The Quantum Superposition of Bill Gates

Lately I find myself wondering whether Bill Gates is very smart, or whether he is stuck at the cognitive capacity of the average angry American “I won’t live in a pod oh and by the way it’s a hoax anyway” male. Take a look at this interview:

We need more than technology, because we have to have the political will. We’re asking society to stop using stuff that, other than for climate things, would last longer. That coal plant, and those jobs, and that natural gas plant, and that way of making cement. We’re asking society to walk away from those. Of course, the more you walk away from, say, natural gas, the cheaper it’ll be. It’ll just be sitting there just as cheap as can be because you’re trying to drive demand to zero. Anyone who says that we will tell people to stop eating meat, or stop wanting to have a nice house, and we’ll just basically change human desires, I think that that’s too difficult. I mean, you can make a case for it. But I don’t think it’s realistic for that to play an absolutely central role. I mean, after all, if the rich countries completely disappeared, that’s only less than a third of emissions, if we all completely just weren’t in the picture at all.

The world’s former richest man is describing here that it’s basically pointless to try to convince people to transition to a sustainable lifestyle, before proclaiming that even if we all disappeared the problem wouldn’t be solved.

If Bill Gates is as smart as I think he is, he already realizes you’ll need to get people to stop eating meat for other reasons: You need some way of feeding 8 billion people and you need to bring a halt to deforestation.

Everytime I look at this guy, it feels like I’m looking at a kind of quantum superposition, where he’s either a naive optimist who is completely in over his head, or he is this creep who foreshadows that we’re going to have bioterrorism incidents that kill tens of millions and central in orchestrating a kind of global plan B, depending on which branch of reality you want to live in.

The thing with Bill Gates is that I’m just having a hard time believing he’s a delusional optimistic moron, of the “technology will solve it” variety. Consider another interview from 2015, where he pointed out that 2 degree is basically out of the picture by now.

The guy is a massive enthusiast of Vavlac Smil’s work. Everything Smil writes about is about human overpopulation, our impact on the biosphere and how energy transition will take a very long time, how historically it took us more than fifty years. So Mr. Gates will be smart enough to realize that even if this miracle technology people are hoping for would be discovered, scaling it up to the level you need would still take decades.

So why is he continuing to pretend that he can just throw billions at “innovation” and someone will show up eventually who will figure out how to solve the problem for us? If you wonder what I’m really reading in that interview, it’s this:

There are a lot of people out there who thought this whole crisis could be solved by convincing the public of some voluntary behavioral changes and I was really hopeful about that myself initially, but by now it’s abundantly clear that’s just not how human beings operate and in hindsight it was childishly naive. In the end it was always going to come down to this: A bunch of people have to go.

Maybe I’m too cynical. Maybe in Bill Gates’ head we’re just going to spray some aerosols in the atmosphere to block the sun, buy ourselves a couple more years, build some nuclear power plants, pray that Mother Nature doesn’t feel like covering us in our own radioactive waste, by 2065 we’ll all have genetically enhanced 130IQs, we’ll start using our energy surplus to sequester emissions and we’ll all live happily ever after.

Maybe that’s what Mr. Gates envisions. Or perhaps they’ve been working on Disease X for a while now, with some science-juice to make sure that after a couple of months your immune systems have no proper way of dealing with the novel variants that emerge simultaneously and start crippling people in droves, until eventually secondary pathogens manage to start spreading through the population, aided by global immune system dysfunction.

Maybe the better question to ask is: What the hell did Bill Gates see during those psychedelic trips?

Here’s a question I would like to ask Bill Gates: Imagine this rejuvenation technology stuff works out and you’re still a young man by 2050, do you think you will still need us useless eaters, us cubicle-dwelling nobodies? Isn’t AI going to make most of us obsolete, aren’t most of us stuck in dead-end bullshit jobs anyway? Hey Bill, do you think “social media specialist” is really a real job, rather than an excuse to have a 20 year old blonde bimbo in the office?

If you’re reading this, then just between the two of us Bill, I know what you want. You wish your buddy Epstein was still around, so you could be sitting in a private jet, receiving back rubs from a 17 year old skinny blonde. Well, do you need tens of millions of senile people in retirement homes who have mashed potatoes spoon-fed to them by barely literate third world migrants for that? You realize most of us have exactly nothing to offer that improves your own quality of life in any substantial way, right Bill?

