They don’t have a good excuse for the record pneumonia in Dutch children

So, a few days ago I pointed out the record number of Dutch kids with pneumonia. It’s the highest number in three years, though I’m not sure they consistently monitored these numbers before 2019. In late 2022 when this was happening, the argument was “RSV from resurgent lockdown debt”.

The numbers were updated, they now look like this:

So I want to emphasize again: Last year we saw this big strange increase in RSV, so we were told it’s probably just “lockdown debt”. If that were the case, the next year’s wave of pneumonia is not supposed to be even bigger! The pathogens responsible are mostly the same as always, including RSV again.

Now the most dominant explanation is that mycoplasma pneumoniae just comes in waves once every few years. But this is a very dissatisfying explanation. We’ve never had a wave of pneumonia from mycoplasma pneumonia before. It’s a bug that circulates, sure, it is responsible for a minority of pneumonia cases, sure, but there’s a reason you’ve never heard of it before: It’s not a big deal.

“All the kids are suddenly sick of a bug you never heard of before, but it’s normal” Is not a very satisfying explanation. So they come up with a bunch of other stuff too. The media are blaming “vaping”, “lockdowns’ and “climate”. Yes, they’re blaming vaping, for a problem affecting kids aged 5-14. They’re throwing shit at the wall, to see if anything sticks.

So there are two explanations that seem worth considering to me.

On the one hand, it may be the case that these children are the proverbial “canary in the coalmine”. We know that mass vaccination has resulted in a situation, where most people now have elevated levels of exhausted T cells, as well as an IgG4 response to SARS2 Spike protein. As I have explained before, you may expect evolution to operate on other respiratory viruses, allowing them to also benefit from that distorted immune response.

It’s possible that this has resulted in numerous people now serving as asymptomatic carriers of a variety of respiratory pathogens, pathogens that they are able to somewhat keep under control, but not able to eliminate, as their bodies struggle to destroy the infected epithelial cells. In the absence of inflammation, you thus don’t see severe illness in these people, but they continue spreading these viruses their immune systems now tolerate.

This then becomes noticeable in healthy young people who still have a normal immune response to those viruses. That would be one explanation.

The other explanation is simpler: These young people have been constantly exposed to SARS2 and now suffer some degree of immunodeficiency. There’s one thing we know about mycoplasma pneumoniae: It’s commonly seen in people with HIV.

Have a look at this study:

During 2012–2015, we tested respiratory specimens from patients with severe respiratory illness (SRI), patients with influenza-like illness (ILI), and controls in South Africa by real-time PCR for Mycoplasma pneumoniae, followed by culture and molecular characterization of positive samples. M. pneumoniae prevalence was 1.6% among SRI patients, 0.7% among ILI patients, and 0.2% among controls (p<0.001).

You see the obvious problem here. If this bug is found in 1.6% of severe respiratory illness cases, then under normal circumstances it won’t cause a massive surge in pneumonia in children. Again, last year they were telling us the RSV epidemic was caused by the lockdowns. That was at least somewhat plausible, because we know RSV puts a bunch of children in hospitals. But as you can see here, this is a marginal bacterium, that’s normally a very minor contributor to hospital admissions for influenza-like illness.

But there is one circumstance where this bacterium does become a problem and you’re not going to like it:

The mean annual rate of hospitalization for M. pneumoniae patients during 2013–2014 was 27.9 cases/100,000 population (95% CI 18.9–37.4) (Table 3). HIV-infected persons had 19.5 (95% CI 14.4–26.4) times greater odds of M. pneumoniae–associated SRI hospitalization (102.2/100,000 [95% CI 64.9–136.4) than did HIV-uninfected persons (14.9/100,000 [95% CI 10.3–19.0]). The highest rate was in patients <5 years old (220.0/100,000 [95% CI 121.0–314.8]).

The body depends strongly on T-cells to deal with this particular bacterium. If something’s wrong with the T cells, you would expect to see this bug cause more severe infections.

