This Gweilo Bites Back: In Defense of a Second Century of Humiliation

Grow a pair and try being the Gweilo those students on Tiananman square believed you to be

Allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Mister Tankman, I am a Tibetan-Uighur Falun Gong practitioner, born on Tiananmen square, now living in Taipei, the capital city of Free China. My great-grandfather’s name was Thomas Bowlby, a diplomat tortured for days before being murdered after trying to arrange a peace treaty with the Qing empire.

In my free time, I enjoy looking at the art seized by my ancestors from the Summer Palace after Thomas cruel death. My social credit score is under minus nine thousand, the face-scanning cameras are always on the lookout for me, I provide shelter to sparrows in my house, I have more than one child, I tweet “Uighur Lives Matter! #BLM” on Twitter, I print pictures of Winnie the Pooh in the public library and I don’t practice social distancing. Come at me bruh.

“We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War’s a spiritual war… our Great Depression is our lives.” You whined along with Tyler Durden as a teenage boy. Well now your prayer has been answered my dear, because here is your Great War. If it were up to Xi Jinping, you wouldn’t even be allowed to leave your house. If you want a picture of the future, imagine watching videos of Wuhan pool parties while you’re locked up in your home, with a needle full of Chinese fentanyl in your arm forever. That is, unless you join me and start fighting back.

I know what you’re now probably thinking: “B-b-b-but I read some obscure conspiracy blog somewhere that argued the CIA wants to overthrow the Chinese communist regime and the Trump administration is saber-rattling for a new war with China so as a natural antisocial contrarian I am going to make apologies for the genocidal Chinese regime and parrot some paleoconservative Ron Paul style isolationist crap about Western imperialism as Falun Gong practioners have their organs harvested and Uighur families are torn apart”.

If I am correct, my answer to you is simple: All that social distancing nonsense has caused your testosterone levels to plunge. Go back to the gym, start lifting weights again and get ready to stick your BWC where the sun doesn’t shine. Ron Paul can be forgiven if he doesn’t want to join the ranks, he’s an old man. However, this is no weapons-of-mass-destruction-they-hate-us-for-our-freedom-Gadaffi-is-handing-viagra-to-his-troops-they’re-pulling-babies-out-of-incubators-oh-and-by-the-way-they-have-oil-too sort of crap.

Sucks to hear about your Summer Palace dude, Lord Elgin did nothing wrong though

No, this is the real deal and it always has been throughout history. There are two options in this world: Either you export a steady supply of concubines and eunuchs to the Dragon, or you start getting ready to eat some roasted Dragon with a fine slice of Summer Palace for breakfast. You don’t have much time left to choose, the dragon is waking up, so grab your sword, join me and yell from the top of your lungs: This Gweilo bites back!

You can’t just expect China to act like your best friend when we become economically dependent on them. Don’t take my word for it, ask Sri Lanka. After first tricking the country into signing up for massive debts, the next step was for China to take over its port with a 99 year lease. We pulled that one off with Hong Kong long ago, but now they’re eager to repeat the trick. Guess what happens when neurotic elderly ladies and anxious dorks who spend too much time browsing Twitter convince your government to commit economic Harakiri? You will spend the rest of your life paying off your government’s debt to the Chinese.

It’s essentially a mistake to think of the Chinese political system as a form of communism. Rather, the system is similar to North Korea’s system of Juche. North Korea has removed all references to communism from its constitution. These political systems started out as communism, but over time mutated into something more reminiscent of fascism, with racial supremacist aspects to them. Yes, that is important to comprehend. When all is said and done, the Chinese regime will implement a global racial hierarchy. If you don’t belong to Xi Jinping’s master race, guess where that leaves you?

The problem with communism has always been as following: You might be able to build a communist mob out of blue haired genderqueer plus-sized pansexual college students with they/them pronouns. What is a lot more difficult is running a communist state with such people. That’s the age-old communist paradox: Men are hungry for power. Working class men have no real way to achieve power, so the most power-hungry of them join the communists. Once the communist revolution succeeds, these working class men kill the old elites and turn themselves and their sons into the new elite.

Communist parties universally tend to end up filled with old hypermasculine men from working class backgrounds who end up dominating the regime, men who have spent a lifetime exposed to high levels of testosterone. Their brains are configured to use their power to impose whatever is good for people who are similar to them. The only real difference from an aristocracy that you’ll tend to notice over time is that these men have bad taste.

