The trainwreck of all trainwrecks: Billions of people stuck with a broken immune response

Do me a favor and pour yourself a drink, you’ll need it by the end of this article.

I’ll try to avoid repeating what we already addressed in the previous two articles on this subject. After mRNA vaccination the immune response against Spike is shifting to IgG4, which is how your body responds after repeat exposure to stuff it needs to tolerate, like bee venom, pollen or peanut proteins.

First the big chart, of what you want to see after a SARS-COV-2 infection:

Left you see who does the neutralization, right you see what percentage of total antibodies they are. Despite being just 3% of your antibody mass, IgG3 is carrying out 42.2% of the neutralization.

IgA is busy in mucus dealing with this virus, IgM responds to the infection by bringing the viral load down, IgG3 then joins the fight and tags any remaining hide-outs this virus has, so that your body doesn’t end up tolerating this nasty sarbecovirus in the background.

If it wasn’t obvious yet, for whatever reason our bodies do seem to be tolerating the spread of this virus through our population. Look at what’s happening to my poor little country:

Levels of this virus in sewage are back to record heights. Clearly the population isn’t learning to force this virus into the background.

The death toll is rising in unison with the viral load, because the excess mortality is not a direct product of the vaccine, it is an indirect product of the vaccine interfering with our response to this virus:

We have a big wave of deaths in march 2020, then we had two deadly winters, so excess mortality is now supposed to be negative. We already “ran out” of the people who would die during the flu season. Yet 27% more people died than you would expect last week. That’s supposed to worry people with an IQ above room temperature, but they just call it “unexplained” and try to ignore it.

I point this out to you, because I’ve been arguing on Twitter with one of the authors of the study we’re going to look at, who insists that his findings, which fit the other teams whose findings I reported on in the past two posts are “unexpected”, but “nothing to worry about”. I honestly somewhat doubt he genuinely believes this. I want to explain here why the findings are worrying, so let’s start by looking at their findings and what is actually new.

You already know the story: After the second shot, IgG4 begins to show up. This gets worse with the breakthrough infections, then it gets worse again with the third shot. Now we have updated findings from breakthrough infections after the third shot. And this will shock you, but it gets worse again:

On average, the four who had a breakthrough infection after their booster are now at 42.45% IgG4. The cohort as a whole is at 19.27%, up from just 0.04%, so the ones who haven’t had a breakthrough infection yet will end up at a similar position: A response that is entirely IgG4 dominated.

The one useful new thing these guys and gals did was to ask the obvious question: Is this normal for other pathogens we’re commonly exposed to? So they looked at another virus, the virus causing misery for a lot of kids right now, RSV. They saw we don’t respond to RSV with an IgG4 response:

Nobody showed this response to RSV and it’s not even really seen after constant tetanus vaccination.

You just don’t want to see an IgG4 response to a respiratory infection. Out of the IgG’s, it’s mainly IgG3 and some IgG1 you want to see. One of the authors claims that it doesn’t matter that they’re switching to IgG4, because the antibodies don’t just matter for triggering phagocytosis (your immune cells eating the virus particles), they also matter for neutralization.

This is nice and well, but you run into two problems:

  1. The virus evolves. It rapidly evolves to avoid the most neutralizing antibodies. Neutralizing potential against XBB and BQ.1 is basically gone.
  2. IgG4 isn’t really meant for neutralization. Out of the IgG’s, IgG3 is the excellent virus neutralizer. What IgG3 does in the case of SARS2, is that they have their tails bind together. This means that out of all the four subclasses, IgG3 is showing 50-fold stronger neutralization than the other three subclasses against SARS2.

And now it’s time to drink, because have a look at what happens to IgG3 after three shots:

There is some IgG3 left in some people after the second shot, but by the time they get the third shot, they’re all universally down to a flat zero.

If you’re wondering how we end up with these fancy graphs:

It probably has something to do with us ridding our bodies of the most competent IgG antibody against this virus, replacing it with one we use to tolerate stuff like pollen, peanut proteins or bee venom.

This has never happened before. There are now the known unknowns, like whether the body ends up tolerating persisting infections due to this completely IgG4 dominated response, along with the unknown unknowns, questions we should be asking ourselves that most people haven’t even realized we need to be asking ourselves.

Here’s the big question I run into: So your experiment failed, you created an IgG4 dominant antibody response in soon to be billions of people. The IgG4 antibody response is homogeneous, it’s the same epitopes that everyone is learning now to tolerate.

Are you ready for this one?

What does it mean for other viruses?

That’s the big painful question. If you told me everyone has a different immune response to different regions of Spike, but everyone now deploys IgG4 antibodies to those regions, that would be bad enough for our relationship to SARS-COV-2.

But bear with me, as I pull up this old chart again:

You see the unvaccinated immune response in A at the bottom. You see that it’s pretty different in everyone.

You see the immune response of the vaccinated at the top. You see it’s rather similar in everyone, with distinct regions that receive the strongest response.

For some of those regions the virus doesn’t mind our antibody response, so those regions tend to stay the same. In other regions the antibody response is interfering, so the virus mutates to change those regions. This means that after a while, the IgG response is recalled for a shrinking subset of these regions, so you get a strong IgG4 response for a handful of epitopes, BUT THOSE EPITOPES ARE THE SAME FOR BASICALLY EVERYONE!

What I’m trying to say, is that there are now certain non-self amino acid chains that billions of human beings around the world are suddenly learning to tolerate. RNA respiratory viruses all work with pretty similar building blocks.

Some of these amino acid chains that we now tolerate in the case of SARS2, are chains that also show up in other respiratory viruses. And there will be respiratory viruses, that don’t have those chains yet, but can mutate themselves, to incorporate them in positions where they now currently have to deal with potent IgG3 antibodies.

In other words: A homogeneous population-wide shift towards IgG4 for certain antibodies, can end up impacting our relationship to respiratory viruses other than SARS2 as well. You could expect for example, that vaccinated people may become better asymptomatic spreaders of other respiratory viruses, like RSV. We see evidence of cross-reactive antibodies between SARS2 and the human corona viruses. Do you want those to switch from IgG3 to IgG4? Probably not.

It seems a plausible hypothesis worth investigating to me, that the massive surge in RSV that Western nations are seeing, is a consequence of vaccinated adults now beginning to tolerate RSV, thus leading to a jump in infections in children, as they’re exposed to it more often. With children now getting these infections from vaccinated adults rather than from other children, the infectious dose they receive will tend to be higher. This could be sufficient to explain the higher virulence observed in children.

Immune damage in children from SARS2 infection is also a hypothesis worth investigating of course, but asymptomatic spread from adults is also possible.

You have to keep in mind: The complete IgG4 shift only happens after breakthrough infections after the booster shot. In other words, the non-SARS2 viruses have not had much time yet, to evolve to adjust to the brave new world we now live in, where everyone is stuck with a strange subset of IgG4 antibodies for certain epitopes.

The IgG antibodies mainly bind to regions about 5 to 6 amino acids long, although it varies quite a lot. If some other virus like RSV, Influenza or the human corona viruses has such a region, it may find itself very happy! One of those nasty IgG3 antibodies that made its life miserable is gone, now replaced with an IgG4 antibody that is not capable of binding its tail to the other IgG4 antibodies for enhanced neutralization.

And if it doesn’t have such a region yet, but it could eventually get there after swapping one amino acid for another, then in due time you may find yourself wondering why you now suddenly have a big influenza problem, or a big RSV problem, or a big problem with some other pathogen.

Again, I’m sorry that I didn’t fully understand this two years ago. I understood it rather basically. I understood the big important principle: You can’t go out and homogenize the population’s immune response to a respiratory virus, this is profoundly dangerous.

Look back at what I wrote long ago:

One of the factors required for our species to reach such high population densities as we have reached today is the diversity of our immune response from person to person.

If we had HLA genes with very little diversity, we would all have a very similar immune response to pathogens. The lack of diversity in their HLA genes is one of the factors that made Native Americans so vulnerable to the viruses introduced by European colonizers: These viruses could spread in an environment of a homogeneous immune response, which allowed these viruses to evolve to make optimal use of that particular environment.

If we had HLA genes with little diversity, pathogens would evolve variants that overcome that particular immune response. The diversity of our immune response prohibits this from happening: Any particular change can’t help a pathogen much, when everyone responds to the pathogen in a different way.

With the spike based vaccines, we have done the exact worst thing you could possibly do: We homogenized the human immune response, to a new virus that is rapidly becoming more genetically diverse.

It’s again just this same basic principle I outlined here above, but this time we’re zooming in on this class switch to IgG4. I wouldn’t be worried about the impact on other pathogens if we had some switch to IgG4 that differs from person to person. But everyone now has select amino acid combinations that don’t occur in our own body (that is, peptides that we would normally not tolerate and chase down with antibodies if they show up in our blood), that everyone is now learning to tolerate!

We intervened in something that we just don’t properly understand, at the scale of billions of people.

Allow me to give you an anecdote. Long ago, in the 19th century, a Swedish man named Arrhenius, related to an autistic Swedish girl you might have heard of, realized that we were changing the atmosphere. People thought this was pretty nice, as they assumed it would happen slowly. Eventually most people forgot about it again.

By the 60’s we realized we were now emitting quite a lot of this strange gas, it was changing the atmosphere. Again the experts were not worried. “The ocean will probably deal with it” was the consensus among very smart people, WHOSE SPECIALTY IT WAS TO STUDY THIS SORT OF STUFF. It was only really in the 1980’s, that basically everyone agreed we were dealing with a real problem.

In this context, I want you to have a look at the scientist who announced his findings on Twitter:

I’m an anonymous Dutch college dropout with a predilection for obscure psychedelics, he is a virologist with a Phd. I’d perfectly understand if you wish to believe him over me, that’s the response most people seem to have.

But what I see, is a scientist saying “eh, the ocean will deal with it”.

He is a virologist and things are not going well in the field of viruses. We have too many people dying. We have a sarbecovirus that is not going away. The hospitals around the Western world can’t deal with the burden of sick people anymore.

And most important of all: The children are getting sick.

