The radical notion that Chinese people are not stupid

I see a lot of reporting on the Chinese government and its zero COVID policy, both from mainstream media and “alternative” media sources. But what I never tend to see, is reporting based on the radical notion that a government ruling over 1.6 billion people, not beholden to corporate interests due to their communist regime, is perhaps not just being retarded.

The takes I tend to see always consist of some variation of “it’s just an excuse to control the population” or “they got stuck on this policy and don’t want to lose face”. What I never see is: “Maybe they know some stuff that we in the West don’t know or simply choose to ignore.” Every take on China and its COVID choices, like their refusal to approve the mRNA vaccines or their refusal to allow the virus to spread, is always based on the simple notion that they must be irrational, pointlessly cruel and prone to stupid errors.

What I never hear, is some acknowledgement that MAYBE we don’t have a monopoly on truth. What I would love to hear for a change is:

-Maybe you actually have to be pretty smart and ruthless to make it into the upper echelons of the Chinese Communist Party, whereas the USA is run by a dementia patient and a diversity hire. Maybe the same people who locked us up in our homes in March yet were telling us to worry about the flu instead two months earlier, are actually the incompetent ones who merely managed to rise through the ranks thanks to their conscientiousness and gregariousness.

-Maybe they know something about coronaviruses we don’t know, which might have something to do with the fact that their military has been studying weaponization of corona viruses since 2015, the first studies on patients were done by military doctors and the Wuhan lab where this abomination seems to have originated is now run by a Chinese colonel.

-Maybe they’re not being irrational when they refuse to give their population the mRNA vaccines. Maybe they were first just being cautious with novel technologies. And maybe at this point they have no interest in the mRNA vaccines anymore because the data being reported now suggest to them these vaccines merely make the problem worse.

-Maybe they’re not just disinterested in the human rights and civil liberties of their population. Maybe they’re perfectly well aware that they risk an uprising of their population that could overthrow their regime. Maybe they feel as if they have no other choice, that all the risks and economic damage involved are a price worth paying.

You might disagree with these ideas. But these would all be more interesting ideas to consider than the standard blue-check/conspiracy theorist consensus of: “The Chinese are retarded, but it looks like they’re finally figuring out that it’s time to stop being retarded!”

And here’s the most radical notion yet that I want you to consider: Maybe Chinese people are smart. Let’s have a look at the PISA school rankings again:

That top of the list is looking awfully yellow, don’t you think? Maybe when they make decisions that differ from ours, they have actual reasons, rather than merely being stuck under the dictates of an arbitrary communist regime. This is a radical notion for the Western world, the idea that other cultures might have valid reasons when they reject our values and policies.

Hubris will be our downfall. And the only thing I see when it comes to reporting on Chinese COVID policies, is hubris. You see the same hubris when Westerners go to Qatar under the impression that we have to bring the rainbow gospel, convinced that Qatar must simply be stuck with irrational religious laws, as you do when the New York Times and other rags report on China’s dynamic zero COVID policy. We can all see that the human rights violations are atrocious, we can all see the suffering and economic burden it causes. That’s 95IQ reporting.

High IQ reporting, more akin to something we benefit from, would be to ask: Why are they willing to pay this obviously massive price? And if you think the answer is 800,000 dead elderly in half a year, you’re still an idiot. It’s a country with 1.6 billion people. The reason they want to keep this virus out of their country has to do with what it causes in seemingly mild infections. That’s the only plausible reason to me.

“It’s just an excuse to control their population.” Is the worst possible drooling moron level take. It’s roughly on the same level as “the government injected people with the mRNA vaccines because they just want to kill everyone”, a take so stupid that I’m considering just deleting the comments of every moron who posts it from now on.

Have fun explaining to me why they force these shots on every Harvard student, why the big banks force these shots on their employees, why the elite happily inject let their own children, neighbors and spouses without ANY whistleblower coming out and saying “hey I was warned by George Soros/Klaus Schwab/some family friend of these guys not to take these shots”. Elites embraces these vaccines, as they genuinely believe in them.

The vaccines didn’t work, they had severe side effects and they made the problems worse, but the Western elites didn’t plan this in secret all along. They simply responded to the bad things happening everywhere by living in denial of reality, just like the low status white males who show up in my comment section insisting you can safely change our atmosphere into a dinosaur atmosphere without causing trouble along the way. Just as you don’t recognize this human irrationality in yourself, you don’t recognize it in elites.

