This is what you’re up against

There’s this old saying, when people show you who they are, believe them. These are a bunch of people who participate in the government orchestrated protest against the AfD in Germany. If you look at this, you immediately understand what you’re dealing with at an intuitive level, the harder part is finding the proper words for it.

I think the best way to describe it, is that these are the sort of people whose parents were too successful at sheltering them from the harsh realities of life. And they’re kind of self-aware about this. They like to show it off. It’s like the AfD is saying “we have a problem” and these people respond by smugly sticking their fingers in their ears and saying: “Haha, I can’t hear you, racist.” They have the privilege of not having become bitter by experiencing the real world and they enjoy rubbing it in your face.

If you realize this, then you also realize some other stuff. Why is the AfD polling so well in the former DDR? Because that’s where people lived through the reality of life. What is the reality of life? Not knowing if you’re really your father’s son, because you were born in 1946, just after the Bolshevik horde went around raping girls.

I know people like to say the left consists of cruel psychopaths. I’m sure you’ll find some among their ranks, Gavin Newsom in California scares the hell out of me. But you recognize the dark triad types on the far left. They look like this:

But these are not the dark triad types. These are their prey. These are the people who are taught that if they were “born in the wrong body” their vagina can be turned into a real penis by a surgeon, or vice versa. And they believe it. And there’s exactly nobody who protects them.

The people who scare me most are not the reptile-eyed psychopaths. It’s the average people, whose empathy is mostly just a product of their context. I can’t emphasize this enough. The reason most people are kind, is not because they’re good people. It’s because they exist in a cultural context where kind behavior is the path of least resistance, that gets you furthest in life. If you’ve lived in Auschwitz, you’ll always find yourself asking: “How would this person have behaved in Auschwitz?”

The people you see here basically don’t have a functioning amygdala. They’re not capable of recognizing a threat. The reason the same low IQ low status white males who worry about the number of brown people entering their country worry about the imminent collapse of the dollar, a solar flare destroying the electric grid or Klaus Schwab sterilizing them through a vaccine, is because these people have a functional amygdala. Their brain looks for threats.

The people you see here, are like a chihuahua that doesn’t have the concept of a “mean dog” in its brain yet. The dog learned that the way you deal with bigger dogs than you is by wagging your tail, laying on your back and waiting until they’re done sniffing you. And that works, until you meet a pit bull. These people have never met the pit bull.


  1. They’re just NPCs, they’re not capable of good or evil because they don’t even understand what that means. Honestly, they’re tools, the good should want to drag as many tools out of tooldom as possible; yet we also have to acknowledge that it’s not possible for every NPC to become a player, and everything exists for a reason.

  2. Gavin Newsome scares me too.

    I wouldn’t even call the types you describe average, because to me they stick out from the vast majority of people. They’re androgenous college-educated types, who aspire to fill some managerial role, not the descendants of farmers, plumbers, carpenters, factory workers, or what-have-you. Their life revolves around work, which in turn revolves around a nebulous concept known as ’employability’– you have to signal your membership in the hive to the other drones. Western societies produce these people by the boatload, they seem relatively uncommon in less civilized places.

  3. It is true that many people appear kind, but only in context, not in their true nature. When it comes to the crunch, their kindness disappears.

    But there are some naturally kind people. It is simply in their nature, no matter what the context. They are truly kind hearted. They are good people. But they are a tiny minority.

    • They’re well meaning but somehow they can’t understand how the left has gone completely off the rails. In the last 10 years I’ve gone from one of them to an eternal opponent.
      And even when I was an angry leftist, especially during the dark Bush years, I wasn’t as obnoxious and insufferable as these clueless shitbirds.

      • I remember how excited I was to vote, during my first elections as an adult, to the Spanish Socialist Party, the one who opposed Bush, Blair and Aznar in the Irak war. That was the first and last time I’ve ever voted, but I went on considering myself a leftist up until covid. Now I don’t know what being a leftist really means any more. Is it the world becoming insane or just us getting old? Hasn’t almost every generation feel the same way we’re feeling now? Idk, Idk…

  4. My big gripe with the left these days is that they’re class traitors, proponents of technological slavery, and planet destroying apologists.

    Uncle Ted said that the system’s neatest trick is getting rebellious types to do the work of the system, which is basically what the left does these days. It lures rebellious types in with the promise of adventure, excitement, hot chicks, sticking it to the man. . .

    And then it turns them on their parents, families, communities, nations, nature. . .

    Nothing is sacred to the system. All obstacles and barriers to progress must be destroyed. And the well-meaning, but wrongheaded rebellious leftist kids are its attack dogs.

    At least until they meet a bigger dog.

    • The left has always been those things, class traitors, proponents of slavery, and advocates for destroying the planet. That’s the world they decided to build when they defeated the right in France, WW1, WW2, the Civil War, and many others.