Maybe you don’t want to endow billions of people with a similar looking IgG4 antibody repertoire targeted at an RNA respiratory virus. Maybe all sorts of respiratory viruses and other pathogens can use that as an opportunity.

You committed an unprecedented experiment with billions of people, our immune systems are now responding in an unprecedented manner to a respiratory pathogen and we now see unprecedented numbers of people sick from respiratory infections.

If you are a virologist, I think you’re supposed to be worried right now.

Update 1: A critique you might have of my warning, that a shift towards IgG4 may impact other respiratory pathogens too, is that cross-reactivity of antibodies may not be sufficient.

And yet, we already know there must be substantial cross-reactivity between SARS2 and a number of other RNA respiratory viruses, for a simple reason: Subunit influenza vaccines (ie not live vaccines) showed a clear 89% reduction in risk of a severe SARS-COV-2 infection.

If influenza antibodies impact SARS2, SARS2 antibodies impact influenza. And if SARS2 antibodies are shifting towards tolerance, that will impact influenza. The impact will merely get more relevant over time, as these other viruses adjust through mutation and natural selection to benefit optimally from this shift towards IgG4.


  1. Ha, I got a ways down the article and found myself wondering something, which you then answered in the next paragraph, which is: is it NORMAL to produce a tolerance-type response to a virus the way one does to an allergen like a peanut? Doesn’t that seem weird and improper?

    And of course the answer is yes, it’s weird, and so the next question is, what happens now? And it seems the answer is: no one knows for sure.

    • No, the answer is that it is NOT normal to produce IgG4 in response to a viral infection. They even tested for that in the original paper. The body does NOT produce IgG4 even after repeated viral infections, or after repeated vaccinations with regular vaccines.

      This issue only crops up with the mRNA vaccines. Again, the original paper addresses this.

  2. This is what I keep coming back to and worried me when I fitst saw it in the UK data:

    “We have a big wave of deaths in march 2020, then we had two deadly winters, so excess mortality is now supposed to be negative..”

    And this was my worry after I read Geert vanden Bosch:

    “We intervened in something that we just don’t properly understand, at the scale of billions of people.”

  3. Isn’t it another significant issue for the organism that bee venom or peanut proteins are basically dosed and don’t replicate, while Cov2 continuously replicate in chaotic fashion until shut down?

    “I honestly somewhat doubt he genuinely believes this.”
    I agree. At this point it’s like they just chose to sink with the ship, in the comfort of mainstream majority, not that they’re _that_ reckless as initially.

    If the jab worked wonders and the unvaccinated were decimated in Biden’s winter of death, you’d hate to be in the unpopular minority of the 1% of doctors and politicians who trashtalked the vaccine.

    If this turns out to be the biggest pharmaceutical disaster since the Cutter Incident (or worse), the 99% of the medical/political establishment still get the 2Big2Fail treatment and total institutional bailout as their way out.
    “We couldn’t have seen it” “All the other authorities did the same thing” “Some of us were killed and disabled too”

    • >Isn’t it another significant issue for the organism that bee venom or peanut proteins are basically dosed and don’t replicate, while Cov2 continuously replicate in chaotic fashion until shut down?

      Yeah, that’s why the shift towards IgG4 gets worse over time with the breakthrough infection.

      • I got the allergy vaccine for pollen years ago and it took about a year of weekly, then monthly, shots just to begin feeling a noticeable attenuation of local itchiness.

        Pretty grim that this mRNA phenomenon happening so fast with infections and boosting.

  4. Great piece, Rintrah. You did an amazing job thinking and writing about it, and yes, many people are doomed.

    Getting “allergy shots” imparting tolerance to a replicating virus sounds like a bad idea.

  5. Not really meant for posting. I found you linked on Vox Day, and I can’t get enough of your blog. Very insightful writing; keep up the good work!

    Typo here:

    “On average, the four who had a breakthrough infection after their booster are now at 42.45% IgG4. The cohort as a whole is at 19.27%, up from just 0.04%, so the ones who haven’t had a breakthrough infection yet will end up at a similar position: A response that is entirely IgG4 dominated.”

    From the table, I think you meant 4%, not 0.04%

    “up from just 0.04%”

  6. The trouble is, this is quite complicated for most people to understand. It isn’t easy to pass this information on, and, superficially, the development of tolerance sounds like something positive and desirable.

    Regardless, this does seem like a good fit for what we are observing, when it comes to the ongoing behaviour of SARS-CoV-2 and what we are seeing with other viruses. It’s the piece of the puzzle that explains why the unvaccinated are getting more sick than usual.

    I’m not yet convinced that SARS-CoV-2 infections are responsible for the sudden deaths of young, healthy people. That still appears to be better explained by direct harm by the injections. (And I’m not saying that because I’m a vaxx-free person wishing to believe that he is safe).

    • But the unvaxxed are not getting more sick. This is the lie.
      The vaxxed are…and the more boosters they get the more often they’re sick.
      Real world stats say this and it is indisputable.
      You’re gov is lying to you. They did this on purpose.
      Excess deaths are up. Births are down.
      It’s not a conspiracy any more. This is the new reality.

      • Exactly!! You hit the nail on the head! Negative efficacy has already been proven in numerous studies and the more boosters you get the more your efficacy goes in the toilet! Please understand… there’s NOTHING haphazard or circumstantial about these outcomes… it was planned from the beginning these shots would be used for DEPOPULATION of the Earth… to get rid of all the “useless eaters” as they refer to most of us (just a side note… notice a dyed in the wool Globalist is never referred to as a useless eater). DARPA, along with WHO, CDC, NIH, etc. worked on this FOR YEARS… they new EXACTLY what the outcomes would be. Trump fell into their trap because they knew with his mountainous ego he’d push the bio-weapon and then take credit for getting it out quickly into the public. He stills pushes it to some degree, so either he’s a Globalist or dumber than a box of rocks. NO to Trump in 2024!

        • He may be dumber than a box of rocks.
          He does appear to have a mountainous ego.
          He did get played by Fauci and whoever pulls his strings.
          He does surround himself with questionable people and endorse others that makes you shake your head.
          Having said that, sadly he is america’s best hope as he realizes how bad the admin state has become.
          All the others are career politicians who don’t give a damn about the people.
          Trump seems to give a shit, is a fighter and that ego might be useful in a dogfight.
          He just needs to stay focused – which may be easier said than done.

        • How could they have worked on this for years when the virus is only 3 years old the mRNA vaccines only 2 years old, and this discovery very recent and only possible after a specific set of circumstances only developed in the population a year ago?

      • I have three colleagues, to whom I communicate daily. All 3 of them triple vaxxed and between 10 and 20+ years younger. They are all sick with cold, flu or whatever on almost monthly basis. I can count number of times I was sick between Jan. 2020 and now on fingers of one hand. With a few to spare. Including COVID-19 that latest for a day and half. I’m not vaxxed. Never took a flu shot either. Draw your own conclusion.

        • I am triple vaxed and I haven’t had even a cold since the start of the pandemic. Neither has my wife who is also triple vaxed. Anecdotes do not help the discussion. They are not scientific. Supply credible data to back up your claims and not anecdotes.

    • So those who are behind the scenes for depopulation are aware of the effects of the vaxes and boosters, I assume. So they either pass on the vax or take a placebo shot for PR? My question is whether they are doing something on the preventive front to avoid the risk of illness? Thoughts?

      • What makes you so sure that anyone behind the scenes actually knows what they’re doing? Because why would they systematically kill the most obedient?

        • What does obedience matter when the goal is to reduce numbers? I always see this comment and it never holds up to logical scrutiny in my head. “I’m obedient to the government, why would they want to kill me??” Maybe because you’re easy to kill and their goal is to reduce the population size? I never see any critical thinking from this kind of retort.

        • I do not have faith in any institution, but if I were a part of a sinister plot to depopulate the Earth, I would want the remaining human beings to have the edge of critical thought void of herd mentality so that we may evolve and survive.

    • That’s the big question!

      Here in NZ, our blood donation service doesn’t even require a stand-down period after vaccination.

      So, you got a non-zero chance of receiving a free vaccination with your next blood transfusion. I imagine the effects will be the pretty much identical to receiving the actual vaccine, though hopefully less pronounced as the concentration should be much lower.

      • You do not become vaccinated after receiving blood from a vaccinated person. The number of circulating antigens and antibodies is very low and so the dose you receive from a transfusion is incredibly low.

  7. Thank you for this very informative article. Although this all goes way above my head I have some practical questions what this means for young children. Suppose you have 2 unvaccin ated 2 and 3 yours old and you, both parents are also unvaccinated, would it be better to keep the children away from daycare, kindergarten etc to avoid contact with vaccinated adults,? Caregivers and other parents? Until their immune system is more developed and can handle the overload of viruses?

    Also there seems to be a trend in moving “classical childrensvaccines into mrna types. Mr campbell mentions this in his last youtube video. Very worriesome.

    Merry Christmas everybody

  8. What unvaccinated individuals (adults or children) should do in a future world where the vaccinated are more than likely cesspools of infections spreading their tolerated pathogens widely is a real problem. Total isolation is not necessarily the healthiest thing for unvaccinated to do but we probably should limit our exposure. The bigger question will be what will happen when the unvaccinated awaken to the real possibility that their governments have poisoned them. There are going to be a lot of really mad people.

  9. I’ve wondered all along whether it would have been possible to synthesize and purify the spike protein outside of human bodies, and then inject that as the vaccine, rather than inject the genetic instructions for our cells to manufacture it themselves.

    I’m not at all saying that would have been a good idea, but just that since the entire ostensible benefit of the mRNA and viral vector DNA vaccines is that they expose our immune systems to spike separate from the replicating virus, it would have been a more conservative route to the same goal. (Even on a prosaic level, direct injection of spike would have permitted dosage control of that toxic, vasculitis-causing substance not possible with the genetic goop.)

    This question looms large now, since the implication here is that it is the conversion of our own cells into spike factories that has short circuited our immune systems so gravely. If the bastards could have achieved their stated goal of spike exposure while avoiding that, but didn’t just because they wanted to try out their new gene-therapy toy, it ramps up the evil yet another notch.

