The vaccine won’t work against Omicron, even if you’re boosted

Almost everyone now seems eager to jump on the “Omicron is mild” bandwagon, but the evidence we have just doesn’t really justify that conclusion. In fact, the vaccine induced immunity is effectively useless against Omicron in most people, so you can expect that we’re going to face another massive wave of people getting sick.

I would understand it if you’re skeptical about this idea because you heard some “anti-science anti-vaxxer right wing populist conspiracy theorist” like me peddle this suggestion. But it’s not just the usual suspects now telling you that these vaccines are not going to work. It’s the blue-checked Phd in immunology zero COVID pronouns-in-your-Twitter-bio wokies who say the same thing. The only people still arguing that these vaccines work, are the people who are involved in producing and marketing them, including the politicians who fell for this blunder.

This is so interesting, that I’m going to republish a couple of the tweets here, with a little commentary from me:

I care not about some narrative, I care about what’s correct. And here the zero COVID wokies get it right: The evidence suggests that T-cells won’t protect people from severe disease. Yet here’s what the vaccine peddlers tell you:

Liar-liar, pants on fire! Look at this from an emotionally detached perspective: Does this look like a consistent narrative to you? Only one of these two can be correct. It should be obvious: The narrative is falling apart. The people who don’t have a reputation tied to these vaccines are ready to point out that the vaccines won’t tackle this new variant.

So here you see it. If you got two doses of this vaccine, it doesn’t work against Omicron. If you did get a third dose, but you got it three months ago or more, there’s at least a 75% chance it doesn’t work against Omicron.

What if you get your third dose now? It seems that it takes a few weeks before it starts offering protection. During the first few days, your white blood cells migrate to the injection site, so the rest of your body is actually less protected.

If we look at the graph, we see that two weeks after the booster, 42% have zero neutralizing antibodies. How much more evidence do you need? These vaccines are not going to work in protecting you against Omicron.

At this point, the bigger question is: What do the non-neutralizing antibodies do? Again, from the Japanese scientists we learned that the non-neutralizing antibodies can make the infection worse. We need to know: What happens to the majority of people, who received the booster but are still stuck with zero neutralizing antibodies? It looks to me like they’re stuck in a situation with a vaccine that makes them more susceptible to this virus.

She is also worried that Omicron can overpower the neutralizing antibody response, simply because it replicates too rapidly:

She offers us other juicy information too, later on in the thread. After you had your first three shots, you’re going to need two or three more, to be protected against Omicron:

There is some refreshing honesty here, because she tells you the whole story, instead of just getting you to go along with the next step and pretending that the previous step worked perfectly fine. Her honesty is unusual, I recommend reading the whole thread, but I won’t post it here.

But let’s summarize what we learned:

-Without inducing neutralizing antibodies, these vaccines can’t protect you.

-Even three months after your booster, there’s a 75% chance you won’t have neutralizing antibodies and thus are not protected against Omicron.

-Even if you do have neutralizing antibodies, it can still be insufficient, because the virus replicates so rapidly that your neutralizing antibodies can’t keep up.

From the third idea we can draw the following conclusion ourselves:

-If we vaccinate people and a number of them end up infected by variants that replicate rapidly enough to overcome their neutralizing antibodies, we’re thereby encouraging the evolution of new variants that replicate more rapidly than older variants. Such variants will generally be more dangerous to everyone, vaccinated or unvaccinated.

That’s what we saw with Delta: It’s intrinsically a more dangerous variant than the previous variants, but this was obscured by the fact that most people now had immunity from natural infection or the vaccines. That’s why countries like Australia and New Zealand lost their mind once they failed to keep Delta out: Because nobody there had pre-existing immunity to SARS-COV-2 due to their zero COVID stupidity, it was going to be far more dangerous for them than it is in a country like Sweden, where almost everyone has had some exposure to the virus before Delta arrived.

