There is a message in here somewhere

Belated merry Christmas to all my frens

As the title of this post says, there is a message in here somewhere. I’m not going to tell you what it is. If you need me to tell you, it’s because you don’t want to see it.

Before anyone attacks me for posting this, there are no personally identifying characteristics and this post is not an attempt to insult someone. If I do end up receiving a request to take this post down, I will, but it’s all publicly posted by an anonymous account and worth studying. Please be respectful and compassionate in all your actions. Disrespectful comments will be removed.


Seven hours ago: “Hey I was hospitalized two weeks ago when I took 100 seeds of Datura and my father found me. My eyesight still hasn’t fully recovered, do you guys think it ever will?”

Two months ago: “Hey I was diagnosed with BPD two weeks ago. Oh by the way, I think my mom has it too.”

Six months ago: “My father’s OCD keeps getting worse.”

Six months ago, on the wonderfully named subreddit /r/growyourtdick: “Is it hard for me to get my surgically created pseudopenis erect because I take antidepressants?”

Also seven months ago: “Hey I’m going to kill myself tomorrow by jumping in front of a train. All my previous attempts were half-assed, but this time I’ll do it properly.”

Seven months ago: “I experienced a horrific upbringing that included kidnapping, child trafficking and use in CP, plus other things that I’d prefer to keep silent about.

Eight months ago: Hey where do I find a surgeon who will turn my clitoris into a penis? Oh by the way I want the biggest possible balls too.

Eight months ago: “sometimes I think about Jesus without a conscious desire to. When it happens, I’m filled with a feeling of unconditional love, warmth, and acceptance. In my mind, it appears as a yellow and orange color. I’ve made a couple of attempts at beginning to return to Christianity, but the last time I tried, my therapist (who is a Christian himself) has told me that he feels like I was forcing myself into a box that I don’t believe in and that’s ultimately hurting me.”

Someone told me that Christianity is about love. It follows that in a world devoid of love there’s not a lot of room left for Christ either. This is my unconventional Christmas message for you. I solemnly believe that all of you have the ability to be instruments that manifest God’s infinite love here on Earth and that God is trying to reach out to you through the Psilocybe mushrooms that inhabit our soils.


  1. ‘I solemnly believe that all of you have the ability to be instruments that manifest God’s infinite love here on Earth and that God is trying to reach out to you …’ – Amen, Radagast!
    People need a mission in life and that one is given to anybody regardless of looks, talent and riches. God is great indeed! Without a mission you are like a black hole and big pharma is here to ‘help’ … or rather suck you up and spit the broken body.
    I totally feel like God is asking us very gently to manifest the unconditional love – sometimes I have the purity to follow the call but mostly i am too cluttered with trash. Each miss is a hole but each hit fills all previous holes instantly. And always it wasn’t hard to do it. When it is the right thing it just goes effortless.

    Never had the chance to try psilocybe mushrooms – maybe I’ll have my go in Netherlands when travelling is not such a pain. I was today on a ‘freedom walk’ and am energised and hopeful that the covidiot madness will pass soon.

  2. Belated Merry Christmas and thank you for your always interesting posts which are opening up some new theological paths. I hope the individual you have blogged about can find healing.

  3. “…a secret message…”

    Let me guess, God blinded this poor wretch as an act of mercy?

    Because we’d all better off if everyone would just die, right Radagast?


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