Stop pretending for a moment you’re a selfless saint Bill, your ex-wife spilled the beans, we know you’re a pretty unremarkable old man. Stop pretending for a moment some Deus Ex Machina is right around the corner Bill. Just for a minute, I know it hurts to think about it, but entertain me for a minute: What are you going to do Bill?

Now back to the rest of you, perhaps the proper question is: What are these guys getting injected? Are they getting some saline or are they happy to go down with the rest of us, leaving the world to a handful of uncontacted tribes?

Or maybe it’s worse than I can deal with: Maybe there is no plan B. Maybe this guy is really a delusional optimist who thinks he’ll figure out some technofix, even as the positive feedback loops now begin to kick in and the Siberian permafrost begins releasing its own methane and nitrous oxide.

Maybe by 2038, as the last wild gorilla is eaten in the remnants of the Congo jungle by a hungry militia, we will have a now senile Bill Gates in another interview, explaining that nobody could have anticipated how sensitive global food production is to the effects of 2 degree of global warming, or how hard it would be to change pronatal African cultural norms, but that by 2052 we will have a first working prototype of some new enhanced photosynthesis technology that will really make a big impact, pinky promise. Nobody could have anticipated that people who don’t mind cutting off their daughter’s clitoris don’t spend a lot of time laying awake at night about a Malthusian catastrophe that will hit when they’re old!

Maybe these billionaires are the soft humanitarians that Ted Kaczynski warned us about. Maybe those “conspiracy theorists” are simply psychologically projecting their own Jungian shadow onto the “global elite”. Maybe you’re the kind of guy who would release a bioweapon if you had a couple of billion bucks you don’t know what to do with. I know I am.


  1. Just a warning:

    If you show up in this thread insisting that it’s not real, that oil spontaneously regenerates and CO2 is plant food, your comment is getting deleted. Be grateful for your low IQ, but have some basic courtesy and don’t whip it out in front of me.


    • Something that’s always bothered me about the “CO2 is plant food thing” is that no one ever seemed to bring up the issues of overeating. After all, if most people in rich countries were suddenly forced to double their food intake, it would wreak havoc with us, so why not plants too?

    • CO2 is plant food, is at the lowest levels on record for half a billion years, including for the majority of the evolutionary history of humans plants and mammals, you still haven’t actually addressed any of the arguments against your doomsday cult claims, only ignored them and thrown dozens of irrelevant red herrings out, hoping the smell will distract us, as it did you, my IQ is well beyond Mensa entry requirements, my education includes 8 years under and post grad uni level study, with multiple scholarships, lecturing and PhD offers, in multiple relevant STEM fields. Stop assuming those who disagree with you are less intelligent than you, it’s usually a sign of midwit intelligence (which I know you are better than, so stop acting like you aren’t).

      Hey guys I’m fighting the system by ignoring the admin’s instructions to spew my viral diarrhea elsewhere, I’m a real rebel

      • Oh and regarding Billyboy Gates.
        Look into his father. Or just the family itself. Bill stole the entirety of the prototype for Windows, got into some good starting spots because of the connections his mom had because he didn’t do shit himself and was the first to patent code on the internet. The guy was astronomically hated by everyone in what was not even Silicone Valley yet, in the 90s.

        Oh right, his father. His father was the head of American Eugenics Society for years and years. Has many talks and books about ‘population control’. Had big connections to Cohen, Trumps mentor and… the progenetor of Epstein. Honeypot operations. Apple never falls far.

        Oh also, in regards to the permafrost in Siberia. I do see possible problems with those gases being released. But I do have a hard time seeing life being destroyed because of it. Have you heard of the medieval warming period, for instance? Permafrost would have absolutely melted then if it does now. As it has many, many, many times before since it has been warmer (and colder before that) on earth for almost the entirety of the existence of this planet. And yet, here we still are.
        I do think humans influence the climate with our CO2-output. Dont IP-block me lol.
        I just dont buy the extreme alarmism that has been going for… 50 years now? Every 10 years from then the time of absolute disaster gets pushed forward ten years. Don’t you see parallels with how the same kind of ‘invisible enemy’ is paraded around as it was with corona? The incredible fear-mongering in media? The censorship, framing, one-sided arguments and viewpoints and use of newspeak like ‘climatedenier’ and the like? I find it so hard to believe you can’t see the similarities in tone and tactic. It baffles the mind. And I feel that as with corona, the cure will be worse than the disease.

