The poor antibody response against XBB reveals the now unfolding long-term problems caused by vaccinating against COVID

I’m on holiday right now, but duty calls, so I have to point out something important I’ve been sitting on for a few days now.

Like I have explained a few times by now, our body has innate immune mechanisms through which it deals with viral infections, that kick in before the antibody response emerges. And like I explained before, there are various routes we can anticipate, through which this virus will eventually just cease to be susceptible to our antibody response.

Well, have a look with me at this recent study, which looked at original antigenic sin in relation to vaccination and novel strains of SARS2. I don’t approve of harming rodents for experiments, but this is being peddled as some sort of hope now that the problems induced by vaccination can be overcome with more vaccination, so I wish to address it.

They found out that OAS can be overcome through repeated Omicron infections. That sounds great, until you realize OAS means we already lost the race: While we were stuck with an incompetent immune response against Omicron, Omicron diversified, established persistent infections and damaged our immune systems. To say that OAS can be overcome is a bit like saying halfway during a rally that your engine can be repaired. The combination of OAS and ADE is why we failed to develop herd immunity.

And if you dive into the details, you’ll find the antibody response deployed is still of inferior quality with reduced neutralizing potential if people suffered vaccination, even with two Omicron infections after that. You don’t want constantly high antibody concentrations in the population, that’s a bit like playing Poker with your cards visible to your opponent. What you do want to see is a strong high quality neutralizing antibody response that the body can deploy when it needs it.

Worse, the study fits the idea of stearic immune refocusing argued by van den Bossche: The antibody response just starts targeting the parts of the spike protein that were not yet being targeted, so the innate immune system is left with no real way to train anymore. If the whole spike protein expressed on the cell surface is covered by antibodies, the NK cells don’t get a chance to train.

But what I wanted to point out, is the much bigger problem in my opinion, illustrated by figure 1e:

The study describes it as following:

Notably, among the Omicron variants tested, XBB double boosting exhibited the lowest overall titers (Fig. 1d and Extended Data Fig. 3b). Indeed, these variant boosters, whether protein or mRNA, exhibit different levels of immunogenicity in mice, with XBB demonstrating the lowest (Fig. 1e and Extended Data
108 Fig. 3c).

The virus is clearly rapidly evolving in a direction that increasingly fails to induce an antibody response altogether. Compared to BA.5, XBB’s Spike induces just a quarter as many antibodies in naive mice. The question becomes: Why is that?

We can exclude one explanation: Reduced virulence. After all, in this study they’re just injecting the Spike protein or mRNA for it, not an actual live virus. So this is not just a case of the body not producing antibodies because the virus doesn’t behave dangerously.

Rather, the most plausible explanation would seem to be evolution towards increased molecular mimicry: The virus is ditching those spots in its genome where it looks like something new for our immune system, increasingly just trying to resemble proteins our own body produces against which it can’t safely deploy a strong antibody response. It’s also possible we’re just seeing improved shielding of immunogenic epitopes with sugar molecules.

But what it shows is the limits to any attempt at vaccinating against this virus: It’s rapidly marching towards a survival strategy under which it does not suffer from our antibody response. This shift from BA.5 to XBB took about half a year. And keep in mind, this is intrinsic immunogenicity in naive rodents. In the context of an experienced host, it will be even worse.

Like I explained last time, there are various routes for this virus to pursue, that lead to an end destination in which our antibody response grows increasingly dangerous and useless. And my main worry, is that you’ll witness SARS2 deploy a combination of strategies.

Consider this: Imagine a few months from now SARS2 has figured out how to potently suppress your cells type I interferon response. It takes your body a few hours longer before the immune system starts secreting large amounts of interferon gamma in response, alerting all the cells that there’s an infection. So now the B cells rapidly have to start producing large amounts of antibodies… but those antibodies are autoreactive, because SARS2 ditched those spots in its genome where it looks different from your own proteins. Your body can handle some temporary autoreactivity, that’s why it just temporarily relaxes peripheral tolerance during acute infections. But you don’t want to have a strong autoreactive antibody response.

The governments and the public health establishment bet the whole house on the adaptive branch of our immune system: Get rid of this virus by making sure everyone has a lot of (IgG) antibodies against it. That was their plan. I’m not going to pretend any of your politicians like Ursula von der Leyen who was trying to push for mandatory continent-wide vaccination here in the EU even know the difference between IgG, IgA and IgM antibodies, but the pandemic strategy was clear: We will end this pandemic, when everyone has antibodies against this new virus. That’s the solution the system believed in back in 2021, before the new solution in 2022 became to pretend the pandemic is over and the excess deaths are “unexplained”.

When you ask yourself: “Why doesn’t this happen to influenza in response to vaccination?” There’s an important difference you have to take into consideration: Influenza is much worse at establishing persistent infections than SARS2. SARS2 persistent infections could give rise to completely antibody evasive variants, that don’t have to be capable of sustained person to person transmission.

In addition, we don’t practice mass vaccination with inactivated(!) influenza vaccines. A minority of the population receives the inactivated influenza vaccines. And those people receive these vaccines after a lifetime of natural exposure to different varieties of influenza. And of course, influenza is intrinsically less virulent.

And if you want to get really technical, the head antibodies against influenza induced by the relatively weak influenza vaccines only target those specific influenza strains, they don’t cross-react with other influenza strains. When you vaccinate people three times with the mRNA junk against the exact same Spike protein, you induce a broad range of antibodies against just about every region of the Spike protein.

Some of those antibodies then also react with other Spike variants. When they then also react with those other spike variants, the “holes” left lead to novel antibodies binding in those places. This is what van den Bossche calls stearic immune refocusing, it fits what the OAS study I cited above reveals. If we gave most people three shots of mRNA against one specific influenza strain, you could imagine it would also get pretty scary, inducing a very broad range of antibodies against the head of Hemagluttinin that also bind other influenza strains and start prohibiting NK cells from doing their job and learning from infections.