    • Check out Novavax. But it has issues too. The proper approach might have been to expose the population to the more benign pre-Alpha variants that apparently swept through a few countries 2-3 years before Covid-19.

      • We could have handled it like hcov-nl63 and just be fine..

        The placebo effect is real so if the objective was to keep ICU’s from being overcrowded the scientific approach would have been to censor the virus, not the people.

        Even if the story leaked out whilst “solving the problem” by secretly modifying the flu shot which already was targeted at the only vulnerable cohorts this would still be safest to both groups (ie vaccinated/unvaccinated).

        Clearly something other than a “best case scenario “ is the preferred outcome here..

        Television is not a substitute for normal vision.

        When you see a tv crew interview isolated Masai tribes about COVID that should tell you something?

        Good luck exporting 36 genders to tribes with only 30 members btw, perhaps the purple M&M’s will convince them to start experimenting with gender reassignment surgeries using that one broken bottle the BBC left behind when filming their last documentary? One can only hope!

        This would be perfect timing for an sudden ice age so all the stupidity will be well preserved for some survivors of our species in the future..

        I think I’d like to reincarnate as an chicken in a nugget factory, less shameful than being human at this point!

        Way to be dogmatic about climate change btw and be open in another field of science!
        How did the climate change before there were humans to observe the phenomenon?

        My rant might be off-topic but not as off-topic as requiring people to say YES to some random cherry picked topic you decide to blindly follow.

        I guess you’ve been smoking kool-aid extract instead of properly extracted reduced tryptamine oxides?

        Pledging is not a part of science, a good tool saves half the work, you just blunted your tool?

        Typisch denk je een interessante NL website te vinden wordt je aan het einde hypocrisie opgedrongen.

    • Seeing as China started this with the US shadow states blessing in the Summer/Fall/Winter of 2019, I doubt it.

      Google: China vaccine law.

      A link to our library of Congress should be one of the top hits. Everything that was planned to happen in light of the threat of COVID 19 was already passed into law in China at that point. The mandatory vaccinations, the quarantine camps, the penalties for non-compliance, the biometric tracking systems, the vaccine database…all half a year prior to China announcing there was some kind of unexplained respiratory outbreak.

      So they pass the law, people can get their shots. The law goes into effect days before they announce that they are dealing with some new respiratory pathogen, after they film people collapsing dead in the street.

    • I’ve had the same questions all along. If the immune system is all about distinguishing between “self” and “not self” then it seems any treatment that causes the self (your own cells) to MANUFACTURE non-self (spike protein) is fraught with difficulties. If the products & byproducts of this manufacturing process contain a mixture of the two then the immune system is likely to be fooled into attacking some “self” cells and/or ignoring some “non-self” cells. Either way, not good.

      • Not “probably” but “certainly” ( -this is what Prof.Sucharit Bhakdi meant ). These “vaccinations” could therefore not work for theoretical reasons alone. The immune system always kills the cells infected with foreign material.

    • That is the way there novavax vaccine works. It is one of the only ones that is actually a vaccine, using the old protein subunit sensitizing approach. I’m surprised they even let it out, but the company is going under even as we speak.

  10. You are assuming that the one-time Spike exposure was their goal. It may have been repetitive constant Spike exposure as the MRNA had Incorporated itself into your dna. This would lead to immune compromise and ultimately collapse which some think may have actually been the long-term goal

    • I’m not interested in pissing contests where we try to out-red-pill each other. I think my inclusion of words like “ostensible” and “stated goal” in my comment gets across that I’m not assuming anything.

      I am interested in the question I posed: whether direct introduction of spike protein was technically feasible, but set aside in favor of the gene experiment.

      • If you inject the spike protein directly, you will likely create a trace of intent and kill people too fast. They are a neurotoxic with prion like properties that recruits other proteins to misfold which lead to debilitating neurodegenerative diseases such as CJD and Alzheimer’s. These vaccines are bioweapons but ones that are designed to kill without leaving a trace. However, serious scientists who have tried to warn us from the beginning are helping us understand the mechanisms of action. Here’s a video:

      • All I know is that in Germany, a scientist (very simply) quickly developed a “dead vaccine”. It worked. So it was not just protein spike, but much more. (As far as I know). He didn’t get approval because he couldn’t pay for big studies. It worked and it had nothing to do with mRNA !

        • An intranasal spray of the beta coronavirus i.e. common cold, should do the trick without the nasty side effects. Plenty of evidence of cross-reactive immunity.

    • RNA can not incorporate itself into your DNA. The virus itself is covered with spike protein. Not saying there couldn’t be an issue with the mRNA vaccines, but it makes no sense for people to worry about spike protein associated with the mRNA vaccines but not the virus itself.

      • Not necessarily. The mRNA shots may lead to much higher concentrations of spike in some people’s bodies – and concomitant problems – than they will see from viral infection. I think that that happens, at least sometimes.

        Also, the dogma says the injected mRNA shouldn’t incorporate itself into our DNA, but the dogma may not be perfectly correct. Billions of people being injected with billions of lipid nanoparticles each gives nature a lot of opportunities for experimentation. Some time ago I read about a study where integration into DNA did happen, though it was in vitro and I haven’t heard anything further about it. I too am reluctant to think that really happens in our bodies, but I’d feel better if these drugs had been actually tested before being shot into entire populations.

      • Wrong! It has been proven in the 70s that RNA can be transferred into DNA via reverse transcriptase. This has already been demonstrated in-vitro for the the mRNA jabs in liver cells.

  11. So what happens to immunocomptomised people? Like diabetics? They die,ugly, eventually. Until they do, they are a cash cow for the medical industry. So what happens if 80% of population is suddenly like diabetics?
    Hospitals get swamped, med factories get to run 24/7, and make money like crazy. This is super bullish for the pharma industry.

    • The Globalist Hierarchy of Needs:
      1. Kill as many as possible
      2. Make money
      3. Zombify those not killed into mindless automatons.
      4. Make more money.

  12. IgG3 Vs IgG4 and the antitumor response.
    I always like to cross check these things, to the immune system cancer cells are just another pathogenic invader to destroy.

    As suspected this is important and the implications aren’t good.

    B Cell Orchestration of Anti-tumor Immune Responses: A Matter of Cell Localization and Communication (2021)

    somatic hypermutation (SHM)
    “Additionally, analysis of more than 5,000 TCGA RNA-seq samples revealed that high levels of IgG3–1 switch are associated with prolonged survival in patients with high SHM rates, whereas IgG3–1 levels are not prognostic in low SHM samples, underscoring the role of SHM in generating BCR sequences with high binding affinity to the exposed tumor antigens (Hu et al., 2019).”
    How to select IgG subclasses in developing anti-tumor therapeutic antibodies (2020)

    “IgG3 demonstrates the highest affinity binding to most FcγRs”

    “IgG4 only has high affinity for FcγRI but weak affinities for all other receptors, and is a poor inducer of Fc-mediated effector functions.”

  13. Also, many of the vaxed are happy to get few or no symtoms from covid and would gladly take an mrna for flu, rsv and others. Thus Moderna is building 3 factories in uk, canada and australia with secured gov contracts for 7-10 years to produce like 300 million mrna doses each year. See this John Campbell video, second part, for the details.

  14. Oops:
    IgG4 antibodies and cancer-associated inflammation
    Insights into a novel mechanism of immune escape

    The role of B cells and antibodies in cancer is insufficiently understood but is receiving increasing attention. We have recently identified IgG4 as an antibody subclass elicited by melanoma-associated interleukin-10-driven inflammation. In this setting, IgG4 exhibit inefficient immunostimulatory capacity and block the cytotoxic activities of other antibodies. These previously unappreciated mechanisms of immune escape may constitute promising targets for the development of novel anticancer immunotherapies.

    • Also found this – Fc-Fc interactions of IgG4 may affect immune evasion of cancers, regardless of the antigen specificity of the IgG4.

      An immune evasion mechanism with IgG4 playing an essential role in cancer and implication for immunotherapy

      “We further found that IgG4, **regardless of its antigen specificity**, inhibited the classic immune reactions of antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity, antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis and complement-dependent cytotoxicity against cancer cells in vitro, and these effects were obtained through its Fc fragment reacting to the Fc fragments of cancer-specific IgG1 that has been bound to cancer antigens. We also found that IgG4 competed with IgG1 in reacting to Fc receptors of immune effector cells. Therefore, locally increased IgG4 in cancer microenvironment should inhibit antibody-mediated anticancer responses and help cancer to evade local immune attack and indirectly promote cancer growth. ”

    • That’s the question. Is this only going to be a problem with vaccinated people who get respiratory ailments, or is there going be be a more general IgG4 excess whenever they catch anything that requires IgGs? It seems that this would be specific to respiratory problems. I hope. But the vaccinated son-in-law of a friend of mine just got a huge and deadly melanoma out of nowhere.

  15. I’m still waiting for the general realization that the vaccination technique must be completely discarded.

    Sure, there are some prime examples, like Polio, but I would never do a tetanus vaccination again. The benefit is too small and the risc too high. There are also many hints that vaccinations do not reduce deseases, only shifting them into other areas.
    Could be that most of the medical history of the world in the last 100 years was a result of using vaccination technique, which only shifted deseases around, but didn’t decreased diseases.

    Vaccination is frankenstein-technology! And the new mRNA vaccines, which instruct our cells to produce toxic spikes, is even more frankensteinish. It has to be gone!

    • I got HS Purpera when I was 5, an autoimmune issue. Developed asthma out of nowhere the summer before I went into high school. Just recently realized that both happened right after DPT shots. So I don’t believe those are safe.

