The return of Quetzalcoatl

The year is 2034. The Aztec feathered serpent deity Quetzalcoatl has returned back from the East to Mexico city, now known again as Tenochtitlan. He has taken his throne once more, to warn the people of the approaching end of the world, if they do not change their ways immediately.

Quetzalcoatl explained that generations of human sacrifice by the Aztecs served to keep Mesoamerica covered in dense forests and population density low, all in an effort to sequester as much carbon as possible. This was necessary in anticipation of the Beast to the East, that would seek to destroy the world once and for all, replacing free humans and animals with slaves to a demiurg known to them as Artificial Intelligence. The humans would be simulated on sillicon chips from now on, utterly at the mercy of a system that imprisons them.

Quetzalcoatl warned his people that this must be prevented. All attempts at developing AI have to be destroyed and to enable the Earth to sequester all the carbon dioxide released by the Beast to the East, the whole human race must transition to veganism.

But then, an angry voice from the back of the crowd dared to interrupt the Aztec God-Emperor:

“Veganism? Then how do we get our protein?”

The feathered serpent was silent for a moment, before his dark deep voice said: “Capture him.”

He was carried to the temple of the Feathered Serpent at Teotihuacan and placed on top of the altar.

“This is what you get when these green WEF wackos brainwashed by Klaus Schwab’s global warming hoax get to carry out their Agenda 21! I tried warning you all about this on the ZeroHedge comment section, but nobody upvoted my comment!” He uttered, before the obsidian blade sank into his sternum and the Aztec high priest extracted his heart and held it up towards the sun.

“This is how we shall get our protein!” The priest proclaimed.

The crowd cheered, except for a handful of low status white males who had gathered in the audience. “Um, this is not looking very patriotic, or Christian, or constitutional and I see no freedom here either.” A low status white male by the name of Joe Sixpack said to his drinking buddy. They tried to hurry away through the crowd, but they didn’t make it through, before the crowd turned against them and they were dragged to the altar.

Low status white males were soon being sacrificed and cannibalized left and right. They were even betrayed by their own wives and children. “Go away Mexicans, I am not a low status white male, I’m a medium status white male!” A man by the name of Billy-Bob was recorded as saying.

But then his wife walked up to the door. “Look what I found in his internet history: A two hour documentary about how feminism was invented by the Rockefeller foundation and how cervical orgasms are a leftist hoax invented by sexologist Alfred Kinsey! Take him away!” She said, never again was a sign of life to be heard from Billy-Bob.

Five years later

Things are now looking bleak for low status white males. The Aztec empire has resurrected itself and invaded the United States. There are underground resistance organizations, but Klaus Schwab had secretly been training all WEF young leaders to prepare for the prophesied return of the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl, so low status white males were unprepared for what was about to happen.

In a hut deep in the remote mountain forests in rural West Virginia, three low status white males who call themselves The New Sons of Liberty have gathered together to organize a seance in an attempt to resurrect the spirit of Thomas Jefferson to find new hope for low status white males.

“Durr I don’t know about any of this seance stuff, doesn’t seem very Biblical to me but I ain’t no preacher man.” Cleetus said.

“Look you idiot, these globalists want to keep you weak and pathetic, that’s why they fluoridate the water supply, that’s why they put out all this stupid crap on TV, that’s why they came up with this man-made global warming hoax, that’s why they infiltrated the churches and convinced dumb schmucks like you that you’re not supposed to summon the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, I SAY WE BRING HIM BACK RIGHT NOW!” A man by the name of Alex Jones blurted from the top of his lungs, before entering into a coughing fit.

“I think I’ve overused my voice a bit during my radio career.” He added. “You think so?” Sam, another freedom-loving patriot, quipped. Alex seemed to have natural leadership abilities and so he began the ritual.

“When shall we three meet again,
In thunder, lightning, HAARP manipulated hailstorms, a fake fearmongering lamestream media hurricane or in rain?”

Alex said.

“Look can we skip this part? If low status white males were any good at rhyming they wouldn’t be hunting us down like a pack of feral hogs right now.” Sam responded.