        Have you looked into climategate? The German scandal how ‘global warming’ turned into ‘climate change’ via memo’s and emails? Its memed to death alike pizzagate but it is as real as it gets. People died over it. Seriously. But I know you will probably dissmiss this all as ‘conspiracy’. Which is disappointing. There is so much more to this you seem to dissmiss entirely. It is just weird, really. Silly, as said.

        But! In the end, you are just an intelligent guy from who I have learned alot. We dont have to agree on everything. But blocking people? Shame.

    • You live in delusions and block any actual argument that would break you out of it. How is it to be so stuck in superposition yourself? It shows your insecurity in what you believe, it also shows how desperate you are in it being true. Maybe you yourself do not believe any of it deep inside.
      You have some sick inferiority complex vs blonde ppl, better looking, taller, those by nature and genes born better, what makes you less tolerant than Hitler. I am scared of such ppl ruling more than of Gates and his GMO plant oil based meat with cancer. You doing drugs is a way to escape your fears instead of put efforts into challenging own wrong views, accept lower position and put work to build alternative ladder to one that expelled you. But it requires minimum of brain plasticity.
      It’s quite remarkable that you got anything right about pandemics. It starts making me think that the ever mutating virus may be good for humanity afterall.
      Thanks to this we recognised being a bunch boiled frogs and we left the well.

      We can fit and feed 5x more people on earth. There is a literal meme showing how you can fit humanity in central park. Get out of city and you may stop seeing problems of a rat cage.

  2. Under a different name I harassed you on this very issue, mostly in Reddit DMs.

    I don’t think that is worth much, other than 1) saying you are not alone and 2) applauding you for continuing to pursue the truth and not trying to distort evidence and context to curry favor to the fans you gained.

    You are both smarter and more informed than I, but I felt your “I’m going to put my hope in billionaires” phase was some bizarre copium.

    I think you’re really close to the stance I was non-too gently promoting: all are damaged by modernity. Yes, the blue check hivemind may very well be as annoying, functionally stupid, and even cruel as you were depicting. But there is no reason to hold them to a *higher* standard. And, whoo boy, you should see (and now have seen) what the reactionaries are like. You gave them aid and comfort for a while, but now see how they are also just full of shit.

    Misanthropes of the world unite.


    I thought he was just an arrogant do-gooder until I read this:

    “EarthNow is a start-up company based in Washington. Founded in 2017, the firm hopes to put a small army of satellites into low-Earth orbit. Weighing around 500 pounds and the size of a fridge, the satellies will have high-quality cameras fitted to them. The purpose of the global network of small spacecrafts is to provide a constant stream of high-definition video of the Earth. Showing every corner of the globe in real time, the footage will have a plethora of uses. The ‘live and unfiltered’ video stream will act as the over-arching Big Brother and be used to monitor illegal fishing, detect natural disasters as they start and even watch whales migrate across the world.”

    I’m sure it’s all motivated by altruism and governments around the world, particlaruly totalitarian states like China, will not be in the least interested in buying and using this tech for other more nefarious means.

  4. “Everytime I look at this guy, it feels like I’m looking at a kind of quantum superposition, where he’s either a naive optimist who is completely in over his head, or he is this creep who foreshadows that we’re going to have bioterrorism incidents …”

    I think, if you really want to see through William Gates III, you have to take some things into consideration:
    – He is a US citizen (this is not trivial!)
    – he is a businessman
    – most of the time he talks he is engaged in public relations
    – he makes an extensive use of text blocks / text modules
    – he is an old man, and he is ill, so not seldom he gets confused regarding a) the current situation, b) the current audience (expectations, bans, etc.), his own preparation (which text blocks to use, impression management, etc.)

    So, all in all it’s not a rewarding task to interpret the utterances of William Gates III. Anyway, good luck!

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