Time for a laugh

Sorry, I have reached the point where I just have to laugh about it all. And if you want to laugh with me, then do me a favor and watch the last fifteen minutes of this video.

The world is beginning to fall apart around you. This is not new, the writing was on the wall by the 70’s, we got the Club of Rome for a reason. So, there will inevitably be people who hope to solve it. And if they’re not entirely retarded, then they realize it means humanity will have to be content with less.

Of course you also realize that some guy living in a mud hut in Congo isn’t just unwilling to sign up for less, but also can’t even have less without dying of hunger. So, that means the “imperial core”, which includes yours sincerely of course as even the English are merely our puppets ever since the Glorious Revolution, will have to do with less.

How much less? Well, 95% less energy use by 2050. That’s the degrowth plan. But it gets better. They are convinced that in their utopia, we could all still have normal washing, cooking, housing, free public transport, free healthcare and education, free Internet, fresh and hot water and more. Yes, with 95% less energy!

The point I want to make, is that I’m increasingly just finding myself in a world full of people peddling idiotic fantasies that make me feel like I’m stepping into some sort of trap by seriously engaging with them. These people can not be serious.

I feel like I’m just being scammed, by acting as if I live in a world where words still have meaning, companies are still supposed to generate earnings, problems are still supposed to get solved and people mean what they say.

This stuff we get here just doesn’t mean anything. It’s just ASMR for people with PhD’s. You can watch the entire video. Note what is not mentioned ONCE: HOW we’re supposed to get this 95% reduction in energy use. WHAT we’re going to have to sacrifice for it.

Instead we get a lecture near the end of the video from the soyjack narrator that “sacrifice” detracts people from degrowth and it isn’t really necessary. Because get this: As soon as you start pointing out to people what degrowth would actually involve, nobody wants it. And instead of trying to convince people that this is a price worth paying, these people just tell you that we could somehow reduce energy use by 95% without “sacrifice”.

If these people had some sort of moral fiber, they would explain that we would have to choose to live in a world where you’re not allowed to go on vacation, drive a car, eat an animal, mine a Bitcoin, let a brown person into your country or heat your home. And then they would try to point out to you that it’s going to suck, but developing bloating bellies because the harvest failed again in the latest heatwave isn’t that much fun either.

But they don’t do that. This video is the sort of stuff you get in a world in which a Claudine Gay can become Harvard president. None of these people are really proposing any serious solutions to anything.

It’s just a massive giant circlejerk of peddling buzzwords back and forth at each other: “ecosocialism!” “justice!” “community!” “feminism!” “care!” “indigenous!” “queer!” It’s like they’re not really trying to think, but rather, they’re trying to gather the words they like and then they try to find some sort of rhetorical string to tie them all together with. Then they present that garbled nonsense as if it were a solution.

I mean, if you really believed this stuff, that the world’s most developed countries need to shrink their energy consumption by 95% to save the day, the first step you would logically take, would be to stop growing the population of those countries.

So what do we see? There isn’t a green movement in the world, nor a degrowth movement, that proposes any sort of serious attempt to limit population growth in developed countries. Sweden imports 2% of its population worth of asylum seekers in a single year? All these people sleep. Canada and the UK grow their population at the fastest rate in sixty years? Crickets.

This is the lowest hanging degrowth fruit (except banning Bitcoin I guess), that would have the vast majority of the population behind it. But they’re not interested in harvesting it. So these are not serious people. And this isn’t some sort of obscure pet peeve of mine either. England will blow through its remaining carbon budget, just by building the houses that need to be build to accommodate the growing population.

In every single Western country, the plebs have to painstakingly work around these academics, who will accuse them of “xenophobia” “right-wing populism” and “ecofascism”, in a desperate attempt to stop their country’s population from continuing to grow every year, because the whole system just approaches collapse from the constant influx of more people.

Leftists don’t seem to see words as some sort of tool to convey information with. They seem to think of words as some sort of magical LEGO blocks that can be stacked together to produce a powerful spell that forces the world to adjust to reflect your desires. They seem to think all of reality is ultimately just a kind of social construct.

I’ve long had the idea that Baudrillard must have taken a lot of LSD when he lived in California, but this seems to be true for the entire post-Marxist left. They seem to think that words create reality and that by making words meaningless, they can set us all free.

But there isn’t really anyone out there anywhere, who’s seriously trying to solve any part of the mess we’re in. And that matters, because if you pay attention, you will have noticed by now this mess will be our undoing. Ecological overshoot is our cause of death, SARS2 is our anesthesic.

It’s just an endless circlejerk, of people who set up institutes and academic journals and discussion groups and meetings and then they can draw a salary by stringing together the words everyone likes to hear into something vaguely resembling a meaningful sentence.