Moving on, China’s birth rate dropped to a record low in 2021. Their population is facing an escalating demographic crisis, made worse by the economy-destroying zero COVID policies. That’s a pretty big cost to pay to micromanage your population. The correct explanation is the most straightforward one: They want to eliminate SARS-COV-2, because they’re afraid of SARS-COV-2.

Why would they be so afraid of SARS-COV-2? Well let’s start with something simple. Once you have it, you have it forever. After 359 days, you still find SARS-COV-2 RNA in the lungs of people who are testing negative on PCR tests. Maybe you don’t have it in your lungs anymore, but you still have it in your brain. It never seems to get fully eradicated, your immune system is stuck forever fighting it, hence the immune exhaustion seen in convalescent patients.

And then there’s the other question: What’s the long-term outcome for the first people who got infected? Well, it’s not looking good. They looked in Spain at the people who get infected during the first wave. Two thirds of the non-hospitalized cases still reported symptoms two years after their infection.

And then there’s the simple fact that once it shows up in your population, your population never seems to get rid of it and it just continues to build up to higher and higher levels. I’ll post the updated version of the graph I’ve posted a thousand times before by now:

I’m still convinced this is a consequence of the mass vaccination campaign backfiring by homogenizing and degrading our collective immune response, but regardless of what the cause might be, I can definitely imagine the CCP looking at something like this and thinking to themselves: “Let’s wait and see how this turns out for them.”

For what it’s worth, I can also imagine them drawing that conclusion after seeing our excess mortality, record number of people sick at home, plunging life expectancy, ambulances that can no longer respond in time, record numbers of kids in hospital with RSV and all the other strange problems we’re now starting to deal with.

Maybe they don’t want everyone to catch SARS-COV-2, because our society coincidentally began to go to shit within a few months of everyone catching SARS-COV-2. Perhaps you’re convinced our society went to shit entirely due the mRNA vaccines, perhaps you think people are still dying in droves because of missed medical appointments back in 2020, perhaps you think it’s down to the fentanyl in the US or the rising food and energy prices in Europe.

But my point is: When China looks at how our society is doing today, I can’t blame them for being wary of following in our footsteps. Same for Qatar by the way. If you say yes to A after centuries of saying no to it, you’ll have no clear concise ground to stand on when you’re asked to say yes to B. And when you say yes to B, you’ll have to say yes to C. And when C is your depressed teenage daughter insisting the solution to all of her problems is for some surgeon to cut off her tits, you’ll be more than happy to stick to saying no to A in response to Westerners showing up with rainbow flags.

And maybe for China A is to let people escape their home when the building is on fire. And B is not being locked up for weeks in a concentration camp. And maybe C is being allowed to travel by public transport despite spending ten minutes standing next to someone who tested positive. And maybe somewhere near the end of the alphabet, you end up with your whole population infected with a virus they can never eliminate, a virus that infects their brains and damages their immune systems.

“But Omicron is a nothingburger!” Here’s the problem with that line of reasoning. After four weeks, 21.5% of BA.5 infected Americans still reported symptoms. And most importantly: BA.5 is the most brain-damaging version we’ve seen so far of this virus. BA.2 was more brain-damaging than the ones before it, BA.5 is now more brain-damaging than BA.2.

“I don’t want to hear that, I want to hear how everyone who got vaccinated is about to drop dead!” Yeah, I figured as much. The simple fact of the matter is that we live in a fragile world. Just as the laws of physics are fine-tuned for life, the climate is fine-tuned for civilization. And just as the climate is fine-tuned for civilization, we were born into a world where the virome that spreads between people is compatible with billions of people with big well-functioning brains.

The fact that the other four corona viruses don’t damage most people’s brains, doesn’t mean the new SARS-COV-2 corona virus won’t damage our brains. After all, if one of those four was constantly damaging people’s brains, we would not have developed the level of technological sophistication to discover those viruses in the first place!

And so the only thing I want to say is that China refuses to let SARS-COV-2 spread because they fear SARS-COV-2. They have their reasons. It’s not because they’re irrational, it’s not to control people, it’s not because of communism, it’s not a form of performative theater designed to fool us into having lockdowns (the Senger hypothesis). No, it’s because they fear that virus.