You saw the same thing in the Soviet Union of course. Initially the communists came from wide sections of society. Feminist women, secular Jewish intellectuals, ethnic minorities, people from all sorts of marginalized groups had a role in setting up the communist regime. Over time however, the regime became anti-semitic and predominantly composed of elderly men of ethnic Russian heritage. Homosexuality was first tolerated in the Soviet Union, later on it became seen as an expression of bourgeois decadence.

Something similar has happened to China and North Korea. You can’t put a group of middle-aged hypermasculine Chinese men together in one room on a continual basis and expect them to express grief over typical leftist pet pieves. I know that communism is popular among American college students, but here’s one thing you won’t hear Raul Castro, Xi Jingping or Kim Jong Un say behind the scenes: Black Trans Lives Matter.

If anything, Chinese people look down on Western leftists, rightly so of course. Chinese people have a term for Western leftists: Baizuo. They look down on them. They consider them weak and decadent, eager to deny reality when it’s staring them in the face. They see them as people who will join whatever is popular and makes you well-liked by other people, even when it’s self-destructive and dysfunctional.

The Chinese communist party and the Chinese army, filled with hypermasculine middle-aged and elderly men, inevitably feels the same way. We’re weak, we’re decadent and we’re hypersocial. If you want to dominate us, how would you pull that off? Read Sun Tzu’s art of war. It’s a genius work of strategy, but it tends to contradict classical Western martial values. Westerners would not enjoy fighting in this manner, nor would Arabs for that matter.

In war, we value courage, honesty, bravery, sacrifice and transparency. We aim to fight based off certain grand ethical or legalistic principles and we make our intentions clear and direct. Ultimately, that’s just not the Chinese way of combat. Take a look with me at some genius lines from Sun Tzu’s art of war:

  1. Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.
  2. The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.
  3. Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.
  4. Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.
  5. All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.
  6. The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.
  7. Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.

In China, the emphasis is simply different in war.  Honor is held in high regard, but what constitutes dishonorable actions seems to differ. The emphasis in war is not on raw strength and bravery, but rather, on use of tact. Clever use of the tools available to you is held in high regard. Exploiting arrogance and overconfidence in your enemy is celebrated. You’re supposed to fight devoid of emotions, which interfere with your judgement. The biggest difference, is that there is no genuine shame in using deceit against your enemy.

When it comes to war, Europeans tend to have more in common with some tribal societies, where war is highly ritualized and deaths are often even kept to a minimum. Native Americans were shocked by the cruelty of the pilgrims who arrived on their shores. They saw endemic tribal violence as part of life, but the pilgrims had no such intentions and embarked on a policy of genocide instead.

In Southern Africa, Shaka Zulu managed to build an empire, because he simply deviated from tradition and pursued actual war with his neighbors, rather than the ritualized form of war that was part of their way of life. In the forests of Papua New Guinea, men in some tribes could not give a name to their child unless they brought back the head of a man from another tribe. They would wander into their enemy’s territory and loudly announce that they sought another man to fight with.

This is not how war has historically looked in China. In China, they look at war more as something terrible that has to be avoided at all cost and otherwise, dealt with very rapidly. Whenever the country plunged into war, the violence, cruelty and bloodshed was immense. What is the purpose of Confucianism? It serves simply to reduce the likelihood of war by encouraging a mentality of blind submission towards established authorities.

We’re at war with China

The fact of the matter is that we’re already at war with China. It’s simply a war that’s not being fought through traditional means, which would end in nuclear winter. Rather, it’s fought through stealth and subterfuge. I’ll give you two examples: China steals hundreds of billions worth of American patents every year.

Since 2008, Chinese actors have also stolen hundreds of billions from elderly Americans, through stock fraud. IPO’s are set up for companies that subsequently collapse in value by eighty or ninety percent within one or two years, wiping out people’s life savings. You know what I spend my days doing? Redirecting Chinese money to my own bank account. As I said before, this Gweilo bites back.

So, as the pool parties in Wuhan continue, while Americans and Europeans cower inside their homes, I want to ask you a question: If China wanted to exploit our weaknesses against us and beat us in war through deception, what would be the most effective way to do so? I think you know the answer.

To start with, we’re eager to protect the weak, so you encourage us to make increasing sacrifices for our weak, until we end up locking ourselves in our homes, to keep elderly people in nursing homes alive. Western people are incredibly easy to manipulate, when you accuse them of cruelty towards something fragile. American governors who refused to implement a lockdown, were accused of committing genocide by Chinese bots on Twitter.

