They’re not working for you

I think it’s easy to underestimate how bearable life actually is, for people who believe in the bullshit they tell each other. Consider for example the simple phenomenon of the office job. If you held a lottery for every office worker and half of them would be paid to stay at home and do nothing, nothing would change. Society would continue to function as before.

You know this, I know this, but most people somehow don’t know this. If you have an office job and happen to be keenly aware of how useless the work you engage in really is, then it becomes a miserable existence. It’s only bearable if you think it serves a purpose: Then you just drink a lot of coffee and imagine yourself to be “busy”.

Similarly, a “lockdown” is perfectly bearable for most people, if they think it serves a purpose. At this point I’m halfway split between thinking we’re all overlooking something, or the epidemiologists who convinced governments to panic are really as utterly incompetent as they currently appear to be. It’s a hard sell to me that a Paul Joseph Watson or Alex Berenson normiecon journalist can make a better assessment of a situation like this within days than the people who have spent decades studying this stuff, but that increasingly seems to be the case, as the days pass and literally nothing seems to happen.

But as the days pass and the apocalypse we were promised increasingly seems to be sorely lacking, there are two options worth considering: Either these people are really incompetent, or they’re not working for you and me. This is of course a question as old as government itself. It has always been a combination of the two problems, as Joe Schmuck you’re left wondering on a daily basis whether you’re being scammed or simply forced to submit to the will of idiots.

Imagine you’re a Chinese peasant. Mao Zedong tells you to kill all the sparrows, you kill all the sparrows and subsequently your family dies of hunger as the grasshoppers multiply and eat all the grain. It could be that Mao Zedong was working for the 13 Illuminati bloodlines and trying to depopulate the Chinese countryside to help bring the goals described on the Georgia guidestones into fruition.

On the other hand, it could also be that Mao Zedong was an idiot who was confident and socially competent despite not being very intelligent and thus ended up ruling China with an iron fist despite having no talents that would turn his leadership into anything more than a burden on the general population.

These are those among us who are “woke”, who are either really ignorant, or cynical and eager to climb the ranks by parroting absurd platitudes. On the other hand, there are the rest of us, who are eager to have a semblance of a normal life and increasingly noticing that nothing really seems to be functioning anymore. It leaves us with the burning question: Are these people evil or just insane?

And so when you see this message on the website of the White House:

You find yourself wondering: “What’s going on here?”

Do these people just hate us, or are they somehow genuinely under the impression that this is going to change anyone’s mind? Is anyone going to look at this and think “oh boy, a winter of severe illness and death, I’d better hurry up and get vaccinated while I still can!”

I’ve tried placing myself in their position and wondering how they could arrive at a message like this and I find it very hard to come up with an explanation other than “they hate us and actively wish for our deaths”. If my government had tried to force me to do something I don’t want, failed at forcing me to do it and now felt so humiliated by their inability to violate my will that they wanted me to die, this is the sort of message I’d expect to see. I can’t think of another explanation.

Imagine this message was written from a position of genuine concern. They genuinely live in cloud cuckoo land and think that we refuse their vaccine because we’re braindead morons, rather than seeing people develop blood clots and myocarditis left and right and witnessing athletes dropping like flies on TV. What sort of message would you expect?

“It’s urgent that you get vaccinated while there is still time. These vaccines have been thoroughly tested and millions of Americans have gone before you. The vaccines have saved hundreds of thousands of lives and may make the difference for you and your family too.”

And now imagine they were a little more intelligent than they seem to be. You might expect something like:

“It’s important for everyone, vaccinated or unvaccinated, to make sure that you continue to eat healthy nutrition and live an active lifestyle. In particular, it has been observed that vitamin D deficient people are at severely increased risk of suffering severe disease.

Even if you do make the decision of not getting vaccinated, please do not feel ashamed or prohibited from seeking medical attention if you find yourself suffering symptoms. When people wait too long with seeking medical attention, it becomes harder for doctors to help you recover.”

