They made everything meaningless

Bicycle chaos in Utrecht in 1952

America is having difficulty finding people willing to join the army. The Netherlands has long had this problem. Polls show that 15% of Dutch people would be willing to defend our country if it was invaded. And why wouldn’t we? Because it’s not “our” country. Because any definition of “us” people care for, is considered racist.

The Irish spent centuries fighting for independence from the British empire. But now that their island is independent, their government has settled on ethnic replacement through migration as its policy. And “Irish lives matter” is treated as hate speech. So, for what purpose did they ever seek independence? It is now completely meaningless. There won’t be such a thing as “the Irish” in a few decades.

For what purpose did the Belgians fight a war of independence against my country? Men died in ditches, men blew themselves up to take the enemy with them. Men gave their lives, they died prematurely, as eighteen or nineteen year old boys. But the countries they gave their lives for no longer have a border dividing them. And the people who once lived there are dying out, replaced by people from Africa. So what did you die for?

There’s no collective identity left. Every European country is now just a mixture of everything. A handful of Africans from former colonies, a bunch of North African Muslims, asylum seekers from whatever country is the biggest dysfunctional mess at the moment, a couple of Eastern Europeans showing up to do blue color labor and then some indigenous ethnic groups that are dying out.

Note that there isn’t really such a thing as “collective success” anymore, as there is also no “collective reward” for such success. The British were collectively good at exploring foreign lands, their reward was that they could colonize New Zealand and Australia. They could spread their ethnic group to new lands.

Today, there isn’t really a reward for collective success. Rather, there is a reward for collective failure. If your country is a dysfunctional mess, like Somalia is, it will remain 100% ethnically homogeneous, but you’ll be able to send immigrants to Europe. Gaza is a dysfunctional mess, Israeli politicians are calling for the Gazans to be moved to Europe. The reward for a failed state, is the opportunity to colonize Europe.

Colonize Europe? Well yes. Because the people who show up here send money back home to their family in the form of remittances. They push for favorable foreign policy for their own nation. And Turks born in Europe are still eligible for military conscription, unless they pay the Turkish government not to be conscripted.

The Eritrean government forces Eritreans in the Netherlands, who came here as asylum seekers, to pay 2% of their salary to their government. This government uses this money to then fund terrorist groups like Al Shabaab. All of this is wealth bleeding out of Europe, ending up in other countries. If this is not colonization, then what is?

There is this common myth that Europe was a backwater part of the globe when it began to colonize the rest of the world. But this is simply not true. It is a consequence of another myth, the idea of the middle ages being an era of regression and stagnation. In reality, the middle ages were more akin to an era of recovery from the collapse that happened during the dark ages.

The colonization of the Americas happened in a context of overall cultural advancement in Europe. But today, failure is rewarded and success is punished. My government’s prime minister isn’t going to announce to me: “You all worked really hard, our GDP went up by 4%, so now we will boost military spending by 12%, in anticipation of a war to colonize Senegal.” No, if I were to work really hard, my government would increase the speed at which it gives my country away to other ethnic groups. So why work very hard?

So what happens is that nobody wants to contribute to a collective project anymore either. The Dutch government is now unable to put people in prison, because it doesn’t have enough prison guards. People just refuse to sign up for the job. It’s not a very prestigious job, it doesn’t pay extremely well, so it just doesn’t get done. Why guard a prison, if you can earn a living as a Twitch streamer?

The construction companies are also unable to find construction workers. Young men grow up taught that this is manual labor and thus undignified, compared to the dignity of a woman who went to college and became a journo. The houses that you build, won’t go to people from your own ethnic group, they will go to people who move into our country from the most dysfunctional third world countries. So why build houses?

Understand this: The speed at which my country is given away to other ethnic groups, is limited by the ability to build houses for them. Consider how gobsmackingly insane this is. My country would be New Eritrea, if only they could build enough houses for the Eritreans. In fifty years they have turned ethnically Dutch newborns into an ethnic minority in their own homeland. And now they’re struggling to accelerate that demographic transformation, because they’re struggling to find physical space to build houses for more immigrants.

