The Problem Nobody Wants To Think About

If you look at Euromomo, there’s no excess mortality in the Netherlands anymore, because the Dutch government pulled a clever trick. Excess mortality in 2020 and 2021 became part of the baseline mortality projected from now on. But if you use the old method they were using, excess mortality looks like this:

Since 2021, we have been living in a “new normal”. And we know this is a lingering problem, because they base the retirement age on the projected life expectancy. The retirement age was supposed to keep climbing because people would live longer, but a few months ago they suddenly announced the retirement age would not have to go up after all. Why the change all of a sudden? Because of these continuing excess deaths that they no longer show in the excess mortality statistics, that bring down the projected life expectancy.

And as the whole country starts to cough again in the middle of summer, while blaming their “hay fever”, I figured this was worth pointing out. Anyone who has tried to predict when the grand finale is going to happen has been wrong so far. Some treat van den Bossche as their prophet and mock me because I post about psychedelics, but I would rather just let the evidence speak for itself.

The general pattern that I tried to warn people about is just clearly visible in the statistics: A bad vaccine is forever.

Is there anyone who wants to pretend that this is normal, to just have the hospitals now fill up again in summer, with people coughing their lungs out, in june 2024?

You get that pattern, when you have a virus busy evolving to dodge whatever recent antibody iteration the population came up with.

None of the other respiratory viruses show this pattern. In climates like ours the other respiratory viruses peak once a year, in winter when people’s immune systems are weak, following each other because of interference between the different viruses. We know what the pattern is supposed to look like in temperate climates:

You’re not supposed to have a sudden corona wave emerge in late June. It did not happen in 2020, but it has happened in every year since 2021, when people were vaccinated.

This is happening because the immune system of most people is stuck deploying an antibody response that doesn’t work.

And it’s not a sustainable situation. The Dutch newspapers now announce that Dutch youth are “still suffering under the consequences of the lockdowns”. What are they suffering from? An elevated rate of suicidality. Why can’t these newspapers just be honest to people? Why can’t they just admit that people are getting infected twice a year or more, by a virus that infects the brain?

I would just be able to move on from this topic, if people could be honest to me: We tried to give everyone a bad vaccine, so now we have a growing number of deaths.

This is not some kind of non-issue. There were protests around the country, when the plan was introduced to raise the retirement age. Now the government announces the retirement age stops going up, because far more people are dying than was expected, but there are no protests. There is an epidemic of suicidality, anxiety and tiredness among young people, because their brain’s immune system is constantly on high alert, but there are no protests.

Half the teenagers were vaccinated, the other half were not. You can expect that among the unvaccinated teenagers, the immune system in the brain is forced to be constantly on high alert, as they are constantly being exposed to this virus, mainly from vaccinated people in their environment who keep catching this virus and passing it on. Their immune system does what it’s supposed to do, but it’s constantly being exposed to this virus at abnormally high levels.

You can just feel your immune system fight against this virus, it tends to be in the front of your head, above your nose. It tends to start out as a tintling itch for most people, later on it turns into something more akin to a headache. You can eventually also feel your veins in your head popping, because they are inflamed. But at least that means the brain is prepared.

Far more worrying, is what happens when the antibodies that have been doing the job of protecting the brain all this time fail. Because it doesn’t take much, it takes a few deletions and new glycans in the N-Terminal Domain of the Spike protein, to make those antibodies useless.

Eventually, whenever a new variant can no longer sneak into the body undetected, it tends to switch to a different strategy: Break the ORF8 gene, a gene that has the job to reduce the number of spike proteins expressed on a viral particle. That can result in a situation where the immune system has to produce so many antibodies that the antigen presenting cells can not keep up with the demand.

When these mechanisms break down, there is no trained innate immune response to bail people out, that is a system that has to develop and refine itself over years of exposure. The brain gradually accumulates NK cells in response to tissue hypoxia and inflammation. As those NK cells in the brain mature, they become less aggressive. It’s not an ideal situation, but it works. It’s also something that has to develop gradually over multiple exposures, for reasons that should be obvious: It involves some cycles of damage and repair. An immune response is not supposed to be free lunch, an immune response that is a free lunch is unsustainable. This is why I have offered people advice multiple times, to take care of their brains.

