The Running Red Thread

I think the running red thread in my blog posts, as well as in my disagreement with the society I live in, is that I believe in humility before nature. We are a product of nature and trying to set nature to our own hand or denying how we are rooted in nature will almost always cause dramatic misery.

I believe:

-That we are a product of evolution, with different groups of people having adjusted to different conditions. Evolving in the tropics of Africa or Papua favors a different outlook on life than it does in landscapes with harsh winters like those of Europe, Canadia and Siberia, where you generally need to store food to prepare for what lies ahead.

-That we evolved in the presence of respiratory viruses, that these viruses serve biological functions that we barely understand and that eradicating them as we go about trying to stop a new virus that we created ourselves is a bad idea.

-That our bodies are a production of millions of years of evolution and we would be better off teaching people that social norms distort our view of what it means to be a man or a woman, rather than trying to surgically and hormonally adjust their bodies when they feel as if they don’t fit into what they imagine being a man or a woman must mean.

-That we are able to thrive and maintain civilizations thanks to the unique climatic conditions we found ourselves living in. We were born into a world where no part of the Earth’s surface gets too hot for human survival, where rainfall is predictable, where methane in the ocean floor does not suddenly explode in response to rising water temperature, where we generally don’t suffer constant dust storms (like in the Pleistocene) and where most parasites that infect human beings can’t survive our freezing winter temperatures. Changing the atmosphere, by (for example) increasing its carbon dioxide content or blocking the sun, risks destroying these rare climatic conditions.

-That our evolution, first as small egalitarian bands of nomadic hunter-gatherers, then later as villagers first engaged in horticultural and later agricultural labor, impacts the way of life that leaves us feeling mentally well. Radically changing our way of life through modern technology will have the effect of causing widespread misery. Your hands are designed for digging in the dirt, harvesting berries and using simple tools, not typing on a keyboard. Your legs are designed for wandering through the hills, rather than pushing a gas pedal. Although this problem affect us all, the people who adjust relatively psychologically well to the modern landscape tend to be low IQ extroverts and confident high IQ psychopaths who rule over and exploit them. The people who adjust poorly are assigned labels like “autistic”, “schizophrenic”, “introverted”, “racist/xenophobic”, or “depressed”.

-That putting billions of (almost) genetically identical birds together in cages, where viruses can spread themselves from bird to bird without having to worry about killing their host before they can spread to the next host is a great way of breeding new and dangerous viruses.

In my experience, people tend to be willing to “believe in science” or “follow nature” when it is convenient to them personally.

Once it becomes inconvenient, we start to get fanciful theories:

-Space-lasers were used to burn people’s houses on Maui.

-Humans are all genetically basically the same because we’re all descended from a small group who survived the Toba catastrophe.


I believe that any significant failure to adjust to the dictates of nature, whether at the level of individuals, or at the level of entire societies, or even humanity as a whole, will culminate in severe widespread misery.

People will respond to this, by insisting that life in the natural state was miserable, with 20% infant mortality rates, widespread tribal warfare and other misery. But what I am proposing is not so much “going back”, at it is learning to adjust to the playing field that nature has established, rather than denying or trying to change the rules of the game. A tribe that burns witches because children died is as much struggling to do that, as we are when we change the atmosphere.

Although the future now looks very grim, with the tools we have it should have been possible for us to have better lives than our ancestors, by choosing the best options among what nature has to offer, while playing by the rules of the game. As an example, there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with us having tropical fruit here in the Netherlands in the middle of winter: It’s shipped here in giant refrigerated container ships that use hardly any energy. A Middle Eastern goat herder who lived long ago and stripped bare the fertile crescent wasn’t following the rules any better than we are, nor was a Pleistocene hunter-gatherer who exterminated the megafauna.

Our modern improved access to knowledge allows us to better understand the nature of the game we’re playing and to use the rules of the game to our advantage. It doesn’t allow us to change the rules, or to ignore them. Sadly, we seem unwilling to accept this notion as a species.


