The Scandal of the Century

Twenty thousand people are dead in Gaza and it has the world’s full attention. Children in rubble draw your attention, even when the images are AI generated and feature kids with six fingers on each hand. Your primate brain understands that, it wants to pay attention to it.

But since 2020, our world has suffered an excess mortality of 27 million people. And there is no end in sight. Millions of us are suffering brain damage. Millions are unable to work, unable to exercise, some are even unable to walk. Children are born with deformed lungs. Children are being born with brain damage that causes social deficits.

The attempt to vaccinate people against this virus to solve the problem has catastrophically failed, accelerating the evolution of this virus and permanently impoverishing people’s immune response against it.

You now live in a brave new world, where you can either try to desperately avoid this virus, never being able to enjoy a normal life, never being able to gather in crowds, having to see other people as threatening sources of germs, or you can just do what I did, which is to resign yourself to the fleeting nature of life, accept whatever will happen and hope for the best. Humanity was given an awful choice.

But because this is a far more complex topic that doesn’t fit within any of the narratives our monkey-brains can easily understand, the outrage about how this could have happened is practically absent.

And you still have not received an answer, in regards to where this virus came from. It emerged in Wuhan seemingly out of nowhere, with a spike protein that is better at binding to our ACE2 receptor than any other animal studied. It was ready to rapidly spread among human beings from the very moment we first observed it.

And when you zoom in on the virus, it looks like it evolved to resemble proteins of humans and rodents, despite not being good at binding to a rodent ACE2 receptor. That’s a weird paradox, wouldn’t you say? Why does this virus look like it evolved in mice, without being able to bind to the ACE2 receptor of a mouse?

We know the most straightforward answer: The virus came into existence by being passed through mice that were genetically manipulated, to have the ACE2 receptor of humans. That way it has to resemble proteins of mice, to avoid detection to the immune system of mice, while also having to be able to bind to the ACE2 receptor of humans. They may have even gone a step further, using chimeric mice with almost completely humanized lungs. We know such mice were created for experiments, they reported on it back in 2019.

Then something went wrong and this virus in genetically manipulated mice somehow infected human beings in Wuhan, perhaps it infected the scientists, or perhaps it ended up in sewage, or perhaps someone sold the infected mice at a food market (which has been documented to happen in China).

There’s nobody who has a good satisfying explanation for this question: How does a Sarbecovirus suddenly emerge next to a coronavirus lab in Wuhan, that looks like it came from mice, but happens to be optimized for infecting human cells?

That’s the scandal of the century.

That’s what’s supposed to be on your nightly news, every single day.

That’s what angry mobs are supposed to be storming the capital for.

There are people who are looking into this question, they’re doing a better job at this than I ever could.

So because your media are failing, because they’re distracting you with bullshit and tribal desert conflicts you have zero influence on, I want to draw your attention to recent discoveries.

We now know that Ralph S. Baric and Peter Daszak misled the American government about their coronavirus experimentation plans. Peter Daszak went to DARPA and left them with the impression that the coronavirus experiments they were planning would be done in the United States, under BioSafety Level-3. But in reality, he told Ralph. S. Baric and Shi Zhengli that as soon as they got the money, they would do some of the work in Wuhan, under BioSafety Level-2.

These people were actively misleading the US government, to get money for corona virus experiments that would be performed with little hassle at low costs in China, while fooling the US government into thinking that it would be done with greater safety precautions in the United States.

And all the evidence we have suggests, that this pattern of deception is what ultimately led to 27 million deaths.

This is the scandal of the century.

The complete banality of scientists trying to make a name for themselves and their cronies by deceiving governments into giving them money for dangerous experiments, appears to be what has killed 27 million people so far.

But your brain is not designed to be angry about it.

And your media are failing, by not teaching you that this is what we are dealing with.


  1. I like how your blog is quite unique in its perspective on the pandemic and where it’s headed.

    There’s people like The Ethical Skeptic, Ed Dowd, Steve Kirsch etc. who maintain that it’s just the vaccinated who are in trouble, not the unvaccinated. They don’t seem to discuss the correlation between viral RNA in sewage and excess deaths, or the unvaccinated children sick with RSV. They think that COVID is now a nothing burger.

