They left the stitches in: The lab origins of SARS-COV-2

I’m a little depressed right now and you will be too, after you’ve finished reading this. Basically, to summarize it, I can use five words: They left the stitches in. That is, you can just look at the genome of SARS-COV-2 and it becomes obvious that this is a lab-born monstrosity that was being used in some experiments. I’ve written about this before, how you can see the genetic fingerprints in SARS-COV-2’s passage through mice, but if you look at this evidence, it becomes abundantly clear. Let it marinade for a bit, the realization will dawn on you that this is really happening.

And what you have to keep in mind is that these virologists who are telling you on Twitter that these are all outrageous conspiracy theories by people with a kindergarten level understanding of biology also know this. They’re not stupid, they’re just lying to you. They have a better understanding of this material than most of us, they would have figured this sort of stuff out within moments of observing the genome. In fact, as soon as they saw the Furin cleavage site, they knew what was going on. Then some shady Chinese money started coming in to fund their research and they rapidly changed their minds.

We’re talking here about an industrial accident that killed more people than Nazi Germany. A massacre that continues to this day, with excess mortality so far this year in Western Europe about 24k above last year. And the way things are currently going, it’s abundantly clear that there is never going to be any accountability whatsoever. Nobody will go to jail over this. They just declare the excess mortality “unexplained” and we’re all supposed to move on with our lives and ignore what’s happening, even as this virus damages your brain, gives you Alzheimer’s disease and causes young people to drop dead from strokes.

In fact, for the people who gave birth to this virus, a small international network of people in one scientific discipline who all happen to know each other, the whole thing worked out just fine: Their research immediately became more relevant and prestigious, the grant money will keep coming in and there will be an influx of young Phd’s who will want to work in their field for slave labor wages.

The strangest thing of course remains how the deaths didn’t start happening until march or so, once the whole lockdown experiment began, yet the virus had started circulating months earlier. It’s almost as if Mother Nature just stopped letting us shield under her umbrella once these people decided that they were going to lie to us: They were going to lock us all up in our homes without telling us why.

The world’s most punchable face

On Jan. 31, 2020, Kristian G. Andersen wrote to Fauci that this virus looked engineered and that following discussions with his team they “all find the genome inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory”. By March 17th, he had published a paper in Nature Medicine debunking the “conspiracy theories” about a lab leak. Once the Washington Post got access to these emails he deleted his Twitter account, but now that others have pointed out that these people left the stitches in their virus, Andersen is out there insisting they’re guilty of kindergarten level biology.

Why is Andersen so eager to debunk these “conspiracy theories”? Maybe he has purely selfless motives, or maybe it’s because he spends his days looking at how Ebola viruses adapt to infect human cells. Take a look with me at what Andersen does:

The researchers found that the version of Ebola virus carrying the mutation, called GP-A82V, emerged early in the epidemic before Ebola virus cases began increasing exponentially. Overall, they estimate that the GP-A82V version of Ebola virus caused about 90 percent of infections in the recent outbreak.

Next, the scientists tested GP-A82V’s reaction to many types of animal cells and found that the mutation specifically helps the virus infect primate cells.

The researchers believe the size of the outbreak made detecting this kind of mutation more likely. Scientists suspect that Ebola normally lives in bats—but with more human hosts, the virus had more opportunities to adapt to humans.

And according to Andersen this research is very important, because reasons:

Andersen emphasized that the GP-A82V form of Ebola virus is most likely no longer a threat. “It’s important to understand that once the outbreak is over, this particular virus will likely disappear,” Andersen said. Instead, the findings are important because they answer the question of whether Ebola virus can gain mutations during outbreaks that can potentially change the function of viral proteins.

Andersen and Grubaugh also see this study as an example of how genome sequencing can help researchers respond more quickly to epidemics and tailor therapies to the specific strain of a virus active in an outbreak. “This sort of work can affect decision making,” said Andersen.

Take a good look at that: “they answer the question of whether Ebola virus can gain mutations during outbreaks that can potentially change the function of viral proteins“. Hey, I could have given you the answer to that question: Yes. It’s a virus. It can mutate and the mutations can change the function of its proteins. You don’t need to be very smart to figure this one out. How did humanity benefit from this guy taking this virus and infecting animal cells with it?

It would be easier for me to deal with this stuff, if these people were just evil geniuses trying to kill us all. They’re not. They’re just petty simple-minded careerists, their main goal in life is to get a paper published in some prestigious publication so they can then impress their peers whom they meet at the international conferences they fly to. They’ll announce at the conference that these viruses could become really threatening when the world warms up due to climate change and so their research is really important, before they fly back home and get ready for another day of tinkering with these viruses in labs.

