The Netherlands bumps its head into the limits to growth

This little chart here is too interesting not to share with you. You might already know that the Netherlands is the most densely populated country in Europe except for the island state Malta. But most of us also happen to live in a river delta beneath sea level of course.

So here you have the little map that shows you where we’re going to end up with flood problems. Dark blue are the only parts of the country where you don’t have the combined problem of flooding and sinking soil.

If you wonder why we’re unable to meet the number of houses we’re hoping to build, this is why: These pathologically optimistic morons running this country pretend there are no limits to growth and now they’re discovering they literally don’t have physical space left where they can build houses that won’t be continually flooded after a few decades.

If we were remotely sane, we would be evacuating the orange parts on the map, moving those people east. But now compare this little map to a map of our population density:

So yes, we almost all live in or near those parts of the country that are sinking and being swallowed by the rivers or the sea. But the lived reality in the Netherlands is, that basically everything east of Utrecht or south of Rotterdam is neglected. There are no jobs there, the public transport is dying, young people are leaving these areas.

I made red circles and a green circle to illustrate how it works these days:

If you live in the Green circle, you matter to our government. There are always trains between the major population centers here, even at night. This green zone is where everyone wants to live. The big black blob is Rotterdam, which has the harbor. Above that is the Hague, where the government and its various departments are located. Above that is Wassenaar, where the old money lives. North of that is another black spot, Leiden, where the upper class sends its children to study.

Further north you get Amsterdam, where the tourists spend their money and fall into the canals. A little east of that you have het Gooi, where all the celebrities live. To the south of that you have another black blob, Utrecht.

Now if you live outside the green blob, you didn’t really make it. It’s just a less preferable area to live. If you live in any of the red zones I circled, you’re fucked. Young people are leaving, there isn’t really anything fun to do unless you want to see the local metal band with an audience of twenty people (most of whom personally know someone in the band). If you need anything beyond basic supermarket stuff, you’re going to have to travel to one of the big cities.

There are probably a bunch of cows and perhaps a chicken or a pig farm that poison the soil. These will have to shut down soon too, because they poison the soil, but what will replace them? Nothing.

Here you can see how the population is expected to develop over a 30 year period:

What’s the best way to prepare for climate change? If you ask Dutch people, the solution is to all move to the part of the country that’s being swallowed by the sea.

Keep in mind, these numbers are bad enough as it is, but they would be worse, if you filtered out the brown people who get dumped by the government in the blue zones. Here you can see where the brown people are dumped:

Because of the crime committed by the asylum seekers, these places have bus routes shut down and shops shut down. Local boomers set up their own “citizen patrols” in an attempt to stop the brown people from committing crime, but they’re not very effective.

People with money who can afford an alternative generally don’t want to live there. Of course the brown people don’t want to live there either, because there’s jack shit to do, but it’s the cheapest place to leave them, so that’s what the government does. The “Spreidingswet” or what Wilders called the “dwangwet” is basically an attempt to force other parts of the country to take some brown people too.

By 2030, we’re going to be facing nationwide drinking water shortages. The Western part of South Holland, where the government is located, is already unable to meet peak demand. We’re also starting to have the first cases of homes that can’t be connected to the electricity grid, because the grid can’t meet the supply.

So how do we solve this? As you can see above, the population growth is entirely due to migration, as deaths now outnumber births. Obviously however, we have a moral obligation to replace ourselves with infinite numbers of brown people. My personal preference would be to settle on five trillion brown people in the Netherlands, I think this would be optimal to stimulate economic growth.

This is after all, the white man’s burden: To help brown people inherit the last habitable portions of the planet after the rest of the world turns into a giant desert with eroded soils, burning forests, depleted aquifers, the occasional locust plague and lethal heatwaves. No white person with an IQ above 82 would be dumb enough to force their own children to live through the bottleneck, so the baton is now being passed on to the brown people.