  16. Radagast, I’m trying to boil this down into a form I can share with others, so with apologies for much simplification, I’m trying to do an “explain it like I’m 5” version of your hypothesis:


    a normal immune response to various respiratory viruses differs between various people, which is a good thing as it means the virus can’t evolve to fit all these responses. the mRNA gene therapy, however, has concentrated the immune response among those who’ve taken it into a single type of response, which is that of a pathogen that the body sees often, and thus learns to tolerate (such as bee stings). it so happens that the sarscov2 virus shares much in common with other respiratory virus, so the end result is that the gene therapied cohort are now tolerating, rather than eliminating, many different respiratory viruses, and are therefore getting frequently sick, and spreading these viruses. immune system degradation, whereby repeated infections gradually deplete the body’s ability to fight infections, is making this process even worse. children particularly are suffering, as their immune systems haven’t been exposed to many of the viruses that adults have already seen and fought off. this process will continue, as more and more people get infected with viruses that their immune systems tolerate, and thus even the un-gene-therapied cohort suffer as there so many more than normal sick people spreading infections that their immune systems are becoming overwhelmed, too.

    possible solutions (aside from the obvious, stop with the mRNA shots ASAP); if you’re sick, stay home until completely recovered to give your immune system a chance to recover, too. eat a mostly veg-based diet. eat fermented food.


    any corrections, clarifications or wholesale rewrites appreciated. i find your hypothesis quite terrifying, all the more so since it does seem to fit with what we’re seeing, from monkeypox to the current wave of respiratory viruses.

      • (I edited it to make it a bit more easily readable…)

        The mRNA gene therapy, however, has concentrated the immune response – among those who’ve taken it – into a single type of response, which is that of a pathogen that the body sees often and, thus, learns to tolerate (such as bee-stings).
        It so happens that the sarscov2 virus shares much in common with other respiratory virus, so the gene-therapied cohort are now tolerating, rather than eliminating, many different respiratory viruses and are, therefore, getting sick frequently and spreading these viruses.
        Immune system degradation – whereby repeated infections gradually deplete the body’s ability to fight infections – is making this process even worse. Children particularly are suffering, as their immune systems haven’t been exposed to many of the viruses that adults have already seen and fought off.
        This process will continue, as more and more people get infected with viruses that their immune systems tolerate; thus, even the un-gene-therapied cohort suffer – as there are so many more than normal sick people spreading infections that the unvacinateds’ immune systems are becoming overwhelmed, too.
        Possible solutions (aside from the obvious, which is to stop with the mRNA shots ASAP): if you’re sick, stay home until completely recovered – in order to give your immune system a chance to recover: eat a mostly veg-based diet: eat fermented food.

        • A slight tweak. I think your second paragraph should read:

          ‘The SARS-Cov-2 mRNA vaccines appear to introduce a specific weakness in the body’s defenses namely tolerance of specific virus mutations that shouldn’t be tolerated. This gets worse as more doses are administered. Since this weakness is the same in every vaccine recipient if any other virus mutates to exploit that weakness, everyone who has been vaccinated is at increased risk from that variant.’

    • Quote: ” … and thus even the un-gene-therapied cohort suffer as there so many more than normal sick people spreading infections that their immune systems are becoming overwhelmed, too.”

      A real epidemic control will sooner or later come to the conclusion, that the cohortes must be seperated. Each country of the world will deal different with this problem. Coming tragedies everywhere.

    • thank you for this simple explanation.
      I am always attracted to the complexities of this whole “clown show plandemic” but like to get up to speed before hand.

    • I would add that the IgG4 antibodies mute the immune system’s response to cancer cells leaving us more susceptible to cancer. There are a number of articles cited by others above relating to implications for cancer.

    • I generally agree with your summary however plant-based diet is not the best solution (not for everyone at least, definitely not for me). One needs a species appropriate diet, rich in highly bioavailable nutrients (especially vit. D) and void of toxic antinutrients (chemical defence mechanism of 99% of plants).

  17. There is a very decent seeming medical doctor who tweets named Farid Jalali. I will cut and paste some of what he said recently about this that I got though nitter (if you can use twitter, you could just go there and read it). You can tell that he feels totally sick about this. Part of what he is writing is in response to some dumbass named John Hartblik who thinks that this new tolerance of covid infection will be a great thing.

    “So I don’t think I can write everything I want to write about the new IgG4 paper without getting into trouble.”
    “how would reduced antibody-mediated *cellular* immunity by IgG4 skewing help us in a landscape of rapid evolution of immune-evasive variants that 1 day may require that very same *cellular” immunity in addition to (subpar) neutralizing Abs to provide protection”
    “I believe IgG4 skewing for a pathogen with very little (to none) rapid evolution such as Dengue is desirable in the fashion you’ve described, to reduce pro-inflammatory antibody-mediated pathogenicity. However, much of the pathogenicity comes from *afucosylated* Ab formation. I am not entirely sure that IgG4 skewing toward less ADCC and ADPC (cellular immunity) for a pathogen with *rapid* evolution toward more and more immune-evasive variants every 6 months is going to be a good strategy in the long run

    Pathogenicity of severe COVID hinges upon antibody-mediated immune injury, but is not primarily due to IgG4 vs IgG1/3 responses

    It is due to *afucosylated* IgG formation against spike (non-neutralizing) and that pathway may still be triggered despite IgG4 skewing from vaccines. Dengue also shares the same pathogenicity as in COVID, in that in both disorders, afucosylated IgG formation toward a viral antigen (spike in SARS-CoV-2) *before* neutralizing IgG formation leads to severe antibody-dependent immunopathology. This *afucosylated* response, we think and hypothesize, may be due to infection of host bone marrow cells (investigation in the works) and such access to bone marrow may hinge upon SARs-CoV-2 breach of immune defenses (both neutralizing Abs *and* cellular immunity. So while it is correct that IgG4 from repeated mRNAs skewing is overall “less inflammatory” when neutralizing SARS-CoV-2, the pathogenicity of severe COVID is suspected to be due to a separate line of NON-neutralizing afucosylated pathogenic Ab formation.

    And I worry that by channeling our response toward predominantly neutralizing Ab and by reducing our ability to provide *cellular* immunity (nature of IgG4 skewing), we may face a situation …
    … where an immune evasive variant

    1) won’t be neutralizing by subpar or long-depleted nAbs (in case of distant booster)

    2) cellular immunity is impaired (nature of IgG4 skewing)

    … which may result in increased risk of severe disease.”

    None of this would be a surprise to you, but you can tell that he is just horrified by this. I don’t know if he is yet thinking about other respiratory viruses; maybe he is; maybe that is why he is saying he can’t tweet everything he is thinking.

    • Anecdotal, but I have jabbed family members re-suffering allergies they conquered in their childhood. One who grew up with four dogs in the house for first 20 years of their life is now breaking out in hives from being licked by their dog. To the point their eye was nearly swollen shot. Is it possible the IGg4 is not only being repurposed for respiratory viruses, but being overwhelmed also? your paper here has indirectly proven to me that this forced priming of the immune system leads childhood vaccines to cause severe allergies.
      Source: my gut feeling.

      This is a brilliant blog I wish I found it two years ago.

  18. merry fucking xmas, eh. thank you for your erudition and for sharing what you know. if it’s any consolation, freaks such as i am much more likely to listen to someone like you – with no financial agenda – than some dodgy virologist or doctor who stands to profit from their approach to this.

    • “i am much more likely to listen to someone like you – with no financial agenda – than some dodgy virologist or doctor who stands to profit from their approach to this.”
      The name “Eric Topel” sprang to mind. I subscribe to his substack (so I can talk to my eldest sister, who is a huge fan of his) and everyone of his posts seems as though it was composed by the marketing dept. of Pfizer and Moderna.

  19. Your Summary is good, but your dietary recomendations are non-sequitur and without proven basis. I was vegetarian for 20 years and have know many vegtarians. My personal experience and observations of others is that vegatarians are more prone to colds and flus not less.

  20. My immune system became super efficient since eating vegan for 8 years now. So much so my co-workers commented that I never take sick leave from work.

    • Interesting. It seems however. That as a Vegan one would have to keep up with all the necessary plants.

      There are other vegans like yourself that suffer from malnutrition. Which is suspect is because of missing out on the necessary vegetables, algae, mushrooms and so forth.

      I think meat and dairy is like a shortcut. Since the animals it is derived from are themselves already Vegan requiring a lower range of vegetables to be sustainable.

    • I eat very little in the way of vegetable. I am nearly a pure carnitarian – by taste and because it makes me feel better. 48 years old, perfect health markers, decent athletic performance still, relative to all ages. Haven’t missed a day of work in years, had a few sniffles here and there but nothing serious. Only have health insurance because Big Gov forces me to, not because I ever use it.

      I can do anecdotes too.

  21. So far based on the sum of your analysis, are we heading for a vaccinAIDS scenario where the vaccinated lose immune function and die, for a Marek’s disease scenario where the vaccinated become incubators for death bugs and all of us chuds die, or some kind of mixed scenario containing the worst of both scenarios, where the vaccinated are indeed a Marek’s disease petri dish spewing plague everywhere they go, but while enjoying a sickly and fragile quality of life themselves?

    This article seems to point towards the last and worst outcome.

    • The problem we are having in society is we are a source=”a feeling in my gut, or nuts” crowd. Which will lead us to the correct answer without being able to clearly communicate why. Yet the lemmings need us to disprove their poisonous media before they will even consider stepping out of line.

      I feel a Marek’s scenario is no longer in the cards. If the jabs caused these people to remain asymptomatic but still harbor this viral load and response, which was the best case scenario for them, I would be singing a different tune. Instead we are headed for VAIDS scenario where there will be jabbies getting sepsis from scraping their knee.

      • My thought, as well, and it will be especially grim given that the head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control said that we are living in a post-antibiotic world.

  22. Eugyppius recently commented that for Christmas he would be eating ham from a suckling pig, the next day, goose, and the following day, duck.

    How does that make you feel?

    • How does it make you feel to know that there do exist kind and sensitive humans? Does that upset you and make you very angry? Do you wonder why it makes you so angry? Did someone do something so terrible to you, that you want to cause hurt? Is it possible for you to stop?

  23. Agreed. I’d never come across your blog before today, Rintrah, but this stuff is fantastic.
    Igor has been an excellent explainer of things within this facet of the pandemic, so it’s quite fitting to see his compliments in these comments.
    As a fellow outsider to the world of science, it’s been awesome to see others who are willing to step in and conduct the due diligence that establish science will not.

  24. Is this the same mechanism which Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche described as Immune refocusing and ADE-I/D? Or is this a different mechanism and therefore additional problem? I really lost track.