And that’s just the messaging. It seems pretty clear that a large section of the American public is not very enthusiastic about the prospect of having genetically manipulated Chimpanzee viruses or mRNA injected into their arms. So again, imagine you’re a government that cares about the public and wants to prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths. What do you do?

Well, you might look at how China and India have distributed inactivated vaccines based off the whole virus to hundreds of millions of people worldwide and you would try to get this stuff available to your own public too. It can’t be that hard to do this, but they’re not doing this. Either they don’t care, or they think these vaccines don’t work. If they think these vaccines don’t work, they should be saying so out loud, as it means hundreds of millions of people are under the mistaken impression of being protected.

It should have been pretty obvious by autumn or so that the unvaccinated people were not going to change their minds. So the straightforward solution would have been to see if you can offer them an alternative that they do trust: “We see you don’t want the mRNA thingy, so here we have a traditional vaccine like the flu shot.”

Instead they tried threatening you with losing your job, they failed because too many people refused to blink and now they just seem really eager to watch you die, to the degree that they can’t even conceal it anymore.

You have to keep in mind that a government that threatens you with economic destitution for refusing a new medical procedure is not your friend. A vaccine mandate means saying “we’re quite happy to make you lose your house, your career, your colleagues, your ability to retire and overall just ruin your life, if you refuse to agree to a medical procedure that we think you should receive”. A government that attempts to get away with such a thing reveals itself to be directly hostile towards your interests. But now with the message they posted, they went a step further.

It’s easy to want people to die if you’re a basement-dwelling NEET. If you’re an elected government official, you had a massive honor bestowed upon you and so the normal human response is to try to live up to that honor, to make it clear on a continual basis that you’re trying to serve the people to the best of your ability. Yet when you see this sort of messaging from the White House, it’s clear that these people don’t feel like public servants. They feel like aristocrats who are dealing with unruly peasants.

That’s the important thing to understand. These people don’t feel as if they have any sort of obligation towards you. You’re there to be managed and put in your place. Insofar as they feel any real obligation whatsoever to anything beyond their own ego’s, they feel a desire to fit in with their own clique of interdimensional shape-shifting reptiles that feed on the blood of infants.

That’s worth keeping in mind. They look powerful to you, but as individuals they have no real power. The clique has power and the clique ends up arriving at a certain consensus. If any individual lizards through some sort of bug in their brain-chips ended up diverging from the consensus, their time in the clique is over and they return to their human form. The individual has no power, the individual merely serves as an instrument that enacts the collective will of the clique.

In the Netherlands it’s not very different from the United States. Here’s a letter released yesterday, after a request from another elected official:

Those are some pretty big words I would say. She is attending a meeting to “shape the future of the global trading system” on behalf of my country. And yet, how do I find out about this, as an eligible voter? Through the media? No, I only hear about it because some other politician made a request to release any documents from the WEF. Take a look at this letter and ask yourself: Who do these people really serve? It’s pretty obvious that they serve each other.

If you dance to the tunes of these closed door discussion groups where consensus is shaped then you’re rewarded with power. If on the other hand, you attempt to represent the people who elected you and take care of their interests, you end up as a fringe nobody.

Whenever you hear your politicians talk about this “crisis”, then you tend to hear the same speeches, the same vague terms (ie build back better), regardless of the country you’re dealing with. You even see the same strange policies being implemented, like Germany and Austria which are now both facing mandatory vaccination after February of next year.

And yet, what you never really get, is transparency. You get no explanation how long this is going to last, what this “great reset” is going to entail or why we need to be forcibly vaccinated with vaccines that don’t stop transmission (even if we’ve already had the virus). You get no real critical reflection either, no explanation why Sweden hasn’t turned into a bloody pile of ashes yet. We receive no explanation either why we had to spend the entirety of 2020 avoiding infection with a virus, whereas it’s now apparently just fine to be infected with this same virus despite having received vaccines against it that were supposed to protect us.

The lizard man metaphor works well, because to anyone who pays attention it feels like the entire Western world has been gradually taken over by a cabal of people who really just hate us and wish to make our lives miserable. At this point, it feels like we’re governed by shape-shifting space reptiles.

