The Right Wing Twitter Cringe Competition

UPDATE: Sorry, the competition is canceled, something gave me the creeps about it.

I have just announced a big competition on my Twitter troll account. I need you all to help me choose the cringiest right wing Twitter trend out of 16 contestants. Yes, I know you don’t care, I know you come here for articles about the vaccines, but I don’t care that you don’t care and you’ll have to get used to me not poasting about the vaccines anymore.

Here are the polls:


  1. What are you trying to accomplish with this? Are you 12 years old? Maybe you’re trying to turn off some of your newer readers?

    I’ve got another one for you to add to your twitter poll: “dutch blind squirrel with a blog found a nut, maybe he’s found some more.”

    • >Maybe you’re trying to turn off some of your newer readers?

      The honest answer is that I just don’t care.

      Everyone has made up their mind, most people have received the science-juice, now we’re going to see what happens.

      Do you expect me to spend eternity, digging up every little factoid about the science-juice so that the same usual audience keeps visiting my blog?

      I’m not trying to earn a buck, I literally just write about what I happen to find interesting.

      • Write about the implications of the mass sickness and death. And the potential technological and social impacts down the line.

        I find that interesting.

      • > Do you expect me to spend eternity, digging up every little factoid about the science-juice so that the same usual audience keeps visiting my blog?

        If I expected anything, it was that you might apply the same careful logic and analysis to other subjects, as you demonstrated wrt the juice. It’s your blog though, do as you like.

  2. I’m hardly a BAP fanboi, but your characterization shows a superficial understanding at best.

    Also: your brief and glancing “characterization” of ItsTheJewsBros only fuels the many suspicions you are indeed a Jew, probably descended from Spinoza, back in the old Amsterdam days.

    • Fair enough, but what am I missing?

      >Also: your brief and glancing “characterization” of ItsTheJewsBros only fuels the many suspicions you are indeed a Jew, probably descended from Spinoza, back in the old Amsterdam days.

      Just because I don’t have an IQ below room temperature, low status white males always assume I must be Jewish.

      I will say, Jews are my favorite ethnic group, especially when they’re either:

      -Thick skinned

      This is what I don’t like about Hitler. Why go after the Jews? If you read his old speeches, his argument is basically: “Jews don’t like to work, they’d rather count their dividends and be lazy!” And then I think to myself: “Um, that describes me too actually.”

  3. Sorry. You aren’t going to be attracting the fashionable left-wing crowd anytime soon.

    You will never escape having the smell of low status White Alpha Males on you. Since you went against the vaccines.

    • I love how you have to add “alpha” in there. “We’re not low status white males, we’re low status white ALPHA males! Look at my bone broth supplements! Look at my freedompatriot1776constitution username! Look at my sunglasses and 4 o clock shadow! I’m not just any low status white male, I’m a low status white ALPHA male, dammit!”

  4. Half red-pilled, half blue-pilled. Allies to choose are right-wingers or vax-mass-murderers … I really don’t want to be in your shoes.

  5. You’re right to not care about turning off your readers. Have you read Mein Kampf? I have read maybe about 20% into it and thought it wasn’t too bad. It’s interesting that it is criticised as being a pig’s breakfast of a book with bad grammar and so on, but the guy managed to mobilise german speakers and change history, and his book helped him to influence people and raise money, so to me there is every reason to read it. He wrote how seeing jews on the streets of Vienna aroused feelings of disgust, hatred etc. I wonder how he would like the streets of many modern european cities.
    Re. jews, I find your attitude to them a little strange as you seem to see them as victims, but of course the percentage of oligarchs, educated people, “high fliers” amongst them is high, compared to everyone else. Very few of them chop sugar cane all day.
    I don’t have strong feelings about this mind.
    I know an israeli who says there are loads of “fake jews” in Israel. This is not surprising, if life there is better or easier than other places. People will fake it up if necessary.

    • Honestly, all the Jews I ever met I liked, including the hot Israeli girl who stared at my crotch like a cat at a mouse. She lost interest when she figured out I’m just another low status white male though.

      >Have you read Mein Kampf?

      It reads a bit like a rant, there are parts that are amusing and there are parts that are cringe.

      The whole Jew thing seems kind of forced to me, like he knows what low status Germans want to hear and so he just overdoses on it.

      The good stuff he came up with was the irrationalism, the mysticism, fanaticism, the embrace of nature, the bans on animal experiments. Almost all the good stuff about him is basically back in the form of Greta Thunberg, it seems like Germanic people every once in a while produce tortured souls like this. You can tell she is full of anger and bitterness, it’s beautiful.

      But the Jew bashing is unforgivable, he even went after Jews who had fought and been wounded during the first world war. What more can you ask of a man to prove his loyalty? And he should have known better, because in his own life he ran into plenty of Jews he liked too, like his doctor, who treated his mother for free basically when she got sick. For whatever reason he just convinced himself however that the Jews are bad and all need to be killed.

      Very cringe, would not recommend.

      • If Greta is lucky, she can get you to blurb her next book.

        “Almost all the good stuff about Hitler has come back in the form of Greta Thunberg!” – Rintrah Radagast

      • I think that Greta may have a digestive problem, and that that has a major influence on her temperament, including some of the anger and bitterness. I’m not being snarky; her skin tone and her irritability are that of a kid I knew who had that issue. When her digestive problem was finally helped her world view was much sunnier. There are a lot of serotonin receptors in the stomach.