The hope is presumably that after a few millennia of rape, genocide and chronic tribal warfare, the climate will stabilize in a new equilibrium (Klaus Schwab doesn’t want us to know we could already be back to normal in 50,000 years!) and from the surviving hunter-gatherers, a new population will evolve again that has a triple digit IQ and is capable of building some sort of new civilization.

We don’t want to live through the bottleneck ourselves, which is going to make the Toba catastrophe look like a walk in the park by comparison, so we try to replace ourselves with brown people as fast as possible. Unfortunately, we quite literally don’t have the physical space to leave them in. So my recommendation to white allies to people of color, would be to free up physical space for brown people, by biting into a cyanide pill. If you don’t do that, you’re a fascist, a white supremacist and a Karen.


  1. “What’s the best way to prepare for climate change? If you ask Dutch people, the solution is to all move to the part of the country that’s being swallowed by the sea.”

    I can see it now. . .

    A population that’s fully aware of the unfolding horror and decides to step together, hand in hand, into the waters of the rising ocean one last time. . .

    If only that were what’s going on here. Instead, it’s just another problem caused by the Ponzi Lords who rule the world.

    In Australia we have a classic children’s book called ‘The Magic Pudding’. The story describes the adventures of a cranky steak and kidney pudding who enjoys being eaten, but who magically replenishes himself after anyone takes a slice. Its plot is driven by fighting over ownership of the pudding and eating him. I used to love it – and what Aussie boy doesn’t like fighting and eating steak and kidney pies? To be able to consume pie infinitely, why that’d be eternal bliss!

    But it’s just a story, in the real world you cannot have your pudding and eat him too. But you just try telling that to an economist (or a leftist) who believes that together we can stop climate change AND give everyone in the world a modern lifestyle with all the trappings that go with that.

    Of course, little to no mention gets made of solving all the other overconsumption problems while still continuing to grow the economy. I suppose it must be too hard for the audience to suspend disbelief unless they’re blinkered to those, so it’s not polite to bring them up.

    How on Earth we all came to be subject to the immature, delusional, and willfully blind religion of growth economics is beyond me.

    I mean sure, I can see the appeal of the story tale for children, but only the most retarded adults should find the story of infinite growth on a finite world believable.

    And yet Ponzi Lords run the world. . .

    Go figure.

    • Ah, whatever. I’ve been complaining about this for decades.

      Totally futile.

      Nobody wants to know.

      It’s cold comfort, but in the end while everyone may not get a slice of the pie, everyone’s going to get what they deserve.

  2. Hey, what sources do you recommend for more technical discussions of climate change, written by expert climatologists? The only source I’m familiar with so far is the “real climate” blog, which features articles written by experts such as Michael Mann:

    I ask you this because I want to learn more about tipping points and positive feedback loops, specifically as they relate to the “CO2 saturation argument”. I asked you about this before, when I referenced bald LSWM guru Ivor Cummins:

    Well, you’re not going to believe this, but I stumbled across ANOTHER bald LSWM guru, who presents the same argument. But this guy goes a step further than Ivor, by using a visual representation of Stefan-Boltzmann’s law:

    He begins the discussion at 17:30. He adds in CO2 at 18:50, and CH4 at 20:10. He is essentially arguing that these climate forcings from these greenhouse gases will not be sufficient to trigger tipping points and positive feedback, which is the complete opposite of what you and leading climatologists are arguing.

    And, as I’ve said before, after reading pretty much all of your climate articles posted over the last 5 years, I am now inclined to agree with and believe the consensus from leading IPCC climatologists rather than the contrarians/skeptics for the following two reasons:

    1) The geological record over the past several hundred million years which clearly shows that mass extinction events always follow rapid releases of greenhouse gases and ocean acidification.

    2) The research carried out by the scientists working for the oil companies like ExxonMobil in the 1970s, which very accurately predicted the temperature increase trends that we are now experiencing today.

    So, like I said at the beginning of my comment, I’d be grateful if you could direct me towards reputable technical sources similar to Real Climate as I would like to hone my knowledge even further.

    • >He is essentially arguing that these climate forcings from these greenhouse gases will not be sufficient to trigger tipping points and positive feedback, which is the complete opposite of what you and leading climatologists are arguing.