With severe immunodeficiency, you start to see weird opportunistic pathogens in our environment cause sickness in people. But with milder levels of immunodeficiency, things like Mycoplasma pneumoniae start causing trouble.

Why would the problem be worst in China? Because they kept SARS2 out for so long. So when the levee inevitably did break, they suffered massive numbers of infections all at once, resulting in worse immunodeficiency right now in Chinese children than in the Western world.

SARS2 causes a decline in T cell numbers for a long period. And we now see evidence of increased T-cell exhaustion throughout the whole population. After a failed vaccine, it takes some time for all hell to break lose, but we’re now getting there.

We also once again have substantial excess mortality:

The problem is that elevated levels of immunodeficiency in a subset of the population just tends to take a whole population with it. As an example, the HIV epidemic in Southern Africa was followed by an outbreak of tuberculosis, affecting people who were HIV negative too.

Again I have to emphasize, this virus SARS2 was already everywhere before we had a name for it. We never really stood a chance of eradicating it. The only human pathogen we ever eradicated was smallpox, which took centuries.

But what did not have to happen, was this insane attempt to vaccinate everyone against it. That’s why we’re in the situation we’re in today.


  1. Yes, the surge in pneumonia in China is especially worrying considering that the vaccines deployed there (Sinovac and Sinopharm) were not gene-based, but instead whole inactivated virus vaccines. So despite using vaccines that were (presumably) less harmful than our mRNA and adenoviral vector vaccines, they still have a big problem on their hands.

    “We also once again have substantial excess mortality”

    In the last few days, two very young women in my area both died suddenly at home. This prompted me to revisit one of your posts from last year:

    I re-ran the custom Google search queries you did using the phrase “died suddenly” for all the Irish death notices published in the last several years to determine if the trend is persisting. Unfortunately it’s not good news. Here are the results:

    2019: 45
    2020: 49
    2021: 102
    2022: 152
    2023 (so far): 164

    And again, this begs the question of whether or not this is an intentional conspiracy [ ] as many of the LSWMs propose or simply massive incompetence and the hubris of greedy Big Pharma and their bought off regulators, academics and journalists. If it was the former, why would the “elites” release a Chinese bioweapon that they themselves are now susceptible to? If they were truly intent on massively reducing the global population (as per the now demolished Georgia Guidestones), why not drop a bunch of EMPs on Europe and North America, blame “The Russians”, then retreat to their underground bunkers in rural New Zealand and mega yachts in the south Pacific? This is the part that doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Just had a religious experience by eating psilocybin mushrooms, my sister is a psychonaut and guided me through it (She was my sage). I finally understand you, and why you call people low status white males lmao.

      • Yeah when you take mushrooms you can look at people’s motives and behavior from a more detached perspective, including your own.

        It’s all just the same voices, having the same conversations, through different bodies.

        • >Yeah when you take mushrooms you can look at people’s motives and behavior from a more detached perspective, including your own.
          You said it man, this has been one of most intense days of my life. You’re not the only person I understand way better.

          “It’s all just the same voices, having the same conversations, through different bodies.”

          Yeah, I think you’re right. I came to the conclusion that we very much are all the same being (God? Existence? Divinity? Nature?) Dividing itself into pieces and playing those pieces against each-other. There’s nothing wrong with that though, it’s actually beautiful. Everything goes back to archetypes (Which all people exhibit) We all have our roles and parts to play in the grand stage of life. Our lives are stories, and any good story needs both tragedies and highlights. There’s a reason why we intuitively feel like the best heroes have tragic backstories.

          We also make our own reality. Autistic white males created this mechanistic nightmare civilization we find ourselves living in. We hate it so much, but we can’t help ourselves and create it anyway out of compulsion. We’re our own worst enemies, and have enslaved everyone and everything else out of this insanely rational compulsion. We want to live lives of adventure, and romance, yet we deconstruct everything and convince ourselves that anything rationalism can’t explain is a lie, what a joke.