      Of-course the right hasn’t been perfect either, the right has obviously been slavers and destroyers too. The right today is convinced simply by the left’s rhetoric (that they don’t follow themselves) that destroying the planet is right wing, when nothing further could be true.

      This is why radical centrism is the ideal, not gay centrism, but truly radical and world shaping. The right wing has failed. Fuck the right wing. The right wing is dead. All hail the right wing!

      • Agreed, a pox on both their houses.

        Maybe radical centrism is the way to go as you say.

        Maybe it’d be better for the whole shitshow to just curl up and die 🙂

      • There is no left and right. There is only authority! Smothering mommy authoritarianism (called left) and kickass dady authoritarianism (called right) who run the family and the house. Those pathetic kids are as much tools as the people flocking to rightwing protests. Clueless useful idiots

        • Seems like a fair point.

          The world where mummy is in charge: “It makes mummy feel so bad when you misbehave – do you really want to hurt mummy by doing that?”

          Versus the world where daddy is in charge: “You did the wrong thing, it’s time for the belt.”

          Which authority is more tyrannous?

          Nevertheless, as a LSWM, from a LSWM background, I once felt that the left was on my side and that it had the economic and social interests of the LSWM at its core.

          But all that changed in the 80s here in Oz, probably about the same time as it happened in the UK and USA from which Oz takes its lead.

          In the 80s, neoliberalism (termed ‘economic rationalism’ here) came along, and the political left (aka mummy) and the political right (aka daddy) broke the rules of nature and turned on their own flesh and blood LSWM child that they were supposed to nurture and protect like good parents are supposed to do.

          Perhaps it’s because, for some reason, most kids love mummy more that it hurts more when she betrays them?

          Sure, Daddy’s no good either, but that might be why they hate her more.

          She’s a bad, unnatural, cunt of a mother.

      • The Right wing has not failed. It is just coming out of hibernation and is now challenging the regime or uniparty, whatever you want to call it. It helps to think in terms of cycles.

        In America, the Right last came out of hibernation in the ’70s with the help of former leftists like David Horowitz and others of his generation, a group that became known as neo-conservatives and who provided intellectual support for the Reagan Revolution (Reagan himself having been a neo-conservative back in the ’50s). Neo-conservatives subsequently morphed/deteriorated into war-happy establishment neocons who eventually, with the rise of Donald Trump, found their current home in the Democrat party and disappearing RINO wing of the Republican party.

        While Trump was never really of the Right, he has become the focal point of it over the past few years, and appears today to align much more closely to real conservatives and their agenda than he did in 2016 or even 2020.

        • This is an interesting comment. The last few decades I think many people have deteriorated in many countries. Honestly, for years and years I have longed for things to get tougher materially, so that people would be forced to have a look at their woolly attitudes.

  5. This is the words are violence crowd. Only a person who has been privileged enough to have never experienced actual violence could believe such a fallacy. These kids just need to be punched in the mouth. That’ll wake them up.

    • And you know they haven’t experienced real violence due to their tendency to be nasty and bullying, while simultaneously being unprepared and incapable of dealing with any retaliatory physical violence.

      Does this matter with respect to physical safety in this kind of example? Normally, probably not a whole lot. We all know that you’re not supposed to get physical these days. The system has the monopoly on violence, and it’s generally only the system’s ‘unofficial rebellious agents’ who seem to be able to get away with any ‘unofficial’ physical violence.

      But what happens when the system oversteps and loses its social license to operate?

      Well, I guess the ties may come off, and men from all sides may feel free to duke it out to determine the outcome without fear of being ostracized/exiled for breaking the social conventions against using violence.

      The fact that that line hasn’t been crossed yet in a big way is pretty amazing given the events of recent years. People seem very slow to anger. Complacent even. But if and when enough pressure builds to explode, I guess it just has to keep going until the repressed energies have been expended.

      But it hasn’t gone off, so perhaps the case could be made that the system handled the events of the last few years pretty well on at least that score, as it must’ve stopped just short of applying enough pressure to cause a huge explosion.

      But will those repressed energies that it built up just dissipate? Or will a little extra pressure, perhaps from some innocuous event, be enough to force them out in some unexpected and explosive way?

      It does feel a little tense, so maybe something will go off. If it does, it probably won’t start in Australia, where people are not really known to revolt. Sure, we get the odd incident, but widespread revolutionary tendencies against the dominant system seem like more of a European/American thing.

      The race is on!

      Australia will take its lead from the winner.

      • I suspect we are close to seeing some steam being let off.

        We’ve seen massive protests across the West, beginning with the truckers convoy in Canada nearly two years ago and which is still being played out with a judge ruling Trudeau’s suspension of constitutional rights was, well, unconstitutional (ie. criminal).