  1. >But what I am proposing is not so much “going back”, at it is learning to adjust to the playing field that nature has established, rather than denying or trying to change the rules of the game. A tribe that burns witches because children died is as much struggling to do that, as we are when we change the atmosphere.
    Very good point, the life of the caveman is dead, and trying to go back is a fool’s errand. The people who advocate for a primitivist society have the exact kind of higher consciousness that lead to certain individuals among us advancing our species in the first place. I don’t doubt, if the primitivsts had their way and everything civilized was destroyed, eventually their children would restart civilization due to their own higher consciousness. Ignorant of the civilizations that came before, these descendants of the primitivists would ironically recreate civilization and make the exact same mistakes we did. Burying our heads in the dirt and trying to go back to a lower state isn’t going to lead anywhere good, it’s just repeating what’s been done before and expecting a different result.

    You can try to live action roleplay as some caveman, but you won’t be happy, and that won’ stop others from coming after you. You can scorn technology out of a higher sense of ethics, but lesser people who don’t have any qualms and who simply seek any material advantage they can find will simply dominate and kill you if you do. I still think people who do lives primitivst lifestyles are worthy of respect and admiration however, they’re brave and idealistic, which puts them above the normies in my eyes. I just don’t see their tactics as getting anywhere.

    What we need instead is to be MORE civilized. More intelligent, more sensitive, more conscious of the world and our impact on it, not devolve into monkey men. The modern world isn’t shit because it’s too conscious, it’s shit because it’s dominated by people’s lower impulses, it’s shit because civility is dead. It’s shit because most people have devolved, into something lacking the virtues of animals and Gods both. We evolved to strive to be more like the Gods, as we are too conscious (Even the lowest among us) to truly be animals anymore. A human that tries to be an animal is less than an animal, as while an animal’s inherent nature is beautiful, a human behaving in the same way is a being making a conscious choice to be inferior; when it was given the biological tools to strive to perfection (For certain type of people it can be arguable if they’re truly conscious or any different than animals, but people debating on whether primitivism is viable certainly are all conscious). I say, don’t be like the Jotunn that embrace ignorance and raw chaos. Be like Odin, who destroys only in order to create and preserve natural order, and who is always seeking understanding and knowledge in order to better protect our world.

  2. I went through this phase too, but you’re dead wrong. We’re in hell, and the external reality we inhabit is effectively the remains of what was once a living goddess, being puppeted by satan. If you’re looking for god outside of yourself, you are looking in all of the wrong places – that god has narcissistic personality disorder because god was raped by an eldritch monstrosity. The true god is within you, and where we go when we dream at night is closer to the true reality than this place. Our goal should be to escape this place, which is something like a simulation, rather than negotiating with the narcissist. I don’t really care whether you believe me or not, but I have had some extremely rare and extreme spiritual experiences, and I promise this is the truth.

  3. Yes, agreed. The political ecologists have been saying this since at least the early 1970s (e.g. William Carton et al.). Sadly, our options are way more constrained 50 years on. William Ophuls provides one of the most profound diagnoses of the machine civilization delusion I’ve encountered:

    “…the people who adjust relatively psychologically well to the modern landscape tend to be low IQ extroverts and confident high IQ psychopaths who rule over and exploit them.”

    Hits home. I tend to go with Aldous Huxley’s observation in Island that 20-30% of any society’s population are somnambulants.

    But yeah, I’m glad to be among the chronically maladjusted…

  4. You notice how a white man can not know any of this, but still end up drawing the right conclusions by noticing that city people are retarded and that we lost something between the pioneering/peasant days and present ways of life, and reacting accordingly?

    “Huh I noticed everyone was way less retarded, better bred and more fulfilled back when common people grew all their own food and made all their own shit, maybe we should try that”

    And then the guy does so, and finds that indeed he and his family are healthier and more fulfilled in ever measure, and interestingly he becomes richer because he develops high demand trade skills and his family is always either reducing costs of living by directly addressing needs, or producing goods that can be sold or traded.

    That kind of living, I can tell you, is a panacea against most delusion. If you did it you would probably even be cured of your v-gan delusion, because quite rapidly you’d learn that potatoes and vegetables don’t cut it and that the chickens are perfectly fine after losing a few spare eggs and the goats are perfectly happy even without a little extra milk, and indeed the lake keeps turning for lack of a couple extra fish, which once you spend time handling them reveal themselves to essentially be meat robots that exist to give us dietary resources. You’d be rapidly cured of v-gan leanings the moment you tried to accomplish it at a subsistence farming level.

    Becoming neo Amish is touching grass on steroids. It counteracts the brain disease of the internet.