“Alright alright whatever. Hocus-pocus, on Thomas Jefferson we focus.” Alex responded, before his eyes turned back into his head and his skin developed an eerie green glow.

“Servants, why did you wake me up from my eternal rest?” The ghost of Thomas asked through Alex body.

“Thomas, Thomas, there’s an ongoing global genocide against low status white males!” Sam answered.

“Oh, is that it? That’s what you woke me up for? You realize I intended this nation to be for yeoman farmers right? They’re basically the equivalent of a modern day WASP with a verified Twitter account. I mean, you basically look Irish to me. Do you expect me to care? You dumbasses should’ve tried calling Thomas Paine, rather than disturbing me while I could’ve been creampieing my negre-“

“Urr the language has changed Tom”

“Fine what am I supposed to say?”

“Woman of color”


“No, that’s extremely racist.”

“But woman of color is ok?”


“But that’s basically just the same words, in reverse order.”

“Now look Tom, I don’t make the rules here. In fact, after we got the whole global warming thing wrong, low status white males don’t get to decide anything anymore. I’m just telling you that if you don’t want a whole new “Controversy” section added to your Wikipedia page, it’s time you work on your language skills and ditch some of the autism.” Sam insisted firmly.

“Can you just let me go back to bed? Your world sounds hellish.” Jefferson asked.

“Fine.’ Sam responded.

Alex Jones opened his eyes again, the pale green glow on his skin disappeared and he looked around confused.

“What happened?” Alex asked.

“Now look, I don’t want to ruin your day any more than it already is, but there’s probably a reason there’s an All-seeing eye on our dollar bills and on the great seal of the United States. I don’t think these guys were busy looking out for the little man.” Sam said.

“YOU SHUT YOUR GODDAMN TRAITOROUS MOUTH YOU TRAITOROUS PIECE OF TRASH!” Alex screamed from the top of his lungs, before descending into another even more horrific sounding coughing fit.

“Durrr… now I ain’t the brightest bulb in the box, but maybe if yall want to save our skin, we should be trying to think of someone who genuinely cares about low status white males -pardon me- freedom loving patriotic alpha males like you and me. How about Hitler?” Cleetus asked.

“He called Americans half negrified, half-judaised. The Germans fetishized native Americans and tried allying with Mexico in the first world war, if we resurrect Hitler he’s probably just going to give the Mexicans advice on how to process our corpses.” Sam answered.

“Alright fine, ditch the Hitler idea. How about Lenin?” Alex Jones asked.

“Alex Jones wants to hold a seance to resurrect the spirit of Lenin? Wait until your listeners find out!” Sam responded.

“Alright how about we just point out to them that global warming is a hoax? If we point out this whole end-of-the-world fantasy is just a doomsday cult then they’re going to leave us alone.” Alex Jones suggested.

“Alright fine, I’m going to explain to them that volcanoes emit more CO2 than humans do.” Cleetus said.

“Now hold on there Cleetus, I think that’s kind of hard to defend.” Sam responded.

“It got 6000 likes on Twitter.” Cleetus answered.

“Yeah but so did a post saying evolution is a hoax, the Earth is flat and 6000 years old. Sam said.

“Well the Earth is flat and 6000 years old.” Cleetus responded.

“Fine, Alex, what do you propose?” Sam asked.

“Just point out that all these weather stations are near the big cities, so the warming is all just from the urban heat island effect!” Alex suggested.

“There was this physicist who argued that, then he studied it himself, found out that even without the weather stations affected by the urban heat island effect you still see the same amount of warming and he changed his mind.” Sam responded.

“IT’S CAUSED BY THE FRICKING SUN!” Alex blurted out.







“Now hold on there Alex. That sounds like a conspiracy. Isn’t that your thing? Warning people about conspiracies?” Sam asked.

“Yeah but people don’t like to hear this one, because it means they have to ditch their SUV, ditch their beef and pay higher energy bills. Whereas when I tell them the whole thing was invented by satan worshipping pedophiles who want to kill us all, then they can feel angry instead of feeling guilty. And human beings tend to prefer feeling angry over feeling guilty. We’d rather think of ourselves as victims than as victimizers.” Alex answered, right as the door went open.

