The tyrants have admitted their defeat

I’m posting this because I feel vindicated. When the government’s response to a study saying that lockdowns don’t work is “Trump did it”, it’s over. The people who did this will never be held accountable of course, but the people in power have given up on defending what they’ve done.

You can look at the polls from march 2020 and you’ll find that ninety percent of people wanted these lockdowns. Also worth pointing out is that yours sincerely was against the lockdowns from day one. I was against the lockdowns, before there was a word for being against the lockdowns. My coworkers at the time (typical codemonkey bugmen) treated me as if I were insane over it.

So today, if you’ll excuse me. I’m going to perform some online autofellatio.

-I told you, on march 30 2020, that these lockdowns were going to cause massive economic damage, without ever ridding us of this virus.

-I told you, on april 03 2020, that these lockdowns were going to cause a dramatic increase in childhood obesity.

-I told you, on april 17 2020, that the world food program predicted 30 million starvation deaths from these lockdowns.

-I told you, on april 24 2020, that they were needlessly intubating patients in New York, that this was killing people and was the cause of their massive death toll.

-I told you, on april 27 2020, that a significant number of people have survived an infection without having antibodies, hence why the predictions of massive death tolls were flawed.

-I told you on april 4 2021, that the lockdowns were merely going to make everything worse, by removing other respiratory pathogens that compete with SARS-COV-2 for hosts.

And most importantly, I predicted, ON 20 MARCH 2020, that excess mortality in the Netherlands for 2020 would be less than 10%. The actual excess mortality turned out to be 10%.

I want the normies to realize this: If it wasn’t for angry white males like yours sincerely, you would all still be stuck at home with a cork in your anus, in a bathtub full of dettol, waiting for the government to announce it’s safe to come out again, sharing selfies of yourselves wearing your masks on Instagram.

Those Phd’s who were going to save you from this deadly virus literally bankrupted Western civilization, without ever genuinely saving you from this deadly virus. There’s a reason you’re seeing 7% inflation now.

I’ll never get these two years of my life back, but that’s ok, I’m one of the lucky ones. As I told you, closing the schools subjected numerous girls in Africa to female genital mutation. It’s similar to world war II, in that it’s obvious that Hitler is going to lose, the real question is how much damage he will get to cause beforehand.

The difference between the autists and the Phd’s is as following: The autists go where the evidence leads them, the Phd’s go where the consensus is headed. The autists are integer, the Phd’s are good at status climbing. Government bureaucrats will always endorse solutions to problems that involve handing over more power to government bureaucrats.

You have to keep in mind, we had to go against an entire scientific establishment, of Imperial college epidemiologists and droves of ambitious young power-hungry woke #BLM #LGBTQI+ Phd’s who had supposedly been studying what to do in the event of a pandemic for decades but somehow overnight settled on these lockdowns as the new glorious new normal, despite having no real historical or scientific precedent. These people don’t abandon their consensus when the evidence changes, they only quietly abandon it once it becomes indefensible. That’s the point we have now reached.

In the end the evil people lost, but you’re still going to be dealing with the consequences for generations. You grew up as an infant in this mess? You missed critical exposure to bacteria during a critical developmental phase that sets you up for autoimmune disorders later down the road. You grew up as a kid in this mess? You didn’t get to exercise and play outside so you developed obesity and diabetes. And all of us will get to deal with the consequences of having our small businesses destroyed and our lives made even more dependent on a handful of megacap tech companies like Amazon.

If there’s one lesson you could learn from this, it’s that sometimes you shouldn’t adjust to social norms, sometimes you need to be downright autistic. You can choose to dissociate, but when everyone chooses that route, it never ends. The only reason it ended, is because we set out to end it. Most people don’t use their brains to try to figure out what’s true, they use their brains to try to figure out what most people around them believe and then they adjust to that. That’s how we got into this mess.

So, if you’ll entertain me a little longer, there is one more thing I need to say.

You’ve seen that the lockdowns are a mistake, that they merely made the situation worse, that this was obvious to anyone who spent enough time studying what was actually going on.

You’ve seen that the ventilators were a mistake, that they merely made the situation worse, that this was obvious to anyone who spent enough time studying what was actually going on.