      • Then prove me wrong retard, go build a self sufficient homestead with exclusively plants, no animal systems or inputs at all.

        You v-gans do not realize that your silly little worldview only appears reasonable to you because of how coddled you are, and how little you know about how anything you insist has only one moral application.

        No farm experience, knows how farms should run

        No children, knows how everyone should raise their kids

        No money, knows what businesses should do and how tax money should be spent

        And all while perpetually hiding on the internet so real life can never humble you

        The eternal city dweller

        • Let me ask you this, then: how would you like to be an animal for the slaughter? Would you ‘humbly’ accept a life of servitude to a being that only views you as livestock to extract resources from and then kill? Set aside your paternalistic condescension for a moment and consider my question carefully, I’m sure the archons are listening too.

          • I’m not setting aside anything. I am not an animal and animals are not my equals because equality is not true. I do not believe in your dumb religion.

          • I am not religious, this is me speaking through lived experience. Intelligence is not the measure of value, we are all here together and it is not okay to treat other beings like livestock. I would advise against normalizing harm to the innocent.

        • By the way, that’s not a threat but a warning. This world is NOT what it seems. We are in the throes of an eldritch predator and Christ was at least right about loving others as yourself, for certain.

        • Animals are not just robots, anymore than normies are anyway. On a material level, animal brains evolved the exact same way ours did, we came from animals after-all. Our brains just have little bit more processing power than that of a squirrel’s brain, but they function in fundamentally the same way, squirrels think and feel in much the same way you or I do. As you go down the totem pole animals have less cognitive capabilities, a chimp isn’t self conscious of its existence or the world, a lizard is incapable of empathy or sympathy, they’re all far less capable of problem solving, etc. But humans can suffer these same maladies as-well, we have people without inner voices, we have sociopaths (there’s a reason we call them lizard brained), and we have retards. Is a retard fundamentally superior to a gorilla just because he’s human? No, the gorilla could probably beat him at problem solving.

          On a spiritual level I believe that our brains are transceivers for our consciousnesses/soul and that animals are no different from human beings in this. Humans beings have the right tools that we can use strive to be more like Gods than animals, our hands, our high IQ, and our ability to vocalize are all tools we can use to be better; but take any one of these away and all of sudden we’d be doomed to being no different from any other animal.(at-least for the first two) Orcas are brilliant creatures that could evolve into something that creates civilizations down the line if it wasn’t for the fact they have fins rather than arms and legs.

          This is not to say that I support veganism, I don’t really. I’m just advocating for understanding, and respect for animals. It’s grotesque the factory farms we have today, they’re disrespectful to the very idea of life, and it’s evil how we abuse the animals, living beings! That find themselves in such places. This is the case, but you’re also not wrong that no creatures our equal, and in most cases predation is inevitable. The human being is inherently predatory, our societies are really based on preying on one another (Whether it be tribes warring with each-other over resources, or capitalist wagies stepping on others for their next promotion)

          Predation and death is a natural part of life, but how we do it in the modern day is grotesque, and spiritually atheistic (How it solely focuses on material yields rather than anything transcendental) Our ancestors raised their beasts in wide open fields, and when they slaughtered them they did so in the name of the Gods. There’s much more meaning and respect to that. It’s the difference in honorably dueling an enemy to death, vs torturing him until he expires, the former is inherently more dignified and right. Nature is not a Disney movie as-well, animals in nature are preyed upon by disease and other animals, which is right and properly as a necessary aspect of the natural order; and while the farming of animals we’ve done for most of our history is no better or worse than nature, factory farming is far far worse than that. As conscious beings, it’s our duty to emulate the Gods and make this world beautiful and right, to hold ourselves to high standards and respect the beings we share our world with, even when we must consume them to get what our bodies need. I’m not a vegan, but I respect them tremulously for holding themselves to a high ethical standard, and I don’t blame them for giving up meat entirely after they’ve been disconnected from any tradition that gives respect to animals and seeing the factory farms.

          • Sorry about typoes, and the using of “our” instead of “are” at one point, my zoomer autism makes me miss them.