And you can just watch in real time as these adaptive immune mechanisms are breaking down, you can watch the deletions and new glycans emerge in the NTD. I mentioned the S:31- deletion before, that adds a glycan at position 30. This one became globally dominant, it’s in the majority of sequences now. I had expected we’d see more deletions pile on by now, but what’s happening right now is the emergence of a second new glycan instead, at position S:R190S. This one was last seen in the Gamma variant, disappeared since then, but is now rapidly returning in some lineages.

It seems essentially inevitable that a bunch of glycans and structural changes through deletions emerge in the NTD that make the remaining antibody response useless. These viruses are chronically present in bats and there they are able to spread from cell to cell, undetected by antibodies. This already happens sometimes, sometimes someone is chronically infected and the virus just develops these mutations, it even manages to spread sometimes. But you’ll eventually run into a situation where these versions become globally dominant.

These are some big claims to make, so I will now bother and take the effort to show you using recent scientific studies what we see in people. A study was done this year, that looks at the antibody response in different people, vaccinated and unvaccinated. They found that most people suffered immune imprinting after vaccination. Those people are unable to develop a new high quality antibody response to the Receptor Binding Domain, even after suffering multiple Omicron infections:

We compared neutralizing titers of Donor A-D (referred to as unimprinted group, G1) and Donor E-K (referred to as imprinted group, G2) (Figure 1D). For early strains from WT to BA.1, imprinted group has significantly higher titers than unimprinted group. On the contrary, for more recent Omicron variants, including XBB, XBB.1.5, EG.5, EG.5.1, FL.1.5 and HK.3, unimprinted group surpasses the imprinted group. Taken together, these data suggest that immune imprinting is not consistently induced by vaccination. However, once induced, immune imprinting is not countered by sequential Omicron infections.


A major finding of our study is that antibody responses to NTD are not affected by immune imprinting. As immunological memory and cross-reactivity are the basis of immune imprinting, one possible explanation for this finding is that NTD is less immunogenic than RBD because of its extensive glycan shielding, and thus few NTD-specific memory B cells are induced.

These results are from before these people were infected by BA.2.86*, but everything suggests that the population now starts to deploys a strong antibody response against a very immunogenic part of the N-Terminal Domain, to which the virus inevitably responds by making these parts inaccessible to the antibodies. We know this, because we can see the new glycans emerge very rapidly on the N-Terminal Domain.

A conspiracy theory

The saving grace in all of this, is that a population that has a trained innate immune response against SARS-COV-2, has a reasonably competent protection against the polybasic cleavage site variants of H5N1. NK cells effectively recognize this virus and most unvaccinated people will have developed an effective cross-reactive innate immune response against H5N1 in their brains.

This leads me to mention an idea, you may call it a conspiracy theory, I have been struggling with in my head for quite some time. There isn’t really any doubt left that SARS-COV-2 is a product of human intervention in nature. The question to ponder is: Why? Why was a virus released into the population that gradually becomes more virulent over time?

Well, the thing we have to comprehend, is that H5N1 was always the big one. H5N1 was always the grey swan: Something that every competent virologist knew would eventually start causing trouble. We have known since the late 90’s that this is a virus that evolved in our own chicken broilers. We have known for a long time that it is essentially unstoppable. We have known that it is practically impossible to develop an effective vaccine against it, that it enters the brain through the eyes and starts to wreak havoc and that it mutates so fast that any vaccine rapidly becomes ineffective.

So what do you do? You’re dealing with a virus that kills half the people it infects, a virus that you can’t properly vaccinate people against, a virus that is spreading through wild birds, increasingly showing up in mammals and can not really be eradicated anymore. A virus that can bring down civilization, a virus that you and your virologist colleagues lie awake about at night.

And even if you luck out, if you get a variant in humans that kills just 1% of people, it’s going to damage the brains of the survivors and they’re just going to get constantly reinfected.

What do you do? How do you prevent the apocalypse that you and your virologist colleagues see coming? How do you try to stop the worst damage?