They seem to serve some sort of inhuman force, that hates everything that makes us human. It hates our gender binary, it hates our cultural diversity, it hates our organic ties to the land we live in. It seems to want to keep us alienated from each other, fearful of nature and completely dependent on technology. The closest equivalent I can think of is the Demiurg from Gnostic theology.

There’s nothing, at no moment, that is ever suggestive of any sort of genuine care or compassion towards the general public from these people who serve this inhuman force. Their attitude seems similar to that of a farmer towards his livestock. They even use metaphors that serve to dehumanize you. “First the carrot and then the stick” is what they say in regards to these vaccines, as if you were some sort of cattle that has to be herded towards a slaughterhouse.

At every level, this sort of dehumanizing language gradually seems to be normalized. They try to alienate themselves from you. They refer to your ethnic group with terms you never heard of like “Latinx” in spite of your request to stop, or if you’re indigenous Dutch like me, they call you “wit”, a term Dutch people associate with sickness.

And so of course you have people who go along with this. Even in Nazi Germany you had Jews who organized their own pro-Hitler party, because they were not “like those Eastern European Jews”. Young people desperate to climb through the ranks will copy this lexicon, paint their skin green and wear a fake tail, in a desperate attempt to fit in with the ruling clique.

But most of us can’t. If you’ve seen it for what it is then you just wish to run for the hills.


  1. I too have asked myself the question: are these people incompetent or evil? And the answer is: both. There are many factors at play though, so let’s unravel.

    1) There are some people who are visionaries. These people are geniuses, probably psychopaths, and follow religion-like beliefs. I am certain that some of them are nerds who want to digitalize the entire world and then create an AI machine god that rules everything. Others just lust for power. Either way you spin it, these people are excellent at organizing and social engineering. They are gifted geniuses who have no soul. They lead this unholy alliance, and practically everything they do is anti-human and pure evil.

    2) Then there are the mediators. These will be a mixed bag. They get their orders from above and know that if they follow and transmit them, they will be rewarded. Still many geniuses and psychopaths, but the density decreases. Increasingly, as the conspiracy grows, more dumb people are invited.

    3) The executive branch. These are the visible politicians. They organize and follow a WEF-type plan. They get orders, but have to improvise and think for themselves. Still a lot of psychopaths and manipulative people (that’s how you are successful in politics), but a lot fewer geniuses. In fact, at this level you see many idiots who are incredibly incompetent. These are often sacrificed by higher-level people as scapegoats (but then still land in highly paid industry jobs).

    4) The useful idiots. This is everyone, from the guy next door who gets his fourth jab two months after the third, to the CEO who pursues vax propaganda in the hopes of appealing to people. Naturally, this caste includes a lot of low IQ fools (with or without academic degrees). It’s the kind of person who reads stuff from the news and uses that “knowledge” to feel better than everybody else. Almost everything that comes from this lower branch stems from incompetence.

    Here you can see a general outline of the “ladder”. This explains things like the non-binary ideas. The guys on top devise this kind of thing to separate people by their wokeness and create strife. The policians push it without even knowing why. At that point, it’s just a virulent idea without any substance, but it sounds good and the useful idiots will cheer if you say it. So they do. In the end, the politicians basically just do what people want them to, mixing in a dash of social-engineery, manipulative bullcrap. But most of what they do can be explained by “science” or as a reaction to what was written in the media, which in turn just writes fear porn to get clicks, and helps politicians to get funding. In fact, not much of what we see every day is a conspiracy, most of it really is pure incompetence and utter chaos. The evil stuff happens in the background. Take the incredibly quick implementation of the COVID pass in the EU. That was NOT incompetent in the least. Usually these agencies can’t even program one simple app.