You’ve seen that the masks were a mistake, that they merely made the situation worse, that this was obvious to anyone who spent enough time studying what was actually going on.

Well, the vaccine, or what is supposed to pass for a vaccine, is worse. For people like Geert van den Bossche with a background in the industry it was clear from the start, but I didn’t have any strong opinion on them until may 2021 or so, because it takes time to acquire the information necessary to form a judgment. That information has been here for a while now and with every additional day that passes, I just witness my worst fears vindicated.

Whatever you do, don’t get this “vaccine”. I can’t emphasize this enough. I don’t have to worry about getting my podcast removed from Spotify, I don’t have to worry about losing my blue check on Twitter, I don’t have to worry about getting my Youtube channel demonetized or my linkedin profile removed, so I can be honest to you. I live off my investments, the system has no power over me.

And so I’m willing to tell you what almost anyone in a position of power can only say off the record to the people they care about the most: Don’t do it. It’s either a biological weapon deployed by forces hostile to our interests, or it’s the vaccine industry’s Chernobyl disaster.

This isn’t just about the side-effects from these vaccines. The statistics they show you are rigged. These vaccines don’t do what they are supposed to do. With every shot that you take you’re going to be in worse health and with every shot that you take you make yourself more vulnerable to this virus.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m just going to ask you to look, because the outcome can already be seen, we can already see where this is going. It’s very simple:


Look. At. Israel.

They gave 90% of the elderly three shots, they have more people in the hospital than ever before and deaths are reaching new records. If these vaccines worked, they would be done with COVID.

We’re now entering the dark zone of negative efficacy, where variants emerge that figure out how to use our antibody response to their own advantage and where the underlying immune erosion caused by these vaccines becomes apparent. Vaccine efficacy doesn’t drop to zero. A bad vaccine’s efficacy gradually declines to below zero.

Children in the Philippines are still dying, from a bad vaccine they received years ago, that causes their bodies to develop an immune response that other variants of Dengue can use to their advantage. With a new virus like SARS-COV-2, vaccinating the whole population now just means we have to wait until the virus itself evolves to figure out how to use our immune response to its optimal advantage.

You’re then stuck with a situation where your body deploys an immune response that doesn’t work and because you’ve been injected three times with a version of the Spike protein that is no longer in circulation, your body has lost the ability to focus on different variants of the Spike protein. That means you’re also left with no real means to defend yourself against reinfection, with each subsequent infection getting worse as the T cells now tasked with defending you against this virus become exhausted or are killed.

Don’t get the vaccine. Don’t get the boosters.


  1. “In the end the evil people lost”…I hope those words will become true, but I am afraid the perpetrators are going to get away with their crimes by recasting the past – using the same word tactics as the horrible creature in your video link. In addition to disavowing lockdowns, the past week or so, I have seen officials disavowing claims of mask efficacy and disavowing they ever claimed 100% vaccine efficacy. As far as I can tell the dishonesty does not register with the general man on the street.
    Perhaps government officials will be justly disgraced in the months and years ahead, as they attempt disavowal of their greater evils. They will hopefully have to deal with realization by the general populace that mass vaccination of the population was a risky experiment which could have and may still go horribly wrong. The experiments certifying vaccine safety and efficacy were designed to produce predetermined results and vaccine related data collection and dissemination over this past year has proceeded similarly. The vaccination campaign has internally been guess-work with a negligent hope for the best, and externally smug, very self-confident assurances that never came true.
    Also hopefully people might realize that a lack of lockdown efficacy, the topic Mrs Psaki was responding to, is the least of the objections to lockdowns. The crime of the lockdowns is that government used the tools at hand to instill fear in the population and then follow up on that fear to unjustly deprive them of basic human freedoms for two years. It was a purposeful, dishonest, and illegal exercise of power for achieving goals – crony capitalist goals with pandemic mediation money, security state goals, citizen tracking goals, censorship goals and who knows what else (though likely nothing in the interests of ordinary citizens).
    Yes, the evil people are backing off but that is not enough for them to lose in my eyes. To lose they need to lose their positions, their importance, the public’s trust and their ability to weaponize their government power against the public. I don’t know how that happens. I have been waiting for it to happen since 9/11, since Afganistan, since Iraq, Libya, and Syria….
    This time though…If we discuss what has happened, just maybe this time will be different

  2. >“In the end the evil people lost”…I hope those words will become true

    Evil always loses eventually. Evil people are stupid by definition, because they are cut off from the Source of wisdom. Thus their own hands bring about their ultimate destruction.

