They’re not working for you

I think it’s easy to underestimate how bearable life actually is, for people who believe in the bullshit they tell each other. Consider for example the simple phenomenon of the office job.┬áIf you held a lottery for every office worker and half of them would be paid to stay at home and do nothing, nothing would change. Society would continue to function as before.

You know this, I know this, but most people somehow don’t know this. If you have an office job and happen to be keenly aware of how useless the work you engage in really is, then it becomes a miserable existence. It’s only bearable if you think it serves a purpose: Then you just drink a lot of coffee and imagine yourself to be “busy”.

Similarly, a “lockdown” is perfectly bearable for most people, if they think it serves a purpose. At this point I’m halfway split between thinking we’re all overlooking something, or the epidemiologists who convinced governments to panic are really as utterly incompetent as they currently appear to be. It’s a hard sell to me that a Paul Joseph Watson or Alex Berenson normiecon journalist can make a better assessment of a situation like this within days than the people who have spent decades studying this stuff, but that increasingly seems to be the case, as the days pass and literally nothing seems to happen.

But as the days pass and the apocalypse we were promised increasingly seems to be sorely lacking, there are two options worth considering: Either these people are really incompetent, or they’re not working for you and me. This is of course a question as old as government itself. It has always been a combination of the two problems, as Joe Schmuck you’re left wondering on a daily basis whether you’re being scammed or simply forced to submit to the will of idiots.

Imagine you’re a Chinese peasant. Mao Zedong tells you to kill all the sparrows, you kill all the sparrows and subsequently your family dies of hunger as the grasshoppers multiply and eat all the grain. It could be that Mao Zedong was working for the 13 Illuminati bloodlines and trying to depopulate the Chinese countryside to help bring the goals described on the Georgia guidestones into fruition.

On the other hand, it could also be that Mao Zedong was an idiot who was confident and socially competent despite not being very intelligent and thus ended up ruling China with an iron fist despite having no talents that would turn his leadership into anything more than a burden on the general population.

These are those among us who are “woke”, who are either really ignorant, or cynical and eager to climb the ranks by parroting absurd platitudes. On the other hand, there are the rest of us, who are eager to have a semblance of a normal life and increasingly noticing that nothing really seems to be functioning anymore. It leaves us with the burning question: Are these people evil or just insane?

And so when you see this message on the website of the White House:

You find yourself wondering: “What’s going on here?”

Do these people just hate us, or are they somehow genuinely under the impression that this is going to change anyone’s mind? Is anyone going to look at this and think “oh boy, a winter of severe illness and death, I’d better hurry up and get vaccinated while I still can!”

I’ve tried placing myself in their position and wondering how they could arrive at a message like this and I find it very hard to come up with an explanation other than “they hate us and actively wish for our deaths”. If my government had tried to force me to do something I don’t want, failed at forcing me to do it and now felt so humiliated by their inability to violate my will that they wanted me to die, this is the sort of message I’d expect to see. I can’t think of another explanation.

Imagine this message was written from a position of genuine concern. They genuinely live in cloud cuckoo land and think that we refuse their vaccine because we’re braindead morons, rather than seeing people develop blood clots and myocarditis left and right and witnessing athletes dropping like flies on TV. What sort of message would you expect?

“It’s urgent that you get vaccinated while there is still time. These vaccines have been thoroughly tested and millions of Americans have gone before you. The vaccines have saved hundreds of thousands of lives and may make the difference for you and your family too.”

And now imagine they were a little more intelligent than they seem to be. You might expect something like:

“It’s important for everyone, vaccinated or unvaccinated, to make sure that you continue to eat healthy nutrition and live an active lifestyle. In particular, it has been observed that vitamin D deficient people are at severely increased risk of suffering severe disease.

Even if you do make the decision of not getting vaccinated, please do not feel ashamed or prohibited from seeking medical attention if you find yourself suffering symptoms. When people wait too long with seeking medical attention, it becomes harder for doctors to help you recover.”

And that’s just the messaging. It seems pretty clear that a large section of the American public is not very enthusiastic about the prospect of having genetically manipulated Chimpanzee viruses or mRNA injected into their arms. So again, imagine you’re a government that cares about the public and wants to prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths. What do you do?

Well, you might look at how China and India have distributed inactivated vaccines based off the whole virus to hundreds of millions of people worldwide and you would try to get this stuff available to your own public too. It can’t be that hard to do this, but they’re not doing this. Either they don’t care, or they think these vaccines don’t work. If they think these vaccines don’t work, they should be saying so out loud, as it means hundreds of millions of people are under the mistaken impression of being protected.