You’re free to disagree with them. Perhaps you believe people should be allowed to escape a burning building, perhaps you believe people shouldn’t be locked up at home next to their spouse who is dying because they’re not allowed to visit the hospital, perhaps you believe Chinese citizens should be allowed to freely voice their dissent on social media. That’s what I believe, because individualism is written into my DNA, this blog is the living evidence of that. But I also believe the CCP is not stupid. They have their reasons.


  1. I remember january 2020 and the chinese lockdowns over there. I had only two hypothesis, that they either knew what had escaped from their lab or they did not know what had escaped from their lab.

    Never thought they were irrational, it made perfect sense.

    Of course they are going to use the system in place to squash opponents to the regime, but you do not destroy your economy to do that.

    But maybe inertia is a reason. The great leap forward lasted until Mao went to the collective farm directed by his brother to ask for information personally. He was unable to receive correct information, because it is in everyone personal benefit to say everything is going great. Maybe a little bit of this is also happening.

    • >I remember january 2020 and the chinese lockdowns over there. I had only two hypothesis, that they either knew what had escaped from their lab or they did not know what had escaped from their lab.

      Yeah, the idea that they would set up some bizarre plan to pretend a very dangerous virus had escaped from their laboratory in Wuhan, even though the virus is actually pretty harmless, is very far-fetched wishful thinking.

      They knew what had escaped and they must have had some immediate clue about the long-term implications, whereas we in the West were all focused on how to respond to the up-front problem we faced.

  2. Is the whole virus vaccine the Chinese used useless and harmless or will it lead to problems similar to what we have seen with the vector vaccines? The shift to IgG4 response?
    You could argue that it is probably a function of OAS plus total exposure to spike protein over time, so mRNA gets you there faster because the dose/antibody response is so much higher, but adenovirus vector and whole virus vaccines get you to the same point a year or two later after repeated Omicron infections.
    Obviously we don’t know yet and will have to see how things turn out in China and India and South America, with their differing mixes of vaccines.
    But if you have any thoughts….

    • I don’t know. I haven’t looked at the inactivated vaccines much. They share some of the problems the mRNA vaccines have, whereas they’re not affected by other problems.

      They’re not capable of fully stopping transmission so they don’t solve the problem, although they did perhaps help China achieve its goal of dynamic zero for a while.

      The whole problem we’re dealing with, is that for someone to be immune or at least a dead-end host, requires them to be in good health. It’s not the immune system’s failure to recognize the pathogen that causes people to spread this virus, as with less rapidly mutating viruses like smallpox, it’s the immune system’s inability to fully eliminate this virus that is the cause of the problem.

      There is no vaccine out there that makes an unhealthy person healthy.

  3. Could you please define or explain the “dynamic zero” policy? I haven’t seen that before. I suppose it’s intended to be a more sophisticated, less discredited version of “Covid zero,” but I don’t know what the distinction is.

  4. Maybe it is a synthesis of vaccination and built in “feature” of SARS-CoV-2?

    Do you know this study?

    Heterogeneous ACE2 expression in different ethnic groups might be a measure of differential population reactions to COVID-19. For example, Asians have a higher ACE2 expression than African Americans and Caucasians. The expression quantitative loci for upregulating ACE2 can be up to almost 100% in East Asians, which are over 30% higher than other racial groups.185,198 The prevalence of ACE2-downregulating variants is 54% in non-Finnish Europeans, 39% in Africans/African Americans, and 2–10% in Latinos/admixed Americans, East Asians, Finns, and South Asians, while Amish and Ashkenazi Jewish populations seem to carry none of such variants.171 Highly penetrant dominant trait presenting in the ACE2 gene probably affects familial clusters.10 Approximately 320–365 out of every 100,000 humans possess SNVs decreasing spike binding, while 4–12 of every 100,000 humans possess SNVs increasing spike binding. Specific SNVs affecting S protein binding are more abundant in individuals of a certain ancestry, and this frequency may vary six-fold between different ancestries.199

    This in combination with their vaccination program that also triggers OAS/ADE must be a legendary fuck up for the CCP. Vaccination made it even worse. Maybe it emediatly starts to backfire, if they let C19 rip through the chinese pupulation. 🙁

    • East Asians are the descendants of a population that survived a historical coronavirus outbreak more than 20,000 years ago. If anything, we would expect them to be congenitally less susceptible.