        But the latest example, even as news of the German protests is still permeating the landscape, is down in Texas. To bring readers up to speed, the state governor put up razor wire fences to slow the Biden-engineered invasion from Mexico. Biden (his string-pullers actually) got a supreme court approval to take them down. But border patrol agents are refusing to do so, saying they stand with the Texas national guard. And the governor has declared the invasion an invasion, giving him certain constitutional rights to act, and he has garnered moral and material support from a number of other states. Meanwhile, a massive truckers convoy is apparently headed to the border, probably not delivering goods to Mexico. The Davos crowd is facing pushback of the physical sort.

  6. The reason why the left has been weaponized is not because of choice. TPTB would prefer to select the far right to use. The reason why they pick the left is that only the left CAN BE CONTROLLED. The leftie brain is wired up differently and can be easily manipulated and controlled as a homogeneous group. This cannot be done as against the right wing brain. The right wing brain simply cannot be controlled and manipulated as a group. This is why they can only use the left:

    • I hadn’t heard of a difference in brain structure between people who hold right vs left political tendencies.

      Not a big surprise there.

      Modernity doesn’t exactly promote the notion that there might be a biological basis for the way people think and behave.

      But there it is – the leftist actually does have a smaller amygdala.

    • >The right wing brain simply cannot be controlled and manipulated as a group

      What the fuck are you talking about man? Right wingers have different levers, but can still be corralled en-masse.
      At best, you can say genuine anarchists (distinguished from shitlib “anarchists”) are resistant to statist propaganda, but even we are subject to social pressure.

      • That is why the left always wins, and the right always loses (until the left eventually self destructs). It is a different mindset, a hybrid collective conjoined mind, vs a collection of individuals. Look at Jan 6 vs BLM as an example. BLM would have burnt the Capitol building to the ground if any of them would have been imprisoned on those types of sentences. Where are the pathetic gutless useless moronic MAGA supporters, what are they doing when their fellow righties are rotting in prison? Sweet FA is the answer. Different brains, different thinking.

    • You have taken a leap that is probably not supported by the data. While current experiences support such an interpretation, it would not have been quite so clear 90-100 years ago, when communists and fascists were not only battling it out in the streets of European cities but the fascists appear to have been more cohesive and better controlled. And they won. Bolshevik Russia doesn’t count because the only ideological conflict was among the left — socialists vs Mensheviks vs Bolsheviks, etc.

      A better distinction, and which might also be supported by the data, is between collectivists, including fascists, and classical liberals, aka conservatives.

      Anyway, we don’t really know what the researchers meant by ‘conservatives’ or ‘liberals’. For example, is it really plausible that a conservative like Churchill would respond more strongly or violently to ‘threatening situations’ than a lefty like Lenin or Trotsky, for whom ‘ethical’ meant any action that furthered the goals of the Soviet state? Still, it appears that political affiliation is linked to cognitive function, a finding that offers plenty to speculate on and perhaps offer a basis for more research.

  7. I see a lot of the smug old white man type. They tell themselves that ”now I will show my grandchildren that I was on the right side of history” and then they bask in the feeling of beeing one of the good guys. Of course they live in all-white areas in houses that their grandchildren will never be able to afford unless they receive a large inheritance. These old people are unable to take in what has happened in the world in recent decades. They have an outdated black and white view of the world. This is the worst kind of them all, they have used up all the resources and are leaving a burnt out crap house for future generations. They feel satisfied with what life gave them and seriously believe that their grandchildren have the same chance they had.

  8. Hey Radagast, I have a question:

    Let’s say you log off your website for the evening, and go to bed. Then, someone (let’s call them “Person X”) writes a comment on your website. But, they don’t leave it under your most recent blog/post, they leave it on one of your really old articles. Their comment now appears in the “Recent Comments” section on the homepage.

    Then, while you are asleep. a bunch of LSWMs (or Kareninca or Michelle) continue posting comments, because it is still daytime for them. Maybe Sensitive Young Man is dropping some truth bombs in the “General Discussion” (formerly “LSWM Safe Space”, originally “Shitpost Central”) section. Or Fucko The Clown is once again calling for a global genocide from his homestead in rural bumfuck nowhere. Or, @retard is enlightening us on the latest globalist conspiracy from his remote island in the Pacific Ocean. Now, the comment left by Person X no longer appears in the “Recent Comments” section on the homepage.

    So, does this mean that, when you wake up the next morning and log back onto your website, you’re never going to see the comment left by Person X?

    • “Maybe Sensitive Young Man is dropping some truth bombs in the “General Discussion” ”

      Awww, I appreciate you calling them “truth bombs” Makes me feel good. Thanks LSWM Lives Matter, they really do.

  9. To understand what’s going on, You may want to read

    Michael Nehls: Das indoktrinierte Gehirn
    Michael Nehls: The Indoctrinated Brain

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