This is what divine punishment looks like

Oftentimes your ability to reason will merely serve as an obstacle to understanding a situation. There are situations where you’re just much better off telling your conscious mind to shut up for a second and to rely on your intuition. A good example of course is when you’re in a club and happen to see an attractive looking woman. People who are in tune with their intuition are much better at bringing that situation to a productive conclusion than people whose conscious mind is dominant. That’s the main reason why you see alcohol served at these events.

You can try to circumvent that process, read some blog on pickup artistry, consciously learn how to stand, how to dress and what to say, but if the woman were to realize you do this, she would be disgusted. Angels are guided by reason and ensure that virtue reigns dominant, demons are guided by passion and serve to vivify the creation, (hopefully) within the constraints set by reason. That’s the message William Blake had to offer. This whole phenomenon of kind-hearted well meaning nerds trying to decode human psychology is the angel trying to dress up as a demon, it makes nobody happy. We used to have arranged marriages for our upper classes for a reason.

And honestly, this same principle applies to the batsoupflu. If you try to consciously understand what’s happening by applying reason then you’re just going to be missing the forest for the trees. Good people look at what is happening and become convinced that it must be a product of a monstrous conspiracy. Teenage boys are injected with a vaccine for a virus that doesn’t hurt them and drop dead within days. If you post about it on Facebook, you’ll have your post removed. To you, as a good person, this is going to look like a conspiracy.

The reality however is just that when a society actively hates virtue, as ours does, it’s setting itself up for a catastrophic implosion. In a society like ours, every institute just turns into an instrument for further catastrophe, because all our institutions reward the worst of human impulses. It is as if you’re making policy by putting your fingers together with your friends on a Ouija board and following what the board commands you to do.

If you want to apply reason to try to understand it, then you’ll find an explanation. The vaccine induced immune response prohibits the development of sterilizing immunity, social distancing inverts the normal selection process towards reduced virulence and gives the virus more time to develop new variants before exhausting its ecological niche, forcing people to stay inside suppresses their immune system, we are more vulnerable than ever before because of obesity and the inversion of the demographic pyramid, Pfizer’s new drug is mutagenic and will cause the development of new variants andsoforth.

But to use reason to try to understand what’s now happening to us is like trying to explain the beauty of a painting to someone who suffers color blindness. You can tell them what you see, what you find beautiful about it, but they’re not going to be able to understand it. If everything could be understood through reason, life would turn bland and sterile.

The easier way to understand what’s happening is as following: Mankind became wicked. The gods warned us and we ignored them. They gave us a punishment, we sought ways to evade the punishment, we committed further acts of wickedness in the process, the punishment grew worse and now we’re starting to deal with the consequences.

The only thing we really had to do to end this crisis was to show some humility. The scientists could have said they made a mistake, the government could have been transparent. That didn’t happen but the gods tried to be merciful, the virus turned out to be about ten times less deadly than we originally anticipated. And yet, any sort of humility proved impossible, we decided that the government was going to regulate the spread of this virus by micromanaging human social interaction. The only real response that would have worked is simple: The humility of doing nothing.

You can try to apply reason, you can imagine that the Scandinavians must have enough vitamin D and the Japanese eat enough fermented soybeans, but the Americans eat too much pork and the British must have locked down too late etc. But again, that’s the colorblind man trying to figure out why people find a painting beautiful. They’ll give you all sorts of explanations, but none can capture the essence.

If you look at this from the perspective of a wicked society being punished for its wickedness then it all starts to make more sense. We’re a culture that endorsed greed and so institutionalized greed begins to prey on us: Your congress takes Ivermectin while your Pfizer sponsored media tells you that’s for horses.

We have enough hubris to think that we can prevent the next pandemic by manufacturing new synthetic corona viruses, so something goes wrong and our creation escapes containment. We torture lab animals to keep ourselves healthy and so we become part of a failed global medical experiment ourselves.