      • Indeed, but not to a Corona virus with an manufactured spike 😉

        And the highly manufactured part of the whole virus is the spike. Keeping that in mind leeds us to the question, which country funded the GoF of this virus?

        Hint: Not the Chinese

        So if it was funded, this leeds us (or US 😉 ) to another even more interesting question: What is the proposed aim of this genetic engineered virus?

        Hint: As always gain oft power, respectively maintaining Status Quo

          • Read the second part of my answer, so it becomes much clearer what I mean…

            One more hint: It wasn’t a lab leak by accident, it was on purpose…

      • That does appear to be true… covid only really spread in East Asia when the Omicron variant appeared, which had the contagion necessary to break into the area.

        Caucasians (Europeans, Middle Easterners, and South Asians) are second-least susceptible, I guess because we’ve been exposed to Chinese diseases over the millennia, such as the Black Death.

        All other races get hit hard.

  5. I’m very open minded and gotta say to this day I still read the @Harvard2H guy on twitter who desperately insists this virus is a live-attenuated vaccine deattenuating to more virulence and how the Chinese know what’s going on and what’s coming, have done mRNA experiments with the Uyghurs and are doing all of this for a good reason.

    I don’t necessarily think he’s right and it doesn’t help that sometimes I see foolish videos from China such as trucks disinfecting the air.

    From the absurd policies of the West or China, it all just feels dystopic and hard to understand what’s really going on.

  6. Your thesis here is that the leaders of China are no fools, and they seem to be very scared of this virus, so that’s a strong indication that it is really scary. Ok, but that isn’t itself a defense of what they’re doing (as I’m sure you understand).

    Part of the objection to NPC planet is that it has been an overreaction to a bug with a seemingly unexceptional IFR, but (for me at least) the greater objections have always been:
    (1) much – not all – of it is anti-miasma theater that won’t slow spread materially
    (2) there’s no off-ramp, since the virus can’t be eradicated from humanity, let alone deer and other wild-animal reservoirs
    (3) we’re all dead in the long run anyway, and this is no way for people to live

    Even if (3) isn’t going to carry much weight with the leaders of China (or, in fairness, other countries), who aren’t ones to look a gift horse in the mouth when an opportunity for greater top-down control presents itself, there’s still (1), and especially (2).

    So unless, you’re confident the Chinese leadership have coolly evaluated that the NPC regime is preventing more harms (however they may calculate them) than it is causing – and that this will continue to hold true *forever* – then they’re still not making a rational policy choice.

    And if we allow that they can be wrong about that, then why rely on the premise that they really have the straight dope on how nasty SARS-Cov-2 is? If they can be panicky about one thing, then why not another?

    I’m not disputing at present this blog’s position that the virus is actually very bad news (and that virus plus mRNA shots is very, very bad news). But I’m skeptical that the Chinese response is evidence with much (as lawyers say) probative value in that direction.

    There are so many high-functioning people whose brains got fried by covidian pandemicism right off the bat (too quickly to ascribe it to any viral particles that got in there). From any number of possible examples, I’m thinking of Noam Chomsky. His linguistic theories are all wrong, but he’s a highly intelligent man who’s spent decades researching and decrying government and corporate shenanigans. Then covid shows up, and he’s all on board with the biggest governmental and corporate power play ever.

    Or radio “shock jock” Howard Stern, a screw-the-boss libertarian and prankster. He’s only in the last few weeks begun to leave his house for the first time since lockdown in 2020.

    Or basically everyone I know: smart people who have never in three years had a rational, critical thought about covid.

    So why not Xi Jinping? Who and what is to stop him from externalizing his germophobia to the largest country in the world?

  7. What China is doing to its people is very rational, pointlessly cruel, and prone to stupid errors. They may be smarter about covid, but they are essentially no different from the West in that they degrade life to avoid owning up to death.

  8. >So unless, you’re confident the Chinese leadership have coolly evaluated that the NPC regime is preventing more harms (however they may calculate them) than it is causing – and that this will continue to hold true *forever* – then they’re still not making a rational policy choice.

    The cost to maintain dynamic zero COVID varies over time. It is generally pushed up by evolution of the virus, as it evolves to become better at spreading from one person to the next.

    On the other hand, it can be pushed down by new technology. They have their QR code system, they have introduced UVC disinfectant in many places and they’ll probably eventually deploy mucosal vaccines that could be better at stopping transmission.