  2. Yeah, the motivation for all involved is ‘craving for meaningful life’.
    So many politicians, experts have now found meaning in their jobs – they are our saviours that will lead us out of this awful pandemic. I do believe they picture themselves as heroes now. If the pandemic was not so awful after all then they would lose their sense of mission. That’s why all the models are biased by the researchers to the negative side – they need this awful pandemic in order to lead us out.
    The other day I read about the newest SAGE predictions for the omicron wave in the UK. if you actually dive in you see it is actually a simulation with some underlying assumptions, and the assumption for omicron’s virulence is that it is at par with delta’s, despite the data coming in pointing at it being much less virulent.
    They bias their research in this direction because they want the pandemic to continue so that they can lead meaningful lives by being our saviours.
    Ordinary useful idiots are staying home, triple jabbing and double masking because they want to save the vulnerable. They do not do it for themselves you know!
    And the real evil ones – I cannot imagine how they are, what they feel but I do think they exist – are having a big time right now.

    I am doing a lot of wishful thinking because I prefer to fool myself there is a way out. If there is no way out I do not lose anything by trying to change how things are but in case there is a way out I will be a part of the solution rather than lay down and wait for the lizards to get me and thus in fact serving their agenda.

    Where we are now: fake democracy with aristocratic rulers and obedient peasants. The aristocratic rulers feel empowered by the increasingly obedient peasants.
    Ultimately, if we want to move away from this we need:
    1. Total acceptance of a set of intrinsic human rights that are not alienable. Nobody can take them no matter what
    2. Direct democracy which cannot denounce the intrinsic rights in 1.
    In fact the direct democracy thing is easier to have even without any sort of constitutional change: you just need a political party whose representatives in the parliament mirror the continuous referenda which are held for most of the decisions/bill in the parliament. You thus inject the direct democracy into the representative structure we have now. The real problem with this is the politicians will lose their ‘meaningful’ lives.

  3. Can we actually trick our politicians into telling them that we need to be saved from WEF, the jabs, the lockdowns and the economic ruin. Maybe they can then find meaning by fighting real threats!

    • “Can we actually trick our politicians into telling them that we need to be saved from WEF, the jabs, the lockdowns and the economic ruin. Maybe they can then find meaning by fighting real threats!”

      That is, without a single iota of doubt, the most interesting idea I have seen in the last two years.

  4. > There’s nothing, at no moment, that is ever suggestive of any sort of genuine care or compassion towards the general public from these people who serve this inhuman force. Their attitude seems similar to that of a farmer towards his livestock.

    Do farmers not care about their livestock? Of course they do, in some sense. Just like government farmers, livestock farmers will callously cull if and when they need to; they’ll callously fence and callously use, but it’s myopic to think this is all one-sided. A farmer wants productive livestock so the best farms will give at least some of the livestock at least some care and compassion.

    A farmer will not run a careful, randomized controller trial for a new vaccine. They’ll do some basic tests and as long as not too many livestock die and it seems to basically work sometimes, it’s good enough.

    So, yes, we’re livestock under farmers, but it’s not that they don’t care. The problem is that they believe they own us, and an insufficient number of us protest. The average livestock just hopes they’re not the ones culled. This is the problem of political authority (see Dr. Huemer).

    As Kant writes in “An Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment?” (1784):

    > Laziness and cowardice are the reasons why so great a proportion of men, long after nature has released them from alien guidance, nonetheless gladly remain in lifelong immaturity, and why it is so easy for others to establish themselves as their guardians. It is so easy to be immature. If I have a book to serve as my understanding, a pastor to serve as my conscience, a physician to determine my diet for me, and so on, I need not exert myself at all. I need not think, if only I can pay: others will readily undertake the irksome work for me. The guardians who have so benevolently taken over the supervision of men have carefully seen to it that the far greatest part of them […] regard taking the step to maturity as very dangerous, not to mention difficult. Having first made their domestic livestock dumb, and having carefully made sure that these docile creatures will not take a single step without the go-cart to which they are harnessed, these guardians then show them the danger that threatens them, should they attempt to walk alone. Now this danger is not actually so great, for after falling a few times they would in the end certainly learn to walk; but an example of this kind makes men timid and usually frightens them out of all further attempts.
    > Thus, it is difficult for any individual man to work himself out of the immaturity that has all but become his nature. He has even become fond of this state and for the time being is actually incapable of using his own understanding, for no one has ever allowed him to attempt it. Rules and formulas, those mechanical aids to the rational use, or rather misuse, of his natural gifts, are the shackles of a permanent immaturity. Whoever threw them off would still make only an uncertain leap over the smallest ditch, since he is unaccustomed to this kind of free movement. Consequently, only a few have succeeded, by cultivating their own minds, in freeing themselves from immaturity and pursuing a secure course.