So what’s our great sin then, that brought this new plague into existence? Well there’s the thing, I don’t have to tell you. If it’s a sin that you’re committing, you’re already aware somewhere in the back of your mind that what you’re doing is wrong, but you can’t resist the urge and so you’ll reason to yourself that it’s somehow alright. You don’t need a sacred book that details all of your sins and which one happens to be the worst, it’s already stored in your brain, you can just look inward.

Let’s take our friendly scientists for a moment. That little monkey with the hole in its skull where you stick the electrodes? You tell yourself that it is all for the betterment of mankind and there’s no alternative option and it’s just a monkey that can’t feel the kind of complex emotions we feel. But what you feel is guilt and rather than surrendering to the guilt you rationalize what you’re doing, so you live in sin. This is true for all of us, for me and for you. I don’t have to tell you what you’re doing wrong, because you already know. You try to suppress the guilt because it hurts, but guilt and the humility it produces happens to be the cure. Guilt is like a maggot that only consumes the rotten portions of your soul.

Every society where people still try to find God has been largely spared from this virus and its extended phenotype (hysterical totalitarianism). One of the strange symptoms of this virus seems to be an extreme hatred for every attempt at transcendence. They insist on shutting down the churches whenever they become afraid of this virus and they rage at the people whose religious convictions stop them from getting vaccinated. And yet, I’m willing to hazard a guess and say that it’s not Orthodox Christian vegetarian monks who brought this virus back home with them after backpacking in China.

There’s not a healthy society that acts in the manner we responded to this virus. In a healthy society 100 year old women in nursing homes don’t have to make videos begging to see their family. In a healthy society children don’t bleed from their noses after getting tested for a virus without suffering any symptoms. In a healthy society children are not made to wear masks in school while celebrities don’t. A healthy society doesn’t make people afraid of socializing and doesn’t make people feel guilty for spreading invisible viruses by engaging in social interaction.

And again, this happens because we are wicked. We don’t speak up when we see things that are wrong. We hide behind the rules. The teachers don’t stand up for the children whose childhood is being ruined. We don’t stand up for the elderly in the nursing homes who are made to die alone. The bureaucrats don’t resist the machine, they try to rise through the ranks by following its dictates. The doctors won’t say out loud what they are seeing in the hospitals. The virologists didn’t tell us what was so strange about this virus. We’re all complicit and so the plague of our own creation continues.

This virus is a fire that burns down all the dead wood in our society, every attempt to extinguish it creates more fuel. Because this is not a healthy society, it perishes in the fire.


  1. We live in a Romans 1 culture – “And even as they refused to have God in their knowledge, God gave them up unto a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not fitting; being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malignity; whisperers, backbiters, hateful to God, insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents…” (Rom 1:28+)

  2. Your blog was one of the first wake up calls to me last year that all was not well or normal with the reaction to the batsoupflu that’s been going on. Since then I’ve been dropping in because I find that you are usually a few months ahead of everybody else in noticing trends. Cheers for that. It’s been hard (for me) not to go down the conspiracy route but it is a disempowering mindset and does nothing for me on a day to day survival basis. The idea that this is all just the logical outcome of a sinful society and that only repentance is going to get us out of it is strangely comforting. The capitulation of so many churches (including unfortunately some “Orthodox”) to the dominant narrative has been depressing, but hopefully a remnant of it will survive.

    • So many churches have capitulated. They closed their doors and went to live-stream. They failed to speak up when their fellow pastors were arrested for defying the state mandates and continuing to preach the gospel. As a result these churches will die. They are the Laodicean church spoken of in Revelation 3. God will spit them out of His mouth.

  3. First time reader. This is EXCELLENT. This right here is what all the so-called religious leaders would have written if any of them were religious, or leaders. God bless you.

  4. Even if I have no faith in God, I realize that, since few months, that spirituality is the way out of this horrendous crisis. Your post is describing perfectly the big sin that Mankind is committing. Hubris was a word that I did not know before and now, I understand it. Our failing institutions pledged to save us from the disease with their extreme confidence and arrogance. We will pay for this deeply. Your words are a blessing.

