The Trimurti

I saw a meme on Twitter by an American that went something like:

America creates, China duplicates, Europe regulates.

Now if you’re a fat American on the keto diet, you’ll laugh so hard that you’ll stain your underpants.

But what this is, is a low IQ American, who has rediscovered the Trimurti. Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer.

And the funny thing is that almost nobody in India worships Brahma, whereas Vishnu and Shiva are widely worshipped. It was not always like this, devotion to Brahma died out over centuries.

There are different myths, that try to explain why this happened. But the Gods are on the inside, they’re personifications of Ideas. So I would urge you to meditate and think about why it is this way.

My answer would be that long ago we ran out of things we can add to this world that make it better, at least not without also adding things that make it worse.

And so the roles of China and Europe can be better understood. China tries to proserve what is worth preserving.

Europe tries to destroy the things we have to get rid of. This is why Europe is held in highest regard, among people who think.

And America? It no longer deserves to be worshipped.


  1. Europe is America’s vassal, your attempts to peacefully implement environmentalist policies have been cock-blocked by LSWM farmers enraged that they don’t get to further fill your soil with nitrogen and fill their pockets and throats with suffering. Europe hasn’t destroyed anything, and won’t destroy anything, it lacks the capacity to do so. You think Europe is Shiva? No, America is going to burn this world in order to try to re-gain its falling influence, and we’re dragging all of you with us. America is Shiva.

    • Yep, someone is going to get stuffed into the furnace to keep civ going and it looks like we’re starting to see who that might be.
      Having failed to take Russia and looking doomed to fail elsewhere the west needs to find some fuel.

      And Europe is a pretty pokey little peninsula really, so it should be easy enough for the USA to siphon off its tanks in the first instance.

      Should keep them going for a while.

    • Speaking of Shiva, have we gotten closer to America burning the world after the recent retaliatory strike by Iran?

      As with picking if/when the virus will mutate into something deadly, it seems inevitable, but somehow we’re all still here – it’s miraculous really.

    • Also reminds me of this video (last spam link, I promise):

      I’ve already skipped the video to the best part, but it’s worth watching the whole thing.

      The guy is a very interesting character, to say the least. I’m not entirely sure what mental illness he unfortunately suffers from, but I’m pretty sure it could be bipolar. He is in the manic phase in this video. He is a LSWM who desperately wants to be a HSWM, so he has dedicated his entire life to collecting high-end luxury Swiss wristwatches. He has thousands of videos, and a second channel (Paul Pluta) where there is less screaming.

      Maybe @Wombat can chime in and enlighten us all how common it is to come across these personality types in the land down under. He’s got another HILARIOUS video called “Why I Wear A $28,000- Wrist Watch” where he shits all over bogans/rednecks/chavs (figuratively, not literally LOL!), it’s one of the funniest videos I’ve ever watched in my entire life.

      • >Why I Wear A $28,000- Wrist Watch

        Yeah I’ll never understand this.

        My friend tried to get me to buy one too, but it goes against every fiber of my being.

        Ascetism is masculinity. Trying to look good is fine. Spending money on trying to look good? Sorry, very weird.

        It reminds me of me and my coworkers.

        My coworker bought a half million euro house, it was just completely empty, except for a computer and a bunch of guns. It only started looking like an actual house when his girlfriend moved in.

        My own house looked like that too, except it was full of cactuses, salvia, dried fly agaric mushrooms I found in the forest and other psychoactive plants instead of guns. But a woman never moved in (though a woman did spend the night there), so it continued to look like that until they kicked me out and demolished it.

      • The sad thing is you CAN become high status by wearing expensive peacock feathers. Donald Trump is a perfect example. His entire personality is to play the role of rich guy. Pitiful losers line up to look at him and hear him say nothing worth hearing.

      • If some Africans spotted him, they would simply chop his hand off and get the watch.

        You would think that he would sell a watch to pay a surgeon to cut those growths off from each side of his ugly head.

  2. Shiva the four-armed Destroyer heartily approves of government policies that muzzle and weaken and result in the eventual destruction of LSWMs and their stupid, futile attempts at individual sovereignty.
    That’s what I get out of this.

    • No, not LSWMs, but here in Europe we wholeheartedly endorse the final solution to the techbro question.

