The right to an alternative to the university

Dutch universities tend to be miserable places, full of abuse of power, intrigue, sexual misconduct and other scandals. Today there’s the faculty of Archeology in Leiden that’s in the news, where nine employees suffered a burnout and the professors just fuck their students and steal their research. But Dutch people are strangely submissive to authority, so everyone here ultimately just accepts this as part of life, that you have to expose yourself to these power-hungry narcissists.

In the old days you could just start working after finishing high school, but these days you’re basically forced to spend four years in an environment like this, as otherwise most jobs are just off limits to you. And in the United States you have alternative options in life if you’re confident, creative and intelligent, in the Netherlands that’s just not really true. You can drop out of college to start a startup, or in California you can work in music or on a movie set and if you can do nothing you can always do porn. Here that’s just not really true.

That’s the real problem. Everyone always wants to reform the university: “Oh the university is sexist! The university is racist! The university is woke!” But the real problem you’re dealing with is that compared to sixty years ago, young people are now forced to choose between attending a university or ending up with a dead-end blue collar job.

That’s why scams like cryptocurrency become so popular. I was in college, I absolutely hated it and heard about this thing called Bitcoin back in 2013. It worked out for me, in the sense that it made me quite a bit of money, but you can’t build a functional society around trading dog tokens back and forth with other LSWM NEETs. The next scam is now AI.

The problem is that at a genetic level, we’re basically just still the same animal as we were 200 years ago. There’s one criticism I see of Palestinians that I think is unfair. People will say “well the Jews built a wealthy functional society, whereas the Palestinians just want to forever grow olives and herd goats”. Whenever I see that argument, it just has the effect of making me sympathize with them.

Of course the Palestinians don’t want to pick up the phone and talk to the customers. Mediterranean societies revolve around family networks and having a high degree of personal autonomy. In this the Palestinians are just like Greeks, Spaniards or Sicilians. Jews are more like Germans, in that they genuinely seem to enjoy working hard and their job turns into their whole personality. Jews, Germans and the British have this naive optimism about how through hard work we can genuinely make the world a better place. In the Mediterranean countries, people have a more realistic perspective: No matter what we invent, no matter how hard we work, the human condition just remains the same.

It’s like the farmers in the Netherlands, that all the low status Dutch boomers rally around. Objectively speaking, the farmers are just dealing with the consequences of their own shit, literally and figuratively. But everyone knows what happens to them if they don’t steer up shit: The government gives them a lump sum of cash, for a few years they can live off that quite happily, but eventually the wealth taxes in this country eat it all up and then they can move into a house in the city where they share walls with their neighbors, start filling numbers into spreadsheets, cold-calling IT workers and updating their LinkedIn profiles just like everyone else. And their kids will have to do the same. Of course they’re going to riot: They don’t want their kids to have to go to university.

The problem to me basically is that with the way things are unfolding, there isn’t really an alternative for most young people to the university, due to a number of coinciding trends:

-The salaries for blue collar labor are driven down to nothing, through migration. This also makes these jobs undesirable for young people: You want to work with people who speak your language. If your coworkers are Muslim migrants, they may be nice people, but you’re not even going to have the basic ability to go out after work on Friday and have drinks with them. At my job we went to the canary islands and everyone got drunk. That’s obviously just more desirable to young people.

-Women expect men to have more prestigious jobs than them, which basically forces men to attend university, as most women do. A psychologist just isn’t going to marry a plumber.

-Young people want to meet other young people who have few obligations. If you want to have casual sex with good-looking people of your own age, your best option is really to attend a university. If you want to go to parties and get drunk or take drugs, your best option is to attend a university. If you sign up for a job instead at a young age, your coworkers will generally be married and have children.

-Parents who did not go to university like the idea of their children attending university. It suggests upward mobility. We all like the idea of our children achieving more than we did.

-Laws and regulations, along with companies just trying to compete with each other, leads to credentialism. Some companies in the Netherlands selling glasses market themselves by claiming to only have employees with some four year degree to sell glasses.

-Dutch politicians are generally highly educated and thus see nothing wrong with this situation. In fact, the current Prime Minister Rutte, came up with policies that had as their goal to ensure at least 50% of the population would be highly educated. This resulted in the current situation, where anything involving physical effort just isn’t being done. Our infrastructure isn’t being repaired, houses are not being built, etc.