  3. Justice needs to be served. The ringleaders to be hung, collaborators long jail sentences, complicit doctors and vaccinators to be jailed then struck off tge meducal roll.

  4. I don’t think anybody has admitted anything at least not aloud. They may be quietly
    giving up on trying to control the virus, but they are not admitting any mistakes.

    Even in the countries that are dropping restrictions now, the prevailing narrative is that it was the vaccines that allowed them to drop the measures. Because without
    vaccines it would have been so much worse.

    Sweden’s Tegnell said in his interview with Unherd (in Sep 2021):

    “I think the big change, since we talked last time, is really the vaccinations. There, we really found the tool that’s going to make the difference. And all the other things we have tried are not going to be very important anymore, because reaching and achieving a high vaccination level is the one way we can get out of this pandemic. There does not seem to be any other way, really.”

    And we have no idea what they have in store with regards to travel restrictions, vaccine mandates and possible future measures if new variant emerges that is wreaking havoc next fall/winter.

  5. Something I think just comes from the way our society and decision making structures are made. Working for a large corporation, you’d be amazing how disconnected from reality the decision makers are. I’ve spoken to top people whom should rock my heels with their capablities.. stuck in looping conversations like the “stapler” from the classic movie “Office Space.”

    I remain in the position that evil did this, but totally see how it got away with it.

  6. ““In the end the evil people lost”…I hope those words will become true, but I am afraid the perpetrators are going to get away with their crimes by recasting the past”

    This. I do wonder in idle moments how the PTB will hide the damage the vaccines will do over the coming years and decades, and then I remember the whole ‘long covid’ spiel. When the damage from the vaccines becomes unable to be hidden any more all the statistical evidence of harm will be explained by long covid instead. Its ‘almost’ as if they have pushed long covid right from the start as a get out clause if the vaccines went belly up. The fact that 80% of people will have had some vaccine shots, and 100% of people will have had covid (or been exposed to it) at some point as the years progress means that it will be impossible to disentangle the long term effects of the former from the latter. Or at least while it would be possible it will also be possible to muddy the waters enough to prevent the truth emerging.

    What we have now is what could have occurred in 1943-45 if Germany had behaved a bit more rationally and fought the war to a score draw. The Allies would have ‘won’ in that most/all invaded territory was recovered but the instigators of the war would have largely remained in power. And able to do it all over again if they so chose. And probably would have.

    Its not really victory TBH. Its only a victory when the evil-doers have been utterly vanquished, thrown to the 4 winds and their former citadels razed to the ground and the soil sown with salt. As was achieved in WW2 in both Germany and Japan. Then something new and decent can emerge from the rubble. Allowing the instigators to remain in power leads to future conflict just as the conclusion of WW1 led to WW2.

  7. You’ve been right about a lot of things, Radagast, and I pray that this time you are right too – and that the evil people have been, or are on the way to being, defeated.

    While most of the bureaucrats who have inflicted this on us are merely banal, I do still believe that there has been real evil at large among the people at the very top and until they are uncovered and removed I’m not sure I will fully ever rest easy again.

    Here in the UK, even under Sturgeon’s awful Scottish regime, things do feel as if they are getting back to normal. Although mask mandates remain in shops, buses etc, there is widespread non-compliance (at least in the working class neighbourhood I live in). And I can sit down in a cafe or restaurant without a vaccine passport which is a freedom I do not take for granted when I read about France, Italy, Austria etc. I’m not sure I will ever be able to look at these countries in the same way again. The people who have done this to their fellow citizens will, I hope, face justice one day.

    I think you know how much the followers of this blog have appreciated your insights over the last 2 years. Cheers mate.

    • Hear hear! JMG’s forum, this here and a few important substacks have been shining beacons of light providing succour for us during the darkest times – that we were not crazy for seeing through the lies, that too many things didn’t add up and the constantly shifting goalposts which our fellow citizens seem to conveniently forget.

