The most precious gift

I’m always a little envious of people who are just genuinely organically nice and friendly. They have the most precious gift, without ever being able to truly realize it.

This Dana Parish is an example of such a person. Someone who clearly just genuinely means well and cares about other people. Everyone tries to appear nice and friendly, it makes you successful and your life easier, but you notice it’s rarely sincere.

For me that is practically impossible, due to growing up in Rotterdam. But I wish I could just be like this. To run into my neighbours and be genuinely happy to see them, instead of going through some forced attempt at being nice.

Every day I wish I could just be alone with the animals, high on mescaline or mushrooms, but it’s impossible, there are always people around, everywhere, it sometimes feels as if their whole purpose of being is to frustrate me.

You can go back and read, my first reaction once I heard of COVID was joy. Finally, something would happen to the overpopulation crisis. That wasn’t me being edgy, or coping. It’s what I truly felt. But I wish I could have been like other people, terrified.

I’m never afraid of death, not even on high doses of psychedelics. Afraid that I could be tortured and suffer a fate worse than death? Sure. But afraid of death itself? I honestly never had that.

Why do I take psychedelics? Well, there are multiple reasons. But when I take the right dose, I can think of this global hellscape, the mutilated animals in dark farms, the bullshit jobs, all these smooth talking coke snorting career climbers in their suits, all these boomers desperately clinging onto life and believe for a moment:

They just don’t understand what they’re doing.

And that allows me to live.


  1. I had walking bacterial pneumonia twice for weeks in one year and I know what it feels like. Five tablets of azythromycin worked like magic!
    Thank God for antibiotics.
    But the medical industry was very stingy with antibiotics during the covid hysteria, resulting in thousands of unnecessary deaths.

    BTW have you heard about the ancient bone stuffed full of psychedelic henbane seeds?

    >>Scientists in the Netherlands have discovered a hollowed-out bone containing black henbane seeds at a Roman archaeological site. For centuries, the plant has been associated with medicine and magic.

    Black henbane (Hyoscyamus niger) contains toxic and potentially deadly compounds called tropane alkaloids. These compounds include hyoscyamine and scopolamine, which are concentrated in the leaves and seeds and are known for their psychoactive and medicinal properties.

    The exciting discovery at Houten-Castellum in the Netherlands has shed light on the intentional collection and use of black henbane seeds during the time of the Roman Empire. On excavation of a water pit at the site, dated to about AD70-100, a hollowed-out sheep or goat bone, plugged one end with birch-bark tar, was found filled with over a thousand black henbane seeds.<<

  2. It’s hard to be nice to normies when they reject you for not being a normie your whole life. I don’t wish normies any suffering, but I find it hard to care about them when it happens. Maybe I’m a bad person, don’t really care. If you’re a normie, it’s very easy to only care about the suffering of those in your immediate vicinity and ignore everything else. Autists can easily get drowned by the world’s suffering if they allow themselves to. Better for autists to focus on themselves and people they actually like.

  3. If I lived in an apartment complex and some old dude wanted to hug me every day I would learn his schedule so that I could hide from that. A hug once a year would be okay. I wonder if this Dana Parish lady is naturally that sociable or if a covid reservoir is affecting her behavior. Maybe she gave him the infection that moved him to the next world. The subconscious is a funny thing.

      • Most women are not this sociable due to the history of infectious diseases. Before childhood vaccines if you went around hugging everyone your infants would catch something and die. For a brief period hugginess has been useful and has gotten women more resources because of the social bonus brownie points it provides, but I think now such women will now be weeded out anew.

  4. Rad, have you ever tried Yoga, invented by brown people?

    It would calm your nerves without the need to use harmful outside substances.

    • Rad is a natural priest, he faces death over and over again because life is far scarier to him. An understandable position.

  5. Hello all of you wonderful smooth-brained retarded retards. Albeit that this guy is simply on far too many antidepressant medications for his own good, and the rest of his YouTube is mostly boring, here is some good advice:

    There is however some hope, albeit remote. The intentional biological cull of 6-7 billion may indeed work – we hope – we pray.

    If it does not work, then most humans will be extinct by 2040, and all humans extinct by 2060.

    • The Gods enjoy their little toys, don’t worry, they’ll strike down most of us before we extinct ourselves.

      Escape isn’t that easy


      • I agree though that it seems unlikely that ALL humans die, although I’m sure that masses of humans will die when civ starts collapsing in earnest, which could easily start happening within the next 10-20 years.

        The big questions seem to be not if collapse will happen, but when it will happen and how long it will take to play out.

        Some say the process will take decades and decades, with survivors finally slipping into a new dark age at the end, others believe it could be sudden. I’m sure everything in between is on the table too.

        My guess is that it will be obvious that we’re on a downwards trend within the next 5 years or so.

        Who knows what will happen after that.

  6. Did you see my prior comment on that book, the body electric?

    I really think that’s a rabbit hole you’d enjoy going down. If you feel like you’re sick of the same few topics I’d highly recommend it. With your study into medical topics to understand the hoax, you’re perfectly mentally primed to receive its core message and the data to support it.

  7. Quote: “But when I take the right dose, I can (…) believe for a moment:

    They just don’t understand what they’re doing.

    And that allows me to live.”

    And if you are not high, you’re convienced they understand what they’re doing?

  8. >Every day I wish I could just be alone with the animals, high on mescaline or mushrooms

    Sounds like the ideal place for you is somewhere in New Mexico or Arizona. The Gila/Mogollon area is the size of Netherlands and has a grand total of a thousand inhabitants. It’s mountains, rivers, and Indian ruins, not dead empty desert

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