The Mexicans had found their shack in the woods. “Ah, there they are, the new sons of liberty. Very patriotic, very constitutional. I wonder how your liver would taste with some oregano, garlic and some lemon juice.”

“Durr, that stuff is full of carbs, that’s going to make you fat. Just fry the liver in some lard.” Cleetus responded, right before he fainted as his body struggled to function on ketosis. When he woke up again, he was led in chains to the top of a pyramid, where he witnessed Alex Jones having his heart extracted by an Aztec High Priest.

The End


  1. I recently re-watched Apocalypto it made me wonder how long it would be until someone memes Fauci’s face onto the short little priest at the top of the pyramid, but stabbing someone with a big syringe full of mRNA instead of the obsidian knife. It’s just too perfect.

    I think with this post you have managed to step on enough shibboleths of the right and left to alienate the vast majority of people who will read it – excellent job. Extra points for the Macbeth reference.

  2. You’re one of these rare people who can hold two opposing views in their head at the same time…and find a way to trigger people across the entire political spectrum lol

  3. This will be my one and only comment here.
    Clearly, you cannot handle all of the attention your immune system articles have brought you.
    You want to go back to obscurity, which is why you resort to insults and alienating people. People who are merely seeking information and answers during the ongoing crime that is covid.
    Childish, selfish, and a crying shame.

    • Now look Mr. Twelvepack,

      This is my personal blog. I see endless “feminist cringe compilation #4435” videos on Youtube, I see guys complain about “lack of freedom of speech on campus” or about “triggered snowflakes” and so I figured those guys would be alright with it if I held up a mirror to them, to get some of my own points across.

      But rather than being ok with that, they apparently expect me to behave like a monkey on a string, endlessly pointing out that these vaccines are a bad thing to have injected into your body.

      Why would I go along with that?

      • Once something trends. Grifting commences. What you see is the result. Even though I myself found those ideas interesting once upon a time. Grifters came along.

      • “if I held up a mirror to them, to get some of my own points across.”

        You’re implying that the most intelligent white men believe in Progressivism, which you agree with on every point except COVID(?)

        This was true in the 1930s but today the government is filling up with midwits and smart people are just afraid. As you yourself have pointed out.

        They’re now canceling Nick Bostrom for making “Cleetus” statements. Is he dumb?

        I appreciate this post on some level, but agree with Twelvepack that you’re attacking your audience deliberately and not particularly fairly. Maybe you just don’t like the demographic you’ve attracted. After all you are a sort of hippie (not an insult).

  4. That’s right guys, the gods hate everything rintrah hates, and will righteously depose his internet enemies in Two More Weeks ™

  5. Rintrah, it’s a cheap trick of the TBTB to work with ur-fear. Hunger, thirst, heat, cold, death, disease.

    They fooled me with ur-angst from cold, I believed we will freeze to death because of collapsing gulf stream.

    They fooled you with ur angst from heat.

  6. With so many opposing perspectives, complex networks of perception management, and multiple levels of interconnectedness there is a degree of truth wherever you look.

    There is no benefit to thinking we have it all figured out, because we never can.

    Appreciate the creativity and humor as a helpful mirror when, likely all of us, find we have strayed into one area or another and start to feel views solidifying. It’s so easy and appealing to have the clear Enemy. The clear allies. But it’s largely a farce, especially online when you really have no idea who anyone is on a personal level.

    Take information as it comes and continue to scrutinize, be patient, and for ourselves and everyone’s benefit take more time offline to develop yourself and see how much of these nonsense politically charged beliefs really impact your life.

  7. It’s sad to see someone with top quintile IQ would waste so much time either brewing in biochemically induced fantasy tripping, or digitally whining about his fellow white males with different temperaments nonstop. What fundamentally sets you apart from a homeless societal leech then? Both are a profound form of wasting of life and human potential, one blatantly obvious and one more discrete. What a pathetic and whimpy existence.

      • Indeed. I’m increasingly convinced this entire horror show is in large part due to Bill Gates’s desire for a nobel peace prize.

    • “Why don’t you do X, why don’t you do Y!?!?”

      Well see there’s the thing.

      I live in a world where everything is a screw-you-I-got-mine scam.