    • I was listening to my Mother-in-law describe how her MiL would disappear when the butcher would show up on the small family farmstead to slaughter and butcher the requisite two or three pigs each year. She really loved those pigs and hated to see them meet their fate. He nevertheless slaughtered and butchered them, and the family, including MiL ended up eating them to get through the year.

  5. Bro no offense but your content is shit lately and I’ve been reading for years,,, everything’s about covid and it’s quite trite, things in the US are open and nobody wears masks except on public transport, nobody is distancing, nobody gives a fuck certainly not our police, I go to work and the gym and to bars without a mask, I’ve never been asked for my vaccine card and I’ve been going out every week until this last one when I got sick and tested positive lol
    Finally the end times you want are here, we’re having record numbers of cases all over the US and UK and you’re seething about some white house press release from Europe? Not even that bad considering the context (why is every single screen cap of that press release cropped to only the few sentences the poster wants you to look at and not the rest of the article? Hmmmmmm) for basic government hurr get vaxxed shit it’s tame
    Just like… don’t wear a mask, faggot. Lol. I don’t know anybody under 40 that cares except my insufferable liberal sister. Whatever, that’s her own prison.

    tldr get better content and stop being a faggot, your content is tired and you’re just as annoying as “get vaxxed!” government drones

    • Florida anon, glad for you! I can imagine how absurd all this shit looks to you from your sunny state perspective, but in Europe it feels dystopian everywhere you look at. We need to shake it off and it is not about a virus – it’s about a ruling class going all in blitzkrieg against the peasants. This “get vaxxed government drones” are sending Vax mobile teams in the schools to convince the kids to get the clott-shot. And they know well that zero healthy kids betweenn5 and 18 died of covid in Germany. Just yesterday we herd of a teacher who passed of a heart attack – he is around 40. Sure this shit happens but it happens more often now. Those guys are as dystopian as it gets.

      I wish I could move to Florida now but not possible without a vaxx pass

    • Florida, South Carolina, other sensible southern states are going well. Seattle is 100% Karens boosting everyone in sight, driving 50 miles to get 3rd shots and waiting impatiently in line, pulling their kids behind them to get their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd as well. They started in on the little kids, neighbor Karen mentioned 3 times in one conversation how they had just boosted and how glad they were to jab their 8 year old, and were antsy to get their littler ones as soon as possible as it would protect them. They are chasing the same dream of normality that Israel did with its 4 shots that in the end did nothing either except cause side effects and of course who knows what the mRNA will do in terms of cancers and other downstream effects in the coming months and years. OMG-icron has people freaked out. To mention that getting a 3rd shot now will do no good since OMG-icron will ignore it is to be scorned and shunned. The shots are fully safe, absolutely effective, and cannot be questioned.

    • I dunno, the problem is, you’re not going to understand our perspective here if you’re living in fricking Valhalla.

      Imagine I was a girl living in Yemen and wrote a handful of posts saying “it’s really awful how I’m forced to marry the local tribal elder” and some dude stormed in and said “wtf are you whining about over here I can screw whoever I want”. That’s kind of how this looks to me.

      I do wish to stop writing about the batsoupflu, but it’s kind of hard to skip the topic altogether when I happen to live in the one country in Europe that decided to lock us all up in our homes again.

      If we didn’t have legal weed and mushrooms I would’ve probably left this country already.

      • don’t listen to florida anon or whatever his name is. Things aren’t that great in the U.S. Maybe in Florida, but not where I live. I spend time every day reading the internet about Covid and what evil thing they’re going to try on us next. So don’t listen to the critics. Keep writing.