      In turn, they’ve also given us the backbone strength to keep putting sand in the gears.. and engage in behavior which support other folks in turn to resist the craziness. Yes, for sure, the evil influence has been present all along, which a more rationalist person like my wife is loathe to admit… trying to put the blame on groupthink, incompetent bureaucrats etc.

      Anyways, I still can’t eat in a restaurant here in SG… nor are folks allowed to work in offices if still unvex (like my wife)… even a tennis coach who owns his own tennis school is not allowed to coach anymore, since the courts are deemed as his workplace and being unvex, he’s not allowed to be there. Yes, the stupidity and evil intent hurts. We are now literally the few, the proud and the strong.

      I have a friend… whole family unvexed.. who was prepared to be fired from his job. But he was concerned about his elderly parents needing to be in the hospital for whatever reason, so literally decided to sacrifice himself to the jabs, thus allowing his sibling to quit her job. Can you imagine the sickening feeling he had, when the Min of Health (deserves a /s) changed their policies so that any unvex person, even elderly, is NOT allowed to have any visitors, even though the hospitals are overwhelmed and under-staffed, literally the senior will be left all along all the time? At one point, he was actively wishing for the worst outcomes for the vex, even if he had to suffer it himself, but I counseled him to let that anger go. The blowback is already happening, and he needn’t need to incur any additional backwash from wishing ill on others.

      • Hi Stubborn_ass, I’m also getting a lot from JMG’s open posts. It’s a relief to know that there are other people out there, across the world, who are going through the same stuff. Thanks for sharing your friend’s story – I feel for him. I understand the bitterness he feels and I struggle to deal with my own although I have not experienced anything as bad as he has. There’s going to be a need for some sort of Truth and Reconciliation Commission in many countries.

  8. Hi rintrah
    My 18yr old daughter is unvaxxed. She cannot compete in world sailing championship if she is not vaxxed. There is a new vac novavax which is not dna viral vector or mrna. It is protein based vac, presumably spike proteins. I cannot see any independent info on this. What do you know about it’s safety? She would take ivermectin and zinc at same time to find to spike proteins tot hopefully reduce damage.

    • Here’s the best I could find. Not very encouraging I’m afraid.
      Another one that holds greater promise is vaxine-19, but they’ve had to turn to crowdfunding because the Australian government are compromised.
      The safest is probably VLA2001 which is a traditional whole attenuated virus vaccine, but could be some way off.

      • Thank you. How do you know if the md who wrote it is open minded to the truth about covid vaccines. If he recommends not getting moderns or Pfizer then he has my respect and I will carefully listen to him. Can you give me any feedback? Thanks again for the link.

    • >What do you know about it’s safety?

      That’s the wrong question to be asking, based off what you said earlier:

      >My 18yr old daughter is unvaxxed. She cannot compete in world sailing championship if she is not vaxxed.

      Imagine your 18 year old daughter told you:

      “This guy in Hollywood, Mr Weinstein promises me I can be a movie star if a sleep with him.”

      What would you tell her?

      “Well gee, isn’t there some other way? How about if you kiss him?”

      There are perfectly good reasons to take a vaccine. “I want to be allowed to participate in society.”

      Is not one of them.

      You don’t negotiate with other people when it comes to your bodily autonomy. Your body is your only absolute real property without any limitations, it’s not something you lease from the government under certain terms and conditions.

      When you take a vaccine, it’s to protect you against an illness.

      That’s the purpose of a vaccine.

      The purpose of a vaccine is not for you to “be allowed to do something”.

      Remember, this whole system of government, where the most basic and fundamental human rights became a reward you receive from your government in exchange for obedience that can be revoked at any moment is the product of a communist dictatorship that puts religious and ethnic minorities in concentration camps, rapes women, forcibly sterilizes people and sells their organs to the highest bidder.

      You can’t claim you “didn’t know”, it’s in plain sight for all to see where this road leads.

      You don’t make a compromise with people who don’t respect your bodily autonomy.