      Then he’s a moron, because positive feedback has already been triggered.

      You can look at the forest fires in the Amazon and the Canadian boreal forest as examples of feedback already triggered.

      You can also add the albedo impact of sea ice and glacier loss.

      You can add the release of methane and nitrous oxide from Russian permafrost.

      This is all stuff that’s happening right now.

      That’s why methane concentrations in the atmosphere are now rapidly growing again, after stabilizing for a few years.

      Note what I’m not saying: I’m not saying the positive feedback overwhelms human forcing. That will happen eventually, but we’re not there yet.

  3. Civilizations collapse. Spengler, Tainter, always as been, always will be. Hunter gathers were not a civilization.

    Do you support the genocide of the Palestinian people? Type “YES”.

    • Maybe, but maybe things could have been done differently, and/or maybe preparatory actions could still be taken to lessen the blow if people weren’t deceived?

      Things like decommissioning nuclear plants and burying the waste somewhere deep? Or not bringing millions more immigrants into a country when its ecosystem is already over-burdened to the point of collapse? It’s not all about us after all, we do share the place with other critters. . .

      In any case, the lies people tell themselves and others to conceal what’s going on and what’s probably coming infuriate me.

      How is there any chance of taking sensible actions unless you start with the truth?

      Plus, I just really despise being lied to and manipulated.

      Fuck all those deceivers.

    • Are those palestinians even exist? They don’t consume. They don’t produce. They go by from basically begging someone else’s scraps. They don’t have financialized economy. They barely have CO2 footprint. They live as mass suicide cult. So are those people even existing in the post-modern sense of the word?
      Better dispose of some popul

    • Hindus and Buddhists don’t really show up in the Netherlands.

      To be welcomed into Europe, you have to be either:

      1. Young Black African man
      2. Young Arab Muslim man

      This is because the unattractive looking leftist women who run the refugee stuff are masochists with a subconscious rape fetish.

      These are women who watched so much porn and had so many drunken one night stands, their brains are desensitized and the only thing that really still gets them off is the fantasy of a guy forcing himself on them. If they think the chance you’ll rape them is zero, they’re not going to waste their limited resources on helping you out.

      If pale lanky nerdy white men were the ones running this stuff, there would only be young Asian women allowed into the country. But it’s run by unattractive leftist women, so we just end up with whatever demographic they believe at a subconscious level is most likely to rape them.

      The solution to this in my experience is to just take some psychedelics and plants like salvia every once in a while, this helps you to enjoy things again that you used to enjoy when young. You re-sensitize your brain.

      If these unattractive leftist women would just do this, they would FINALLY get over their rape fetish and cease trying to fill this continent with endless numbers of these people.

      • Pedophiles will devote their whole life to a career as a teacher, gym coach or a priest so they can rape children.

        Transgenders will mutilate their body, so they can enjoy their fetish of being treated like the opposite gender. They literally have the bone scraped off their brow ridge, to look like something they’re not.

        Women with a rape fetish will just devote their lives to increasing the number of black African and Arab Muslim men in their country. Black guys in relationships with white women tend to bail fast, because they tend to figure out something is “off” about these women. They just seek out abuse.

        When I explain this, people will think “oh the LSWM is LSWMing again”, but it’s true. These are all just people who broke their brains, by desensitizing it to normal stimuli.

        One time as a teenager I pretended to be a Moroccan muslim boy on the Internet, a typical leftist hypersocial blonde woman added me. I started spewing bullshit at her about how we were going to impose Sharia on the Netherlands and Islam would conquer the world and she just entertained me.

        If you wanted to bring Indians to Europe, you would first have to convince left wing white women that Indians are actual rapists. If you told them they’re just well-meaning but socially awkward, they will refuse to let them in.

      • Your opinion understood.

        But when you go on about brown people, you are tarring all brown people with the same brush.

        And the ones you go on about are not even really brown like the one billion or so Hindus.

        I think you need a more appropriate colour.

