The Sweet Inversion

I have to explain something important today to all the low IQ low status white males, freedom-loving red-pilled patriotic Christian alpha males who visit my blog. The left is sinister. It inverts what comes naturally to people.

You’ve heard before that leftists have reduced disgust sensitivity. Well it’s more bizarre than that. Your average lib wine mom in a million dollar suburban home has reduced disgust sensitivity, compared to her conservative cousin sally soccer mom, sure.

But beyond a certain point, your disgust sensitivity basically just inverts in on itself. Everything that would normally disturb you becomes something you seek out. This is one of the coping mechanisms the human mind uses for stress: If the mind decides to treat something it would normally avoid as pleasant, then that solves its problem: “Cockroaches in my kitchen? Well I love insects now!” That’s why leftists produce horror movies and music videos like this.

But this process occurs throughout the mind essentially. The natural preference for one’s own ethnic group over that of others generally inverts in leftists too. So Jewish feminists like Judith Butler suddenly turn out to be unwilling to believe women in Israel when they say they were raped by pedophile warlord worshipping 85IQ inbreds from Gaza. After all, those women are part of their tribe, so because the natural empathy for the extended self has inverted, they refuse to believe it.

But the inversion can occur at a larger scale too, as can be seen in people like me and a handful of others. I just hate humanity and love animals. That’s because my love for myself has never died, so I don’t have the inverted hate for people similar to me that most leftists have either.

Rather, the natural preference for humans as an extension of the self over non-humans has completely inverted in me. It could be I think of myself as an animal, rather than a human being. I always find that this disturbs natural conservatives more than the inverted love of the own ethnos seen in the Judith Butler types.

The other thing leftists like is the release of taboos. It allows exhausted people to harvest the released energy. Well they’ve been doing this for a long time now, so in today’s society the only taboo left is intolerance. If you don’t like some ethnic group, gender or sexual orientation, that leads you to be perceived as worse than a murderer. In this sense the alt-right is a leftist movement, in that it takes all these taboos and insists on consistently violating them to the maximal extent possible.

Christianity was a leftist movement too, that inverted the natural Roman order. Instead of venerating strength and dominance, like the old order did, the newly emerging order venerated those who were weak and abused. Once this began to fuck up the empire, the emperor himself converted and Christianity was gradually robbed of the inversion. American freedom-loving patriots are stuck rallying around a religion that is leftist at its very core. It’s a religion for homeless schizophrenics and trannies, not for billionaire real estate moguls and warriors.

So back to the music video. It’s full of inversions. Some are pretty obvious, others are more subtle. Why is it “Sweet like Saccharine”? Well that’s the inversion. Sweet like sugar is the natural impulse. Sugar is what we evolved to experience as sweet. Saccharine is an inversion, a perversion that humans created. It hijacks the receptors in your mouth, to taste hundreds of times sweeter than an equivalent molecule of sugar. But it is unhealthy for you, has no nutritional value and importantly: HAS A BITTER AFTERTASTE.

So that’s the inversion. When she says that it’s sweet like saccharine, it’s saying that she is drawn to something (you, the viewer), in a distorted perverted unhealthy manner. Even the red-blooded alpha males among you on the Keto diet, who think that Trump is about to expose a network of satan-worshipping pedophiles, can probably figure this part out.

But now comes the important part. We see her singing about cavities, we see her teeth being operated on by the guy who had a fundraiser to be turned into a fake-woman by a surgeon. He seems to have dodged a bullet as he has since changed his mind, but that’s a subject for a different time.

But something is not adding up, right? If it’s sweet like saccharine, where do the cavities come from? Sugar gives you cavities, because bacteria turn it into acid, sure. Saccharine is supposed to prevent that. So what’s wrong with her teeth? Why is blood pouring from her mouth? And why are her “teeth” looking so obviously fake? Poor quality music video? No, because the teeth are actually revealed to be fake at the very start of the video when they’re lying on the desk, so it was intended for them to look fake.

I’m going to spoil it now, don’t scroll down if you want to figure it out yourself.

The blood on her face is not from her teeth. It’s the blood of you, the viewer. She is eating you like a monster. They’re fooling you and they’re revealing it the whole time.

She reveals it at the end, when she sings:

“I need to hate you
Before it’s too late
Before I crave you
So please go away

Just confiscate you.
My teeth are in pain.
I’m gonna break you.
Before I can say: I love you.”

So this is when the whole thing adds up again. Why are her teeth in pain? Because she is breaking you. She is eating you, chewing on your flesh, ripping your bones apart. This injures your teeth. You can not eat a live human being without hurting your own teeth, as that soccer player revealed a while ago when he bit someone live on TV.

And once we have this revelation, suddenly it’s obvious from the start. Because when we go back, we hear her sing:

Every move you make, you’re fucking sweeter than a cake
I wanna cut you up and put you in my oven just to bake


Wanna drop you in boiling water drink, you like chamomile tea


Bloody surprise
Like cherry pie, will you be mine?

But wait. Something is still not adding up, right?

The cavities.

She sings:

Uh, oh, cavities digging deep
Don’t wanna stick my fingers in this, or I’ll start to bleed

But that’s deception. That’s fooling you. Because later on, she reveals what’s actually going on:

Feeling kind of sick, vomit in my teeth

The cavities are caused by the acid, from vomit stuck in her teeth.

And why does the camera keep flashing to black at the end? Well obvious. The viewer has been cannibalized and is dying.


I’ll quote the Wiki:

“Saccharine, as demonstrated by the lyrics, is about having a toxic crush on a person, while simultaneously hating the idea of loving them.”