-The government just gives you free money when you attend college, you don’t have to pay it back as long as you graduate. They also let you borrow money at a 0% interest rate, so you can just invest in stocks with the money, as long as you go to college. People do this.

-There is cheap housing in this country, you can just live in a small apartment by yourself, but these houses are generally only available to “students”. If you’re not a student, it’s much harder to find a place to live. Some people actually just avoid graduating, so they get to continue living in their small apartment. This is especially common when they already have a job and they’re not majoring in anything very useful on the labor market.

And so what we would really benefit from, is just a kind of widespread acknowledgement that we don’t really want to spend our lives at the university, people just do it because every alternative was made worse. This is still a huge taboo.

The situation we’re now in, is one where everyone is forced to go to college. But this does not really benefit anyone in the long run. It essentially bankrupts society. Americans can afford this madness, because they run the world and the billionaires just donate money to the universities.

This is not a problem that’s easy to solve. In fact, I don’t think it’s going to be solved and we have more immediate problems that need to be solved (example: bird flu).

But I just wish people would acknowledge it.

Why do you study history or psychology in college? Because you want to learn about history or psychology?

No. If you really want to learn about these things, you just buy a book or read Wikipedia.

You study these things because:

-You don’t want to sit on your knees in public, fixing the street, where people you knew from high school walk by. You want to sit in an office, with some vague job title like “product manager” that nobody comprehends, just like everyone else you meet at a birthday or house warming party.

-Even a generic office job nowadays requires you to have studied something.

-You have to spend four years studying something, so you might as well study something you find interesting. Nobody finds “human resource management” or “inorganic chemistry” to be truly interesting.

-You want to meet people of your own age and cultural background, primarily of the opposite gender. You won’t meet them when you’re fixing the street.

That’s how we ended up in the current situation.

Men tend to spend their days, doing whatever the women in their environment consider prestigious. This means that when it’s considered impressive by women when you build houses, society is going to end up with a lot of houses. On the other hand, when it’s considered impressive by women to do some research on some 2000 year old American tribe, you’re going to end up with a lot of archaeological research.

In this sense, we would actually be better off with a communist system, that glorifies the average blue collar laborer.


  1. >Jews are more like Germans, in that they genuinely seem to enjoy working hard and their job turns into their whole personality.

    I only like Jews more with-time. Based Jews. You see this as a negative, I see this as a positive.

    >Mediterranean societies revolve around family networks and having a high degree of personal autonomy.

    They revolve around cabal-gangs, same as Asians like Chinese and Japanese. Germanic people historically have had a task based work ethic, they go to work in order accomplish tasks and benefit the tribe as a whole, not to form cliques among other tribesmen. All tribesmen have the same relationship with other tribesmen in Germanic societies. We typically label the cliquish behavior of other peoples as “corruption”

    In Germanic societies, your profession is be your personality, in other societies, the company you work and clique within that company is your personality. Impersonal vs personal.

    Non-Germanic personal cultures create incestuous and divisive gangs within the tribe in order for individuals to advance themselves by the proxy of advancing the gang. Germanics are impersonal people, the whole tribe is the gang, and advancement ideally comes from individual accomplishments and merit rather than loyalty to a select group of friends. Even a King in a Germanic society is just the first servant, his right to rule stemming from his superior ability to do so, from his merits, not his relationships.

    When society is cliquish rather than impersonal you get societies like Japan and China. It’s all about who you know and how much effort you put into signaling your loyalty to the clique rather than your utility for performing tasks that determines your advancement in such a society. In Arabic militaries, cliquish behavior is so bad it interferes with their ability to actually function as a military; the soldiers being more concerned with kissing their officer’s ass and being a part of his “family” than actually performing the function of being soldiers.

    German working culture is ideal, I do not want to pretend I’m friends with my boss, or part of his “family” I do not care for advancing some gang in the confines of a company, nor do I care about any company at all. The company is just a tool which can be used to contribute to society, if the company gets out-competed by another company which contributes more efficiently to society, all is-well. I can always work for the better company.

    You’re not more autonomous just because your work is more personal. Germans are the people who invented the concept of auftragstaktik. Personal cultures actually tend to have more micromanagement of their workers. You have to micromanage people to ensure everyone is part of the “family” and has “family loyalty” after-all. Look at Japanese work culture, and the mandatory bonding they have to endure. Meanwhile in Germany for example, work-life and personal-life is pretty much entirely separate, people go do their jobs, they do them well, and their bosses leave them alone when they’re not at work. This is ideal.