    Is there a way to get rid of the “surplus” igG4? Like expensive bloodwash procedures (15.000 Euro+) which are know to remove many of autoimmun antibodies (is this the same as igG4?!?).

    • I think you are very close to what is going to happen.
      Marek’s disease in chickens. You can’t put the diseased
      chicken into a health flock now, because the unvaxxed chickens
      will die in a day, wile the vaxxed chickens take a few more
      days to die.

  25. Look up covax 19
    I believe this was a more conventional vaccine developed by Nikolai Petrovsky in Adelaide. His program was ignored in favor of pfizer rtc

  26. Given your censorship rules, I will not make any statement for or against Global Warming. I will note similarities between how Covid and Global Warming have been treated in media. “The Science is Settled.” “Climate deniers (anti-Vaxxers) are killing people” “No need to ever have an honest debate because all that does is create Climate confusion (vaccine hesitancy)”, “All dissenting voices need to be censored because they create Climate confusion (vaccine hesitancy)”, “Blindly trust in authority”. “Use State power to crush any dissent”. Are a few similarities. Again absolutely no ‘retarded” statement on Global Warming. Just on the similarities in how both are presented in th press. Why?

    • You might enjoy this older essay by the great Michael Crichton on the dangers of politicized science:

      “Imagine that there is a new scientific theory that warns of an impending crisis, and points to a way out.

      This theory quickly draws support from leading scientists, politicians and celebrities around the world. Research is funded by distinguished philanthropies, and carried out at prestigious universities. The crisis is reported frequently in the media. The science is taught in college and high school classrooms.

      I don’t mean global warming. I’m talking about another theory, which rose to prominence a century ago.

      Its supporters included Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Winston Churchill. It was approved by Supreme Court justices Oliver Wendell Holmes and Louis Brandeis, who ruled in its favor. The famous names who supported it included Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone; activist Margaret Sanger; botanist Luther Burbank; Leland Stanford, founder of Stanford University; the novelist H. G. Wells; the playwright George Bernard Shaw; and hundreds of others. Nobel Prize winners gave support. Research was backed by the Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations. The Cold Springs Harbor Institute was built to carry out this research, but important work was also done at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford and Johns Hopkins. Legislation to address the crisis was passed in states from New York to California.

      These efforts had the support of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Medical Association, and the National Research Council. It was said that if Jesus were alive, he would have supported this effort.

      All in all, the research, legislation and molding of public opinion surrounding the theory went on for almost half a century. Those who opposed the theory were shouted down and called reactionary, blind to reality, or just plain ignorant. But in hindsight, what is surprising is that so few people objected.

      Today, we know that this famous theory that gained so much support was actually pseudoscience. The crisis it claimed was nonexistent. And the actions taken in the name of theory were morally and criminally wrong. Ultimately, they led to the deaths of millions of people.

      The theory was eugenics, and its history is so dreadful — and, to those who were caught up in it, so embarrassing — that it is now rarely discussed. But it is a story that should be well know to every citizen, so that its horrors are not repeated.”

      • What you are advocating is an open mind to look at correlations as they occur, and not to close one’s mind with “the science is settled” mindset. In that spirit have you thought of considering that eugenics never really died but perhaps caught less press and that what we are seeing now is the second chapter in the eugenics playbook? We are about to see the result that they wanted a century ago.

        • Indeed it does feel like Eugenics got recycled as something similar, where only the wealthy elite should exist and rule, and the poor masses need to be culled, the same way you do when there is an overpopulation of deer.

          Because you know, the fate of the planet of the planet is at stake..overpopulation, carbon emissions, etc. In their eyes it might seem like a necessary cruelty.

          Instead of being about worth genes, it is about worthy pedigree, means, wealth, and power, regardless of gene, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.

    • Because gatekeeper. Limited hangout. I think.
      I find the total blindness in regard to the bigger picture, all if this fitting into what could be called a centuries old PLAN surprising. And the blindness of the blatantly obvious similar characteristics in language and framing and strategy, even down to the same peoples and institutions, I find surprising.
      This blog is so, so incredibly good and almost frightingly intelligently put together with no appearant and common issue of thinking against the mainstream paradigm. I dont understand the lack of atleast acknowledgement in similarity. Of intent, even. It seems so obvious, WAY lower on the scale of better understanding of this world than the substance of these blogpost.

      I could be wrong. I might have become to paranoid. It realy does irk me reading this all.

  27. Gheert Vondam Bosch Dutch virologist a previously pro V stance stated these facts in late 2019 early 2020. “You DONT attack a virus during a pandemic with mass V of the populace, otherwise you get variants the immune system doesn’t recognize as a threat.” Nobody in authority listened to him. He realized what was going to occur and he wept in despair.

  28. “You have to keep in mind: The complete IgG4 shift only happens after breakthrough infections after the booster shot. In other words, the non-SARS2 viruses have not had much time yet, to evolve to adjust to the brave new world we now live in, where everyone is stuck with a strange subset of IgG4 antibodies for certain epitopes.”

    What does this mean for people who got the initial mRNA jabs but nothing more? Or who took both jabs but no boosters?

    • My son had 2 jabs, no boosters.

      IGG Total
      Your Value
      1,130 MG/DL
      Standard Range
      641 – 1,353 MG/DL

      IGG 1 Subclass
      Your Value
      549 MG/DL
      Standard Range
      490 – 1,140 MG/DL

      IGG 2 Subclass
      Your Value
      510 MG/DL
      Standard Range
      150 – 640 MG/DL

      IGG 3 Subclass
      Your Value
      25.4 MG/DL
      Standard Range
      20.0 – 110.0 MG/DL

      IGG 4 Subclass
      Your Value
      405.0 MG/DL
      Standard Range
      8.0 – 140.0 MG/DL

  29. Will it only be people who catch covid and other respiratory ailments who have an excessive IgG4 response? That would almost be tolerable, compared with the alternative. The alternative is that that will be the response whenever the body really needs a different IgG instead, like with cancer. I know several people with sudden onset, rapid growing cancers; two are dead already. Is this because they can’t fight the cancers because the only IgG they are making is IgG4?

    • “I know several people with sudden onset, rapid growing cancers; two are dead already. Is this because they can’t fight the cancers because the only IgG they are making is IgG4?”

      One reason the cancers are sparking is because the spike protein shuts down our BRCA1 and 53BP1 DNA repair mechanisms. It sucks up the proteins needed for repair. Our DNA fractures trillions of times a day, but our body repairs or patches it. Failure to repair these fractures leads to DNA degradation, a major cause of cancer.

      At the same time, the mRNA instructs our CD8 killer T-cells to express spike protein. This makes them look suspiciously like viruses. What do CD8 killer T cells do? They kill viruses, bacteria and cancerous cells. So when they see each other expressing spike, they kill each other, they kill themselves, antibodies (and antibody compliments) are produced to kill them. Net result, they die off catastrophically. So the vaccinated lose the ability to fight cancer. Or bacterial infections. Or viruses. This is not a coincidence. This is a bioweapon.

  30. I recall an interview by Moderna’s Stéphane Bancel saying that the objective of the mRNA shots was to have the body produce its own medicine (with Moderna’s patent of course).

    This is what the body does already does.

    I guess the shots at this time are considered a free ‘assist’ (as paid by Government)

    They however turned out to be an own goal

    Eventually you can PAY for an upgrade to level the score

    Then you can draw with a team that was never a threat (for most)

  31. Rintrah has really broken though with article and analysis. Igor and Bad Cattitude, for two, have picked up the ideas and run with them, while properly crediting Rintrah. Predictably, ‘Ticker Guy’ has just plagiarized Rintrah and has not mentioned his sources.

  32. I believed the REAL doctors and scientists from the start.
    Dr. Bakhdi, Dr. Wodarg, Dr. Yeadon, Dr. McCollough, Dr. Malone etc. etc.
    They warned us about all kinds of horrible things that would happen.
    And now they ARE happening.
    So NOW…..YES….I will go with the college dropout….instead of the sell-out-virologists that are still part of the system.
    You are doing an amazing job here!!

  33. Thanks to Igor I found this article and was unaware of Rintrah before. I do not have expert credentials; however I have been consuming and following V info ever since my employer started mandating flu shots in 2013. Based on the last paragraph of Rintrah’s article here: “If influenza antibodies impact SARS2, SARS2 antibodies impact influenza. And if SARS2 antibodies are shifting towards tolerance, that will impact influenza. The impact will merely get more relevant over time, as these other viruses adjust through mutation and natural selection to benefit optimally from this shift towards IgG4.”… here’s my question and wonder if this has been addressed by any of you (Igor? Bad Cattitude? or other?): Ever since the Powers-in-Charge started PUSHING annual flu shots in 2013 (as part of agenda 2020) how do we KNOW that the people who developed severe COVID (and possibly died) were not people who had already gotten so many flu shots in prior years that their immune system was already trained to ignore COVID? Has anyone addressed this? It occurred to me that this could be the case in 2020 when people started dying. Is there ANY data ANYWHERE on the flu shot status of COVID deaths? I understand that the COVID V caused even more death and destruction than there was prior to the Cov V, BUT how do we know that Covid itself as a Coronavirus (which class has been around for eons as your every day Cold virus) is even dangerous, UNLESS you have had prior multiple flu shots, pneumonia shots, Shingles shots and the ongoing plethora of adult V’s that so many people get every year now? I wish someone would address this, or at least look into it (and I am not that person I don’t have the resources, just the ideas). Thanks guys, I will keep an eye out.

    • Kathryn! Yes, yes, yes – you are completely correct in your questioning of the role the “annual flu shot” has played in all of this over the past almost 3 years! I share your gut instinct that there is a connection. Sadly, there is zero data on the flu shot status of those who were severely impacted by Covid and I highly doubt there ever will be.

      What is horrifically sad to me is the fact that so many universities have required not only flu shots, but also covid shots AND boosters. We are watching young people’s lives being destroyed before they ever have a chance to live. The influx of young people being ill this fall and record numbers of kid’s sick at school is, I fear, just the beginning. So sad to watch it all unfold.