          • > I came to the conclusion that we very much are all the same being (God? Existence? Divinity? Nature?) Dividing itself into pieces and playing those pieces against each-other. There’s nothing wrong with that though, it’s actually beautiful.

            No. It’s not.

  2. I think that from the beginning kids were damaged by covid but it didn’t show since their unformed immune systems didn’t respond, so it looked like they were unaffected. And in fact maybe they were affected worse than adults were, since they had no real response. But that is speculation.

    I have an acquaintance who just got back to the U.S. from Egypt where she was running a sports competition. She is multivaxed and has had covid a number of times. She tests before returning home each time if her kid didn’t go with her on the trip. Lo and behold she has covid again – and no symptoms.

    Right now a nice religious lady I know in Virginia has covid; so does a woman in her 30s in Massachusetts, so does a friend of my husband’s in Berlin, plus the acquaintance above; there is a lot of covid right now. And I keep seeing more and more people in their early and mid 60s in the obituaries in the small town New England area I’m from. They would not be drug deaths, and it is not normal for there to be so many people in that age range to die. Also people around me here in CA look sick; they look terrible, even young people.

    • I live up near Sacramento and have noticed the same. Seems like I hear about another young person dying randomly or developing a weird illness out of know where. I’ve also noticed an uptick of fatal single car accidents where drugs/alcohol isn’t a factor. Witnesses report the car just veered off the road and crashed like they had a heart attack. I don’t remember this happening before Covid.

  3. “people now serving as asymptomatic carriers of a variety of respiratory pathogens, pathogens that they are able to somewhat keep under control, but not able to thus don’t see severe illness in these people, but they continue spreading these viruses their immune systems now tolerate.”

    People are now also asymptomatic carriers of different respiratory viruses/bacteria? They don’t get severely sick and their immune systems tolerate it. Pardon my naiveness but what’s not to like about that? Also came up the first time that you were entertaining the idea of the iGg4 switch that I can’t help but wonder what kind of long-term implications could potentially arise from that? Seems to me like tolerating is exactly what you’d want your body to do for a lot of pathogens e.g. allergens

    • >Pardon my naiveness but what’s not to like about that?

      Well, let’s see:

      -Lung fibrosis over time

      -These pathogens can mutate.

      -Immune exhaustion

      There are many ways such a thing can go wrong. Your immune system fights viruses and bacteria for a reason.

    • It’s like a vandal that gets in and there is no alarm. They are still vandalizing, but no-one knows until later. Or a person who can’t feel pain and is blind, and keeps getting wounded without noticing. There are still wounds that they can die from eventually. If you have an asymptomatic case, you only end up only noticing the nanotubes that covid has made in your brain, when you develop symptoms that are reported to you independently of your damaged immune system. That is, when you act demented. It is insidious. So it is not that people don’t get severely sick – it is that they don’t get severely sick from the initial infection. Then the virus takes its time and does its work inside the body at its leisure, with no fight back from your immune system.

    • Conditional Zionist – you are mistakedly conflating the immunological meaning of ‘tolerance’ with some sort of positive psycho-sociological meaning. You don’t want your body to ‘tolerate’ any xenogenic (foreign) pathogen or virus and co-exist with it. You want your body to destroy and eliminate it. A normal robust IgG2 reaction from a healthy immune system would do just that, destroy the invader and be ready and stronger for a next pathogenic insult. But due to the really bad decision to vaccinate into a pandemic with an experimental and uncontrolled gene therapy, a result has been screwing with our species’ immunological defense in a massive way. Whether it be due to an (observed) IgG2 to IgG4 shift or a general reduction in immune defense, humans are realizing a novel inability to properly destroy and eliminate COVID, and now other pathogens. This is really bad.

      For a really dark future, read someof te papers of Geert Vanden Bossche who alludes to the need for the species to eliminate the mutated genome resulting from these injections. This means really really bad things for the vaccinated. He maintains that nature is going to do this one way or another.