  6. rintrash

    less kvetching more celebrating the show motion violent death of the human species as it currently exists kthx <3

    this shit about zog being malignant is so fucking last decade if anyone is still hung up on kleptocrat governments embodying evil i can't really vouch for how sharp a consciousness they possess, no shit, the sky is fucking blue. holy damn.

    get it through your head that this only ends with death beyond any one person's capacity to comprehend, there's no negotiation, no need to analyze kikery

    just murder it, and cut it out of your life on an individual basis if flipping the table and frankly killing everyone around you with a rock isn't so palatable

    the harvest is now

  7. >It leaves us with the burning question: Are these people evil or just insane?

    I think it boils down to how much one respects authority. If you listen to what authorities are saying, and you recognize it for the lie it is, then you will try to explain to yourself why your “leaders” are lying to you.

    If you respect the social order and those at the top, if you want to be a good citizen but have a low consideration of yourself, then you’ll believe in some conspiracy theory. That way, you can still believe that you are being ruled by your betters, whose actions you cannot understand only because you do not know their real agenda.
    Conspiracy theories are how society manages to hold together when it becomes clear that, as you say, “they are not working for you”. So if your leaders fail, but you cannot imagine them being incompetent, then you will think that they competent, but evil.

    Then there are people who only judge the elites by their actions and have no inherent trust or admiration for their betters. They will clearly choose option b): our betters are insane, or stupid, depending on what level of the elite they consider (i.e., the Bill Gateses and Elon Musks of this world are clearly insane, the Prime Ministers of some insignificant European vassal are clearly stupid).

    Then there are those who see no problem with this whole situation.

    I imagine that it takes some psychological trauma to watch the news and actually take it at face value, and many of them are probably traumatized one way or another. Maybe they lost a loved person, or witnessed a case of long Covid, are or know enterpreneurs who played by the rules and lost everything during the lockdowns. Many are scared for a justified reason (e.g. an elderly colleague with asthma took the shot, and I completely understand that).

    But still, if you sum up all possible traumas that can turn people into true believers, I do not think that you get to a majority of the population. I mean, did people actually believe the news before Covid?

    • “I mean, did people actually believe the news before Covid?”

      Unfortunately, yes. And unfortunately, many still do. The news, both in print and modern media, have an excellent reputation. Because only some years ago, journalism still lived and prospered. I still remember a documentary about the evil plans of the pharma industry (triggered by the swine flu vax). Before the climate craze took shape, companies were actually being exposed for their greed. The news was believable at some point. Of course not 100%, but it was decent enough, and often, you could see multiple sides.

      The last two years have, however, incredibly polarized the public. You now have two kinds of people: those who were always distrustful of the news, and now almost never believe it, and those who bought into the agenda, and almost always believe it. Of course, most people are opportunists. They got vaccinated for social proof and freedom, and are now part of the blob, which is why they choose to believe what they are told. But deep down, they know it’s all a lie. I’m quite sure that most people don’t truly believe the news, but it takes a conversation and some measured questions to uncover that.

      As for your theory on the elites: they are certainly evil. You practically can not keep your power and wealth without forcing people to do what you want. These people are now so powerful, they can use bribery to avoid misfortune. They have so much money that they can literally MAKE the market of ANYTHING. To them it looks like self-preservation, to us it looks like unfathomable evil. But this was to be expected from a globalist capitalist system.

      Similarly, politicians are evil because they will never give back an inch of control. They will try to own the public and dictate everything in their lives. Again, to them, it’s just self-preservation. They think people really WANT to be told what to do, because that’s how it went for the last two years. To us, it’s pure evil. And yes, many of them conspire with media and company agents. But yes, many of them are incompetent fools. Plus, this whole thing is new for them too.

      • >Unfortunately, yes. And unfortunately, many still do.