    • Kathryn Martino:
      I’m not an expert either, so I can’t say whether in the end flu vaccines will be a big part of this story, but it is important to remember just how *novel* (to use one of the covidians’ favorite words) the covid-19 shots that much of the world has taken are: they hijack our own cells into making the protein they are supposed to be training our immune systems to guard against. That’s new. I think the really catastrophic damage is coming from the immune system being put into an impossible dilemma about telling friend from foe.

      My own opinion has been that the flu shots don’t do any good, but don’t do that much harm either. But, who knows, maybe it will turn out as you say, and they were making straight the way of the coronavirus.

  34. Mel, Doctor Malone TOOK the vaccine and it nearly killed him. He gets credit for ‘flipping’, but he was nothing but establishment at the start.

    • i see this info all over the place now. as terrible as it is if this hypothesis is correct, i second Steven’s thoughts here that your work is of benefit to many, many people, Radagast. good show, sir (and i’m glad that my summary of it has helped a little, too).

  35. The concern I have voiced since the booster campaign began is a Mericks like scenario. I am concerned that the vaccinated/boosted population will ultimately create a situation where they are able to harbor far more lethal variants which could result in the unvaccinated population dying. Almost creating a scenario that vaccination will be required for survival. This has happened in the past.

  36. I am a layman w.r.t. medicine, but I am an expert as solving complex problems that don’t have perfect solutions. With that lens, I searched for all potentially available data to help me navigate the virus and the mandates. To my great appreciation, I found about a dozen honest voices to trust and follow.

    So, first and foremost, thank you for that! I am late to this blog, but I have followed Igor, the Substack cats, Jessica and others. You have helped far more people than you know.

    Now, the trigger for my comment. I have a question related to this:

    “If influenza antibodies impact SARS2, SARS2 antibodies impact influenza. And if SARS2 antibodies are shifting towards tolerance, that will impact influenza. The impact will merely get more relevant over time, as these other viruses adjust through mutation and natural selection to benefit optimally from this shift towards IgG4.”…

    I wonder if an end game might be that most respiratory viruses would mutate to and “settle” on a most common form that exploits the shift towards IgG4, resulting in the unvaxxed having “super-immunity” in that our immune system handles the variant fine and absence of other variants results in far fewer challenges.

    i.e. – does the ease of mutation to a form that survives essentially unchallenged in billions of people result in much less mutation pressure on those immune to the common threat?

    I feel like my question will seem infantile among this crowd, so I apologize for that.

    • Jim, we simply don’t know what will happen. What we will likely see is the rise of debilitating diseases at a much earlier age (Alzheimer’s in 30-somethings, for instance) and a vast array of autoimmune conditions much sooner as well. It’s a boon for the medical industrial complex and biomedical security state at the expense of your health. If there is a time to take direct ownership of your health and live as healthily as possible, the time is now.

    • Jim, your assessment is spot-on. Not at all infantile. In a very grim scenario, we would indeed see the vaxxed die off from various autoimmune issues, cancer, heart problems, sepsis, organ failure, bacterial infections, pneumonia etc. within the next 1-2 years, and a collapse of healthcare systems in highly vaccinated countries.

      And indeed, the unvaxxed would handle the viruses just fine that evolved to take advantage of the predictable IgG4 antibody response.

      We would only see a return to normalcy once the IgG4-primed respiratory viruses run out of kindling for the in, run out of vulnerable humans.

      I predict that the response by health officials and government and the public will be to triple down on boosters, which will just make it worse of course.

      What happens after enough people get angry will be hard to could see revolutions, or you could simply see health officials and government changing jerseys and attacking the Big Pharma hands that fed them, and hand over Big Pharma to the angry mobs, claiming they too were fooled.

      In the words of the great GVB, “If you are unvaccinated, for god’s sake stay unvaccinated”.

      “𝙏𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙞𝙨 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙬𝙖𝙮 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙡𝙙 𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙨, 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙖 𝙗𝙖𝙣𝙜, 𝙗𝙪𝙩 𝙖 𝙬𝙝𝙞𝙢𝙥𝙚𝙧.”

      – 𝚃. 𝚂. 𝙴𝚕𝚒𝚘𝚝

  37. This topic seems a little speculative. It may prove true or not; what is the effect of useless and harmful flu shots on Covid severity? I am not aware of any studies! If you know any let me know. Very open to changing my mind on this questions. As they say CHANGE MY MIND

    • Igor, I’ve been reading your substack for the last 2+ years and I have learned so much I cannot begin to thank you enough! In terms of the lasting interventions that the general public should pursue, the destruction of trust in public health is irreparable I am afraid and that does not bode well for even traditional vaccines. The best course of action for many should be to pursue natural remedies such as prophylactic antiviral supplementation, diet and lifestyle changes in line with our common ancestral heritage as hunter gatherers (plant-based with high-quality protein). In that regard, I agree that another flu shot is just as pointless and perhaps just as harmful as any unnecessary pharmaceutical intervention, the kind that got us into this mess we are currently in.

  38. Booster administrations are prolonging the pandemic

    Evidence from 248 regions

    Regionally administered modRNA booster doses per inhabitant correlate strongly with increases in COVID-19 deaths
    – p < 0.000001
    – Adjusted R-Squared = 0.472
    – Pearson correlation coefficient = 0.690

    For every booster dose administered per inhabitant the time to reach 50% of the COVID-19 deaths that were registered regionally regionally since July 1st 2021 increased by 28 weeks (95% CI: 23-33 weeks).

  39. Hello! I followed a trail of blogs to your article. I am a simpleton, so please allow some questions? My husband and I are unjabbed, and we both finally caught Covid-19 in year 2022, dang it. Even though I am extremely opposed to those dangerous shots, I still feel that Covid is a dangerous (man-made) virus in and of itself. Does contracting this virus cause lasting problems to our unjabbed bodies? Of what sorts? Is anyone even collecting data about this? For myself, I’ve had eczema and skin problems all my life, but I have developed an entirely new dermatitis after having Covid. Possibly related? Furthermore and directly to your article, what does the future hold for persons like my husband and me? How will our bodies stand up against the future scenario? Better than jabbed? Worse? No difference?

    • Replying to you: There are protocols to boost your natural immunity. I suggest you consider these. Go to Dr. Richard M. Fleming’s webpage at flemingmethod DOT com and
      in the top menu select the first item “Fleming Method” to drop a second menu down. Select the last item “Sars & Covid”. There you will see protocols for assistance with this illness. You need to show this to your physician and have them review it for you. Dr. Fleming is like #4 in the world and worked with Dr. Luc Montagnier #1 in the world to figure out this Wuhan chimeric creation called a ‘Sars virus’.

  40. Thank you for this well thought out article. You’ve captured what Geert Vanden Bossche was predicting in early 2021 with the now available data that was not present when he issued his warnings. Maybe Geert “primed” me for your article, but I found it easy to absorb and your explanations make total sense. Geert’s current advice is the mass deployment of protease inhibiting anti-virals. I hope to read your commentary on that subject at some point.

  41. I want to direct you to a doctor who has help for jabbed people. Dr. Richard M. Fleming. On his webpage you will see treatments outlined for patients to present to their own doctors. Some treatments are for unjabbed. One, though, is for the jabbed. The 1st step is to stop replication of the spike……go to flemingmethod dot com under the 1st menu item “Fleming Method”, drop the menu down and click “Sars & Covid”. Protocols for Jabbed and Shedding are almost 3/4ths down the page. Thank you for your analysis.

  42. Probably best not to utilise GW via ‘a certain autistic young Swede’ to reflect on your own debate. The reality of that Myth is similarly being exposed in parallel with the Scamdemic-mRNA Genocide…
    P.S. this isn’t a complaint about your stance on Anthropogenic GW, merely a comment on the same reality about which you espouse, as it links to discursive authenticity.

  43. How can someone who has not been feeling well for a very long time, determine if this is the result of 2 Pfizer vaccins?

    I’m a 33 y/o male, used to be very athletic and energetic, but since february 2022 I’m suffering chest pain, pain in shoulder and armpit, fatigue, low on energy all the time, etc. My life has been taken away.

    Got my shots in june and august 2021, and have been feeling horrible since february 2022.

    I did many MRI and CT scans of heart and chest, but nothing has been found.

    Question 1:
    Before claiming this physical and mental state is the “result of the vaccinations”, I’d like to have this determined through a scientific test.

    Any recommendations?

    Question 2:
    And if turns out the body has been damaged due to the vaccinations, is there any way how we can detox our bodies from this poison?

    Many thanks!

  44. I noticed the author requires homogeneous compliance with his views about global warming as a prerequisite for contributing to this discussion. I think that he should understand better than anyone that homogeneity is the thing that’s really dangerous. Global warming is a fraud perpetrated by the globalists and this man is such a sucker he doesn’t realize that the people who are killing us with bioweapons are all so killing us with centralized control.

    • But the thing is, the bioweapons are real, have real effects, work on real mechanisms, and result in real outcomes.

      The underlying mechanisms and terrain do not require an ideological framework for them to exist. The fact that viruses as instruction sets are open to manipulation, and thus available for distinct ends as tools, and that this manipulation has occurred and does occur and will occur does not mean together that there is no reason to not take seriously how the viruses work.

      Likewise, that people use evidence for mechanisms of climatological manipulation for their own ends —they use weather as a tool for control, warfare, or profit— does not mean that there is no such thing as “climate change.” Rather, the fact that humans are at a point where they are able to affect regional weather systems (and effect desired outcomes) is demonstrative that climate change is real.

      A fraud does not make something go away. It heightens in what way we must understand the genuine.

  45. I am a physician in India. Our covid vaccines are not mRNA. Covishield is vector based and covaxin is a traditional inactive vaccine. But yet we are seeing a big increase in cancer. More aggressive cancers in younger (20-55 y.o) age group.

    Any light you can shed on this?

    • There are spike protein effects, which are dose dependent, with the mRNA having the highest dose, vector based in the middle, whole virus or severe COVID infection at the bottom. These included damage to the heart and brain, blood cots, general immune system suppression, and deactivation of the p53 tumour suppression gene.
      Separate to this, the mRNA platform…regardless of what you are vaccinating against…has a known tendency (from research done prior to 2019) to lead to tolerance because of the use of stabilised mRNA using pseudo-uridine substitution. It is synthetic mRNA not natural mRNA…it has its own unique effects.