And keep in mind, you don’t have to be some weird autist worried about the share of Muslims by 2150 in your country to notice this problem. A 90IQ blond kid living in Paris can also figure this out. You can just notice that your country is replacing you, you can notice that you’re taught to be ashamed of your ancestors conquering third world hellholes instead of proud of it, you can notice LSWMs get longer prison sentences for “hate speech” than immigrants do for rape.

You can notice that you’re expected to sweep the street, fix a car or build a house for a living, while other people can earn a living in your universities and in the media, simply by complaining about how terrible it is to suffer under oppression as an ugly fat gay brown woman from guys like you.

All of this is just profoundly demoralizing to young men. Some men work because they have material desires they wish to fulfill, others work because they have the desire to work on some collective project that benefits his tribe. But the latter motive is now dead, so the only motive left is for material goals. You’re now supposed to be willing to sign up for back-breaking labor because you’re supposed to want to ride around in a shiny metal box.

If you want your country to succeed at something, you generally don’t want your whole population of young men to be motivated to work by their material desires. That doesn’t get you the moon landing. It gets you Enron.

There could have been NATO troops encircling the Kremlin right now, if NATO was able to offer young European men a simple message: “This Mongoloid cretin Putin with his rapist mongrel horde is invading Europe and violating blonde woman.” They can’t say that, because that would be “racist”.

Instead they have to come up with some story about how Ukraine is a democratic bastion of human rights that had its territorial sovereignty violated, none of which is going to mean anything to the meatheads you would normally want to be sending into the meatgrinder right now. Men don’t join the army because they’re bleeding heart humanitarians.

Young men don’t go into the trenches for “democracy” or “LGBTQI+ rights”. In Israel, men know why they’re risking their lives in Gaza: For a homeland for Jews. They know their government wants them to reproduce, they know their government wants to make sure there are still Jews living in Israel a hundred years from now.

The collective societal narrative also just reflects that attitude. They make sure to retrieve your sperm from your body when you die in battle, so you can produce more Jews even after you’re dead. Separate from the concrete reality, think for a moment about the psychological message that sends to the young men they’re sending off to Gaza. This is a culture that nourishes the ego of its men. Ours takes every effort to injure it.

So in Israel, when your back starts to hurt from carrying bricks all day, you think to yourself: “Well that young Jewish couple that just got married has to live somewhere.” When you’re under sniper fire in Gaza, you think to yourself: “We have to find little Shlomo with his red locks of hair.” When you’re rubbing the shit stains out of the toilet at an elementary school, you think to yourself: “When we had the Gazans do this for us, they used it to gather intelligence for Hamas.”

So you’re motivated. And I know I’m supposed to hate Jews if I want to fit in with the LSWMs, but you live in a society where the heads of Ivy League universities will testify that calls for genocide against Jews don’t violate the code of conduct, as it “depends on the context”. Here’s a hint: They’re currently beta testing the cultural climate against Jews that they’ll deploy against the rest of you morons.

I have just one single problem with Jews: The problem with Jews is that they’re horribly naive and optimistic. This is not an unforgivable flaw, I wish them well. The unforgiveable flaw, is the one the Gazans chose: Cruelty.

The Jews who were killed in the desert near Gaza were left wing peace-seeking Jews. They had a “peace project” where the grandmothers made photos of their town, those photos were then used by Hamas to quickly move in and torture and kill the Jews.

Jews don’t try to destroy the society they live in. They just desperately try to get along with the people around them. That’s what happens, when you’re the survivors of people who were constantly being murdered in pogroms.

Jews, especially Jewish women, take feminine tend and befriend behavior to its natural extremes. If you don’t believe me, consider how Jews in Germany responded to Hitler’s antisemitism: They agreed with him. The more unforgivable Nazi policy towards Jews became, the more desperately Jews tried to prove their loyalty.