      • Hi radagast
        Thank you for your reply. If it was me I would not take any covid 19 vaccine under any circumstances. I don’t care what the threat or reward is. So I agree with you.
        But it is not me making the decision and 18 year old girls can be more easily pressured and are emotional. All I have power over is which vaccine she takes. In Australia the only one which I know is not unsafe is novavax based on what I have read about others. In novavax there is spike and there m-matrix. I know spike is bad but I can counter it with ivm. I don’t know much about m-matrix other than it has been used in vaccines before. If you have an opinion on novavax relative safety I would be grateful to hear it.

        • Steve Kirsch has written about ways to prevent vaccine side effects

          “If you are forced to get one of the US vaccines, using .2mg/kg of ivermectin the day before, the day of, and the day after will reduce your chance of side effects by 95% according to a prominent researcher in Brazil we know. Of course, the FDA and AMA are trying their best to block your access to ivermectin, a new low for medicine. The mainstream medical community are cheering them on.”

        • >But it is not me making the decision and 18 year old girls can be more easily pressured and are emotional. All I have power over is which vaccine she takes.

          The only advice I can genuinely offer you without violating my conscience is to make it clear to her that nobody has any right to bully her into doing things with her body that she doesn’t want to do.

          For what it’s worth, my previous line of work required me to talk to women who were victimized by scam artists and fleeced out of their life savings. These women had the same mentality that leads people to sign up for these vaccines.

          I would have highly educated intelligent career women on the phone who would say: “This guy keeps pressuring me to invest in this trade that he says will make me a lot of money, I hung up on the other guys, but this guy keeps calling me, what should I do?”

          We socialize women to “get along” and to “be nice”, even when someone has no basic respect for you and seeks to take advantage of you. That’s not something I want to normalize.

    • How about another sailing competition where you don’t have to take very dangerous medical products to compete?

      If you want you risk your daughter becoming infertile,… go right ahead.
      The new novovax stuff may be even worse for all we know.

  9. I’d like to see you write about “the great aftering”

    I’ve started to muse on what it looks like. You take the data that generally agrees on what is coming across sub stack and other writers like yourself. There’s talk of Trails 2.0… but there was functional society “somewhere” to install those trials “there.” When the whole world gets told, or finds out, who goes to work? who even cares anymore? The years of technology distancing, lack of community, etc.. there will be sadness and rage. I don’t think brother will turn on brother for very long, but how do we get our systems functional again?

    The challenge with the computer age is so much of this is not really real. Money in account, whom owns land, rights to property, etc… the moment society breaks none of that is real anymore either. No one is going to care about a bank account, paper money, etc.. when there’s no supply chain, no police, etc..

    I feel like generations ago, we had the society that could maybe endure that.

    Ultimately it’d almost be worth continuing the fraud, with saline solution, to a eventual end for the addicted masses. To just stop… that’d be a train wreck we’d need a long time to recover from.

    Even beyond that.. how do we talk to each other? The two factions that have come to be from all this.

    This is something where the group resisting, really does not want to be right in the end. As if we are, no mercy is deserved for what comes for man. He has corrupted the garden.

  10. I just came across this piece from a *retired* researcher in Human Genetics Embryology, Natalie K Björklund-Gordon. (

    In the comment section, she wrote –
    “I predict over the next five years we are going to see an appallingly die off in the millions, possibly hundred of millions. I already see people around me dying off. Strange unexpected heart attacks, strokes, return of cancers, sepsis. Formerly independent seniors within my circle have developed strange fainting spells, hearing issues, mobility issues requiring they move into personal care homes. A family member has developed myocarditis. In the elderly I can say to myself that maybe it was their time anyway but when you hear of three healthy men in their forties suddenly dropping dead in as many months, as I have, it can’t be a coincidence.”

  11. Here’s what’s happening and will continue to happen.

    “Why are people doubling down?
    It’s hard to accept that you damaged your kids for nothing. It’s hard to accept that you stole their prom, their first day of kindergarten, their little league championship and their chance of an athletic scholarship for nothing.
    It has to be a deadly disease, if it’s not, that means that they were wrong. Being wrong cost their children dearly.
    So instead of waking up, saying “I was wrong” & trying to fix it, they’re going to double down. Because acknowledging the damage they did is far too painful.”

  12. Legislate revenge against everyone who sanctioned any of this.

    Never forgive.
    Never forget.
    Get mean.
    Get smart.
    Get together.

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