    Then you have the woke Zero COVID minority still wearing masks in public who understand just how fucked up the situation is. Yet bizarrely, they are still lining up for their boosters. They are unaware of problems with the vaccine like negative efficacy against infection, IgG4 et cetera. They don’t know that it’s the vaccines that have caused this giant mess.

    Then you have your blog, which puts all the pieces of the puzzle together.

    • Thanks.

      Yeah, most people engage in some form of wishful thinking. It seems to be human nature, that reality is too horrifying for us to accept.

      People either want to believe there is no problem, or they want to believe there is a magical technofix for it.

      Kind of similar to how right wingers spent thirty years denying global warming is a real problem, until it became too late to solve it, by which point they started insisting it’s the fault of environmentalists for rejecting nuclear energy.

      • i heard on npr a story about how an alarming number of kids are consistently taking melatonin for sleep issues. (strangely, they are very concerned that there are no studies on long-term usage; magic vaxx juice, though: who needs tests?) my business partner pointed out to me what’s been going on:

        1) schools are failing to teach, so make a bunch of standardized tests;
        2) huh, no one’s doing well on the tests, so teach ONLY to the tests;
        3) boy, school sucks now and kids are acting out, so let’s drug them with stimulants;
        4) dang, kids are having trouble sleeping because of all the stimulants, so let’s pump ’em with melatonin.

        i can’t unsee this pattern of technofixes causing problems that need more technofixes everywhere. any yet no one stops to ask if the original “problem” was even a problem to begin with?

  2. Those who die fighting are lucky compared to those who waste away from disease. As you implied in your previous post, our society is personified by the weak man who puts his dying grandmother in the nursing home; too uncaring to take care of her, yet too cowardly to let her die with dignity by putting her down. This is why our master’s would prefer to see us all rot away from diseases, both biological (Like Covid) and mental (Like transgenderism) They know overpopulation is a problem, yet they’re too cowardly to allow us to deal with overpopulation in the most direct and dignified way, war.

    The virus is certainly man made, I don’t know if it was intentionally released or if escaped accidentally; but I suppose it doesn’t matter, functionally it’s the same. I’m not angry at any person or specific group, there’s plenty of villains in the world but villains are necessary for for the beautiful story that is life.

    You know what pisses me off? This mechanistic nightmare we’ve enslaved ourselves to. When I ate those mushrooms I came to the conclusion I was personally responsible for my own slavery, and the slavery of everyone else. You wanna know why? Deep at my core I’m a rationalist. When I was a small child I denied God and laughed at the very concept, I found the typical myths that children believed like Santa absurd and could never believe them; I was incapable of having spiritual feeling and instead focused on analyzing the world and bringing it to order in my thoughts. I watched Walking with Dinosaurs and Carl Sagan’s Cosmos to gain my understanding of the world. No one forced me to be like that, my white trash parents didn’t give any fucks about what I believed or watched, it was just natural inclination.

    We are all archetypal characters that creation endlessly divides itself into, and I am the archetype of the “rationalist”. Science and reason is my natural God, and I am the same man as those that created this world. The thing about rationalists however is that rationalism and rationality doesn’t make us happy. We create these mental and governmental systems that we enslaves ourselves to because that’s “rational” but it doesn’t make us happy.

    We distract ourselves and fantasize about irrational struggles, we love fiction like Warhammer 40k, Dune, Lord of the Rings, where ignorant races ceaselessly war against each-other for immaterial reasons. Rationalists created this world, yet rationalists such as myself would much rather live in a world that we hadn’t created. Rationalists are simultaneously the smartest and and the dumbest; we can tell you about the Carboniferous Period and the evolutionary history of horses, yet we are blind to the higher truths of the world that even the dumbest nigger can intuitively understand. Blind geniuses, ignorant and arrogant and huffing our own bodily gasses and calling that truth.