    • Insightful post.

      I have experienced both cultures. I would agree that within family clique cultures, however much westoids now regret their loss of family, you have far less and maybe no personal autonomy. Just as you describe your own virtue is “loyalty” and if you do anything other than what the boss wants you are not “loyal”. In the individualist culture, on the other hand, you only have to be useful so it’s fine if you work few hours or in your own manner provided you give value.

  2. The college course that I dropped out of was chemical engineering, so many of my former classmates now work for Pfizer and Janssen (J&J). #disgusting

    So, I may be a NEET, but at least I haven’t sold my soul to the devil.

  3. Yes to all the points, and also going to college deprives working class people of work experience and earning money. If they did it the old way, yeah they’d be stuck at a shitty job. But—

    1. Assuming you earn 20,000 a year and start working at 16. You have a decent amount of money by the time your peers graduate.
    2. You’d know the job inside and out, have built up trust with an employer, and eventually be eligible for a managerial position.

    Whereas your peers have a ton of debt and no work experience (beyond knowing how to sit behind a desk and fill out spreadsheets). Then the whole economy becomes a game of creating fake jobs for people who don’t know how to work, requiring massive government spending.

  4. The secret is that it’s not actually that bad to do construction. Everyone is told by college propagandists that it’s this horrible fate, but in reality you just learn to do useful things, there’s no barrier to entry whatsoever, you wear whatever you want, often you get to listen to music as you work. You get a financial incentive to be fit and coordinated. With intelligence, prudence and good use of protective equipment you can stay reliably safe. You’ll be able to avoid taxes when people pay you under the table cash or barter, or work trade. It’s just another job, in fact it’s more honest, but most have been taught that it’s some horrific fate.

    • I agree. Transhumanist faggots think using your body for work is bad but there’s nothing wrong with this. It would be good if instead of hiring Mexicans Americans did construction. Templism will solve this problem. You will read Templist Canon right now Fucko the Clown, the Author of Templist Canon is the reincarnation of Joseph Smith; and Templism is the new word of Josepth Smith after he went through exaltation.

        • Btw, being a Templist does not preclude taking part in Mormon tradition. There are already Templists who are active LDS members in-fact.

          “LDS Titans

          We are two. An initiated Christian Templist and one who’s working on it. Both of us from an LDS background. We’re still active LDS members, and we keep our Templist affiliations secret. There is no contradiction in this, due to Templist Canon’s claim that God is actually Wotan, because all permutations of Christianity were planned by him. Mormonism brought into existence a great Germanic state, Utah, clearly yet another pro-Germanic outcome.

          We welcome new applicants. Actually, this is difficult to do in person, because we can get ostracized if somebody finds out. Please contact us at our email and we’ll go from there.

          Titans –

          • I am not LDS, I am a fundamentalist.

            However, ironically, that makes me more mentally flexible and gives me greater freedom to dig into non Mormon teachings in search of truth. John Taylor said he’d go to the depths of hell to retrieve a nugget of truth. I’ve come to live by this principle and so I’ll actually read it.

          • >John Taylor said he’d go to the depths of hell to retrieve a nugget of truth. I’ve come to live by this principle and so I’ll actually read it.

            Very based, similar principle what I’ve always felt I’ve lived by too; even if I haven’t considered myself as being a part of any real religious tradition until recently.

            Even if you don’t become a Templist, as I’ve said, Mormons are similar and are considered to be allies, and I imagine fundamentalist Mormons being even more-so. Of-course I see Templism as being truer than traditional Mormonism.

            >and so I’ll actually read it.

            If you want to chat about what you’re reading or ask questions I’m always down. Feel free to ask me here or on Twitter. (Ignore that I’m called Goring on Twitter right now, it’s a meme.)


  5. University studies must be reserved for society’s elite, a maximum of 5-10% of the population. Educating more is just a way for politicians to hide unemployment. A real waste of people’s time and society’s resources.

    • It was more of a legacy system, if you came from a family of lawyers/doctors/engineers then you went to college. If not, you had to stay put.

      My great grandfather was one of those, but he was a small town doctor and not a high powered professional or something pretentious. And he came from a WASPy family. He also served in WW2.

      Another of my great grandparents was a carpenter, I’m not sure if he even made it through high school. He built a house (log cabin) for his family, and it’s still standing. Funnily enough, every generation after his has gotten more and more credentialed and yet they couldn’t do a fraction of that.