        I find it hard to believe that people missed the whole anti-Trump propaganda nonsense, the gushing coverage of the failed EU bailouts, the smearing of Assange, the bailing out of the bankers post 2008, the enthusiastic reporting of the various coups in Portugal, Italy and Greece, the one-sided lies about the various anti-EU and anti-CFTA referendums, the anti-Corbyn and anti-Bernie character assassinations, the ridiculous reporting of the Venezuelan attempted coup. Just to name a few.

        I stopped trusting the media during the first Gulf War in 1991 (people were terrified that Saddam’s air force would bomb Italy. Even at age 8, I knew it was mind-boggling nonsense).

        It comes down to opportunism and social pressure. People do not switch on state television – or CNN, or FoxNews – to be informed. We want a narrative with a positive role for ourselves. We want to be comforted, not informed.

        But at some level, everybody should be able to recognize the media for what they are (entertainment) and for what they are not (reliable sources). The fact that we usually do not, simply means that we have nothing to gain from doing it.

        Which, to me, answers Radagast’s original question (are they evil or insane?): it does not matter what they are, most of us have reasons to keep them in power anyway. In the vain hope of some crumbles, or of not becoming social pariahs. It is about us, not them.

        Which in turn, is the way forward: people will start questioning the narrative when it becomes clear that they have nothing more to gain from accepting it. I am thinking in particular of problems in the supply chain, inflation, unemployment, dwindling energy supplies.

        (Or at least I hope, since at least Hannah Arendt clearly says that not even personal hardship can shake blind trust in totalitarian regimes).

  8. For some time I have suspected that we are dealing with not just common-or-garden political incompetence, greed and hubris (although they are present too) but actual metaphysical evil.

    So your analogy from gnosticism is appropriate. When I look at the faces of some of these politicians and “public health” officials at press conferences my first thought is that they need the services of an exorcist.

    *Contra* some of the other commentators on this post, I want to encourage you to continue your Covid-related investigations and I am sure I do not speak for just myself.

    The techno-pharmaceutical enslavement of humanity is kinda the issue of the day, and I am glad that you are journeying with us.

    • Have you per chance been on John Michael Greer’s weekly covid posts? For those who are not familiar, JMG steadfastly refused to talk about covid for the longest time as he felt that there was enough hysteria surrounding it already. But starting about 5 months back, he started a weekly covid open posts thread – which has turned out to be a livesaver of sorts for a lot of people. Key point – people start to realize they’re not alone, they’re not crazy when they can see through the gaslighting efforts of the elites, and that the harm done by the vexes was real and not that infrequent. Lots of great ongoing commentary… and after some time, with a lot of hesitation as more folks commented that the whole sequence of events seem to be driven by some malign influences – determined to break all social and societal bonds, get folks scratching at each other, relying on ‘vexes’ that don’t work etc – he solidifie a ‘demon’ hypothesis. It’s hard to give it a proper accounting as it took serious pages of comments and thoughts before that hypothesis became self-evident. Once you eliminate all the other options, you get left with it. Of course, it also requires that someone has to be aware that the reality that we live in, is just one plane of existence… sometimes influences do seep through from other realms/planes… some benign, some not.

      Rintrah – kindly continue with your covid posts. Ignore the few naysayers who can’t see the value of what you’re doing. You are definitely a breath of fresh air with some quite original analysis. I may not always agree, but the mental stimulation always results in deeper thinking and re-examination of what’s going on with a new perspective. I have learnt and hopefully will continue to learn from your posts.

    • >When I look at the faces of some of these politicians and “public health” officials at press conferences my first thought is that they need the services of an exorcist.

      Agreed. The weird thing is, I remember twenty years ago or so, they didn’t look like this, they looked like normal boring bureaucrats.

      Whenever Dutch people see Hugo de Jonge, we find ourselves wondering “what the hell is that guy on”. It’s either stimulants or demonic possession.

      • “Agreed. The weird thing is, I remember twenty years ago or so, they didn’t look like this, they looked like normal boring bureaucrats.”

        This is exactly what I’ve been thinking, while watching lockdown talk by some US/California politicians, and the guys from Australia and New Zealand. They have some kind of weird, malicious air that feels like it doesn’t fit in with a human being. I can’t quite place it though.