    At first I had to convince myself through reason and logic that religion is true. (Well, why do pretty much ALL cultures believe in Gods? There has to be something to that. Are we really wiser than everyone else that has ever existed?” Imagine that, the man whose whole life has been defined by rationalism using rationality to convince himself that rationalism is false! Only by eating a mushrooms, a goofy lower organism that grows on shit could I feel what people I’ve always considered my intellectual lessers feel. For all my internal arguments I used to try and desperately convince myself that the Gods are real, none could compare to just eating a snack and letting myself feel divinity. To shut the fuck up and feel for once in my life.

    • look into meta-rationality. i’ve only recently started, but I found this essay an interesting starting point:

      in a nutshell: there are 5 levels of human/societal development, and what we would call “rationality” is at level 4, which corresponds to systematizing of relationships. however, all systems have contradictions and limitations–Goedel’s incompleteness theorem is a formal mathematical example–and, ultimately, are based on arbitrary principles. (Why is scientific rationalism considered “more true” than religion? It has the instrumental value of building bridges and computers and rocket ships, but that’s just for our purposes; we haven’t yet gotten quantum mechanics to work with gravity, so in what sense are either of those theories true in a universe where the two phenomena exist without contradiction?)

      the linked article noted two shitty responses to the realization that rationality has limits: poseur nihilism of the “beyond good and evil” type, and civilization-wrecking postmodernism as practiced on today’s college campuses. the right way to deal with it is, which I guess you’ve found, is to shrug and say fuck it, stuff still has meaning, just use the right system for the right questions. building a semiconductor? use quantum mechanics. deciding how to live your life? find religion; fuck those weird effective altruists that want to send mosquito nets to africa.

      • >The the right way to deal with it is, which I guess you’ve found, is to shrug and say fuck it, stuff still has meaning, just use the right system for the right questions. building a semiconductor? use quantum mechanics. deciding how to live your life? find religion; fuck those weird effective altruists that want to send mosquito nets to africa.

        I agree completely.

  3. The virus and the “vaccines” are a biological binary Gibbs Free Energy driven system. Both were a 70-year project, started in about 1950 when TPTB became aware of the problem. Still to this day, this project is run from leadership resident in Melbourne Australia. All the names that you know, they are the useful idiots. They have no idea what is going on. The virus and the vaccines work together, as a biological team. One cannot function without the other, from a mass population perspective. Additionally the “vaccines” DNA content in combination with the virus nuclear import signal / sequence serves as germline gene therapy. The future daughters of the injected mothers will be rendered sterile. Their immune systems will detect and reject that extra DNA in 20 to 30 years from now. It is pointless to cull the population only for the problem to come back again in 50 years. Vaccinated or not, all those HLA alleles targeted, all these genetic groups will die. About 10% of humans are genetically exempt. They will live, unless they were “vaccinated”, then they will die, because of their homogenized immune response. Unvaccinated however take longer to die, if they are on the HLA target list. The cull was designed and rolled out as fairly as possible. All those so called “elites”, they took the vax and gave it to their families also (including Gates). As I have said, all the names that you know, they are the moronic fools, including all those in Government, the universities and Big Pharma. The project relied upon the diligent service of all of the useful idiots.

    This is the father of the project:

    They always knew that 2020 was the year:

    • “All those so called “elites”, they took the vax and gave it to their families also (including Gates).”

      When you’re so deep down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole that even Bill Gates is considered a “useless eater” who isn’t allowed to have a saline injection.

      Retard, how do you decipher which group of elites is “in” or “out” of this “secret club” that is exempt from “the cull”? Is there a hierarchy when it comes to all the groups commonly cited by the conspiracy theorists (e.g. WEF, Bilderberg group, Bohemian Grove, Khazarians, Club of Rome, The Vatican, Freemasons, Rothschild and Rockefeller families, IMF & Central Bankers etc.)? I’m curious about your logic and rationale. I don’t know how you do it, I would eventually drive myself insane and depressed if I spent so much time researching such morbid topics.