You look for some other pathogen. Something that ruins the party. You look for some other pathogen, something that very gradually grows more virulent, something that gradually trains the innate immune system, which can only really be properly trained by allowing the body to suffer some damage, so that it stands a chance once the bigger bad guy makes that final jump that you can not stop.

If you manage to effectively train the innate immune system in the lungs and brains of people through SARS-COV-2, it won’t just spare those people when they catch H5N1. It will generally turn them into dead-end hosts, who become unable to spread the virus.

You vaccinate most of the elderly against SARS2, so that increasingly more virulent versions of SARS2 keep spreading themselves through the population.

And as a result, you achieve the price that you actually sought: You train the youth and farmworkers among your population, against the far bigger threat, the threat you have known about since the 90’s: Polybasic cleavage site influenza, bred in the chicken broilers.

How strange, that a corona virus with a polybasic cleavage site that allows it to infect endothelial cells in the brain escapes from a Chinese lab, steadily grows more virulent and prepares the population against an influenza virus with a polybasic cleavage site that allows it to infect endothelial cells in the brain.

We know of just one influenza virus able to infect endothelial cells in vivo: H5N1.

In the words of CDC director Redfield:

“I really do think it’s very likely that we will, at some time, it’s not a question of if, it’s more of a question of when we will have a bird flu pandemic,”

Add to this Redfield’s comment on SARS-COV-2:

“I am of the point of view that I still think the most likely etiology of this pathogen in Wuhan was from a laboratory, you know, escaped,”

Almost all the big shots in virology, involved in gain of function experiments, study H5N1.

I ask myself: Are there some virologists who breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that we’re now dealing with a global population that is at least to some degree prepared for the eventual jump by H5N1 into our species?

It’s a theory, nothing more nothing less.

It’s perfectly possible that we were just lucky, that SARS2 escaped a lab and prepared humanity for what will be a very deadly global influenza pandemic, worse than the 1918 flu, a pandemic that virologists have known for decades will eventually emerge.

It’s also possible, that SARS2 began to spread through the population because some people thought it was a good idea, a small sacrifice that prevents a much bigger catastrophe.

And Western virologists may not even be involved in that decision.

One could imagine a handful of military virologists in China, warning Xi Jinping about the grey swan, the problem we know is ahead, the eventual catastrophic reality of a H5N1 pandemic in human beings.

You release a new SARS virus, you convince the world that it’s a tragic accident and you prepare the global population for a much worse calamity. You can’t use an attenuated version of H5N1 for this purpose, because it would recombine with the wild varieties that circulate, thereby just accelerating the grey swan.

In its own right, you may expect that the constant circulation of a new endotheliotrophic corona virus through the population, prohibits H5N1 from establishing itself in the human population. Interference between influenza and corona viruses has been known about since at least the 90’s. You don’t bother training the innate immune system of the elderly, you happily vaccinate them all against SARS2. You know they stand no chance either way, once H5N1 arrives on the scene.

In the meantime, you get to test the system of mass testing, forced quarantining and lockdowns, that you are eventually going to need once people start getting bird flu. And you convince Western governments to start testing these systems as well, because you know the whole world will eventually need them. Governments around the world have now implemented pandemic treaties in response to SARS2, that take away our civil rights in the event of any big future pandemic.

The inverse is also possible: The US intelligence apparatus comes up with the virus, knows it will inevitably look man-made and decides to let China take the blame for its birth. You fund some corona research in Wuhan and then you release your virus there during the military games, so that it looks like these dumb schmucks created it.

The CIA spends its resources pondering existential threats. There are plenty of people in government, who know H5N1 is the big one. They also know you can’t properly vaccinate against it, they know the influenza vaccines we have are mostly useless.

So why not try to prepare the population against it? Why not try to preempt a big pandemic with a smaller one?


  1. Your adaptive immune system shouldn’t even be coming into play for mild respiratory viruses, like covid or various “colds”. Innate immunity should knock it down, provided you have a healthy immune system.

    Are you making sure you have a healthy vitamin D level, 50 and above??? Are you eating a healthy diet, or do you eat ultra processed garbage made of HFCS, seed oils and chemical flavors?

