The Mass Disabling Event is here

In a sane society, when a new virus emerges that kills off elderly in nursing homes with three or four pre-existing conditions, you allow it to run its natural course. Nobody really wants to live in a nursing home, but many people have religious or other reservations against euthanasia. We don’t have the capacity to take care in a dignified manner of the massive growth in disabled elderly people.

I visited my grandmothers from time to time in the nursing home. My father’s mother became delirious, she would see people the rest of us can not see. It was as if she was already standing with one foot in the afterlife. I’d find her walking hurriedly through the hallway of the nursing home, telling me that people were chasing her. She had to live out the last year or so of her life in a place that always smelled like urine. The last years of her life were a waste that merely robbed her of dignity and subjected her to pointless suffering.

In our society, an insane society, we deployed an experimental therapeutic on the whole population, in an effort to stop people from dying. It’s not a vaccine, at best it is a failed attempt at a vaccine. It seems to reduce severe disease by inducing tolerance, prohibiting the immune system from overreacting to a novel virus. Whether that happened by accident or was always the intention is unclear to me, but the price you pay is the birth of a demographic that constantly spreads this virus.

You can see here viral RNA in sewage in the Netherlands, which just hit a new record never seen before during this pandemic, not even during the start of the Omicron wave. Over time the virus has become better at infecting our nervous systems. People don’t end up in the ICU anymore because they don’t suffer the immune overreaction.

But that doesn’t mean the pandemic stopped. We’re still stuck with a virus that is capable of things no other human corona virus can do, because it is a sarbecovirus that developed a strange furin cleavage site with two human arginine codons, either spontaneously through cell passage or because these morons inserted it themselves. This creates a nuclear localization signal, drawing its RNA into the cell nucleus where it is then highly efficiently copied.

And so the brain damage continues to accumulate. A few days ago the Dutch government released its statistics on sickness among employees. You can see here we hit a new record, at 5.6%. It will not shock you, to hear the rate of sickness is highest among people who work with the elderly in nursing homes or with young children.

In total 9.3% of people who work with the elderly are sick at home, the highest rate for all sectors. These are people who are constantly exposed to elderly who are unable to rid their bodies of this virus. And if you are constantly exposed, your own immune system is forced to constantly go on high alert. That leads to brain inflammation and psychological conditions. Depression for example is associated with such constant brain inflammation.

You can also see a massive rise in vacancies that can’t be fulfilled:

This problem isn’t going to end, because viral evolution just continues. Over time this virus evolves towards becoming better at establishing chronic infections, which exhaust T cells and thus cause increased damage to the immune system.

The way this is currently happening is by further suppressing our interferon response. That’s what the novel variant from India, XBB.1.16, accomplishes. You can see some of the exact same mutations emerge in other XBB lineages, so the general pattern is clear: We’re now moving towards greater suppression of the innate immune response, through interferon suppression. Interferons trigger the expression of more than 300 antiviral proteins and chemokines that induce an antiviral state in host cells.

It makes perfect sense for evolution to move towards suppressing the innate immune response, as the antibody response has already been pretty much completely overcome. Have a look at the neutralizing response to XBB.1:

The virus has completely escaped the vaccine induced neutralizing antibody response and now it’s evolving towards overcoming the other branches of immunity humans deploy, as those are now its main opponents.

Trained innate immunity has the capacity to grow increasingly variant independent over time, as a subset of NK cells have the capacity to recognize patterns based on viral glycoproteins seen in viruses in multiple families: Herpes viruses, influenza, corona viruses etc.

SARS1 was more virulent than SARS2 and it has been found that it’s better at suppressing the interferon response. As this virus now evolves to become better at suppressing the interferon response again, you would expect that virulence is going to increase again too. The authors write: “Resilience towards interferon-mediated innate immunity is a hallmark of virulence and pathogenicity in coronaviruses and many other viruses.”

Without the social distancing and the vaccination experiment we would have had a wave of disease followed by herd immunity. This was possible because genetic diversity of the virus was very low. In addition the virus was not optimized for human infection, it would have to compete for hosts with viruses that are much better at infecting us, as they have been infecting us for generations.

The vaccines gave rise to new variants, apparently as soon as the vaccination trials began. Eventually the vaccines developed negative efficacy against infection in late 2021, followed by provoking a tolerogenic IgG4 antibody response, with some people even showing signs of T cell exhaustion following repeated boosting.

We now live in a brave new world where people constantly get reinfected by this virus. There is no good reason to expect it will eventually behave like a hCov. To illustrate this, I will show you the number of COVID patients admitted to the hospital:

There is no human corona virus that behaves like this, constantly hospitalizing droves of people, regardless of season, even after everyone has already been infected. We also have thousands of people who never show up in these statistics, because they are sent home with oxygen bags.

This is a bat sarbecovirus, with a freak of nature/man furin cleavage site that greatly expands its pathogenicity. Such outbreaks happen from time to time and decimate human populations, as evidenced by the genetic evidence in East Asian people.

My own expectation is that virulence is now going to increase in the months ahead, as this novel Indian variant, which had to struggle to survive in a population with a strong trained innate immune response, will now emerge in Western countries where the innate immune response has received less training.

There are generally limits to how good a virus like this can get at suppressing interferon, because the genes it uses to suppress interferon generally also have other roles to play, so improving interferon suppression risks interfering with those other functions. But SARS2 hasn’t run into those limits yet, because interferon suppression wasn’t high on the agenda anyway, the main priority was avoiding our neutralizing antibodies. The fact that you see the same interferon suppressing mutations emerge in different variants also suggests there’s a lot of room left for improvement.