Israel is not perfect, people complain about their government, officials are corrupt and incompetent, but they know that the collective project they’re participating in is aimed at achieving one thing: “What’s going to ensure that this place will remain a homeland for Jews for generations to come?” That’s a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

In the Netherlands, that doesn’t exist. There’s no collective struggle that people are aiming to address. The Netherlands is not a country for Reformed Protestants. It’s not a country for people who speak Dutch. It’s not a country for good-looking tall white men with big dicks and big brains, those people are supposed to be ok with being replaced by bad-looking short brown men with small dicks and small brains.

It’s an entity that has no goals to strife towards, no prestige projects it pursues, no national ambitions. In the words of the Dutch queen, an immigrant from Argentina, the Dutchman does not exist.

The loyalty that is so intuitive and natural for people, that is, the loyalty towards the ones who are similar to them, is now taboo. Someone invented a word for it, “racism”, that word was plastered everywhere and in doing so, they robbed millions of young men of their only motive to do anything.

Why does a Ukrainian die in a ditch? For racism. If all humans were equal to him, if he cared as much about George Floyd as he does about the local babushka’s, why would he go off to war? Why did Dutch troops set foot on Papua? For racism. Why did we build a sewer system in the 19th century? For racism. Why does a Jew invade Gaza? For racism. We do things, to help people who are similar to us, because we recognize something of ourselves that we value in them.

And of course, this natural human instinct is now nominally replaced by some sort of vague concern for all of humanity that everyone proclaims to feel. But I can’t help but think that I’m not alone, in just genuinely not caring about most of humanity.

If a young boy from Israel is kidnapped, held underground for days, released in a hostage deal and Palestinian civilians feel the need to terrify him for the last few moments by banging on the car and yelling abuse, I think to myself “fuck the Palestinians, I hope Israel pours some napalm on them”.

If the Somalis in Europe take their own daughters back to Somalia on a regular basis to mutilate their genitals with broken glass and sew the whole thing back up, I think to myself: “I can’t wait for a tsunami to swallow that whole place.”

If I see a fat moronic spoiled American boomer proclaim that the only proper way to eat is to get 80% of your calories from fat by spending your whole day eating ice cream, I think to myself: “I can’t wait for that moron to drop dead from a heart attack.”

It’s normal to have just no sympathy for most of humanity. This is just normal, it’s how psychologically healthy self-confident human beings function. The Japanese don’t pretend to lie awake about what happens in the Gaza strip or in Aleppo or some other hellhole. What’s weird is how the rest of you pretend that you somehow have some sympathy for all these random people who live all around the globe, or happen to show up in your country because the shithole they left has descended into civil war again.

And I would have some more faith in these vague universalist humanitarian notions, how you insist you care as much about deShawn in Detroit as you do about Billy-Bob in West Virginia and Meredith in Boston, if you extended this overflowing fountain of empathy you were somehow miraculously endowed with towards non-humans.

But I don’t see anyone protesting about pigs being sent to the gas chamber after spending their whole lives in mutilated bodies in dark cages. So why should I believe that you genuinely sincerely care about some felon high on fentanyl dying with a knee to his throat? You don’t. You’re just afraid and you’re just trying to fit into the social norms of your cultural context.

You’re displaying tend and befriend behavior, to people you feel intimidated by. People who have entire neighborhoods to themselves, where real estate is cheap and oftentimes unoccupied and falling apart, because you know you’re going to get murdered if you were to live there. There’s an entire city named Detroit, once a bastion of the American economy, where you can buy a house for a hundred dollars. But nobody does, because the locals will murder you.

What our governments are unable to do, is give us some reason worth getting up out of bed for in the morning. And ironically, that’s the rate-limiting problem for the goal they are pursuing, which is to turn our nations into giant battered-woman shelters for the third world. This only stops, when people no longer see their country as their own. It only stops, now that people see no reason to keep participating in the collective project. It didn’t have to be like this.


  1. The driving force behind all motivation today is money and success and if one succeeds in achieving this the motivation is to make even more money and obtain further success. This is instilled in young people as early as possible. Those who do not succeed or do not want to participate must be frozen out and assured of as miserable and meaningless an existence as possible. If you succeed, the reward if you have any humanity left within you is a sense of futility and emptiness. Only bad people can thrive in this environment.