But now I want to show you the most damning piece of evidence, that makes it very clear that these vaccines merely seem to make you more vulnerable to Omicron. Here you can see infections in Denmark, Omicron versus non-Omicron, by vaccination status, since the 22nd of November:


You can see the distribution here, of Omicron versus the other variants. Whereas 43.6% of cases of other variants are in the unvaccinated, just 13.8% of Omicron cases are in the unvaccinated. Whereas 4% of other variants are in boosted people, 8.9% of Omicron cases are in boosted people.

And keep in mind: This is going to get worse, not better. It’s going to evolve further, to turn into a virus that preys on people with a vaccine-induced immune response. Here you can see a recent mutation that showed up and now constitutes 10% of Omicron cases:

This is the sort of mutation that allows it to escape what little protection these vaccines still offer in a handful of people. And these mutations now have a selective advantage, so you’re going to watch them become more common. If the vaccines offer zero percent protection against severe disease today, a month from now they may offer us negative protection against severe disease, because Omicron will have changed.

If you have made it this far without rolling up your sleeve for an experimental gene therapy, it’s easy: Whatever you do, don’t get the vaccine. If they fire you from your job, if they don’t let you into the supermarket, if they give you a fine, deal with it, but don’t get the vaccine.

If you did get the vaccine, don’t get the booster, but study prophylactic treatment. Zinc, vitamin D, vitamin K2, Quercetin, protease inhibitors (like Ivermectin), nattokinase, N-Acetylcysteine, magnesium, vitamin B12, vitamin C, that sort of stuff. If you live in the Netherlands and want Ivermectin, let me know, I’ll send it to you.


So far so good, but now I want to address the normie-conservatives, who are peddling the “Omicron is mild” bullshit. This is just not true, it’s wishful thinking. Just because you want to be done with the batsoupflu after injecting everyone with some gene therapy doesn’t mean the problem is over.

If you alter people’s immune response and prohibit the normal development of layered immunity after the introduction of a new virus, it’s going to have consequences. The more diverse our immune response is against this virus, the more we are protected from new variants. By inducing a similar and very narrow immune response in billions of people worldwide, we turned ourselves into sitting ducks for this virus.

We could have handled it very easily: Allow the virus to infect everyone while it is still mild and give people supplements to protect them from severe disease. In the summer of 2020, we should have had massive festivals, where young people infect each other. I even organized parties myself back then, I spent hundreds of bucks on psychedelics. We did not use this opportunity to build broad layered immunity. We waited, gave this virus time to evolve into more dangerous variants and eventually ended up engaging in the most stupid act imaginable:

We gave everyone a highly similar immune response, to the Wuhan version of the Spike protein. Without humans developing broad diverse immunity against this virus, this doesn’t end. We prevented people from developing broad diverse immunity, so now we get to enjoy the consequences.

You can’t just say “I want COVID to be over, so it’s going to be over, even though we did everything we can to make it worse”. If we did everything we can to make it worse, then it’s going to get worse. That’s why you’re now stuck with a new variant, that spreads more rapidly than anything we have ever seen.

But hey, don’t just take my word for it. Ignore South Africa for a moment. They are lucky enough to have everyone infected before the vaccine campaign began. Rather, look at the numbers from Denmark:

Uh-oh. That’s 37 people hospitalized, on 3437 cases. That’s slightly over 1% of cases hospitalized. That’s very nasty, especially if you keep in mind these people were supposed to be protected by the vaccine.

But hey, it’s actually worse. Here’s the age demographic that got Omicron:

It has only just seeded itself into the country, so most cases are still in healthy young adults, the people who engage in most social mingling and thus are the first to encounter the virus. Once the elderly pick it up, that’s when the real mess begins.

But it’s even worse, if you consider there’s a lag between cases and hospitalizations. If you assume there’s a three day lag between cases and hospitalizations, then you’re looking at 1,280 cases with 37 people hospitalized. That’s a 2.8% case hospitalization ratio.

I don’t see how this could possibly not turn into a catastrophe. The normies really screwed up this time. Watch as the narrative changes by the end of this week.

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