      I’d be really interested in Radagast’s opinion of Vanden Bossche.

      For other really great reading, look up Kevin McKernan, who I believe is making some of the most important discoveries of the century regarding the COVID mRNA vaccines, including its being tainted with massive amounts of bacterial DNA (up to 30%), presence of the potentially oncogenic SV40 Promoter, and most recently a new-found 1252 amino acid ORF encoding a protein known as Spidroin which seems to have been codon optimized on the reverse strand of the Spike DNA plasmid.

        • Thank you for the correction, Radagast… not IgG2 but IgG3, and also IgG1. Not to mention Ig’s of the mucosa, which are better suited for respiratory infections. Your primers on this topic a while back were outstanding!

          I appreciate your comments, Conditional Zionist, and hope some of the input here has answered your questions.

          When I was a kid, my pediatrician attempted allergy shots of house dust and ragweed inn an attempt to facilitate ‘tolerance’ of these antigens in my body. I’m not sure if it worked or not, but if it had, my body would have been tolerating something that was merely inducing an unwanted histamine reaction and not trying to kill me (like a virus).

    • As a homeowner, you can tolerate some level of dust and dirt in your home.

      If you tolerate a termite infestation, eventually they will destroy the whole house.

  4. So in your second theory, what causes the children (in particular) to be immunocompromised? Taking the vax? That would seem odd, since the uptake rate in kids was low. Spike shedding by vaxxed parents? Getting Covid before their immune systems were fully developed? I’m trying to understand why this illness would affect children and not adults (at least not as much) and your first theory seems to nicely explain the reasons, but I don’t understand it in the context of the second theory.

    • >what causes the children (in particular) to be immunocompromised

      Children tend to have more social contacts and their immune systems are still busy learning.

      • What do you think is the best approach for young children right now? My two-year-old has had covid at least twice. The second infection caused serious problems, and in hindsight it seems even the first resulted in some immune dysfunction. He’s unvaxxed but allowing him to be exposed constantly doesn’t strike me as a good idea, so we’re cautious.

        • I don’t really have a good answer.

          You might want to check if he has some nutrient or vitamin deficiency.

          But generally speaking, this is just a problem everyone deals with now.

          Keeping a child away from normal social interaction is not a solution either. And more importantly, there’s no exit strategy, as there’s no reason to think this virus will disappear soon.

          • Thanks. It’s a conundrum indeed.

            Meanwhile most of the world has accepted the ludicrous notion that the rapidly mutating lab-engineered sarbecovirus is just like the common cold. It’s hard to see a happy ending in this.

          • Doesn’t it depend on the child whether normal social interactions are a plus? I always hated them, even when I was little. Also, in the not so distant past, before 1800 for most humans, normal social interactions would just be the household and immediate neighbors for kids that age. It wouldn’t be day care and nannies and trips to a mall and trips to a grandparent’s house 3,000 miles away and trips to restaurants and birthday parties with all the classmates. You can reduce exposure without putting the kid in a box. That buys time.

            What we are doing with our puppies is figuring out the reasonable minimum amount of social exposure needed to keep them from being neurotic and anxious, but not to expose them more than is necessary to the dog ailment and to covid. Dog parks are just one more Western invention; so are group dog walks, so are “doggy play groups.”

        • Find out if a 2 year old can use safely Xlear nasal spray.
          Find out if a 2 year old can safely use an AirTamer.
          They are totally safe for adults but I don’t know about children.
          Those help prevent covid without causing psychological distress.

    • Children are more vulnerable to pneumonia.

      I would assume that oldies are generally dying of it anyway, so an increase in it for them would register less.

  5. Twitter saying it’s a new strain that doesn’t typically infect humans and also isn’t able to be cultured on the usual mediums in the lab.