  6. Rintrah Radagast and the Low-Status White Males

    Good name for a band?

    I can’t vote because either Twitter is too cringe for me, or vice versa, but I think these teams should lose in the first round:

    •Tradcats. May be bores, but Palestrina, Byrd, Josquin, Orlando di Lasso, Victoria, et al. are part of the package, and that makes up for a lot.

    •Keto diet. May not be good for health or the planet, but you will lose weight.

    •A.I. art “creators”. I’ve seen some weird stuff and some sexy anime girls so far, so I can’t begrudge anyone the right to talk about it. (Which is not to say I’m glad it exists, however.)

    •HPD spergs. Primarily because of the matchup. (Gotta look out for number one.)

    For the rest, I’ll just root for the team whose helmet I like more.

  7. One grain of truth in a pot full of lies…
    The angel looked up and he started to smile:
    My Lord, this poor Rintrah, on whose soul’s destiny you shall decide –
    yes, he turned against the wrong ones and yes, he turned vile –
    the cringy parts he exposed were in fact of his own mind –
    but Lord, at least with the Vax, some TRUTH he did find!

    The Lord smiled to the Angel and said: Gabriel, because you care
    I will not send him into hell and an eternity of despair –
    on the contrary, I will give him an opportunity to learn!
    He’ll be reborn as a Trump supporter! Oh yes, he’ll be stern!

    He’ll like Hamburgers and Pizza and will renounce the Climate crazies!
    He’ll be a hardworking Redneck- truthful, not lazy
    and will experience firsthand the life of a low-status white male…
    (in comparison to this his former life’s experiences will pale…).

    In the end he’ll understand: Of one consciousness he is a part!
    Like everybody else – and the way to get this – is through the heart…

    So it shall be written – so it shall be done!

    • 6/10

      I’m trying to look for the rhyme structure but it’s just too forced, sorry.

      >(in comparison to this his former life’s experiences will pale…).

      Try saying this out loud.

      I mean I’m not asking some Percy Shelley or Lord Byron from my readers, but if you’re going to write me poetry, please take some basic structural constraints into consideration. This line is just ugly, sorry.

      Poetry is more than “the last two words rhyme”. It’s metre too. You can’t just start out free-form, try to start with iambic pentameter, try to obey some sort of structure.

      You seem to have talent, but you’re in over your head.

  8. Rintrah is like Groucho Marx, he would never join a club which would have him as a member. But, worry not, recent followers of his vaccine theories; he regularly cycles between magnificent, covid doom porn and then, impulsively, swearing off ever broaching the subject again and posting either attacks against (his fellow) low status white men, climate doom porn or hedonistic psychedelic drug advocacy. It is just his subconscious rejecting what it knows is he true identity.
    My suggestion is, come for the Covid doom porn and tolerate the mushroom musings and Greta worship, before long he will be enlightening us with the latest Covid map to mankind’s demise, which actually he should embrace rather than lament, given his climate catastrophe beliefs.

  9. What, you’re not a Jew! I will then defer to the belief that your supersmartness comes from your brain-space freeing LSD enhanced sense of reality (unreality?). Nah seriously though, I am one of those thugs that genuinely believes that Jews are the smartest among us, like I believe the Dutch are the tallest but most stingiest.

    • >Exothermic Core Theory of Climate Change

      After the success of
      -It’s not happening
      -It’s happening but it’s caused by the sun
      -It’s happening, it’s caused by us, but it’s a good thing
      and of course
      -It’s happening, it’s caused by us, but it’s too expensive to do something about it

      Low status white males are now back, WITH A WHOLE NEW THEORY!

      “Maybe it’s caused by the Earth’s core” -low status white male guru Ethical Skeptic

      And don’t forget the best theory of all yet, scheduled for release in 2042:

      “Maybe us low status white males were wrong, the blue-haired feminists were right and it’s actually a bad idea to use the atmosphere as a waste dump for fossil fuels after all! Oh well, there’s nothing left we can do about it, it turns out that low status white males are the answer to the Fermi paradox: Eventually a planet with intelligent life will give birth to low status white males and they will try to deny existential threats rather than trying to prevent them from escalating beyond all control.”

      -A low status white male who finally found two braincells to rub together

      • I am not taking a position on “climate change”. However, I believe climate is influenced by multiple factors. The Ethical Skeptic brought up one factor, which is a credible hypothesis IMO. Of course it does not prove “climate change” is not happening. But to write off anything against your belief is counter-productive. Btw, I am not a LSWM haha.

  10. Won’t it be ironic if the vaccine kills off 70% of the population, saving the world from global warming,but it is only the low status whites who are alive to enjoy the refreshing cool weather?

  11. You’ve got the seed oil thing reversed. The anti-seed oil people think Mediterranean diets are healthy because they use olive oil, not seed oils.

    • But it would be healthier even still not to consume olive oil (which is a fruit oil, not a seed oil), which still has a significant amount of linoleic acid.

  12. It’s interesting that everyone has their own blind spots in different areas. Berenson with his anti-gene therapy position, yet also anti-ivermectin and anti-cross antibody tolerance positions.

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