Yeah, surface level analysis.

On, they’re not figuring it out either.

When I type:

jazmin bean saccharine cannibalism

Into Google, nothing comes up.

This is just a gem laying on the street, that nobody is picking up.


  1. I believe in TEMPLISm, Christ was Wotan and was using the homeless schizos to destroy Rome, so his people, the Germanians could conquer Rome and inherit civilization through the institution of Christianity. Most of the rhetoric in the Bible is lies used to achieve certain ends; all the Christian Kings throughout history have ignored the morality advocated for in the the Bible and for good reason! I’m more of a Christian than anyone else since I understand God’s true will, global American domination. If you oppose American imperialism you spit in the eye of God.

  2. Xylitol is a natural sweetener derived from tree bark with zero deleterious effects. Unlike HFCS, it doesn’t cause diabetes, and it actually has dental benefits, it’s good for your enamel. I would recommend all my LSWM brethren to use xylitol.

    Anyways, off-topic but this comments section needs more feel good stories. Yesterday I learned that you can grow Giant Sequoias AKA Giant Redwoods in Northern Europe. These are the most massive trees in the world, and are native to California.

    So I found this video on YouTube of an elderly Dutch man who germinated two of these trees from seeds over 17 years ago:

    I looked up the location on Google Maps and it turns out that they’ve been planted only a couple of miles from Wassenaar, that HSWM town Radagast visited in his “I Found A Creepy Green Building” video. This location is 2 feet beneath sea level, so unfortunately these trees have zero chance of ever reaching their 3,000+ year maximal lifespan. Oh well.

    Here are the co-ordinates where the trees have been planted: 52°05’57.3″N 4°23’25.0″E

  3. Here’s something you may find interesting.

    The salt lake mormons have very little truth in them left, but fundamentalists are free to study everything.

    It turns out that from the beginning of mormonism, one very important principle was that the visualization capacity of the mind of an aryan man or woman is the most powerful force in the universe, and is the raw material that may eventually be forged into the power of gods and goddesses.

    When it comes to prayer, although both words and visualization are important, the visualization is by far the more important part. Even more powerful still are group prayers, because the entire group of aryans visualizes one thing at the same time.

    This is no secret to Satan, he already knows this, which is why the jews that run the large media companies are so obsessed with making sure that the true Israelites – nordic euro-aryan cromagnids – have their minds both completely obsessed with imagery put there by the jews, and also completely unable to concentrate or focus otherwise, with it also being effectively socially illegal to deviate from this state of affairs.

    This is the secret behind notions like predictive programming – it’s true that the jews do indeed have to notify the goyim of their deceptions in order to have it please their master, Satan, but on top of it all, large news/movie/music outlets repeat visuals and loaded phrases precisely to put images in the heads of nearly the whole aryan descended population all at once, and get them talking about the same things in a predictive fashion.

    If one understands the elements of prayer – focus, visualization, and word – in this fashion, then it’s plain to see that paying any attention to popular mass media at all, is to engage in a gigantic synchronized prayer to Satan, led by an unholy priesthood comprised of the synagogue of Satan – the hook nosed Christ killing kikes.

    Matthew 27
    “24 When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye to it.

    25 Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children!”

    This is why it is so vitally important to NEVER pay attention to any of it. This is why I do not watch movies, I do not listen to pop music, I do not pay attention to the “news”: I do not want to engage in group prayer to Satan.

    I hate the antichrist.

  4. fucked in the head beyond repair

    everything’s fucked
    no way out the crap i swim in.
    shots of cyanide lure me
    like popsicles attract children
    put a rope around my neck
    I’ll swing a kick myself
    a bullet, I’d take it
    like men take heels off drunk women
    slit my whole arm off to bleed out
    I’d close my eyes and go, no questions asked…
    i live to see tomorrow
    only cause i can’t afford a coffin

  5. Rad, if it’s any comfort, I too find I have more in common with children and animals than with most of my contemporaries.

    So Jazmin Bean is secretly cannibalizing us, the viewer. What is the meaning of this? Perhaps she stands for our entire culture, which to some of us appears to be deeply rotten under the surface. This appearance is true, but it obscures the secret reality: our culture, eating away at us until we are nothing but bones and pacemakers, is doing *exactly* what it was (unconsciously) designed to do. Thus it plays its crucial role in preserving the system.

    I say “unconsciously” because consciousness is a threat, THE threat. What conspiracy theorists like Fucko imagine isn’t the truth, or at least not the ultimate truth. And if the cultural kike conspiracy is a fact, so what? Even if Fucko got his wish, even if Hitler managed to rise from the dead and finish the job, nothing would change, because the root of the problem remains untouched:

    When life was good, human culture was built upon the good thing. When life was suffering, culture (though it had lost its solid footing) was kept alive by those who found transcendence through suffering. Now that life is meaningless, so too is the culture we create anew every day.

    The normie, then, has no clue of the living death at the core of our culture, since his heart has been made to wither along with it. He doesn’t notice he is chronically throwing up in his mouth, causing cavities in his teeth. This is the hidden meaning behind the song, if you give it the extreme benefit of the doubt, as is my habit with things.

  6. Previous colonizations worked along similar lines:

    “Cruel, uneducated savages attacked our peaceful settlement and raped our women and killed innocent people”

    (forgetting that the peaceful settlement is on the land previously owned by savages)

    “Let’s kill more savages and drive them away for our safety”

    “Oh here’s some empty land, how unexpected, let’s open another peaceful settlement”

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