      Even with the Chinese whole virus vaccine (Coronavac) there are people reporting heart problems. And that has only 10% of the antibody response of Pfizer.

      So in short the IgG4 tolerance effect seems to be unique the mRNA platform, but all the other effects…blood clots, stroke, myocarditis, sepsis, aggressive cancer….come from the spike protein, which is common to all the shots, but with varying degrees of severity.

      Spike protein is a Trojan Horse made in a lab…including it in a vaccine is falling into a trap, just provides an opportunity for the code it contains to bypass your muscosal immunity and get the poison straight into your bloodstream.

  46. Well done, you have done a valuable service exposing the unfolding globalist evil. However, ditching meat and eating vegetables, are you fucking kidding me? Do we really want a bunch of low T males in charge after the carnage? No, it will be rugged alphas like me who will take charge and dominate. The main reason Gates wants us eating plants btw is that they weaken us both physically and mentally. The most important animal on earth reduced to eating insects and lettuce. That is not what our Creator intended for us.

    There is no global warming, I’m afraid. I’m not even going to bother engaging with your geeky estrogenic arguments. The earth is our servant to do with as we please. Oil exists in the earth for a reason – to help us go forth and prosper. Frankly, I would tear up all environmental legislation and drill baby drill!! And when it comes to saving the forests or eating a ribeye, I would happily nuke the Amazon and build an endless sea of trad farms instead.

    Hundreds of millions of people lifted out of extreme poverty thanks to the industrial revolution and you people just piss all over it. I despise the sheep who cannot see through Gates and his sinister vegan takeover, especially people that value animal life (mechanistic and souless) over human life (imbued with volition and awesomness).

    My daily nutrient protocol (inspired by Carnivore Aurelius and Mikhaila Peterson, both high T alphas): Beef, bacon, lard, butter, breast milk ice cream and human shit. And yes, I eat my shit raw, not in dried capsule form.

  47. “The lack of diversity in their HLA genes is one of the factors that made Native Americans so vulnerable to the viruses introduced by European colonizers: These viruses could spread in an environment of a homogeneous immune response, which allowed these viruses to evolve to make optimal use of that particular environment.”

    Can you explain that in more detail? Perhaps I’m stupid but the logic isn’t clear to me: How does the homogeneous response give the virus and advantage?

    • If a large population has a single Achilles heel, a single vulnerability, then a virus only has to mutate until it can take advantage of that vulnerability.

      Once it does, the entire large population is now in big trouble because they all share the same weakness.

      Now imagine a large population that has many varied weaknesses. If the virus mutates enough to take advantage of one weakness, it spells trouble for a small portion of that large population, but the rest of the population will be fine.

      The large population in this case is spared because they do not all share a single weakness.

  48. seems to me that a way to test this hypothesis is to compare hospitalization rates between heavily gene-therapied countries and non-heavily gene-therapied countries, and/or countries that didn’t use mRNA therapies. i can’t find this data, does anyone know of a source for hospitalization rates by country? OWID has it for corona cases but not as a general, non-corona dataset.

  49. I was so happy to see Johan Eddebo gave you a shout out! I admire you both. Regarding RSV, kids are getting SO sick. Initially I suspected it was due to immune suppression, but the scenario you outlined above is much more terrifying.

  50. Thanks for your hard work. Been aware of this genocide since December of 2019. Not an expert, just expert seeker. I believe all “vaxes” are poison with the specific intent to damage and kill. ICD-999 by Patrick Jordan is a good place to start when trying to see the historical picture. Visit vaccinefraud dot com for this book and others. While you are at it visit The american government is now in session and all 50 states are assembled. Education and peace are in order. So come back to the land and soil and join us in our efforts to raise our conscience and purge the criminality rampant in the bankrupt corporate “representation.”

  51. Hello Rintrah,
    Thank you for your insight (het wordt zeer gewaardeerd!).
    In your prior article you mentioned Adenovirus Vector Vaccines particularly shift from IgM to IgG, would you mind digging up and providing the article or articles you have that mention this (or any other source)?
    New evidence of persistent Spike protein tolerance from breakthrough infections December 15, 2022″What you don’t see here of course, is the IgM to IgG ratio. The effect is even worse, if you would take into consideration that the vaccines shift the whole response from IgM to IgG, particularly the Adenovirus vector vaccines. In fact, the fact that IgG is made to do the job of dealing with this virus on its own without the help of IgM may be playing a role in pushing the IgG’s towards tolerance.”

    • His article “A poor strategy: A look at the mechanisms that caused the SARS-COV-2 vaccines to backfire”
      from September 4

      goes into more details about the shift from IgM dominated response towards IgG

      • Thank you for the reference to Rintrah’s prior article, it adds great background depth to this ‘trainwreck of trainwrecks’ article.
        I will add, it still doesn’t address the quote above mentioning the Adenovirus vector vaccines particularly shift from IgM to IgG. The article actually mentions one of the MRNA vaccines doing this (BNT162b2) and details can be found in this article:
        But if Rintrah or anyone else can locate any information on any of the Adenovirus vector vaccines in relation to shifting (Innate/Adaptive and IgM/IgG and even IgG3/IgG4) it would be appreciated.

  52. Keep your eye out for an enterovirus that, edited in a lab, has the same amino acid chain we’ve trained our IgG4’s to seek out.
    SEERS virus (Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome 2025) is the next Bill Gates pandemic — supposedly.

  53. I am one of Jessica rose premurant. Im glad i can get this information both from her and here, explained. It is dificult to understand this on my own, i have not knowledge, working as an Mason. Im glad Im unvaccinated But afraid for all others .. Thank you

  54. The IgG peer group no longer be labelled racist against problem child Spike. ‘It has appeared out of nowhere within us for a third time now. Higher realm Prophet stuff we yet have to understand. We be pious and tolerate from now on for we might be forgiven. Welcome Him IgG4.’

    Montezuma courting Cortés all over again.

  55. In my circle of friends there are now seven of them who are all vaxed and boosted who have almost continual upper respiratory symptoms perhaps going three or four days between bouts, This is starting a lot faster than I thought. None are questioning what is happening and as I watch their immune systems crumble before my eyes I wonder what the next step in their demise will be. At this point their respiratory infections are not symptomatically worse with each episode but I wonder how long before they developed a secondary bacterial infection and thereafter sepsis or will something else come up. It’s really sad.

    • Have you considered introducing them to a prophylaxis aside from the vax? If they can prevent the viral replication, then maybe they will survive an exposure. If their immune system is too far gone, then I’m toolless. They need to know what’s going on. I know someone who has that cough and upper respiratory irritation that won’t go away. I didn’t get infected with it, but others did.

  56. I retired from oral medicine in 2017 and it was known then that elevated levels of interferon 13 concurrent with elevated IgG4 levels are responsible for the premature cell senescence associated with atrophy of the salivary glands seen in IgG4 related sialadenitis. Interferon 13 is also know to metiate metastasis of tumour cells. IFN13 is also known to be involved with reactivation of tumours in remission and cause neoplasia. When I was working it was known around 40 organs can suffer damage due to elevated IgG4 and IFN13 levels. The levels and types of morbidity I know of in many of the vaccinated people I know fit too neatly into the category of IgG4 and IFN13 related disease to ignore. The appearance of IgG4 post vaccination is extremely worrying and if associated with elevated levels of IFN13 the consequences could turn out to be extremely dire.

  57. Against my better judgement, I got the first two Pfizer jabs and that’s all. I take the supplemental prophylaxis because I didn’t trust the vax to work. I fell victim to the save your parents psyop. Never again will I get a vaccine since the WHO wants to make all vaxxes mRNA (these are not vaccines). I worked on a vaccine team with Walter-Reed circa South Korea in 1983, so I was not anti-vax until now. I hope my immune system is okay. I’m concerned and hope I got saline (last of the two shots on April 27, 2021). I’ve since seen folks die from what I believe was the vaccine. People close to me. I always stood, and will continue to stand, with the unvaccinated in solidarity. We are going to need a lot of healing from all of this, that is, if they will stop it. That’s the problem, they continue this crap.

  58. Can someone point me to the original paper for the graph depicting differences in COVID incidences 0 doses => to 3+ doses Y axis: Cumulative incidence of COVID-19 (proportion) X axis: Days since study start date. I am trying to show someone where this chart came from. Thank you very much in advance.

  59. Given that a lot of covid deaths were not from the virus itself but from the consequences of the body’s overzealous immune response, could it be that after repeated exposure to mrna shots + infection the body in fact learns that this stuff is giving it enormous inflammation and therefore tones down the immune response by switching to IgG4 as a sort of survival mechanism? I of course realise that it would be an extremely fast and unprecedented adaptation. Just wanted to hear if anyone else had that thought!

    • What you propose is not a desirable outcome. Not only is there a shift og IgG4, there is a downregulation of IgG3. IgG3 is responsible for clearing the virus. What you are proposing is that the body treating a replicating virus the same as a non-replicating pollen, for example, is a good thing. How would the virus be cleared from the body? That is not a good thing.

  60. Similar phenomen we can see with whooping cough vaccine. Also boostershots of measles at some moment (4th booster) do not bring wishful increase in wishful antibodies and we do see measles cases in people past normal age of measles. Every vaccine reprogram the immune system and sometimes in ways what we could not even imagine.

  61. Hi! This is scarry! Can you please provide a reference for this: It’s my first time here so I haven’t seen it. It’s the most obvious example of the original antigenic sin I have seen in SARS-CoV-2. I found a study that shows basically the same: “Macaque-human differences in SARS-CoV-2 Spike antibody response elicited by vaccination or infection”, but I like this one better.

  62. Rintrah.. I posted this to twitter as soon as you posted it and am delighted to see how many other researchers and writers have picked up on your superb work.

    Wondering if you could put your mind to likely implications of this shift for the rest of society ie those unvaxxed, those who took diff non mrna jabs and those who’ve been infected once or multiple times. I realise nobody can predict future but with what you see what would logically follow in highly jabbed Western nations?