      • >It was more of a legacy system, if you came from a family of lawyers/doctors/engineers then you went to college. If not, you had to stay put.

        It worked better in the past, you ended up on the same career path as your father to a large extent. Your family financed your studies and the state was not involved. Intellectual talents who were misplaced in the social hierarchy could have their studies financed via scholarships.

    • Universities should be for educating ONE STRAND of “elite”. Business elite should not go to university. Military elite should not go to university. Universities educate, essentially, church and similar kinds of officials like historians who create national myths (national religion). This strand, while important, is not superior to all other strands in society, not “more elite”. The predominance of university today is consequence of the predominance of this kind of person in the USA, a very unusual historical circumstance.

  6. Some parts of the world do have blue collar workers outearning the vast majority of the population. Parts of the USA, the Canadian prairies, big chunks of Australia and New Zealand. In Australia and parts of Canada they are even glorified to an extent.

    Results are mixed. They can start families early and until recently, could do it on one income for as long as they wanted. Their is opportunity for most people.

    But there was a dark side. Pickup trucks the size of a bus and motorized toys are must haves and cause havoc everywhere. Every working class cultural pathology gets magnified. Young men getting tons of money early on without much knowledge of anything gets ugly.

    How much of that is due to the boomtown, transient nature of the economies there, and the toxic local politics is hard to say, probably a lot but not all of it.

  7. very nice post..

    as for the ending:
    > In this sense, we would actually be better off with a communist system, that glorifies the average blue collar laborer.

    I deeply dislike the Bolsheviks etc, but I have to acknowledge that the Eastern Europeans (even East Germans) were not doing that bad (in the final days of the regimes, 1970-80s). And now they have “Ostalgia”.

    But the ‘bloc’ collapsed because of jeans, rock music, partying (“hollywood”), things that young people like.
    The fantasy and the mimetic goals (Girard) made the blue collar worker fantasy collapse, which Rad also notices throughout his post.

  8. Well, speaking as a former construction worker who decided to exchange their blue collar for a white one by majoring in psychology and history at uni, I feel uniquely well placed to comment here.

    I’ll keep it brief.

    Firstly, I can confirm everyone’s suspicions: the whole stinking system does indeed suck dogs’ balls!

    Secondly, sucking dogs’ balls is disgusting no matter what collar you’re wearing.

  9. The problem is entirely down to the State’s involvement in the education system.

    If people had to pay for what they consume, the universities would look very different.

    A system involving government is fundamentally unfixable.

    Of course, the very root problem is the populations belief in Government in general. Even one as enlightened as Radagast believes in the State.

  10. BTW, kids should graduate school at 16, and University degrees (BA BSc) should become 3-year instead of 4-year (in continental Europe).
    There is no point losing your youth like that.
    (Make Europe Great Again LOL!!)

    • Maybe just have the final test administered officially, and then the student can prepare as he sees fit. An able person can educate himself and find resources and comrades online, or wherever.

      “You just have to FIND A WAY” (Shane Warne)

      I was like Radagast or LSWM Lives Matter or Eric Rudolph or Wombat, I too hated Uni. Being surrounded mostly by numpties is no good, it ruins many a person’s mood.
      I still made it through.

      All kinds of very unimpressive people have got Uni diplomas, it guarantees nothing.
      My Pa went to Uni back when only 5% were allowed to go, but I think even back then it was nothing to beat one’s meat about.
      I know a 70+ year old guy who I regard as very interesting and intelligent, he left school at fourteen and was immediately forced into factory toil.
      I think some are just innately intelligent, and just somehow develop over the course of their lives no matter what, even if they’d rather not.

      • I like some of bronze age pervert’s ideas regarding education, he said there is no institution that will make you into what you want to be, you have to find your own way, like Shane Warne used to got to the nets and not come out till he’d hit the top of off stump 300 times.
        BAP taught himself ancient greek when he was still a teenager.
        Numpties who just float through educational institutions – obviously they remain numpties. No surprise there.

      • I agree..
        And you can see that with Geert Vanden Bossche too. The mediocre (majority) PhDs completely missed his message, bc he doesn’t have publications.
        But most of you here understood.
        I still wish some people were able to continue studying what they like (e.g. Rad seems to like Biology), but no one [e.g. the State] would help him study now, even though they would benefit immensely (from his research).

        Off Topic: thanks for bringing up Dmitry Puchkov the other day! Do u happen to know Russian?

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