And when things go wrong, when the bimbo Phd student they hired to “increase gender diversity” knocks over a Petri dish with her double DD’s that shatters on the floor and gets infected with a mystery Frankenstein bug that starts spreading two days later at the doctor’s office where she went for her strange cough, they’ll just once again deny that they had anything to do with it all.

And they’ll get away with it. They’ll call you a racist conspiracy theorist when you point out on Twitter that Ebola 2.0 looks rather weird. Then you’ll get banned off Twitter and your commentariat will consist of five angry guys from West Virginia with profile photos of themselves sitting in their cars while wearing sunglasses who insist on your Substack that Ebola 2.0 is a fake virus that doesn’t even really exist.

That’s why I’m depressed.


  1. I understand Andersen succumbing to pressure to get with the phony program back in 2020; cowardice is normal. It’s more surprising to me that he’s speaking out on this now, sua sponte, as it seems. He’s like Renfield to Fauci’s Dracula.

  2. To what extent do you consider that the excess mortality in the West is driven by the virus itself versus ‘side effects’ of those novel pharmaceutical concoctions our governments have been so keen to bang into all of us over the last 18 months?

  3. Scientific hypotheses live and die on the scale of predicting power.
    2 competing hypotheses
    1-Its all greed stupidity and fuck ups
    2-Its all planned, including the greed, stupidity and fuckups that cover up the planning

    There is very close to *nothing* that has occurred that wasn’t predicted and expected, by me and the many scientifically literature conspiracy researchers who support option 2, who have seen the black and white leaked plans in their various forms, plans for bioweapon release, then rollout of forced/encouraged “vaccine” GMO control/sterilisation/slow kill off of the “useless eaters”, and simultaneous rollouts of biometric unified totalitarian technocrat control grid ID systems etc, plans going back decades, and for those of us who watched them seemingly engineer Sars1 (racial targeting test), swine flu and bird flu (cytokine storm younger demographic targeting test, and high infectivity feature test respectively…or do I have the order reversed, it’s been a while).
    The fact that 100% successfull early treatment protocols, plural, promoted by (formerly) highly respected doctors and experts were crushed by a combined medical, scientific, political and media machine, all working in lockstep worldwide, was not at all surprising, entirely expected.
    The fact that evidence of lab creation was quashed vigorously was expected.

    The fact that every time solid info started to show up, proving nefarious and or negligent acts, on a biblical scale, “alternative theory” psyops like the “covid never isolated” and “viruses don’t exist” started being heavily pushed to distract and divide “truth” movements was zero surprise to those of us very used to such operations having watched them divide viral 9/11 and pizzagate investigations with distracting partially true partial nonsense every time they gained a foothold.

    On the other hand, the idea that it is all just greed without some overarching control system is seemingly impossible to defend. How does the world’s entire media get put on the same page within, often, minutes, even using the same keywords? How can you pretend there isn’t an extremely effective control system in place given how few people, in the media, or through the media, are able to speak out about blatantly obvious and deadly bullshit, and how quickly those who manage to say anything at all are crushed, even when their credentials should leave them near immune to anything but solid scientific criticism, eg Dr Malone, who invented mRNA transfection, getting called a quack for criticising this particular usage of his own technology, or the ex head of allergy science at Pfizer, ie THE person to know about vaccine autoimmune reactions, getting destroyed for pointing out that covid spike protein antibodies are cross reactive with syncetin-1 therefore extremely likely to produce widespread autoimmune infertility among other serious side effects (as they have).

    How do you explain things like the prion forming regions in the wild alpha spike, and usage of non human codons (is that the right term? Not my field) in the vaccine RNA known to be linked to such things, as accidental?

    What about the leaked plans, eg in Canada, for lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine pushes etc, which came out months to a year or more before the full plans were completed or attempted, and were not a surprise to me or anyone else in the know even back when they leaked, as we had seen the earlier plans years before?

    How do you explain entire medical industries, plural, across the world, full of many superficially caring people, being silenced so effectively and with such homogeneous coordination, such that the MANY doctors nurses and medical professionals with inside knowledge of just how bad these vaccines would be, (based on previous attempts at gene therapies, Corona virus family inoculation, and the known toxicity of the spike they were designed to fill us with) or, later, are( based on seeing the insanely high injury and death rates), and of the many far superior alternatives, were able to have their professional and personal integrity, and compassion for others crushed so that they would remain silent despite knowing so many lives were being lost?

    It is all perfectly explainable and expected under option 2, but each separate aspect, and many more, are so incredibly hard to explain even in isolation under option 1.

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