that part of the world that is petit bourgeois. I guess they like their comforts.

  3. I don’t always share your opinion (and we don’t need to), but this is again one of the posts I am following you for – batshit crazy and yet straight to the point of fundamental truth.

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