In this situation, we end up with people who have antibodies against just about the whole Spike protein, that keep binding to every new variant that infects them, never giving the innate immune system, like the NK cells with their specialized receptors for viruses like this, a chance to get some training that allows them to expand. And that sucks, because for reasons amply documented on my blog by now, these antibodies are growing more and more useless.

If you understand antibodies as the body’s last tool to suppress a virus when the innate immune system can’t handle the pathogen on its own, then you understand that evolution towards decreased immunogenicity spurred by mass vaccination with non-live vaccines will result in more deaths and severe disease: You’re forcing the emergence of versions of SARS2 that people with poor innate immunity won’t be able to suppress.

We have entire nations like Japan now, where tens of millions of elderly people living in close proximity to each other were vaccinated with the mRNA junk before they underwent any sort of natural exposure. It’s very hard for me to say how bad the situation is going to get, because there’s a lot of stuff we just don’t know yet. As an example, I would expect that things will unfold much easier for people who received one or two shots of mRNA long before their first Omicron infection, as you would expect the NK cells of those people would get a chance to train. I remember studies that found basically zero neutralizing antibodies against Omicron induced by vaccination.

In contrast, in people who also received the third shot before their first Omicron infection, you’d expect that some of those antibodies will also bind to Omicron spike, thereby prohibiting the NK cells from doing their job and the holes in the antibodies covering the spike being covered by a novel Omicron-specific antibody response. Every subsequent subtly mutated Omicron infection then just recalls that mixture of vaccine and Omicron induced antibodies and fills the new gaps with more antibodies. And as I have amply documented by now, the studies show that the antibodies deployed are incapable of antibody dependent cytotoxicity.

If there is some sort of problem, resulting in lasting interference with NK cell immunity after vaccination, one way you would expect to see this is through infections being cleared less rapidly. The virus gets to stick around for longer, as the NK cells can kill infected cells very early on, or can release interferon gamma to interfere with viral proliferation. The CD8+ T cells get active later on and antibody concentrations have to surge to reign in the virus.

And so in that context, I want to show you this:

This study is rather old, all the infections were BA.1 (and many of the unvaccinated would still be immunologically naive), but it suggests the antibodies really are interfering: They’re prohibiting the NK cells from fixing the problem early on. Presumably the IgGs from the vaccines are interfering with IgM, which would normally be the antibody bringing down the viral load before IgG emerges, as well.

What we would really benefit from is seeing this study replicated for more novel variants, now that almost nobody is immunologically naive. That would reveal how badly they have screwed up and it would tell us whether they managed to screw up everyone’s innate immune response, or just the people who were vaccinated before infection and boosted before Omicron.

I really hope the NK cells manage to beat any antibody response to the race upon Omicron infection in people who received one or two shots of mRNA, because I have a lot of friends and family who signed up for one or two shots of mRNA. That seems very unlikely after three or more shots of mRNA, because the morons who peddled these vaccines were gloating that the broad response is cross-reactive with Omicron.

To paraphrase a notorious software magnate known as Bill Gates, the real vaccine was Omicron, which is now reverting to virulence through improved interferon suppression and by dropping ORF8.

We have to hope that a lot of people developed a novel response upon exposure to Omicron, that was not interfered with by vaccine induced antibodies and allowed the innate immune system the training that it needs.

You can’t fix this problem without data. You want to know what share of neutralization of recent variants is performed by IgM, in unvaccinated, twice vaccinated and more than twice vaccinated people. This should be relatively simple to measure. You also want to know whether people have tissue resident NK cells in their organs that have the proper receptors for SARS2 Spike. That would probably require autopsy studies.

Unfortunately, the morons continue to push the balance towards complete antibody evasion. In India, they started giving teenagers a vaccine, based on the Wuhan Spike receptor binding domain. What could you possibly achieve, giving this vaccine to young people who were already infected? It accomplishes exactly one thing: You tip the balance further towards the evolution of complete antibody evasion.

The image that says more than a thousand words

I want to emphasize again, that I am trying to do the best job I can. I’m trying to give people the best information. I’m trying to get people to understand the problem. I’ve been trying to point out to people what the problem is with these vaccines, ever since I realized what this shit is, rather than just merely not trusting it. I don’t just have this obscure blog, I also wrote under my own name, in an effort to discourage people from taking the third shot. It’s not my fault these people violated the basic principles of immunology and evolutionary biology. I’m trying to encourage people to live in harmony with the laws of nature.

And the reason I’m devoting so much time to this, is because it stays stuck in my head, even while on holiday. And the reason it stays stuck in my head is because they really utterly screwed up and are lying about it, as people in the most highly vaccinated nations of the world continue to die in excess numbers. The medical literature was very clear on this: We don’t know how to safely and effectively vaccinate people against corona viruses. Then in 2020 they pretended to have figured it out, a fatal error that has already resulted in millions of excess deaths based on the available statistics we have.

I’m a pretty simple guy, who just doesn’t like seeing millions of people getting lied to and needlessly dying as a result. I don’t like seeing failed medical experiments get swept under the rug. And I’m not just looking to terrify people, I’m trying to figure out what can be done about it, as you can see evidence of throughout this blog.


  1. Great post. I know a vaxed young adult who had 4 Covids.

    This will not end well and the dieoff is well underway. Uk and german excess mortality is very high again.

  2. Thanks for your efforts. Never really understood much about the immune system, innate or adaptive.
    The denial phase of this black swan appears to be approaching. It would be nice to live long enough to see some of the greed heads who engineered this to pay, not holding my breath.

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