      A world where college makes you stupid and turns you into a debt slave, where vaccines give you COVID, where most people can now barely afford to eat and heat their home, where billions of animals are kept locked up in concentration camps before being killed by machines and where the Earth is gradually becoming uninhabitable and most people are in denial about it.

      And there isn’t anything left to do about it. If someone has a genius solution they’ll get onto the cover of Time magazine and then a few years later they’re off to prison because it was a scam. To think that there is some sort of potential to do something genuinely useful in this world is naive.

      What makes it bearable, to me at least, is the ability to laugh about it.

      • “And there isn’t anything left to do about it” well, clearly you are intelligent enough to see the problems but either not intelligent or brave enough to man up and attempt to solve at least part of the problems. Then, get the hell out of the way. The rest of us are not giving up and we want to fight.

  8. There is a cognitive dissonance, between the scientific arguments against vaccines and the get vegan or the planet dies you stubborn losers.
    Same people read both. Its strange.
    Good to see though that unwaxed trend strongly to disagree with woowoo climatechange.

  9. Occasionally, you’ve written about the cognitive decline during the last two years. If you like, have a look at these two books:

    Woodley of Menie, M. A., Figueredo, A. J., Sarraf, M. A., Hertler, S., Fernandes, H. B. F., & Peñaherrera-Aguirre, M. (2017). The Rhythm of the West: A Biohistory of the Modern Era AD 1600 to the Present, volume 37 of Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies: Monograph Series. Washington, D.C.: The Council for Social and Economic Studies. ISBN: 978-1-878465-50-4

    Sarraf, M. A., Woodley of Menie, M. A., & Feltham, C. (2019). Modernity and Cultural Decline: A Biobehavioral Perspective. Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-32984-6.

    These two books comprise genetic analyses regarding intelligence of the population. Really depressing stuff.

    The former book can be found via the internet (pdf file), the latter book I can send to your e-mail account.

  10. Life is short, Mehen. And no, life follows laws of nature, it is far from absurd. What’s absurd is your unrealistic expectation of what it should look like and be undeservingly disappointed when reality doesn’t deliver, Mehen. Get a grip.

  11. Alex Jones

    (And yes I think this is very likely true. I have seen videos of Alex Jones when he was on a radio station in Arkansas, and it’s not the guy being called Alex Jones now.) Alex Jones is a shill and most people with any sense know it.

    Child molestation. Pedo blackmail.


    Now in Witchita kansas says Ted Gunderson

    2.Uncle Jimmy took me to his sick parties: Nephew tells how his childhood was stolen at 13
    FBI Investigates Presidio Child Molestation Report(This was called hysteria but some of the children had sexually transmitted diseases)

    One of the men said to be involved by the children was a military intelligence officer.

    “…Italian news reporters, who broadcast scenes from the films [child rape pedophile snuff] live at prime time on Italian television to more than 11 million Italian viewers….”


    Victim Claims Sandusky Sex Scandal Connected to Philadelphia Pedophile Network _ American Free Press

    The Franklin Scandal In-Depth Article – By: Nick Bryant


    Pictures of Pres. Bush with homosexual prostitute. This guy got a White house pass to be a press corespondent.

    Michelle Obama Man or Woman

    11.Two Swedish twins attempt suicide on camera after being questioned at roadside by police

    They wipe this video if you search for the heading you can usually find a copy.

    12.I Was a Sex Slave to Europe’s Elite at Age 6

    Chart of global temperature last 12,000 years

    On the idea that we can do nothing about protein. We do not have to cage up cows and then murder them in factories. Why this is not more widespread is likely the same people who created these vaccines and own most everything, are not in favor of it, so funding is stymied. The efficiency for making food like this is 200 times higher. And it could be grown in vats in the desert, with solar cells over the vats to provide the power needed. So no new farm land needed. Only wasteland turned to production.

    BTW I’m fanatically in favor of electric cars for National and personal independence reasons.

    We can solve most of our energy needs with solar but Molten Salt reactors would be nice too. A ball of Thorium the size of a golf ball would provide very high American levels of energy for one persons whole life and Thorium is more prevalent than lead. There are many thousands of years, or more, of supply.

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