  2. “So you’re motivated. And I know I’m supposed to hate Jews if I want to fit in with the LSWMs, but you live in a society where the heads of Ivy League universities will testify that calls for genocide against Jews don’t violate the code of conduct, as it “depends on the context”. Here’s a hint: They’re currently beta testing the cultural climate against Jews that they’ll deploy against the rest of you morons.”

    In 1985 Harvard a completely unqualified Jew for the sole purpose of advocating genocide against Aryans. As far as I’m aware, it wasn’t remotely controversial even at that time.

    • That guy hated Jews more than he hated white people. Just pathological self-hatred, nothing remarkable about it.

      If you could find me a Noel Ignatiev who preached the abolition of the white race, yet endorsed a Jewish ethnostate, that would be a counterargument.

  3. “Jews, especially Jewish women, take feminine tend and befriend behavior to its natural extremes.”

    Yeah, and that’s why most of them are left wingers, same as whites with that sort of mentality; and why most LSWMs are at-least ambivalent towards them. There’s something respectable about the zionists that fight and die for their homeland compared to the western jews that stand with the dumb blonde women holding up “refugees welcome” signs. If jews were all zionists who dealt with us in good faith I’d have zero problems with them.

    Honestly though, despite contributing to the discussion I’m sick and tired of everyone sperging about the jews 24/7. I really don’t see what’s everyone’s fascination with them, it’s hard to comprehend. Even when I was in my wignat phase I still really didn’t give a shit. I really don’t see them as being all that exceptional or unique. I find the idea of jews being God’s chosen just as absurd as the idea that they’re literal demons responsible for all the ills in the world.

    • >I really don’t see them as being all that exceptional or unique.

      Ironically, this is probably the only thing you can say to Jews that will genuinely upset them.

      >There’s something respectable about the zionists that fight and die for their homeland compared to the western jews that stand with the dumb blonde women holding up “refugees welcome” signs. If jews were all zionists who dealt with us in good faith I’d have zero problems with them.

      Most of the time when people think they hate Jews, what they genuinely hate are secular cosmopolitan urban academics.

      Which is an entirely justified hatred. I just wish they’d stop calling it “Jews”.

    • I agree with this. I have known a few IRL, and they seemed smart (in an academic way) and somewhat spergy. Not warriors, and also not master manipulators: more like the kind of people who excel at academic/managerial positions, fitting their adaption to that niche. The most annoying about them was that they were somewhat pushy, kinda like the Chinese can be. I suppose that helps out in negotiations and business in general. Overall, they did not strike me as very impressive. I came away thinking of them as another group of left-wing urban liberals, not feeling burning hatred or suspicion.
      (Note that this only applies to the Ashkenazi, there are other groups of Jews scattered throughout the Middle East and Mediterranean, but they mostly adapted to the local populations and do not stand out. The M-E/Med ones were pretty hot, too, ngl.)

  4. >Ironically, this is probably the only thing you can say to Jews that will genuinely upset them.

    Lmao I’ll keep that in mind. the only jew I’ve ever known irl was this vapid Stacy in middle school, so for her I imagine the insult would sting even deeper.

    >Which is an entirely justified hatred. I just wish they’d stop calling it “Jews”.

    Fair point, and I don’t disagree. You can see that the academic types who are of jewish descent often hate Israel and Zionism same as those of European descent; so pretending like they’re of the same faction is silly in my eyes (Though that isn’t 100% the case, there’s exceptions to everything. It is the case often enough to show that jews in-fight same as us, they’re not special)

    Calling said cosmopolitan types “jews” does make it easy to separate yourself from them though. “Secular cosmopolitan urban academic” Sounds like a job description, while “jew” sounds like an alien tribesman. It makes sense for our monkey brains to want to see our enemies as these racial aliens plotting our demise; rather than a bunch of naive mystery meat academics who barely comprehend what they’re doing. The alien tribe intuitively makes more sense.

    If you ever hang out in dumber wignat circles they tend to just blindly call anyone they don’t like a jew. I’ve seen it done to you, and also people like Bronze Age Pervert, evidence is never necessary. It seems to me like wignats care more about separating themselves from the out-group than actually caring if someone is really of jewish ancestry or not; or how said ancestry actually contributes to how a person sees the world. It’s understandable but it’s not the right mentality to have.