    And if hypothetically speaking their technologies become sufficient to push r0 below 1 eventually, their dynamic zero model would have low costs and economic impact. You don’t need an exit strategy for zero COVID if the cost to sustain it is low.

    Here in the Netherlands we used to have endemic malaria until 1959. Although we continue to see malaria cases in people who fly into the country, the cost to sustain zero endemic malaria cases is low, so we don’t mind the cost of a zero malaria strategy and we’re not looking for an exit strategy to learn to live with it, we simply exterminated the mosquito that carries it.

    It’s obvious they’re not there yet when it comes to a sustainable zero COVID strategy, the cost is massive right now, but they could very well be expecting it to get easier in the future.

    What I do know about the CCP is:

    1. They’re smart.
    2. They’re ruthless.

    It’s plausible that SARS-COV-2 is a product of a vaccine development program that went wrong. It’s also perfectly plausible that SARS-COV-2 is a bioweapon designed to deal with us the same way they deal with the Uighur and Falun Gong practitioners. It’s possible it was intentionally released but spilled over into the Wuhan population, it’s also possible it accidentally escaped. Sometimes when a terrorist plans on using an explosive device against his enemy it prematurely detonates in the process of manufacturing it. This is no different for a bioterrorist.

    We live in a world home to eight billion people, a world that is rapidly losing its ability to feed all eight billion of us. If we’re unwilling to consider the possibility that China actively anticipates the sort of problems we merely passively respond to (or actively deny, like most of my commentariat), then we’re probably not the ones who will inherit the future.

    What I can’t help but notice is that China seems strangely comfortable with the rest of the world interpreting their zero COVID policy as an irrational absurdity.

    • Well, that’s a reasonable response, thanks. I’m sorry we’re living in a world where dystopian, nightmare, sci-fi shit like that counts as reasonable, but here we are.

      I’m glad about the Netherlands and malaria. And it’s not like we’re looking for an exit strategy from washing our hands as a way to slow fecal-oral spread of various diseases. So obviously NPC in the broadest sense can work long-term.

      Still, that’s more credit than I’m willing to give the Chinese authorities. What’s on the label doesn’t always describe what’s in the tin. For me, Occam’s razor still hasn’t shaved past them being fuckups like the rest of us.

      But ultimately, if they’re that good at being bad, they’ll win it all.

  9. Your posts have been very good, much to ponder. Very few Westerners know anything about China. Few geopolitical analysts can be trusted. Some say zero covid is justified & supported, and ask long will it take for the West to be brought down to its knees by the destruction of the labor force. Some say this is truly an organic movement, inspired by self-reform philosophy. Regardless, China’s economy is planned until 2049, and that speaks for itself.

  10. Quote: “And most importantly: BA.5 is the most brain-damaging version we’ve seen so far of this virus.”

    Are you sure the brain damage comes from viral-spikes and not only from jab-spikes?

    A quote from Walter Chesnuts new posting:
    “We and others have failed to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus using a variety of highly sensitive techniques.”

    If they can’t find the virus in the brain, then only the vaxxed are affected.

    • Yes… also we need to know if the study about the Spaniards who got the first wave also examined how many vaxxes they got since then, and if that makes a difference. Spain is one of the most vaxx-happy countries in the entire world. And my impression at least is that only vaxx zealots are complaining about long covid.

      A lot of symptoms could also be due essentially to allergic reactions from later strains of covid in the environment, or even to vaxxed people. (My brother and sister get mild but weird headaches and other symptoms when they’re around vaxxed people that disappear when they go home.)

    • Quote: “Are you sure the brain damage comes from viral-spikes and not only from jab-spikes?”

      This is also backed by findings of the Pathology Conference.

      From a Twitter thread:
      “and in the cells of the vessel wall, in particular the endothelium
      (Figure 9), as well as in the Nucleus ruber (Figure 10). In contrast, the nucleocapsid protein of SARS-CoV-2 could not be detected in any of the corresponding tissue sections
      (Figures 11 and 12). In addition,”

      No detection of nucleokapsid protein in the brain and other organ tissue, but the proteins from the (jibb-jab) spike…

      • Whoopsie the rest of the findigs (Twitter thread from above).