It should have been pretty obvious by autumn or so that the unvaccinated people were not going to change their minds. So the straightforward solution would have been to see if you can offer them an alternative that they do trust: “We see you don’t want the mRNA thingy, so here we have a traditional vaccine like the flu shot.”

Instead they tried threatening you with losing your job, they failed because too many people refused to blink and now they just seem really eager to watch you die, to the degree that they can’t even conceal it anymore.

You have to keep in mind that a government that threatens you with economic destitution for refusing a new medical procedure is not your friend. A vaccine mandate means saying “we’re quite happy to make you lose your house, your career, your colleagues, your ability to retire and overall just ruin your life, if you refuse to agree to a medical procedure that we think you should receive”. A government that attempts to get away with such a thing reveals itself to be directly hostile towards your interests. But now with the message they posted, they went a step further.

It’s easy to want people to die if you’re a basement-dwelling NEET. If you’re an elected government official, you had a massive honor bestowed upon you and so the normal human response is to try to live up to that honor, to make it clear on a continual basis that you’re trying to serve the people to the best of your ability. Yet when you see this sort of messaging from the White House, it’s clear that these people don’t feel like public servants. They feel like aristocrats who are dealing with unruly peasants.

That’s the important thing to understand. These people don’t feel as if they have any sort of obligation towards you. You’re there to be managed and put in your place. Insofar as they feel any real obligation whatsoever to anything beyond their own ego’s, they feel a desire to fit in with their own clique of interdimensional shape-shifting reptiles that feed on the blood of infants.

That’s worth keeping in mind. They look powerful to you, but as individuals they have no real power. The clique has power and the clique ends up arriving at a certain consensus. If any individual lizards through some sort of bug in their brain-chips ended up diverging from the consensus, their time in the clique is over and they return to their human form. The individual has no power, the individual merely serves as an instrument that enacts the collective will of the clique.

In the Netherlands it’s not very different from the United States. Here’s a letter released yesterday, after a request from another elected official:

Those are some pretty big words I would say. She is attending a meeting to “shape the future of the global trading system” on behalf of my country. And yet, how do I find out about this, as an eligible voter? Through the media? No, I only hear about it because some other politician made a request to release any documents from the WEF. Take a look at this letter and ask yourself: Who do these people really serve? It’s pretty obvious that they serve each other.

If you dance to the tunes of these closed door discussion groups where consensus is shaped then you’re rewarded with power. If on the other hand, you attempt to represent the people who elected you and take care of their interests, you end up as a fringe nobody.

Whenever you hear your politicians talk about this “crisis”, then you tend to hear the same speeches, the same vague terms (ie build back better), regardless of the country you’re dealing with. You even see the same strange policies being implemented, like Germany and Austria which are now both facing mandatory vaccination after February of next year.

And yet, what you never really get, is transparency. You get no explanation how long this is going to last, what this “great reset” is going to entail or why we need to be forcibly vaccinated with vaccines that don’t stop transmission (even if we’ve already had the virus). You get no real critical reflection either, no explanation why Sweden hasn’t turned into a bloody pile of ashes yet. We receive no explanation either why we had to spend the entirety of 2020 avoiding infection with a virus, whereas it’s now apparently just fine to be infected with this same virus despite having received vaccines against it that were supposed to protect us.

The lizard man metaphor works well, because to anyone who pays attention it feels like the entire Western world has been gradually taken over by a cabal of people who really just hate us and wish to make our lives miserable. At this point, it feels like we’re governed by shape-shifting space reptiles.

They seem to serve some sort of inhuman force, that hates everything that makes us human. It hates our gender binary, it hates our cultural diversity, it hates our organic ties to the land we live in. It seems to want to keep us alienated from each other, fearful of nature and completely dependent on technology. The closest equivalent I can think of is the Demiurg from Gnostic theology.

There’s nothing, at no moment, that is ever suggestive of any sort of genuine care or compassion towards the general public from these people who serve this inhuman force. Their attitude seems similar to that of a farmer towards his livestock. They even use metaphors that serve to dehumanize you. “First the carrot and then the stick” is what they say in regards to these vaccines, as if you were some sort of cattle that has to be herded towards a slaughterhouse.

At every level, this sort of dehumanizing language gradually seems to be normalized. They try to alienate themselves from you. They refer to your ethnic group with terms you never heard of like “Latinx” in spite of your request to stop, or if you’re indigenous Dutch like me, they call you “wit”, a term Dutch people associate with sickness.

And so of course you have people who go along with this. Even in Nazi Germany you had Jews who organized their own pro-Hitler party, because they were not “like those Eastern European Jews”. Young people desperate to climb through the ranks will copy this lexicon, paint their skin green and wear a fake tail, in a desperate attempt to fit in with the ruling clique.

But most of us can’t. If you’ve seen it for what it is then you just wish to run for the hills.

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