      What about the British Royal family? Was Catherine Middleton given saline in the photo in this video?

      • We did EDS on some bottles and the results were wildly different. Some had no signal at the approx 2kEV, where you expect a phosphorous signal but there was none, hence no genetic material present. Albeit that the cationic lipids were present but no RNA or DNA. We also tested some further empties we managed to get a hold of (there is always some left in each bottle) where politicians and their families were injected in a private session. They contained the full mRNA (self perpetuating) nuclear import signal and the full cohort of DNA additive contained within the lipids and the full 3′ UTR micro-RNA regulatory back-feed signal as well. Other bottles varied in all of these parameters. Albeit that batches varied, what surprised us is that the politicians received the full hit on all required parameters. That was the tell for me. All the names that you know and hear, all the public experts, all the politicians, the Big Pharma boys, they are the fools, the useful idiots. Pro tip, avoid the virus, avoid the injections. Move to a poor area in Africa if you want to live. The roll-out was fair. That was the part that surprised me. The insiders from what we saw, they were fooled as well. Nobody took the time and expense to simply determine for themselves what, exactly, is in those bottles and what, exactly, is that virus that was initially dispersed in 2019 and 2020, as a bacteriophage, via manufactured ready to eat foods.

  4. Monstrous.

    You’d think the masses would get cranky about it, but as with so many other things, they seem happier to just go along to get along.

    Some people will always ‘fight the good fight’ though. It seems like those individuals probably can’t help themselves either, because being recalcitrant is always a risky proposition. History is festooned with the carcasses of rebels. It’s as if personal sacrifice, and possibly even martyrdom, is a necessary part of challenging the powers and principalities of this world.

    Being aware of one’s own level of recalcitrance, and avoiding certain situations that might trigger it, may therefore be a useful survival skill in the times ahead — provided one is able to safely withdraw.

    This disaster has been a fascinating and frightening experience.

    Everyone with any sense knows that their fellow man is capable of monstrous things, but it has still been pretty shocking to be on the receiving end of so much hate. And for what? Merely refusing to comply with the nonsensical diktats of high-status authoritarian monkeys and accept their pharmacological ‘Mark of the Beast’?

    And to cap it off, the dangerous injections are completely useless against the disease they’ve created, and everyone knows it!

    It’s a farce.

    Who knows what kind of cruel and stupid deeds they’re still capable of as the body count ramps up? It could get a lot crazier yet, especially if the authorities end up getting severely scared themselves and really double down.

    And that’s on top of the medium/long term risk of getting taken out by repeated exposure to the engineered virus and/or other infections that might yet infest those who accepted the shots.

    Plus, there’s still the potentially grave immediate short-term risk of the engineered virus/vaccine combo to consider. For example, I saw a video with Geert the other day, and he suggested that the virus was likely to take out 30-40% of the vaccinated! That would obviously be a total disaster. People would panic, shelves would empty, supply chains would break, healthcare would be swamped and may collapse, etc.

    Am I catastrophizing? Perhaps, but given what’s already happened, it’s easy to imagine just staying alive becoming quite challenging as this plays out no matter how healthy one happens to be at this point in time.

    None of this will be news to anyone here, so I probably should’ve just zipped my lip, but it feels good to have a rant sometimes.

  5. Oh I’m mad, fuming mad. Two years later my sister is still grieving the loss of her husband and is a shell of her former self. We lost 3 elderly uncles and a grandmother also although I suspect a couple actually were killed by the vax. Almost everyone I know has moved on and are focused on the election like that actually matters. I just don’t understand how they forget so easily and aren’t demanding people hang over this atrocity.

  6. [A] Let go.

    Everyone knew right from the very beginning that coof came from a lab. Why an individual would so vociferously fight that idea as most did, I do not know, but it feels like some kind of ego-defence. “The government would never do this to us/let this happen”

    I don’t think you can change it, and the only better action you could take is to have your own children and raise them peacefully, which I know you consider selfish (I do not.)

    I always look forward to your posts

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