    • Fucko, what kind of skills do you have? I think like you but you would be amazed how many people seem to like foregoing direct experiences in favour of more boring passive living. Like people don’t credit themselves with enough competence to even saw branches off a tree, they get a “tree surgeon” round to do it at considerable expense.
      Also, how do you educate your kids, or see to their development? Many people seem to think that “the education system” plus TV watching and internet is more than enough. But IMO this produces hideously incompetent, lame people. This is kind of what happened to me, but at least I know I am pretty inadequate.
      Do you put your kids through any ordeals, or insist on any unusual competencies at an early age? Insist they develop any special skills? If you don’t mind my asking.

      • While my investment income generally takes care of us, I try to do construction and odd jobs on the side, emphasizing things I haven’t done before, all with the intent of getting handier.

        It’s not a long term goal, but it turns out there’s a whole line of employment to be had taking advantage of the fact that salary people think only specialists are allowed to do things like sawing dead branches down. Just show up and confidently say you can do it, then keep at it the result looks good.

        Doing such work you rapidly come to the conclusion that spergs like Tryptie spend so much time moralizing and social posturing that they never figured out how their physical environment works in the slightest, they basically survive by exploiting mental glitches that cause actual productive humans to give them the necessities of life for free. They are basically useless eaters in denial.

        As for education there are many homeschool groups in the countrysides. It’s never been easier to raise children to not be retarded system machinery than it is today.

        • If your investment income supports you, you are a city person. I grew up in a small town area where people did actually live on farms, and they weren’t faking it with investment income. They were good to their animals, and would think that your way of describing animals was repellant and they would have avoided someone like you. The same is true of the people in my church who are farmers. I suppose you think you are normal because normal people avoid you so you don’t know how you are thought of by the people around you. Or, you just keep your mouth shut around them, instinctively, so they don’t know what sick thoughts you are having.

          I remember when I was about ten sitting at the kitchen table of a lady in my home town. She was a farm lady. She was little flustered because she had just rescued a duck. A snapping turtle had bitten it from below in the pond and so she had saved the duck by pushing its innards back in and sewing it up with a sterilized needle and sterilized thread (sterilized with her kitchen stove and a pot of boiling water). The duck was ultimately fine. It was not a farm duck; it was a wild duck; she cared about animals so she rescued it. Mentally sick people who live among animals and see them as robots are not real country people.

          • I do not give a black life whether you “acknowledge” my identity, I don’t even know you, why would I care about that?

            Everyone always asks me what I am and then gets all pissed when I tell them.

            Granny saved a duck once back in the 30s, well that’s cool I guess, but here I’m trying to do my own thing.

            Good luck in your future endeavors

        • For what it’s worth, when some guy called “Fucko the Clown” comments on an obscure Dutch blog that his “investment income generally takes cares of us”, that’s probably an indicator that we are in a stock market bubble.

    • The problem is neo-Amishism isn’t really achievable for most people here in Europe due to economic structures. As their population grows, even the Amish themselves will run into this problem.

      All the economic incentives function to herd you into the city and get an office job.

      • No, it’s not achievable for most, but since equality is not true, who cares about that?

        If you can achieve it, achieve it, and derive the benefits thereof.

        That most cannot or will not shouldn’t even factor into the analysis. I don’t even understand why it’s worth bringing up, unless it was some kind of counterpoint to me saying that lifestyle spreads sanity.

        If that’s the issue, that it would have limited scope in spreading sanity due to how few could afford it, the solution as I understand it would be to sell your crops at a profit and use the profits to hire whites to work your farm, thus enriching yourself, providing for them, and exposing them to sanity all in one activity. How many whole families might become more sane because you employed their head of household?

        In prior times the elites became decadent and retarded and needed their course corrected by the humble people who worked their farms; today we have the opposite problem where our excess labor caste have become deeply deluded and need to be taught what life is about all over again by a benevolent overclass.

        • Per my post above, you are not actually a farm person at all. You are just a creepy suburban person hanging out in a farm area, having creepy thoughts.

          By your reasoning, worms are your superiors, since they will eat you in the end. They have you beat in the equality contest.

          People have lived in cities for 6,000+ years. There’s nothing inherently bad about city life. Many of the early Christians lived in cities; they ate very little meat and they worshipped God in spirit and in truth.