    In my opinion this is why the vaccines don’t work. You are injecting something to manipulate an antibody response. The real virus never reaches the blood stream until all else fails and you have a serious, systemic illness.

  2. PS: Bird flu is just another influenza type A variant. The H and N proteins shift around, but it’s still a type A virus with that basic molecular structure. What this means is everyone but the very young have been exposed to a variant. And that means we all have partial immunity. And that means this cannot and will not be a terrible plague.

    It’s a little more complicated for animals that have shorter lifespans. But they have immune systems that have evolved over millions of years. They haven’t gone extinct despite the fact that they’ve dealt with this for a long long time. I will say that bird flu will be an economic problem for farmers, but not some disaster for the human food supply.

    On a personal note, I had a bad case of the hong kong flue (type A H3N2) in 1968. I am not aware of getting flu again since, despite being exposed to multiple variants over the past 50 years. Why not, isn’t every variant different??? No. Only those surface proteins. The main body stays largely the same, or it wouldn’t be a functioning virus. Our immune systems imprint on dozens of sites on the molecule and apparently remember this for life.

    • >PS: Bird flu is just another influenza type A variant. The H and N proteins shift around, but it’s still a type A virus with that basic molecular structure. What this means is everyone but the very young have been exposed to a variant. And that means we all have partial immunity. And that means this cannot and will not be a terrible plague.


      An influenza virus with a polybasic cleavage site behaves differently from anything you’re used to. It is capable of infecting far more cell types than regular influenza.

      That’s why it kills half the people it infects. That’s also why it kills 90% of chickens within 48 hours, whereas chickens tend to be asymptomatic for LPAI.

      Normal influenza is incapable of infecting endothelial cells and won’t have the proper genetic makeup to complete its replication cycle in endothelial cells anyway.

  3. I saw that your post in the H5N1 subreddit was removed by the mods, then a PhD virologist made a separate response post addressing some of your points.

    Well, considering how these PhD academics have been wrong (or lied) about pretty much everything regarding COVID over the last 4 years (virus origins, effectiveness of lockdowns and masks, PCR, deploying negative efficacy homogeneous spike vaccines that spawned an adaptive radiation, serotypes, OAS/imprinting, IgG4, de-attenuation etc.), whereas your analysis and predictions have been pretty much spot on, I certainly know who I’m going to believe.

    It was a great shame that Kary Mullis passed away prior to the beginning of the pandemic, we desperately need more people like him, this video is iconic:

    Also massive respect to Nobel Laureate Professor Luc Montagnier for trying to warn humanity back in 2021. Rest in peace to these two brave heroes.

  4. You’re giving scientists and intelligence agencies far too much credit.
    Never attribute to cunning and foresight that which can simply be explained by ignorance, fear, stupidity, and greed.

    • >Never attribute to cunning and foresight that which can simply be explained by ignorance, fear, stupidity, and greed.

      I don’t think this is fair. If we went out for dinner together, I knew you had a peanut allergy, intentionally fed you peanuts and you died, should I get away with it by claiming I didn’t know what would happen?

      There must be virologists out there, who have spent 20 years looking at ways to deal with the inevitable scenario of a civilization disrupting global bird flu pandemic.

      Why not try to pre-empt it?

      • It doesn’t work that way.
        They don’t understand viruses or the human immune system to this day and your fanciful 20 year white-hat scenario simply isn’t possible.

      • “Why not try to pre-empt it?“

        It depends who you’re talking about? The CIA or the CCP? I’d imagine they both might want the opposite, a vast culling event. The military take climate change and the population explosion very seriously. The average western politician – yeah, they would prob want to help save people from the inevitable H5N1 pandemic.

        If it is a conspiracy and I was forced to bet money on who did it, I’d say the CIA (we’re talking about a country that spends nearly a trillion on defence per year). Then again, the CCP is filled with smart ruthless machiavellian bastards; dark triad types survive best in those totalitarian cesspits. So it’s hard to say for sure. Maybe it was aliens!