We also enjoy appearing virtuous, so you turn self-destructive behavior into a virtue. If you question the idea of locking people up inside their homes to avoid some sort of chain reaction that ends up in grandma getting the flu, you’re now seen as a morally corrupt selfish individual. It’s no longer genuinely possible to question the faulty science that got us into this place, because it means tacitly declaring yourself a selfish defector from a social pact.

Third, we have grown decadent and cowardly. Excessive wealth and comfort has made us very afraid of death. When you confront us with the prospect of death, we will do whatever you ask of us if you promise to help us avoid it. We do not accept the idea of making sacrifices for our own youth, to maintain the vitality of our societies.

Xi Jinping has really let himself go…

If you look at our weaknesses, then it becomes quite apparent that we’re easy to exploit, in the exact manner that we have now been exploited. The Chinese government has succeeded in convincing us to commit economic suicide by copying their lockdown stupidity, as their own society has continued to function and everything is now basically back to normal. The Australian government has imposed a lockdown more severe than that in Wuhan on its own population. In New Zealand, a political party sponsored by the Chinese government has now hermetically isolated the island from the rest of Western civilization.


When people rule over you, you can accuse them of conspiracy and moral corruption. However, the simple fact that they rule over you, means that their conspiracy has succeeded and you have found yourself exploited. The pilgrims engaged in forms of war that Native Americans considered undignified, their own Native American allies retreated in disgust when they witnessed their acts of war. Today however, America is governed by a WASP elite descended from those very same pilgrims.

“You fought unfairly” tends to be the last argument of consolation for those who have lost a war. Rather than acknowledging that they lost the first world war, Germans insisted that they had been stabbed in the back by their own government. The Japanese do something similar to protect their national pride, by emphasizing the incredible cruelty of the Atomic bomb, even as they downplay the rape of Nanking and other warcrimes.

I think the Chinese fought cleverly, but I wouldn’t say that they defeated us in an unfair manner. We’re weak and decadent, always eager to parrot whatever we hear some hip and fancy blue check on Twitter proclaim. Celebrities on Twitter began proclaiming that we have to shut down Western civilization to keep nursing home residents from dying and that you’re a racist Trump supporter if you refuse to go along with that. Instead of recognizing that becoming a celebrity doesn’t require you to understand how the world works, it just requires you to understand how to make yourself popular, we decided to listen to these people.

The Chinese are realistic, whereas we are idealistic. “No lives should be sacrificed for the economy”, the idealists proclaim, apparently convinced that shutting down the economy doesn’t cost any lives. The Chinese government on the other hand, understands that the world is turning into a zero sum game again. If you want to drive an electric car, you’ll need rare Earth minerals. They’re called rare Earth minerals for a reason, we don’t have enough of them to do everything seven billion human beings would like to do. China thus makes sure that its mineral deposits are used in a manner that serves the Chinese economy.

Here’s something else that serves the interests of the Chinese economy: The implosion of Western economies. Americans are five percent of the world’s population, who consume twenty percent of the world’s oil. Our economies are service based: You and me live comfortable lives because people from around the world are fascinated by Western culture. Indians want to see Western Hollywood movies, Chinese tourists want to see European museums and attend European universities, Africans want to wear Italian clothing, the whole world wants to use the dollar as a reserve currency.

Westerners live comfortable lives, because the whole world looks up to them. The way to solve that is to humiliate them. Turn Western nations into dystopian hellholes where you have to sit in your room and watch Netflix because otherwise obese elderly people might get the flu and nobody will look up to Western civilization any longer. Turn us into the world’s laughing stock and our era of global supremacy is over.

The babyboomers betrayed their own children, they have no desire to perpetuate Western civilization after their own deaths. Twenty-five percent of 18-24 year old Americans are now suicidal, because the lockdowns have destroyed their lives. You don’t see these type of numbers among elderly Americans. The elderly proved perfectly willing to sacrifice their own children to extend their own lives, because they don’t look at society as a collective project.

China used to be the world’s largest economy, before Europeans discovered the New World, which brought us incredible economic growth and prosperity. Throughout history, the Chinese have generally had the most advanced civilization. Through one clever trick, they have now successfully enforced Chinese dominance across the world again. If you don’t like it, then maybe you shouldn’t have panicked in March. I warned you.