  4. Brown people in Europe seem way worse than in the US. Here in America it’s mainly Mexicans with some Chinese thrown in. They don’t cause that many problems, it’s mainly the surge of prices and falling wages b/c of cheap labor. But in Europe it looks like they live in a zoo, essentially? Damn.

    • Yes, and there something else I just noticed.

      Back in August, a co-religionist of mine on zoom was talking about his enthusiasm for an upcoming big in-person get-together. He had recovered from the acute phase of covid several months before. What he said that he was desperately eager to breath the same air as others. That got my attention, since it was insane. This guy has an advanced degree and is a generally responsible person. Why would he want to gather with a bunch of other people and literally breathe in their breath while covid is circulating?

      What this immediately reminded me of was anesthesiologists. They are notorious for being drug addicted. For a long time it was thought that this was due to professional stress and access to drugs. However it turned out that it was because they breathed in the air that their sedated patients exhaled. That small amount of sedation that they breathed in, in an ongoing way, primed them for addiction.

      Early on it was found that having the acute phase of covid caused an analgesic effect. Opioid receptors are affected. Now I am finding people on twitter actually admitting that for a couple of months after having covid, they are feeling extra good in certain ways. So I am thinking that when it fades, they go looking for more. And that that explains part of the pattern of infection spikes; it is drug-seeking activity.

      Not everyone is equally susceptible to addiction. Some can be addicted quickly and easily; some not at all. This also partially explains why many people want other people to be infected.

      • That’s interesting.

        I’m reminded of how toxoplasmosis (and other parasites) can change the way its host thinks and behaves to ensure its own reproductive success. Toxoplasmosis does this by encouraging its host to engage in risky behaviour that might get its host eaten by a cat, because the parasite can only reproduce inside a cat.

        It’d be pretty clever of this virus to do something similar by causing people to get a hit out of being infected, which encourages them to gather unsafely etc.

          • Very interesting (from an evolutionary point of view).
            Kareninca, after reading a comment of yours from a couple of weeks ago, I was wondering what is your opinion about K2?

          • Omnivores probably don’t need to supplement with K2 (but maybe they’d benefit),, but vegans do. Natto works as a supplement, but it is costly where I am. K2 pills can raise blood pressure in some people. K2 directs calcium in your blood to the right places, rather than to your arteries.

          • THank you! I thought it was beneficial but I wanted to make sure! Did you see about that recipe with red lentils?

          • So much for free will.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if any old virus can pull our strings.

            Seems like we’re all hackable animals after all.

      • “Why would he want to gather with a bunch of other people and literally breathe in their breath”

        Because you only live once and living constantly afraid and in isolation amounts to throwing away your life??

    • Can you put a rough timeframe around how long you think it will take for “the IgG4 problem” to take care of business?

      This virus/”vaccine” issue has been going on for years. . .

      I’ve run out of patience already, but then I’ve always been a ‘rip off the Band-Aid’ kind of guy.

      This is just taking too damn long, so a guess of less time would be nice.

  5. Historically, overpopulated imperial areas used to send colonists to colonize new places. Hence, New York was actually New Amsterdam. It might be a solution for the Dutch. You could “colonize” the Mediterrenean. I know you are going to miss the familiar natural and anthropogenic environment which is your Home. But many people do it already. One of the best expats I have ever met was a lady from the Netherlands, a lovely Joanna, who married a Greek and set up a family business (I think a travel agency).
    Greece and the Balkans have lots of opportunities.
    + + +
    ALSO, during the Ottoman times, Christians ran to the mountains, and settled there, to avoid the pressure of (and oppression by) the new rulers. This is not a myth. Near my mom’s home town there’s a mountain settlement called “Kata-fyg-ion” (a re-fug-e).
    + + +
    But it takes lots of guts to leave a place like “cosmopolitan” Netherlands or Athens, and resettle.

  6. I have better idea. All those whitheys can go and enlist into Ukraine’s International Battalions and go warring with the Russians. Siberia is vast and soon to be warm. Why leaving it to those vampires in the Kremlin?

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