They just can’t have basic decency

At the end of the day I’m a surprisingly normal guy, just a bit autistic and chronically online. And I’m sure that unlike me, the rest of you are really very based trad chad esoteric right wing neopagan alpha male bodybuilders. All fine with me.

But most of us just want to have some semblance of a normal society. We don’t genuinely spend our days thinking about how to eliminate our political enemies, violently overthrow the government etcetera.

We’d like to be able to just maintain our mediocre little lives, our boring crappy office bullshit jobs and our boring nights watching the idiotbox, because the alternative we’re headed towards is much worse.

We want to be able to sit in public transport, without having to sit opposite to someone who wants to see our ethnic group violently slaughtered, down to every last woman child and grandparent.

And so if it gives anyone peace of mind, I would happily say that no, of course that’s not what I want for anyone, or for any ethnic group. Do I prefer living with other white Dutch people and Northern Europeans, over living around ethnic minorities? Sure. Do I carry genocidal hatred towards the newcomers? No.

When I write on my blog, I’m “in character”. I can behave like an antisocial asshole who calls anyone who disagrees with him “low IQ low status white males” and celebrates the eventual extinction of the human race. That’s how I get through the day without taking ketamine.

But if I was a politician, I would realize I carry a public position of power and part of my responsibility is to help make sure that nobody has to feel afraid when he leaves his house. But some people just can’t do that. Have a look at this for me:

If someone asks you: “Do you condone beheading children?” Because that’s something that was recently reported in the news, you say: “Yes of course I do, I condemn any attack directed against innocent civilians and I’m insulted that you would even ask me such a question, but that’s not the real issue here, the real issue is X -yaddayadda.”

That’s just a basic prerequisite to have a functional society. When you have elected government officials who refuse to engage such a question, then you don’t have a functional society anymore. And that disturbs me. It genuinely, legitimately disturbs me that you have an elected government official who just can’t get herself to do that.

Nobody is demanding of any of these ugly fat brown women who populate the West and increasingly take up positions of power now to endorse whatever Israel is doing. Our very simply basic request is to just acknowledge that opening machine gun fire on people partying at a psytrance festival and breaking into people’s homes to murder their children is something you condemn. Because that’s something that just happened.

A question like this asked by a reporter is part of a very basic attempt to maintain a semblance of a civilization, a shared project that we all have to participate in. If you can’t do that, then you’re not even bothering to hide the fact that you’re a fifth column, that you’re only here to pull open the bridge at night once our castle is under siege. You’re here to destroy our society and you’re using the tools we entrust you with.

They don’t bother lying about the fact that they want us dead. That they want our children and our parents dead. That they legitimately hate us. You can not have a functional society like this. And a lot of liberal Jews are finding that out right now. They’re finding out that they’re studying at universities, or working in offices, or living under the yoke of elected officials, who harbor genocidal hatred towards them.

Remember, this is the real world. This is not your discord chat group. This is not 4chan. This is not your Twitter spaces. It’s not your deep-fried meta-ironic esoteric Hitlerist meme that 50 people watched on Youtube.

This is a massacre, that really happened, to real people, who had not done anything wrong. And this is an elected official, one of 435 members of congress, elected in the most powerful country on the planet. And she can’t condemn the massacre. She can’t get herself to do it.

I’m not weeping for the victims. I’m not even weeping for the Jews in the US who have to go to university with people like this. Frankly, I’m weeping for the dumb fucks who are going to show up in my comments when I wake up tomorrow, who will just make various excuses for this again, that this is just the way the world works and I’m a Jew and that part of the world is insane and whatever other dumb shit you come up with.

Because that means that basic expectation of living in a functional society is something you already had to give up on. That means you’ve already been living in this hell for years.


  1. Rashida Tlaib is one of the fugliest, most horrible females i have ever seen.
    There’s video of her being physically hauled out of a Trump rally in 2015 by security while kicking and cursing. I don’t know what she did to get kicked out but shortly after that she got elected to Congress.
    Like in ‘Animal House’ Bluto was a future Senator. 😆😅😍🤩

  2. Perhaps for the sake of your mental well-being, you could take a break from posting about depressing topics and existential threats like SARS2, climate change and Islamic Jihad.

    Actually maybe not. Because there’s another crisis just around the corner. It may not be an “existential threat” like those mentioned above, but it’s still pretty bad. It’s called a global sovereign debt crisis! And many financial experts are predicting that it will make the 2007-2008 financial crisis look like a gentle stroll through a Dutch forest while high on mescaline on a crisp Spring morning!

