The Most Terrifying Nightmare I Ever Had

So I just had the most terrifying nightmare I ever had.

I’ll explain it here.

So in my dream, I’m just scrolling Twitter. And I see these people discussing this “scandal” involving some woman. These are people working in academia as biologists. But they never really want to mention what it entails. They’re being vague and they’re picking sides over something, without it really being clear what it is they’re picking sides over.

But then as I read further, it’s clear that there’s some video they’re referencing that they “refuse to share”. It’s supposed to be some sort of terrifying doomsday prediction about how something terrible is going to happen, recorded by someone infected by a virus.

So eventually I find the video. I watch it with my headphones on, because the sound is low quality and distorted. The video itself is distorted too. But it’s distorted in a really weird way, I can still hear it echoing in my head right now when I think about it.

But then as I watch it, it’s just a guy who looks like a Middle Eastern scientist talking about how he’s infected with some awful virus that’s going to spread around the world and destroy everyone’s immune systems, initially spreading through a portion of the population based on similarity to his own Levantine genotype. But I don’t trust the video, can hardly make out what he’s saying, it sounds like bullshit to me and I turn it off.

Then as I look further on Twitter, I find out that it’s far more disturbing than I thought. The video itself is apparently generated by a malicious AI that effectively emerged out of nowhere to take over most of the Internet within minutes and propagated by fake Twitter profiles.

The video is designed to have a very specific combination of certain colors and auditory frequencies intended to manipulate the nervous system in a manner that can awaken dormant viruses. Or the manipulation actually takes place by the manipulation of electromagnetic frequencies used to transmit the video, with the distortion in the video itself just being a side-effect of the malicious AI choosing the optimal electromagnetic frequencies to manipulate your brain with. That wasn’t exactly clear to me.

Either way, it’s designed in a manner that humans just don’t understand and capable of manipulating our brain in ways we didn’t consider to be scientifically possible. All the low IQ low status white males of course are deeply paranoid about why the Internet seems to be disintegrating and why the “blue check PhDs” are not willing to discuss exactly what’s going on, so they seek out this video in droves, which just has the effect of damaging their brains and awakening these viruses. In fact, the “blue check PhD’s” themselves may have been AI bots meant to make you even more eager to see the video, that you would have ignored as low IQ low status white male QAnon crap otherwise.

If you watch the video long enough with your headphones on (without headphones you can’t make out the sound), supposedly you just lose your free will altogether to this malevolent AI, so people who watched it generally can’t warn others not to watch it. But in my dream, I turn it off pretty early because I just don’t feel like listening to this awful distorted sound, discover what the video actually is and then suddenly wake up.

I’ve had more terrifying ideas about AI, but I just felt like sharing this. I’m going to go outside and enjoy nature now.


  1. Sounds like one of the main plot devices in a great novel from over 30 years ago called “Infinite Jest”
    Except that was pre-internet. Author was David Foster Wallace. Plus ca change….

    • > Sounds like one of the main plot devices in a great novel from over 30 years ago called “Infinite Jest”
      Except that was pre-internet. Author was David Foster Wallace.


      I didn’t want to be presumptuous by bringing this up, but this is what OP reminded me of

  2. this reminds me of “carrier wave” by robert brockway, except the source is extraterrestrial and captured by a radio telescope rather than AI-generated. the first ~2/3rds of the book is the most memorable and terrifying fiction i have read in a long time… until it is ruined by the bullshit identity politics ending.

  3. Hopefully the system that supports all of this technology comes down soon.

    It’s just one nightmare after another.

    We should’ve stayed hunter-gatherers, or nomadic herdsmen.

  4. wake up and reality is even worse than your nightmare: people created a respiratory virus that damages the brain. Kill rate of that particular bug is 100%. If that one is published, I bet there are at least tens, if not hundreds research programs like that. Something, somewhere, somehow will give …

  5. Hey Rintrah, following on from your recent comment about puking Ebola, someone has developed a new pangolin brain virus in a lab that is purported to kill 100% of humanized mice.

    I heard about it from Sam Mitchell, who’s sadly run out of tequila, but is stoked that the scientists have created an insanely deadly virus to take humans down a peg or two 🙂

    Here’s Sam, who from around 9:15 spends a few minutes lauding the virus and its promised 100% fatality rate, but gripes that it’s probably a false hope (chuckle):

    And here’s Dr John Campbell, who’s not so happy about this development:

    It’s funny isn’t it. how you start thinking about things, and then the universe starts to provide them. . .

    Seems to sort of tie in with your nightmare about the earworm/sightworm virus.

    I don’t know that this is quite how the people of the Vanuatu island of Tanna envisaged Prince Phillip would return, but it could be that he’s on his way.

    • Killing 100% of mice is not special. Original SARSCOV2 does that too.

      Mice have a different immune system and with a high enough initial dose you’ll kill them.

        • It’s actually astonishing that it has taken this long for it to happen. We’ve been fucking about with dangerous viruses for so long with laughable safety procedures – and the scumsuckers are still doing it! The media won’t talk about it, that we’re all breathing in a bioweapon that has become endemic. The entire pandemic has just confirmed everything I already knew about humanity and how malleable and psychopathic we really are. It’s utterly depressing.

  6. I am sorry that you seem to be feeling a bit down lately, judging by your recent negative posts. I also feel down a lot, but I hope that you are able to look at and reflect on the positive aspects of your life, such as:

    – You were born in a rich country in Western Europe

    – You live near beautiful forests

    – You are financially independent with a relatively high net worth (for your age)

    – You have a high I.Q.

    – You are 6′ 2″ despite being a vegetarian from a young age (lower IGF-1 activation)

    – You discovered psychedelics which greatly improved your mental health

    – You are unvaccinated

    – You are still young and healthy with a full head of hair

    Et cetera.

    • Do not underestimate that full head of hair. You could buy a flat and holiday let it and live in a second hand caravan. My Dad’s mate does that with a few flats and is fairly comfortable.

    • LSWM Lives Matter,

      Your love and concern for Radagast is touching.


      I have a feeling Radagast will be “OK” in a general sense.

      Just call it a “hunch”

      The truly interesting question, however, is how long he maintains his love for Nature, before realizing it’s a horrific shit show.

      And that the ability to think of Reality/Nature as a “beautiful” thing is only afforded to him by the buoyancy of a civilization founded on cheap oil/energy.

      When that cheap energy dissipates, he will come face to face with raw Nature — not the kind mediated by his high-trust, high-IQ society that has allowed him to pontificate

      It will be a brutal confrontation with the Demiurge.

      I wonder if he’s up to it.

  7. This is why I firmly believe in ideas such as spiritual uncleanness. If I believe that the equality believers are simply other people like myself who are deluded or misled, I would engage with them and thus in your dream scenario catch the virus.

    If instead I believe that an equality believer is a horrifying demon that exudes a miasma of supernatural evil that spiritually damages everything that touches or even sees it, I would never want to have my holy eyes contaminated by its warped visage, have my holy ears polluted by its wretched demon noises, or have my holy mind soiled by its lies.

    My beliefs about spiritual cleanliness would’ve saved me from what your dream describes.

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