        “Immunohistochemical staining for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 antigens (spike protein and nucleocapsid) was studied in the brain and heart. In the brain, SARS-CoV-2 spike protein subunit 1 was detected in the endothelia, microglia, and astrocytes in the necrotic areas

        (Figures 6 and 7). Furthermore, spike protein could be demonstrated in the
        areas of lymphocytic periarteritis, present in the thoracic and abdominal aorta and iliac branches, as well as a cerebral basal artery (Figure 8). The SARS-CoV-2 subunit 1 was found in macrophages

        and in the cells of the vessel wall, in particular the endothelium
        (Figure 9), as well as in the Nucleus ruber (Figure 10). In contrast, the nucleocapsid protein of SARS-CoV-2 could not be detected in any of the corresponding tissue sections
        (Figures 11 and 12). In addition,”

        This is the importent part:

        –> nucleocapsid protein of SARS-CoV-2 could not be detected in any of the corresponding tissue section <—

  11. A month ago I advised a guy I know to move to China for this very reason. He is in his 20s and is the only person I know who is in a position to do so. No-one ever listens to me about covid and I’m sure he won’t be the first person to listen, but I tried.

  12. XI said to the chinese, after reelection, to prep for war.
    Maybe their off-ramp is: keep zero covid policy until the adverse effects of mrna and omicron combined weaken (eliminate?) the western army, then win whatever China wants, like Taiwan, then chill.

  13. re: nothingburgers – what about that portion of the population that doesn’t seem to catch covid in the first place?

    I didn’t get the vaccine, minimized my social interaction for a couple years, now I’m pretty much back to normal. I’ve been very mildly ill a couple times (mild in the sense that I noticed it, not enough to prevent me from doing whatever) but each time I do a covid test it comes back negative. No other health problems. (For comparison, I used to catch the flu one out of three years or so, and one out of five such cases would be bad.) No noticeable change in mental abilities either. I’ve been figuring that if I was going to have some sort of covid-related problem it would have happened by now.

    ” It’s also perfectly plausible that SARS-COV-2 is a bioweapon designed to deal with us the same way they deal with the Uighur and Falun Gong practitioners.”

    I do not find this remotely plausible because it requires a level of control and understanding of the virus and of human molecular biology that is not anywhere visible in current human technology and behavior.

    If the Chinese could do something like that, the Western agencies ought to be able to at least perceive the possibility, even if they couldn’t match it. The Chinese being able to implement such a scheme while the West remains oblivious would require a technical gap of multiple generations. I can’t make that work no matter how I contort available evidence – for one thing, there just hasn’t been enough time for such work to take place.

    For comparison, when Reagan announced SDI, the Russians asked themselves “is he serious? can they do it?” and the answer they came up with was “it might be possible for them but definitely not for us”. They could see their way to the technological requirements, even though they themselves couldn’t meet those requirements. There’s no equivalent to the sort of deep subtleness involved in the sort of bioweapon you’re talking about – it’s outside the current horizon for everybody.

    And this is the same China that can’t manufacture its own cutting-edge semiconductor chips.

    • >If the Chinese could do something like that, the Western agencies ought to be able to at least perceive the possibility, even if they couldn’t match it. The Chinese being able to implement such a scheme while the West remains oblivious would require a technical gap of multiple generations.

      Why do you think we had Peter Daszak funding their coronavirus experiments?

      Our intelligence agencies tried to stay informed on what the hell the Chinese were upto. You do that by funding their scientists.

      There’s this naive notion in some circles that we didn’t want to do Gain of Function domestically so we burdened the poor Chinese with it and then once it escaped from the WIV the Chinese were shocked to discover this was going on.

      In reality they were already busy weaponizing these viruses around 2015 and to make sure we didn’t get caught unaware of whatever the hell they were doing our scientists sought to work with them where possible.

      Their regime is ruthless. They commit genocide against ethnic minorities. They forcibly sterilize women. They forcibly abort fetuses. They harvest people’s organs to sell them to the highest bidder. This virus clearly has useful military purposes, the big question left to answer is whether they did this all intentionally or the whole thing prematurely began to spread.

      And in contrast to delusional optimistic Westoids who always think “technology will fix it”, the Chinese are smart and understand what sort of mess lies ahead of us: Depleting oil reserves. Eroding soils. Food shortages, unprecedented heatwaves, unprecedented droughts. It’s perfectly possible they’re anticipating what kind of horrors we will face in the 21st century.

      The virus was already everywhere by late 2019. I think it’s perfectly possible they exported their lockdown policies because they needed us to get rid of our cross-reactive immunity to other respiratory pathogens to enable SARS-COV-2 to spread in our population. They were literally sending their drones to American police as gifts to enforce social distancing, they were extremely eager to get everyone to participate in the social distancing experiment.