  5. I don’t necessarily disagree but there may be a simpler explanation. As an analogy, imagine you lived in the depths of Maoist China (estimates are that Mao killed 50 to 70 million of his own people) and you knew nothing about the outside world. Your family and friends are dying from famine because trains with rice aren’t arriving, some friends are being killed just because they think a bit more than average, and overall economic progress seems to be in a malaise.

    The simpler, proximate explanation for the crisis is: authoritarianism. Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, and the list goes on. We know this because countries with less authoritarianism were succeeding during this same period. The ultimate scientific evidence of this is the natural experiments of East vs. West Germany, and North vs. South Korea. There is an inescapable correlation between the power of government and the possibility of needlessly negative outcomes.

    It may be that this clusterfuck of SARS-CoV-2 is a reflection of the global authoritarianism that has creeped up on the world. Since it’s global, most people literally can’t see the alternative. The few glimmers of freedom in the world (e.g. Sweden, Florida, etc.) seem to suggest that, once again, authoritarianism is making things worse.

    I think the long-term answer is freedom through decentralization; however, that usually only has a chance of being tried on frontiers, and we’re basically out of frontiers (sorry Seasteaders). We’ll have to wait until we are a multi-planetary species for the next frontier.

    Until then, hunker down, keep your head down, and build a community, carefully:

  6. This entire post misses the fact that “conpspiracy” theorists hypothesized powerful groups, and their deliberate plans to control, sterilise and eventually kill us with this bioweapon and the vaccine/social takeover that follows, were CLEARLY and REPEATEDLY and ACCURATELY predicted long before the event, based on both inferred knowledge based on analyzing previous test virus rollouts (eg, SARS1, that killed many asians and less than a dozen non asians, what seems to be a clear test of racially targeted bioweapon), and on the powerful groups OWN documents, both released deliberately, and those leaked by insiders.

    When you have a hypothesis (this is all planned) that accurately predicts nearly every single aspect of complex, international, years long, politically controversial events involving nearly the entire population of the planet, to a T, competing with a lazy “this is all just a symptom of random chance and our current social structure etc” hypothesis that predicted none of it, it is foolish to write off the former and promote the latter.
    How many times do these assholes have to TELL you they want to takeover society, control us all, and sterilise/kill most of us with a “botched vaccine response to a pandemic virus” before you realise, they are trying to takeover society and sterilise/kill us with a deliberately deadly and progressively more deadly forced vaccine rollout in response to this lab engineered bioweapon?

    Its not coincidence. Everything that has happened I was predicting, along with many others, 10 years or more ago. Something able to make complex predictions accurately that far out is called a well supported scientific hypothesis, and it blows the null hypothesis out fo the water

    • Unfortunately that is correct. Of course, the original post is also correct. There would be no chance of a conspiracy succeeding, if masculine men stood against it. We are being destroyed by the greed we have given ourselves over to. In effect, we are now subject to those who are even greedier than us, and who lust for absolute power. But they, too, are just entities born out of a world of greed. And they, too, will fall to their own hubris.

      You could say that this is a “natural” conspiracy. Everything that those with power and money do now, is to get more power, and more money. Because they can buy practically anybody, it looks like a conspiracy. But the only thing these people are really united through, is their greed. They have no loyalty other than that. Basically, it’s a force of nature that is created by human sin (lack of virtue), and which is expressed through humans.

      Seeing that this is a cooperation between the greedy all-powerful, and the greedy small people, we must stop cooperating by learning humility. Otherwise, we too will be consumed, as so many of us already are. We must see the error of our ways, allow acceptance for our mistakes, and learn from them. Only then can we find our virtue.

      Conspiracy or not, it does not matter. This is a world of humans. And humans are all imperfect. They are all mortal. They all bleed when they are cut, and they all will once turn into dust. Every one of us.

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