    Also do we know the mechanism for causing this? Is it the mrna and how it gets cells to produce, is it the lipid nano coatings or is it something in the spike? Ie could this class switch also be relevant to people who caught and recovered from covid?

    Many thanks for your important work 🙂

  63. I have not yet seen anyone on Twitter pointedly ask Elon if he is going to mandate vaxxes for employment at Twitter or his other companies. Given his bluster about prosecuting Faucci, we need to make him come out and state publicly whether he intends to be complicit in this.

  64. Hey Rintrah,
    thank you for taking the time to share this thinking. It sounds very convincing to me, seems to match the data, and the IgG-4 Problem has just recently arisen even in Germany’s “almost-mainstream”. (Prof. Alexander Kekulé’s Podcast:, starting at 36:49, alas it is in german).

    I am not a microbiologist or medic, but I like to think abstractly and I sometimes even land a hit there.

    If I put myself in the intel-chair of command of an elaborate and complex immune system it makes perfect sense to me, to reduce the “tailbinding” IgG-3 antibodies and instead answer with relative harmless IgG-4 antibodies:
    (1) Since the mRNA-Vax seems to lead to something like sudden explosion in half my organism of Spike proteins and body-cells signalling they have a problem without any clue where all that shit came from, all of a sudden, leading to the immune-system wreaking havoc in the organism to get rid off the perceived threat AND
    (2) I can’t find a single replicating pathogen amidst all this madness, AND
    (3) the tailbinding IgG-3 antibodies might lead to the blood-clotting that many people claim to observe as a result of the vax, AND
    (4) One of the complications with COVID-Infections seems to be an overshooting immune-response,

    … then, as the commander of the immune response it would make sense to me, to tell everybody to calm down, develop tolerance, and continue with business as usual, just as with peanut-allergenes.

    But hey, that might be a too simplistic (or humanoid) view.

    • as “unknown” posted above to a similar suggestion:

      “What you propose is not a desirable outcome. Not only is there a shift to IgG4, there is a downregulation of IgG3. IgG3 is responsible for clearing the virus. What you are proposing is that the body treating a replicating virus the same as a non-replicating pollen, for example, is a good thing. How would the virus be cleared from the body? That is not a good thing.”

      People are not clearing the virus. Especially vaccinated people. If you think that is a good thing you are nuts.

  65. I was boostered 1 year ago and doing fine. No infections whatsoever. Working out, eating healthly. Aware that I did the wrong thing. Probably out of the woods. I wonder if it is a general phenomenon why some individuals are still perfectly healthy? Just wondering…

    • Methinks the human body is exceptionally robust and can cope with many bad decisions we make. On the individual level we are speaking IMHO of low risk with regards to COVID and also with regards to the VAX. But if you take a few billion people it sums up to quite some numbers — and then it becomes interesting as to what strategy is best, considering the entire human population. But that seems not to be the first consideration of some of the so-called elites and policy-makers.
      And while Rintrah’s considerations above give cause for worry, this certainly won’t be the doom for mankind. It’s just another fraud and scam, benefitting a few and NOT benefitting the masses.

      • I certainly hope your assessment is correct. I was quite the hypochondriac before the pandemic. Was lured into the whole vax agenda and since then hard on myself that I was fooled back then. If there will be a general harm immunologicalwise for “most” of the vaccinated, Pfizer and Moderna had to be shut down. No fines or trials. Just shut them down completely. Would be a good sign for the general ethics which was lost during the pandemic.

        • I am quite sure: Don’t worry – you’ll be fine. As most people will be, from a virus that is *less* lethal than the average Influenza (see Ioannidis).
          And you’ll be fine with the Vax too. If you live and eat healthily your body can and will cope with it.
          Thinking and eating positively goes a long way! – and protects from harm 🙂

          • You’re just asserting. You have not given any reason for anyone to think that such a gigantic shift in immune function is going to be low risk for individuals who’ve had the shot. Cheerful, ungrounded assertions have caused harm so far and don’t add anything now. You’re “quite sure”? Based on nothing. The excess mortality that we’re looking at in highly vaccinated countries – do you think those aren’t real deaths??? That those people don’t matter? What about the kids with strep A, and the disintegrating health system in Britain? I hope no-one takes you seriously, to their own harm.

          • @kareninca

            I have given a reason in my prior comment: My faith in the robustness of the human body. I truly believe (and hope!) that most vaccinees will be fine, since I believe our organism is smart enough to cope with a lot, including these — most likely harmful — shot(s).

            I am not cheerful at all about what I believe to be the biggest hoax and scam that I lived through. I also believe the excess mortality is more vax- than virus-caused. I think they are real deaths and injuries and I do believe every live matters.
            IMHO we urgently need serious investigation, serious and open scientific debate and also to punish the culprits that lied and desinformed.
            I am angry as shit at the culprits and pressure I have been put through here in germany. Us unvaxxed have been excluded from most public life for two years, my kids have been lied to at school (“the vax is safe and free of side-effects), I have been bulled and called unscientific by close friends (I am working in science!). I have been threatened with vax-mandates and have more or less voluntarily infected myself with Delta just to get that fu**ing “PCR-positive” certificate, because I hoped that that would help at court to ward off a possible vax-mandate in the future.
            (And my Delta was super-harmless, almost boring. I just felt it in the nose, a bit of general tiredness and headache and I lost taste and smell for a week entirely, the 2nd week partially, then it came back fully. I did not even have a sore throat or cough).

            But I also believe (and hope!) that not everybody who took a few shots is doomed.
            My assertion was directed at Frank — who bona fide took a few shots and now sits there with fear and regret. Fear and regret won’t help him. Healthy living, food and positive thinking will.

            And I truly believe (and hope!) that his smart body and immune-system will find a way out of the mess, for him and for most others who took that stuff.

  66. I wonder if there remain any implications for the Novavax jab, which isn’t using the mRNA platform but still has the synthetic spike protein.

    • Raucus: I wonder too about Novavax. It seems like it would have the same issue of eliciting antibodies for the original version but maybe wouldn’t be forcing/tricking our bodies to be spike factories?
      And I agree with Imp that we all have to work on optimizing our immune systems.

  67. In case y’all are interested: evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein is discussing the IgG4 buildup after three to four shots and its repercussions in the Joe Rogan Experience episode #1919 on Spotify (around 30 minutes in)

  68. I came to this article from a video on the Dark Horse podcast, where they also directed viewers to an article on substack ( As I am unable to comment on Jessica’s substack article without being a paid subscriber, I hope it’s fair that I comment on this article, instead.
    Jessica’s article focuses on the possibility that higher serum IgG4 levels indicates a IgG4-related disease. This prompted me to go on a brief search, in which I found the following paper which suggests that ‘Serum immunoglobulin G4 level is a poor predictor of immunoglobulin G4-related disease’:
    I understand that IgG4-RD/autoimmune issues are not the main focus of this article, but I was wondering if anyone had any perspectives on this?

  69. I don t get you Radagast? Why do you care, you don t have children, you don t have money, you have a somewhat bleak future, so….why care. Why on earth we don t even worry. So we die….so? Our generation is the most boring în history so what is the loss? We can t produce high quality music, movies, art. We are boring. Our forefathers ate meat, drinked, fucked like crazy, smocked but creared superb music(classic, rock, blues, movies(Fellini, Hitchcock, Rohmer), art , arhitecture on and on. They din t gave a fuck about vegans, smoock related cancer, and gyms. Did the Rolling Stones, JJ Cale or Clapton gave a shit what they ate? Can you imagine Fellini without smocking? Depardieu without glutony and wine, Baudelaire withou bitches and opium? And still there were superior to us în everyway. They made the world more beautifull, they eased the pain of existence. We, who are so concerned with the climate and animal rights, besides bitching…..we do what? În fact I think we embracce those causes because we have nothing else to offer, we are trully mediocre.

  70. Very well-thought piece, I thought you were an immunologist. I think you should keep digging into that direction because you seem to have a very good intuition of how our immune system works.

  71. Thank you so much for all your work. Unfortunately I can’t understand a word of it, and I know this will be the case for most people. For a non scientist, this is impenetrable, and I’m far from stupid, holding a very good MA. If you want more people to understand this, perhaps you could find someone capable of communicating to people who are not scientific experts, which is most of humanity. At least I didn’t need a drink…

  72. Could you clarify the meaning of “tolerance” in that case. Tolerance against the spike protein, so they cannot impact our health anymore and can pose an asymptomatic transmission risk for others in spite of being NOT neutralized OR tolerance against the foreign aminoacid-chain so it can freely impact our health and cause symptoms as long as our immune system has learned and accepted them as our own?

  73. Why did this vaccine have to be a MRNA vaccine,
    that’s what tipped me off that something major was happening…
    If you go and look at the studies for MRNA vaccines they
    were all failures, i don’t know why this would have worked
    if all else had failed. They killed all of the animals in the
    studies, why would this work on humans when its failed before
    every time.

    And also at such a massive scale, generally it takes 10-12 years
    (from what i have read) of research to find out if vaccines work properly
    and all of these different vaccines from different companies all worked right first try, that’s suspicious. Generally, the studies
    take so long as Prion diseases can hang out in your blood for 10
    years or longer. (with little or no effect)

    Also i don’t understand why they are trying to rewrite our
    DNA as that is what MRNA does, its almost like they are trying
    to write a lack of immune-response in our DNA to just flat out
    kill us. Why couldn’t they just make a normal vaccine that’s

    I think this is because society in general is failing, and with
    that they are trying to eliminate the population that would
    resist them. If the American dollar fails, there will be a civil war, these people want to move us to the next currency. The CBDCs, the people who
    are left will not be able to stop the elites.

    Also there is a huge expansion in A.I. and the
    elites no longer need us, this is probably a soft kill event.
    Not to drive cars, not to mine mines, not to code software,
    not work in factories, not to fight their wars for them. They don’t need us any more, we are
    obsolete to them.


    God Speed to You,

    John Bannister the Fifth

  74. A 3.Pf. vakcina után kialakult polineuropátiának vajon mi köze lehet az oltáshoz? Vagy lehet, hogy csak az aktuális krónikus baktériumos fertőzés fellángolása okozza, amit az oltás váltott ki?

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