  5. Since I am an ignoramus I don’t know the details of how viruses come to have poly basic cleavage sites. But given the order of events I would have thought that the rogue actors who produced covid with that site did so so that they could spread the poly basic cleavage site to those viruses that are inclined to develop them, such as the avian flu virus. And thereby make the avian flu virus much worse. I do know that you say that the poly basic cleavage site arises naturally in big chicken farms, but wouldn’t having a virus (covid) that is spreading like crazy perhaps spread that attribute?

    • It just seems odd that the only viruses that have the polybasic cleavage sites showed up so recently. 1996 and 2019, right? It seems more like the 1996 one didn’t have the desired effect on humans, so another one was added.

  6. Interesting. A carefully planned assault on the lmmune systems of billions of humans with a rapidly mutating coronavirus (carefully modified to enhance certain characteristics) to ensure a more effective immune response to h5n1 and assorted variants.
    That does sound wild. I like it.

    • But he’s saying that infection with the coronavirus would only protect the unvaccinated, right? Since the vaccinated wouldn’t end up with NK cells in their brains to protect them; they’d be relying on antibodies (which would ultimately fail). Everyone around me is vaccinated. Maybe that is why Influenza A is surprisingly high in the sewage of Silicon Valley.

      • Yeah, okay, what if we go with more than one main conspiracy? The first conspiracy is the development of the virus followed by the initial release, for whatever reason if intentional, or the cover up for the accident if it was accidentally released.

        The second main conspiracy was the subsequent “vaccination” campaign.

        There may be overlap between the two groups of conspirators, but it doesn’t have to be one-for-one.

        If yes, this might help explain some of the incongruity. By way of explanation, let’s say the first group of conspirators was ‘altruistically’ motivated by trying to prevent the next big viral wipeout by toughening people up with a less than lethal virus. Okay, that sounds possible (but other motivations are also possible); however, let’s say there is also a second group who are in the dark about all the facts, and are motivated by different factors.

        What if the second group of conspirators were primarily motivated by covering up for their perceived or actual involvement in the release of the virus, or perhaps for their previous involvement at some stage of its creation?

        If yes, this might explain the desperate rolling out of ‘whatever’ injectable experimental ‘solution’ they already had on hand in a desperate effort to mitigate the disaster and shift focus away from their role in some earlier stage of the disaster.

        This might explain why the second group did what they did – perhaps they didn’t know all the facts? Or perhaps they panicked and did something rash? Because it does seem like a bad idea to give everyone a “vaccine” that destroys their ability to fight off either the lesser or the killer virus.

        I’m struggling to see why they would do the “vaccines” unless it was a mistake.

        Would it have been to encourage/moderate the spread of the virus, to ensure it keeps on infecting people to harden them up? I don’t know, but it seems like such a balls-up that my guess is that the “vaccines” were probably just a mistake orchestrated by a second band of guilty, panicky, and desperate feeling conspirators rather than cold-blooded calculating scientists (although I guess people are capable of cold-blooded and panicking).

        Anyway, I can imagine a second group of conspirators desperately keen to do something, anything, to mitigate the damage from the first disaster that they thought could be implicated in and/or to shift the focus away from themselves and their deeds.

        They desperately wanted to do “something, the “vaccines” were “something”, so they did it.

        That’s my speculation anyway.

        Whatever the case, I do think this was some kind of conspiracy, or cluster of conspiracies. There were clearly conspiracies surrounding the creation of the virus. I remember reading somewhere that there was broadcast of information about the virus on radio in China ahead of any official Chinese analysis of the situation – which is suggestive of conspirators releasing information about the virus.

        And the Chinese reacted in a very full-on way – why was that? What did they know?

        There are numerous other mundane conspiracies as well, and mountains of logical fallacies – it’s like reason itself just broke down. I can see why people think of magic and demonic influences and so forth – and what would those things be if not conspiracies as well.

        What can I say? It seems easy to imagine a gigantic cluster fuck of conspiracies leading to a gigantic disaster. And honestly, that’s what I think happened.

        • I think you’re right. Multiple conspiracies. There could be a lot of groups, or even individuals, working separately. And lots of different motivations. The vax part just seems to be stupidity and self-interest.

  7. Quote: “And you convince Western governments to start testing these systems as well, because you know the whole world will eventually need them.”

    You try to find Thanos people in the world, who do the worst things for the best reasons.

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