I wish to say again that people’s best option is to realize why viruses like this exist in the first place: Defenseless animals like bats have these sarbecoviruses because they help protect them against other animals that try to invade their cave or even eat them. You have a long list of studies done by now that show plant based diets protect people against COVID. I’m not going to endlessly repeat myself, but this is my only advice, to refrain from eating animals and to allow plants to help your body cope with this virus.

Avoiding this virus has never looked like a good idea to me. It’s everywhere and if you avoid it for years, you simply eventually end up infected with a version that has grown much better at dealing with the human immune system, while your own immune system will have received no training. It’s the equivalent of suddenly challenging a boxing champion, when you have never before fought against an amateur.


  1. In my wilder moments I do genuinely think this was some diabolical CIA plot to take out MAGA supporters who are largely unvaxxed by engineering a Marek’s scenario in the human population. It was revenge for Trump getting in. The rest of us are collateral, largely contrarian and non- conforming types that a good progressive society can do without anyway. I remember the glee from one arsehole vaxxed girl I briefly dated , talking about former friends who had refused the vaccine, gleeful that they may die. That was 2021, the year the inner Nazi was unleashed on a mass scale. I was fully expecting incarceration and internment camps. The relief at the start of 2022 when it just melted away, that was fucking weird. The media just stopped talking about it.

  2. a copy/paste from sandor katz’s “art of fermentation” (the bible of fermentation) about making natto, for anyone else struggling to find the stuff locally:

    To make natto, rinse beans and soak overnight in a generous amount of water, as soybeans more than double in size during soaking. Boil or steam the soaked soybeans until they are soft enough to easily crush between your thumb and index finger, about five hours.

    Once soybeans are cooked soft, drain and begin to cool.

    Spread soybeans in an even layer, no deeper than 5cm, in a glass or stainless-steel baking pan. Cover them with plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or waxed paper, to maintain humidity. Place in the incubation chamber and ferment, for 6 to 24 hours, depending on the temperature (35-45C) and desired flavor. Monitor the incubation chamber and adjust the temperature as necessary, by propping open to cool, or adding bottles with hot water to heat. To test if the natto is ready, swirl the soybeans with chopsticks or a spoon and see if gooey strings form. Longer incubation will yield more pronounced stringiness and stronger flavor.

  3. Let’s see. Was delirious, saw people that other people can’t see, was as if having one foot in another world. thought people are chasing her, and everything smelled like urine.

    So you’re saying your grandma was using the same freaky drugs you do?

    My mother-in-law’s best years were her twelve years with dementia in a nursing home. Her whole adult life she had been depressed, hostile, paranoid, and self centered, and missed her dead parents terribly, and lived on nothing but disgusting “health food” (which wasn’t even vegetarian). Once she got dementia, she thought her parents were alive again and she delightedly gobbled cake and pie with nearly every meal.

  4. I told you folks who bemoaned Rintrah’s retirement from Covid doom porn, took his bait on the low-status white male attacks or cringed at his psychedelics advocacy and hedonism to just relax; it is part of his process. He uses those posts almost like an intellectual virus to clear out the weak minds from his readership before delivering another gem.

      • The combo of his intellect and his drugs put him into the demented mental state that we will all be in soon due to the virus, so he is prophesying.

        This was a great piece, minus the dead old people part. The problem is that in the old days you could say, “Hey idiot, you’ll be old too someday and you will discover that you like being demented and eating pie!” But maybe current young people won’t be old someday.

        We could have protected the old people with stuff like Claritin and Xlear, and cumin oil and decent treatments and (maybe) gotten herd immunity for the rest of us (I’m not sure of that due to animal reservoirs),, but there was more money for the governors of NY, NJ and PA in killing them in huge numbers.

        • Psychedelics are massively anti-inflammatory, so they actually help prevent brain damage, in my opinon. They heighten brain plastiicity, which is what you want. Do you drink alcohol? That’s a drug too which regularly puts people in an extremely demented and violent state.

          Rintrah is one of the best writers I’ve ever come across, to be honest. The existential angst in his articles, it’s hard to find anyone these days articulating that as well as Rintrah does. I’m probably focusisng more on the non-Covid articles, his more philosophical articles which were more common before COVID. COVID has fucked everything.

          • I would love to take psychedelics but they are illegal where I live, and I do not want to have any dealings with the police state. Even if I were willing to take that risk, if purchased illegally where I live they are also often cut with fentanyl and other deadly stuff. There’s a limit to how much I can have an abstract interest in, and drugs I can’t take are low priority. So wine it is.

            I fervently hope Rintrah lives to a ripe old age. He is like a little kid now. I share his pain for the pain of animals.

  5. You’re maybe wise. I don’t live in America but know there is a very bad problem with Fentanyl cross-contaminating other drugs, dealers not cleaning the same table they chopped the Fent up to arrange and bag other drugs like cannabis and cocaine.

  6. Radagast, can it be that those huge levels of viral mRNA in the sewage are due to the injections containing significant quantities of DNA, that can “infect” and transform E.Coli so that it becomes an mRNA producing factory? Vaccinated individuals can end up shedding those transformed E.Coli and the sewages are the best places for those cultures to flourish.

  7. Igor Chudov is noticing that excess deaths are occurring in wave patterns, in an apparent interplay between covid injections and infections of disease.
    So the vaxxed are dying but it’s not so simple why and when.

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