  6. This occurred to me the other day while discussing the danger of these injections with a co-worker. As a species, we human have existed and even burgeoned for over 300,000 years which means over 15,000 generations. Think about that. 15,000 times the span of a generation, like your parents to you or you to your kids. 15,000! No virus has ever wiped us out. We have eaten, snorted, drank, and inhaled everything under the sun we have gotten our hands on. We’ve coated our bodies and exposed ourselves to any and all things available on earth for thousands of generations… ground up powders, drugs, even Radagast’s beloved mushrooms 🙂 Physical consumption of or exposure to any and all things for generations! But never injection with a needle until very recently. Only in the past 100 years have we injected agents through the skin into our bodies. This is a foreign act to our established nature. I wonder if there will be a significant new selection process for this novel practice.

  7. So, in your view, is it fair to say that what’s happening is basically a combination of VAIDS (for the “vaccinated”) and airborne AIDS (for the unvaccinated), with cross-over between the two (the “vaccinated” infect the unvaccinated and vice versa)?

    And if that’s more or less right, how long may it take for disaster to play out in a big way?

    I think it takes 5-10 years for HIV to manifest into something really dire, so might it be a little bit early (although maybe not by much) for ‘VAIDS/AIDS’ to be starting to develop?

    If it’s too soon, might what’s happening with the ‘white lung’ be due to something else, such as ADE?

    • We know that SARS2 infections cause immune system damage. That much has been established by now. We also know that mass vaccination will result in constant waves of mass infection, by permanently handicapping the immune response and facilitating accelerated evolution. That much has been established too.

      There’s no reason to assume this has to develop at the same speed as HIV. Whatever immunodeficiency syndrome this virus is capable of causing may be faster, it may be slower.

      One difference between HIV and SARS2 is that your own body has to give rise to the genetic variation that results in immunodeficiency for HIV, whereas for SARS2, whatever genetic variation the virus needs, you can just inhale.

      Many “slow progessors” for HIV just seem to be people who were infected just once by this virus, with a low infectious dose. The HIV virus has to build up genetic diversity first in those people, to undermine the immune system. Among the rapid progressors however, you find more people who have had multiple exposures, thus the quasispecies viral swarm in their body more rapidly reaches the point where it causes substantial dysfunction of the immune response.

      Again, this is different for SARS2, where anything a single petri dish produces can end up in almost every other hospitable petri dish in a few months.

  8. Master Rintrah,

    There is talk floating around that the mycoplasmic bacteria cause cancer by chromosomal damage, as well as the promotion of oncogenes and the suppression of tumor suppressor genes in the cells of nearby tissues. This would mean it’s a “match made in hell” for the already cancer-prone jab victims. Could you pleas confirm if this is the case?

    Mycoplasma is also thought to create cold agglutinin antibody disease where the antibodies directed at the bacteria end up hemolyzing the human cells instead, which causes strokes, in already stroke-prone jab victims — see

    • “cause cancer” is not an impressive claim.

      Almost everything causes cancer.

      Because something can theoretically cause cancer, does not mean that it will have a substantial impact.

      Most of the time, the only real way we have to find out something that “causes cancer” is really worth worrying over is after a bunch of people already started dying from it.

  9. Around this time last year, Geert Vanden Bossche made a post about the record (then) children hospitalizations with RSV et al.
    I take he mostly blames the vaccinated as asymptomatic carriers.
    You can see for yourselves if it is convincing:
    What I got is: covid vaccinees have their T-cells constantly working to fight off the cv19, and this would mitigate symptoms for other respiratory viruses too, which makes them superspreaders thereof.
    That would sufficiently explain the multiplied effect on children, even compared to last year’s surge (or not?)
    But there may be other reasons too.

    • Nope you’re not misreading it. These spikes are seen across the globe now, but they tend to look particularly nasty when you look at any specific city, because a small number of people tend to cause most of the viral load in sewage.

      You have to look at multiple locations to get a meaningful image.

      • I’ve seen charts showing extreme spikes recently but in this case the Omicron spike had to be turned into a tiny bump in order to accommodate the new spike on the chart; I have not seen anything like that before.

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