  5. Thanks for raising awareness of the plight of us Irish. Yes, we have the same problem as the Dutch. Massive housing shortage with immigrants often being given priority over the natives whenever new accommodation becomes available. Our leaders are all WEF “Young Global Leaders” who are drafting in authoritarian “hate speech” laws against people like Conor McGregor.

    Buses of fighting age Muslim men are brought to hotels in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night. The locals in these rural towns are now taking matters into their own hands by patrolling checkpoints on the roads leading into their villages to prevent further buses from arriving.

    Last year in the north west of Ireland a Muslim immigrant tied up and stabbed to death two local men he met on a gay dating app. One of the men was decapitated, a third survived with life changing injuries. Also last year a 23 year old school teacher named Aisling Murphy was stabbed to death by a Slovakian immigrant while she was jogging along a canal. And then last month an Algerian stabbed children and women in Dublin city.

    So the Irish certainly have reasons to be angry, as evidenced by last month’s riots. And here’s a video of Aisling Murphy’s killer being brought into the courthouse, surrounded by infuriated locals seething with anger. I can’t remember another murder case here that attracted so much hatred and disgust towards the killer. If the police weren’t there to protect that sub-human he would’ve been torn apart and lynched on the spot:

  6. “In Israel, men know why they’re risking their lives in Gaza: For a homeland for Jews. They know their government wants them to reproduce, they know their government wants to make sure there are still Jews living in Israel a hundred years from now.”

    … unless there’s a “novel” respiratory virus. Then all that goes out the window: fill everybody up with this “vaccine” some Germans invented, and treat dissenters like subhuman garbage.

    And Japan: they know they’re a special race, and will stubbornly resist open borders. Now onto the multiple Pfizer shots and destroying the all-too-few children with perpetual masking and “silent lunches” at school.

    In Ukraine, regular Ivans and Viktors are slaughtering each other by the thousands so that when peace comes, and the government declares the next vax mandate or a CBDC, the flag flying in front of city hall in Kharkov or Mariupol is blue/yellow or white/blue/red.

    I don’t believe events are controlled by space lizards because there’s no way such creatures exist. But in every other way, it’s a better explanation of what’s going on than the respectable ones.

  7. I would say to you: please leave this country, they do not deserve you. At least leave that shithole called Rotterdam. Take your laptop with you, you can find an online job in a NewYork minute. Buy a piece of land in Romania, beautiful wonen there too. Traditional wonen, not the spoiled uni chicks. When your country says: we no longer need you, which they do. Fuck them. Too bad but leave it to the eritreans to run this country. It will soon be destroyed, but you won’t be, you take care of yourself, you have so much to offer. You already proved that.

  8. Importing hordes of third-world peasants allows sleazy landlords and employers to get away with murder, under the pretext of “helping them”. All kinds of work (from agriculture to construction to food service) where they only employ Hispanics, because they’re much cheaper compared to Americans, and can be driven relentlessly like slaves– no regulation, since they’re undocumented. This keeps all kinds of shitty businesses alive and thriving, while sinking the American working class. Meanwhile all of these new people artificially drive up the prices of apartment buildings and houses.
    This also feeds the college bubble because you suddenly have a bunch of parents whose kids can’t work those working-class jobs, so higher ed it is. Of course, they get absolutely nothing out of college since a degree itself is pretty worthless.

  9. Ironically these ugly brown people colonizing our countries hate us and our way of life. I’ve seen this shift in the immigrants moving into my part of California. They drive around with Mexican flags on their trucks blasting that shitty music they listen to. They cuss at us in Spanish and have turned nice parts of town into the nasty part of town. I guess the people pushing these policies live in gated communities in the nice part of town and are insulted from the reality of these people.

  10. Portugal is about tied with the Netherlands in willingness to defend the country.

    Even the shitlib redditor community is disturbed that despite the housing, healthcare and labor crisis, the main government policy is all about expressly taking care of and importing cheap foreigners and rich expats.