    In all seriousness though, the only way the solve this massive debt/GDP conundrum is massive currency devaluation. You don’t like Bitcoin, because of the massive energy use. I get that. But I haven’t seen you discuss precious metals that much. I’m sure you’re aware of the r/wallstreetsilver craze that arose after the Gamestop short squeeze in January 2021. Silver is being touted by many as the cheapest asset on the planet, with the price being artificially manipulated by banks like JP Morgan Chase for decades:

    And here’s Rafi Farber, a smart based Jew living in Israel (just north of the Sea of Galilee, I hope him and his family will be safe from Hezbollah) who believes that in a hyperinflation scenario, 75 oz of silver will be sufficient to buy a house, because houses are so overvalued and silver is so undervalued.

    He also believes that gold will go to $10,000/oz, and that once the Bank of Japan loses control of their Yield Curve Control manipulation of the bond market, all hell is going to break loose. Here is a link to his channel that I’ve been a fan of for the last year or two (someone else linked to his video on the war a few days ago in a previous post of yours), I would encourage you to overlook his conspiracy theory views and just focus on his economic views:

    Or of course, if none of this particularly interests you, then just disregard this entire comment. Maybe some of the other LSWMs may find it interesting though. Cheers!!!

    • >And here’s Rafi Farber, a smart based Jew living in Israel (just north of the Sea of Galilee, I hope him and his family will be safe from Hezbollah) who believes that in a hyperinflation scenario, 75 oz of silver will be sufficient to buy a house, because houses are so overvalued and silver is so undervalued.

      You want silver for the same reason LSWMs go for cryptocurrencies: Because you think someone else will pay more for it.

      You want a house because you need a place to take drugs and jerk off without people harassing you.

      That’s the difference and that’s why none of these arguments make any sense.

      • This exchange prompted me to look at historical housing vs. gold prices and it seems that as measured in houses, gold is overpriced compared to 1970, before Nixon closed to gold window: it would have taken 738 oz to buy a house in 1970 compared to about 275 oz today. That idea of a house for 75 oz of silver is delusional.

      • You don’t believe all this massive debt will lead to a crisis? None of the problems of the previous recession were solved, it doesn’t look exactly promising.

        • Indeed it will, and global trade and banking will likely grind to a halt. Mucho misery. In the context of America in the 20th century, however, housing cost around 25-75k oz ounces of silver… nowadays, despite the ridiculous housing ramp, it’s on the cheap side (only ~20k oz), which implies that silver is overvalued compared to housing. The idea that 75 oz of silver (a 1000x of the value of silver with respect to housing) would buy a house is ludicrous.

          Now, in a hyperinflationary scenario it may be the case that 75 oz of silver in 2033 might pay off your existing mortgage (denominated in 2023 USD) but the idea that it in 2033 75 oz of silver would buy a house (both denominated in 2033 USD) ain’t happening. I guess the point is: buy as much silver and houses as you can afford on credit, and wait for the apocalypse?

          • OK I’ll admit, I may have been overly optimistic with the 75 oz figure. Another gold bug who I follow, Michael Maloney, believes 500 oz of silver will buy a median size American family home once the “wealth transfer” of the hyperinflation phase takes place, as the purchasing power of precious metals increases massively in terms of housing, stocks, bonds and fiat currency. In 1980 816 oz of silver was sufficient to buy a house. But today silver is much more scarce than back then, which is how he arrives at 500 oz:



            Egon Von Greyerz is another prominent gold bug. He believes that bonds, equities and real estate will all fall over 90% when priced in gold:


            Also check out some of the excellent books written by Jim (James) Rickards, like “Currency Wars” and “The Death Of Money”.

            Apologies Rintrah for spamming all these links on your comment section. This will be my last post on this topic. In response to your point about selling precious metals to someone else at a higher price? This financial information is available to anyone with an internet connection. Every single fiat currency in history has gone to zero when priced in gold and silver. This phenomenon goes all the way back to the time of The Romans. One of the main contributions to the collapse of the empire was currency debasement. This is simply history repeating itself. Shouldn’t those of us with the foresight to predict this happening be rewarded financially for our efforts? Like I said, this knowledge is available to anyone interested in looking. Have a good weekend y’all.

  3. Would you say that your support for abortion but categorical denouncement of baby killing is based on development–and if so what’s the metric that you used to draw the line–or that it’s to do with the mother carrying it out rather than a more external actor–and if so how would you fundamentally differentiate those–or what exactly?

    This isn’t meant as a “gotcha” by the way since I agree with you re:abortion, I just felt interested in your reasoning.

    • The whole difference is intent.

      Abortion is a medical procedure. Killing someone’s baby isn’t.

      It’s an expression of deep merciless hatred.

  4. Ever consider that maybe the reason these non aryans refuse to denounce it, is the fact that they are categorically evil?

    You tell yourself you don’t want to genocide the blackskins because you’re “mature” or whatever, but by all available evidence it’s the only logical desire in the face of a violent existential threat.

    The “crazy” people in this picture are the only ones making any sense.

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