What does it mean to be a Canadian? It means you’re unemployed, because your government has shut down the economy, in response to Chinese encouragement to cope with a Chinese virus. You can’t buy a house, because of a real estate bubble, which is fueled by wealthy Chinese people who buy up Canadian real estate. You start injecting fentanyl, which is produced in China and imported into your country by Chinese criminal gangs. These Chinese gangs launder their money by buying your country’s real estate.

You might say to me that all of this is racist, God forbid you don’t trust a nation with concentration camps for ethnic minorities with having our best interest in mind. I think it’s racist not to put up resistance. After all, if you don’t fear the Dragon, that means you don’t see the Dragon as capable of posing a threat to you. I know Chinese people are smarter than Western people. That’s exactly why I fear the rise of China. You should too.

And keep in mind, nobody is saying that Chinese people are the enemy. Hong Kong, Taiwan, these are our friends. Rather, the enemy is a political system that places Han Chinese people above every other ethnic group and sacrifices individual liberty for a technocracy’s view of what best serves the entire ethnic group.

What you have to understand is that the lockdowns are not just meant to economically annihilate Western economies. Rather, the lockdowns are meant to discredit Western cultural values: Individualism, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, democracy, constitutional rights and free markets. You and me are supposed to ask ourselves now: How can our political system cope with existential threats like a pandemic? We need a centrally planned authoritarian system like China has! In the UK they want to hand people a budget of “social contact points“, where you’re allowed to attend one birthday party for your grandma in exchange for not visiting five restaurants or something along those lines. Chinese social media manipulation has succeeded in gently making your own government more similar to China’s.

Well, here’s what I say to that: The only good communist… is a communist who takes a good dose of psychedelics and finally figures out that he wants a government ruled by a cabal of middle-aged men to micromanage his life because he has low self-esteem and therefore considers himself incapable of doing something useful with his own talents.

Communism is a pathetic and complete utter failure. China’s political system is so genius and superior to ours that they managed to eradicate their own cultural heritage and make millions of people die of hunger after killing sparrows. Chinese billionaires now order heists in Western art museums, because China doesn’t have any Chinese art of its own left. Communism is good at solving overpopulation, that’s about it. Chinese people are very intelligent and perfectly capable of building up a functional civilization of their own as evidenced by Taiwan, the reason mainland China is such a mess is because they’re ruled by a communist regime.

It’s easy to be cynical. Trust me, it’s my main talent. The thing is, you have to experience the Chinese political system, to start appreciating our own Western freedom more. If I lived in China, I wouldn’t be able to write this post, it would lead to my disappearance. I would have a negative social credit score because of all the shenanigans I have pulled off over the years. People gave their lives, so that we did not have to live under totalitarianism. What’s the least you can do? Raise your fist and yell with me, so hard that Winnie the Pooh can hear you from the other side of our globe: This Gweilo bites back!


  1. Great article, I’m genuinely amazed at how so many relatively intelligent people that I know 100% buy in to all of the Chinese state sponsored propaganda regarding the virus. The Chinese seem hell-bent on sowing division and discord in order to weaken western economies and destroy the morale of the populace, and fighting back is akin to social suicide. Feels like I’m stuck in John Carpenter’s “They Live”…

  2. I’m in love with this blog. I found you in late February/early March when I did a Google search about why the world might need a pandemic, haha. Thank you for putting your writings out into the world.

  3. “To learn a language means that you must speak and listen, ask questions and understand replies. The Chinese actually conspire to keep non-Chinese people from learning their language. They do this by never speaking Chinese to you. Here in the USA, if you ask a Chinese a question or speak to them in Chinese, they answer in English.

    I have been studying Mandarin for many years and this is invariably the case. They do not want anyone speaking their language because you will be able to listen in on their conversations. But if you will notice any Chinese sitting near you in restaurants or coffee shops or offices, they are always listening in on our conversations. They are actually spies.

    Today, it is against Indonesian law to write business signs in any language other than Indonesian, to send their children to Chinese schools, or to own more than a minor part of any business, and many other restrictions upon the Chinese living in Indonesia….

    …..The many Chinese that I know who are from Mainland China, usually are fluent in Russian and/or Japanese as well as English. The modern Chinese want to learn foreign languages but they don’t want foreigners to learn Chinese. It is a part of their secret military assault upon the West … subversion first, attack and conquest second.”

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