      And most importantly: They have been gathering data on the genetic makeup of Western populations for a long long time now.

      It’s also possible it’s all just one big accident. I’m not arguing that’s impossible. But you have to be really naive, to think the Chinese Communist Party is just stupid. They’re not stupid.

      • Honestly it’s even possible the people pushing the mRNA vaccines that set Westoids up for constant immune-depleting reinfections are on their payroll. The Moderna CEO seems to have sold his soul to the CCP long ago and Pfizer seems to simply copy what Moderna is doing.

        If China thought mRNA vaccines are a good idea, then China would be developing and administering their own mRNA vaccines. If they’re not doing that, then they have a reason for not doing that.

  14. We absolutely should consider the possibility that the CCP rulers are doing their best to serve the Chinese people, but tbh I do not believe it. It’s maybe just me, because I had a glimpse of the communist eastern block reality first hand.
    For example, when the Chernobyl NPP blew up, the officials in Bulgaria covered their asses and said nothing. The ordinary people were happily eating fresh radioactive vegetables and getting exposed to radioactive rains. Those bastards didn’t think twice and effectively killed many many children to save their privileged positions. There were no iodine tablets being distributed, because it would have revealed that there was a radioactive leak indeed.
    Why would the CCP aparatchiks be any different, given their track record.
    Imagine, if the police and military in China would pull back and leave the CCP officials on their own. What will happen to the aparatchiks, including Xi then? They need to control the masses or are dirt poor and maybe dead in no time. And that is the obvious motivation to do everything possible to control the masses. This also holds for the EU and maybe even the majority of the western nations as well.
    Apparently, I am the moron claiming it’s all about control. The WEF oligarchs are enjoying extremely privileged positions and know all too well that they can lose a lot if they do not maintain control of the narrative and the masses. It is as simple as self preservation for them. Why on earth should we dismiss this simple argument and go for a convoluted explanation relying on the good will of wise Emperors like Xi? The motivation being self preservation of the ruling class by controlling the population and the flow of information sounds at least worth considering.
    To add

  15. “Why haven’t there been any high level whistle-blowers”…there have been many. You not seeing their leaked info, does not mean I did not see it, and then watch the originally wild seeming allegations turn out to be accurate (and all traces of it disappear from the clear web). You aren’t reading the right uncensored sources (because there basically are none, that most people are aware of).

    “Why would elites Vax their kids if..”
    How in fucks name do you claim to know what true elites actually did or didn’t inject themselves with? Numerous leaked 2nd camera angle videos show actual highish level elites supposedly vaxing themselves on camera, for pr, actually faking it. That, and those you think of as elites are just low level pawns, the real power elites prefer we don’t even know their names, and part of the leaked, partially verified and ongoing plan is to sacrifice off many of the current mid level talking heads, when it finally becomes clear what was done, so that the actual price can come in like saviours, rescuing all the individual nations rising up from their corrupt governments with their “fantastic” one world government.

    Criticism of alternative hypotheses should be done from WITHIN the bounds of said hypothesis, and requires you actually know what that hypothesis is.

    Saying elites injected themselves without even knowing who they are, or having any way to verify said injections is moronic.

  16. I think it’s a mistake to assume that a high IQ nation will not be prone to foolishness. Just look at what our educated, credentialled class have been doing these past 2.5 years. They don’t have any special insight into the virus. They are also the most enthusiastic vaccinators, something which you acknowledge has been a massive blunder. If anything, IQ and education correlates with covid foolishness and I don’t think that the Chinese are necessarily exceptions.

    Not that I know the Chinese, and I’m not following what goes on there. I just read at Igor Chudov’s substack that the Chinese are starting to back down and claim that the virus is becoming less serious. Perhaps they aren’t so dissimilar to us.

  17. Another argument against the good intentions of China’s zero covid policy: if they were that mindful of the chinese people’s health, where is the massive implementation of cheap early treatment protocols?
    It is proven that prophylactic ivermectin treatment massively reduces the chances to even test positive for covid. That’s just one example.
    Prophylactic and early treatments are smart – they’d reduce the viral load massively and one could get away with a minor airways infection resulting in robust immunity. Lockdowns against an airborne virus with massive animal reservoirs – not so much! Still lockdowns were implemented, but early protocols not.
    My personal opinion is – the CCP is afraid of losing their grips on the population during times of economic hardship and uses covid as a pretext to implement total surveillance and control with the covid app. You’ve all heard of the stories where the covid app turns red for potential protesters – pre-crime the CCP style, or should I say pre-protest.