      We literally and unironically just want a complete and utter genocide against anyone with a substack, a medium blog or a personal website that ends in .io.

    • We know a few things about the Gods.
      1. They are a universal factor in human belief, and belief in them arises independently in entirely separate cultures.
      2. They are archetypal forces that from our perspective guide the universe, as to human beings the universe seems to behave intelligently by said archetypes.
      3. They have character, all religions note that the Gods have personalities and desires of their own.
      4. Some incarnate as human beings, or as animals.
      We do not actually know more than this, no, there is not another dimension where Jesus or Odin are living on the clouds, that’s stupid, and if you believe that you believe it for no real reason. The nature of the Gods is a question Templism seeks to solve, only a religion based on logic can actually understand the Gods. Maybe the Gods are just figments of the imagination, maybe they are sentient immaterial beings that run the universe, maybe they’re both at the same time, we don’t actually know, but we’re going to answer that question one day.

      Read Templist Canon. Despite insulting you, on other posts. I think you’re probably the person on this blog most likely to be a good Templist Fucko. Disregard most of my other posts here where I act like a retard, this is my schizo playpen where I let off steam, but I’m being genuine now when I ask you to read TC.

      • Can you really understand God with logic though?

        Or is it more of a case that he hides if you try to understand him rationally and logically and shows up again if you use intuition and leaps of faith?

  3. Rad, what do you think about the European Commission president Ursula vd Leyen?

    And the current presidents and prime ministers of EU countries.

    Do they have the best interests of their citizens at heart?

    Has the EU improved or declined during the last five years?

    • >Do they have the best interests of their citizens at heart?

      To paraphrase Osho, the problem with democracy is that the people are retarded.

      The EU is not truly democratic, it is so indirect that it functions more like a technocracy.

      But that’s probably a good thing. If you made it more democratic, it would just get worse.

      >Has the EU improved or declined during the last five years?

      It’s improving, because it’s continually expanding eastwards, to include more countries full of LSWMs.

      My dream is to have Ukraine join the EU. Muslims and pillow-biters in Amsterdam are going to have to follow rules voted on by unvaccinated islamophobic homophobe Ivan in Donetsk. What more could I ask for?

        • EU also got a lot better now that dumbass Britbongs have no voting rights anymore but still have to follow the rules. They are now apparently fulfilling their dream of trillions of brown people in their country, good for them, but we should never let them rejoin, I was in London a while ago it looked like New Pakistan.

          • Well, if only the Brits had not gone there in the first place, there would be no Pakistan, let alone Pakistanis in Britain.

            And if the Dutch had stayed at home, there would not be trillions of brown people in the Netherlands.

            Rad, you seem to have great knowledge of eastern (Indian) religions.

            They put great emphasis on Karma.

            Don’t you think it is Britain’s and Netherlands’ Karmas catching up with them?

          • “Don’t you think it is Britain’s and Netherlands’ Karmas catching up with them?”


            I don’t know about Radagast, but I have thought of that.

            There was a time when all the wealth of the world flowed to Europe, but now we may be seeing the worm turn, so misery will flow in, and wealth will flow out.

  4. The invasion of Nuk Nuks to Europe is happening at lightning pace. But the de-nuk-ing is starting to occur when people worked out that even most ITT graduates cant compile 10 print “hello world”.

    But once a company gets some in the Nukpotism starts and it’s impossible to stop.

  5. Civilization is something beyond us, like a god. Just like the ant hive is a thing beyond the individual ants. We must return to evolution’s control, it created us and all living things, something incomprehensible to us, approaching wisdom. These two gods are now clashing, civilization and evolution.

    • I’m not convinced we ever left evolution/nature.

      Instead, it seems like we’ve always been part of a process that is larger than us, beyond rational human control, and even comprehension.

      It does seem like we’re part of a self-organizing system, like ants in a colony as you say. It might give the impression of being driven by an intelligence, and it probably is to some extent, but I doubt there’s a whole lot of understanding of what’s going on among the ants.

      I’m not sure ‘wise’ is the right word for what’s in control, I’d probably go with ‘cosmically indifferent’ instead.

      Or maybe that’s totally wrong and God is working his magic for all of our benefit?

      All just speculation.

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