  9. Great content as always, thanks. Do you think they could be subtly messaging us vaxvirgins that our triple-jabbed family members are going to die by the truckload this winter and we will be the ones left to deal with the carnage? And I apologize on behalf of the low IQ morons posting here today. Must have stuck a nerve.

      • Hell, the sentence works. It costs so much mental energy to simply know that people who have quite some power over your life actually see you as their cattle.
        I have a friend who told me he is too tired and he wants to take the blue pill. He got the shot and tries hard to believe the narrative. It seems to work – he works a lot and is actually criticizing the government on minor issues

  10. As a great friend put it, society and especially its leadership ranks are controlled by a vast collective unconscious that is Satan

  11. Once you see that it’s in their eyes, and you learn how to discern the darklights in them, you understand that this is the last spiritual war for us in this form. We all incarnated during this time for this reason, and maybe we don’t know that we’ve always been on the same side, but if we can’t get over ourselves with our petty egos or the ignorance of others, then we’ll have lost the greater game being played on the Bigger Board.

    Everything in this round has to happen before the Flood, which will determine how the pieces sit for the next round.

  12. Don’t pay any attention to Florida ANON. I live in Florida and it isn’t quite what he says. Yes…it is the best place to be right now – but there are still loads of masked morons and people running together vax who live here. I am very sorry for all of you in Europe. You are going through hell and it appears it is going-to get worse shortly. Thanks to the universe I came back to Florida three years ago after living in Spain, Portugal and France. All politicians are in it for themselves and the power it gives them. None of them give two shits about any of us and never have. If they ever did, they were killed. Just discovered your blog and love it.

    • Yep. I just moved to FL from Colorado. Definitely less masking and idiocy but still plenty of masking going on, mostly required of the underclass servants by their greedy corporate masters. For example, the clerks and baggers in the grocery stores are masked. These evil managers and owners have muzzled the ox while he’s grinding out the grain.

  13. I just wanted to chime in that I greatly appreciate your Covid related ideas. And although you don’t strike me as the type who would let the words of a FLorida Anon have any effect on what you write or don’t write, I will say it anyway – just keep writing the truth as you see it.

    Also, while I am glad (and jealous) that everything is groovy in Florida – here in Commiefornia, USA, our evil governor (who definitely has that vaguely inhuman “glint” in his eyes) is hell-bent on following in the footsteps of the totalitarian leaders of Europe and Australia. We are just a few months behind, but anyone with eyes can see what’s coming.

  14. England, i.e. part of the island off the coast of N W Europe, is not too bad at the moment. Although you’re currently supposed to wear a mask in shops I haven’t done so since Aug. 2020.

    Parliament passed an illiberal set of measures called ‘Plan B’ before Xmas. Lots of Conservative MPs opposed the government … but most of the opposition Labour party voted with the government. That’s how authoritarian Labour is. Or else Labour has voters who have been even more scared by 21 months of psy-ops than the Tory voters … which is strange, as Tory voters are older.

    So no-one’s sure of the next few weeks. The libertarian Conservative rebels could have the power to stop the Prime Minister introducing more restrictions, by threatening his leadership. I fear most of his replacements even more.

    • Dave, I spent a week in London in September and it was really much better than continental europe. You do not see so many lemmings blindly following the rules and requiring the rest to do so as well. This is maybe the worst part of what I am experiencing in Germany right now – a massive percentage of otherwise kind and intelligent people really not simply just follow the rules blindly but even play the crowd sourced ‘moral police’ and treat the unvaccinated like stupid, unworthy, unclean, super-spreader ‘untermensch’. I never felt so discriminated and depressed in my life, and I am old enough to have experienced the soviet totalitarian regime first hand. I spent only a short week in England but people felt like normal again. It was very refreshing.
      I wasn’t supporting it before, but now I do entertain the idea, that it was no coincidence that the nazis flourished in Germany back then. I moved from east europe quite some time ago because of my job but now I cannot recognise those people. It’s like a borg country now.

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