  5. Treating other people like livestock? Yeah. Used to happen every now and then.
    67 year old guy I know- did his best to not think about his life as a child. Around his 48th year, he lost the only person who honestly cared about him. Finally had to accept that he’d been treated like the family pet as a child.
    Eugenics is a cult. His parents were raised in it.
    If you have problems talking (maybe you have an older brother who enjoys swinging a baseball bat at you), and they conclude you’re now an imbecile, let’s just sterilize him.
    And the older brothers, knew. “Hernia surgery “ is what happened. And when he questions the older brothers, the protective mantra from 2nd oldest is “I didn’t know, I wasn’t there” over and over, and you know he’s lying. Oldest brother changes the subject.
    They could have told him.
    But no one thought he would get better. No one thought that the imbecile would serve in the military as an egress systems mechanic, build chip making equipment, work in a company building pollution control systems for power plants, or R&D at a rather corrupt electric truck manufacturer.
    That piece of livestock, that family pet, still has a certain amount of anger. They went to their graves unchallenged.

  6. Fucko, you are exactly the machine minded person our illustrious host has written so much about, just in a garb of an Amish/neo-Luddite. Animals and nature are not there for us to exploit; we are meant to live with them and care for them, as was God’s original plan in Eden. Eating meat is a mark of fallen men, and is totally unnecessary. John Jevons has been running a zero input vegan farm in California for nearly 20 years now. His book, how to grow more vegetables, is one of the most important books in the permaculture space.

    • Ok well you go do that, I will continue to consume moderate amounts of dairy and fish and I don’t care if you don’t like it, if anyone attempts to stop me I will defy them using whatever combination of subtlety or force is required. Gl hf

      • “I will continue to consume moderate amounts of dairy and fish and I don’t care if you don’t like it”

        Well, that is a battle cry right out of Women’s Day.

    • Also Helen and Scott Nearing, the original vegan homesteaders. They had stupid political views, but their books on vegan homesteading and cooking are life altering. I wish that modern vegans would read “Simple Food for the Good Life” and see that you don’t have to eat horrible expensive processed vegan food with awful ingredients or spend forever cooking something that looks like it came from a costly restaurant. SIMPLE vegan food; very cheap and easy, grown on site, in Vermont for three seasons, and you can eat the equivalent now in a regular dwelling. And The Farm in Tennessee persists; their cookbook is one of the best.

      Unfortunately God seemed to have given us a need for K2 when he kicked us out of Eden. Strict vegan only works if you know how to supplement, and it isn’t clear to me that we yet know how to.

      • Natto my friend natto. I’m also not sure the conversion ratio is that bad: kale and chia have tons of K1. Also kombucha and other fermented foods have B12. Vitamin D we can do mushrooms or just go outside.

        • I was a strict ethical vegan for 19 years and ended up with pretty bad cardiac calcification, presumably due to lack of k2. When I was vegan it wasn’t known that that was a problem. So saying, “oh, just eat some natto and B12 and D3” is hubris. A person might decide that they want to take the risk but it is still a risk. By the way vegans also need to supplement with selenium (but not in excess).

          • Yeah you are the one I keep making fun of.


            yeah shut the fuck up. Your diet does not work, it nearly killed you because of its intrinsic unworkability, if you still defend it in the slightest you are a retarded NPC meat robot just repeating your programmed lines without the slightest input from reality.

          • Fucko, you are retarded and don’t know how to read. I wrote that I DIDN’T think that one could supplement one’s way into it being with any certainty safe to be a strict vegan. We just don’t know enough.

            I never said it was natural and healthy. Isaac Bashevis Singer said of his vegetarianism, “Not for my health, but for the health of the chicken.” I was an ethical vegan, you moron, not a health food vegan. For the sake of doing the morally right thing a person may decide to make sacrifices. I knew when I was doing it that I was taking a risk. If you’re not capable of taking a risk for something you value, well, that’s you.

  7. What is this “nature” that you speak of?

    “It’s shipped here in giant refrigerated container ships that use hardly any energy.”

    Nice try, The embedded energy to pull this off is impossible without massive fossil fuels investment.

    You are not a quantitative thinker. Civilization, circa 10k years ago, marked an immense, radical departure from hunter-gatherers. That’s when the “species” ended and we became something else, Human supremacists. Civilization is a heat engine. The second law of thermodynamics is what governs us, not the “species”.

    At this point, the only thing we can do is hope civilization collapses fast enough and does not completely kill off all life on Earth.

  8. “My climate change articles bring all the LSWMs to the yard
    And they’re like, it’s better than yours
    Damn right, it’s better than yours
    I can teach you, but I have to charge”

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