    Recently the Portuguese gov announced excepctional benefits for Brazilian medical doctors to work in Portugal.
    The Portuguese doctor’s unions protested that those conditions were so much better than what Portuguese doctors get.
    A few days later this program became a joke among doctors telegram/whatsapp channels in Brazil because the conditions were actually garbage and Brazilian doctors were making WAY more money, working fewer hours and paying significantly lower taxes in Brazil.

    I can’t imagine the humilliation.

    Currently we’re losing nearly 40% of polythecnic graduates to the EU as soon as they graduate. The ones that are staying mainly list weather and friends as the reason.

    Yet they all know there’s no nation for Portuguese people anymore and there’s no reason to fight for Portugal’s ambitions to become a luxury resort for the world’s rich expats/tourists serviced by cheap illiterate third worlders while being called racists.

  11. This is a great piece Radagast, it really hits the feelz. You’ve very eloquently explained so much of the malaise I feel working in Big Tech. What exactly is there to drive to me to excellence? Is it the desire to have a “management” position (evil as it’s evil to desire power over others). In my country years ago the idea was to help develop great companies and put us on the map as contenders globally. But now I share office space with a large number of international cogs, easily replaced with another one from Hyderabad. I’m not too driven by material possessions and can’t really stand to be around those that are. I always aimed for something higher a level of excellence. But that is simply not really possible in the current environment. A group of men who band together to take on the world.

    Instead we live in a HR/PC horror. I envy the Chinese even the Indians, they are building something for themselves and something they can be proud of.

    I share a secret admiration for the Jewish state, I wish my country was organised along similar lines. I’ve always said this but I hate the hypocrisy around it, how come the Israelis can explicitly claim to want to presever their native people in a position of power and not idiotically replace themselves. How come they can take the necessary measures to remove their enemies? It’s infuriating. I keep my admiration of Israel to myself however as they genocide and cleanse their lands. It is simply incredible that everyone is out there defending them. In Ireland our prime mister even stated “Where would you prefer to live in Israel or with Hamas” as justification for his support. It’s simply incredible.

    This essay should get a wider audience as it’s so good, maybe send it to

  12. It boils down to the elite class wanting to live in a massive plantation, where a narrow group of elite technocrats and managers are taken care of by hordes of servants. This is what “global growth” boils down to, imo– feeding the third world by reducing living standards in first world countries. If you don’t make it into the ranks of the elite (anybody lower than the upper-middle) well, here’s some free alcohol or porn, and just quietly entertain yourself out of existence.

    Populism means capping the growth of the third world, and getting rid of all these useless managers. Third world countries do not have the right mixture of IQ and personality to practice stewardship over anything, and encouraging global growth would lead to global serfdom, dangerous diseases, famines, etc By checking them, we could actually go back to decent living standards AND see the environment recover from this rape.

  13. (I know this wasn’t your main point, but:
    Russians are not Mongols. They are Uralic (like the Finns) with Balto-Slavic and Nordic mixture.)
    Currently, USA = metropolis. EU = colony.
    If you want the EU to be independent, you have to dismiss not only the “woke” madness, but everything the metropolis imposes on the colony (e.g. “gender studies” are also imported from the metropolis).
    (The war in Ukraine was imposed by the metropolis on the colony.
    The Dutch rejected the accession of Ukraine to the EU (through referendum a few years ago), obviously because they didn’t want more of what the host describes: cheap but efficient labour force from Eastern Europe. The war in Ukraine points to the perennial importance of the area between the Baltic and the Black Sea, and the rivers flowing there. It is a revival of WW1 and WW2. Also, of the Crimean War. And of the centuries-long power struggle between W-E, which also took a religious colour, early on (at least since the 14th century: Roman Catholics vs Orthodox. Uniate churches (aka Byzantine or Greek Catholics) are a by-product of that struggle. There must be millions of people involved in these things…))
    ANYWAY! I just wanted to say that it’s VERY COMPLICATED.
    AND that it’s clear from certain moves that the USA are deeply involved in the conflict.

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