  18. Agree, I always thought this was a possibility. To me the question it raises though is: what’s the end-game? If China thinks this is a deadly-serious virus, what are they DOING about it? (Besides locking people down, I mean.) I’d find it more convincing as an explanation if we had evidence they were working on some strategy to cure the virus, besides just locking people down.

  19. As Robert Malone reported a few months ago:

    “The technology is now advanced to the point where pathogens can be engineered so they’re relatively specific for different ethnic groups based on their genetics. Pathogens can be engineered. I can tell you my friends, or what used to be my buddies at DTRA, Defense Threat Reduction Agency Chem Bio Division, are extremely acutely aware that agents can be engineered to target ethnic groups.”

    Apparently, modern-day China is 91% Han Chinese, so perhaps the Chinese have good reason to be even more concerned about the virus. (There were suggestions that the ethnic targeting of pathogens was being worked on in Ukraine.)

    • Sars 1 was one of the first widespread tests of a genetically targeted virus. Tens of thousands of Asian deaths, less than ten European deaths, or something like that. That level of disparity is extremely unlikely via anything other than lab made targeting

    • >Apparently, modern-day China is 91% Han Chinese, so perhaps the Chinese have good reason to be even more concerned about the virus.

      Have a good look at Taiwan (mainly populated by Han Chinese), or just the overall death toll reported by the CCP right now and it becomes clear that this virus currently circulating is not particularly dangerous for East Asians.

      The most vulnerable are Indigenous Americans.

  20. Since the Chinese have apparently abandoned zero.m-covid after just a few days of protests, and are now saying the virus has turned “mild,” perhaps stupidity was the explanation after all?

    • The problem they’re dealing with is that they’re no longer able to get back down to zero cases.

      That’s why they’re preparing the grounds for an exit strategy.

  21. The idea that the CCP is incapable of taking an insane idea and running with it to the utter detriment of the Chinese people has obviously forgotten the post war history of China. The Great Leap Forward created mass death in 1960s China, because of rabid adherence to the ideas of Mao. Tens of millions died in man made starvations. The Cultural Revolution that followed similarly killed hundreds of thousands more in violent social upheavals, and reduced the country to a state of utter chaos. It all only ended with the death of Mao in 1976.

    Now I’m not saying that the idea that the Chinese ‘know something’ about covid is false, I’m just saying that the idea that they are ‘too clever’ to take a stupid policy and run with it while it kills millions is also false – history tells us that both the CCP and the Chinese people are capable of doing just that.

  22. You’re focusing too narrowly on the coof and not seeing the bigger picture. This is all part of the reconfiguration of the world’s economy along with the depopulation. China is the manufacturing centre of the world. The Chinese Zero Covid Policy is about shutting down economic activity. That is its primary purpose. The WEF have praised China’s Zero Covid Policy and the panopticon China has instantiated. Clearly some of the coof propaganda coming out of China is fake – the people dropping dead in the streets was fake. Biolabs developing this were all over the world – there were a lot in Ukraine, now all destroyed or in the process of being destroyed. This isn’t about the coof, this about the WEF Agenda of depopulation and reconfiguring the world’s economy and the implementation of the panopticon. Different countries have different roles to play, China is playing its part.

  23. The Chinese government surely knows about the different cheap medical solutions to combat Covid (ivermectine, hydroxychloroquine, ,vit D, Zinc, etc). Why do you think they rather prefer to use the draconian lockdown measures?

  24. My impression is China is in economic peril and can’t afford to lose any more of it’s workforce to covid. Hence the iron-fist solution of lockdowns.

  25. Just discovering and thoroughly enjoying your blog.

    “the government injected people with the mRNA vaccines because they just want to kill everyone” – these people are truly retarded.

    Worse still, they undermine our ability to have rational conversations about the fact that the vaccines may well be killing people. Any notion of this is easily cast aside as a “conspiracy theory” due to the incessant wailing of utter Q-tards.

    The irony is, I have no doubt that these Q-tards are incredibly helpful to the government agenda, whatever inspires it.

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