We don’t deserve much, we really don’t. But we deserve better than this.


  1. I’m just waiting for all it collapse, I don’t care about physical comfort or gadgets or any of that bullshit. I’d be even more happy living free, wearing animals pelts, and going to bed hungry; than I currently am as a slave with a full belly. My life is a story, my comfort is less important than making it an interesting one.

    Nature will have her revenge, she destroys all falsehoods eventually. One day all this insane bullshit will be long forgotten, only remembered by lost souls in-between reincarnation who laugh at the folly and stupidity of the living. This Kingdom of Trannies will decay and go back to the dust; all that will remain of our legacy is something that is unmistakably a cosmic joke. This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

  2. We will have degrowth but it looks like it will be disorganized and chaotic and the way will be paved with violence, famine, disease, genocide and every imaginable kind of misery. Somewhere down the road things will stabilize but it will be with a significantly shrunken population and a much lower standard of living. New societies will be created adapted to the conditions that will exist.

    If Geert Vanden Bossche is correct regarding JN.1 then degrowth is just days or weeks away. It will happen faster than anyone could have imagined.

      • We will soon find out if he is right or wrong. I do not believe it until I see proof in reality. I would not be surprised if he is correct, my gut feeling tells me he is.

        • Indeed, Leprechaun, we will find out soon. You have to respect Vanden Bossche. He has put it all on the line in stating we will know a significant conclusion to the COVID-19 story in observing how JN.1 pans out (“in days and weeks, not months”). GVB has not hedged here… It either happens (significant morbidity and mortality among the vaccinated) or his reputation is kaput. Vanden Bossche was just interviewed by Steve Kirsch but this podcast was annoying due to Kirsch’s impatience with GVB and interruptions (I like Kirsch as a beacon but not in this broadcast). But GVB was also just interviewed by Dr. Philip McMillan and this was a much better interview. GVB provided the best explanation I’ve ever heard of what he continuously refers to as “immune refocusing”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoMH2R0vVxM

          According to GVB, the unvaxxed should sit tight and keep yourself healthy; your immune system continues to train itself appropriately. Vaxxed need to immediately begin prophylactic anti-virals and reduce exposure to all viruses.

      • Agreed, Rintrah is much closer to the truth than Geert with his endless dense, wordy, pontificating, confused and unintelligible utterances.
        But they’re both wrong.

        • Keith, I agree with dense and wordy. I disagree with pontificating and unintelligible. GVB is never confused. We’ll see.

          With God’s help we will make it through whatever happens with grace and charity. As an unvaxxed who saw so much of what’s happening ahead of time, I’m really trying to maintain ‘Schadenfreude’ as a dirty word. It will be of no help in where we’re headed.

      • Geert being right requires our immune system to be incapable of developing new high affinity neutralising antibodies towards dominant epitopes that have mutated to produce new variants, even after multiple exposures to the new version of the epitope.

        But that’s something I don’t see backed up by evidence.

        I’ve said before that I think the bigger risk is serotype evolution.

        Additionally, there’s the risk of selecting increasingly fusogenic (virulent strains), that escape people’s antibodies by merging the cell they infected with other cells.

        BA.2.86 is a good example of the virus relearning to be fusogenic.

        Serotype evolution can be catastrophic in its own right.

        It can mean ADE, but even if the variants just avoid each other’s immunity, you can go from two annual infections per person to four, simply by having an XBB and a BA.2.86 serotype circulating in the same population.

        Only solution to that would be variant independent immunity, which the vaccines effectively destroyed.

        • And here for Dengue you see the problem with that:


          >First, we characterized antibody responses following primary DENV exposure. With apparent infections, for which we knew the date of fever onset, we found a significant negative correlation between the time that elapsed after infection and the breadth of neutralization across the 4 serotypes (Pearson r = −0.69; P < .01): children who experienced dengue fever recently had neutralizing antibody responses against a greater number of serotypes than children who experienced dengue fever early in the study year (Figure 1A). For all primary infections, both inapparent and apparent, we tested follow-up sera for presence of DENV IgM, which is indicative of recent infection (ie, infection within the past 6 months) [29]. Serotype–cross-neutralizing sera were more likely than monotypic sera to be IgM positive (P < .05; Figure 1B), further confirming the association between recent primary exposure and broad neutralization. Same for SARS2, IgM is superior at cross-neutralization: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35938988/

          Vaccinate multiple times against Spike and you induce an IgG dominant response, as bypassing the mucous membranes puts IgM at a disadvantage.

          That response then starts encouraging serotype formation.

    • >TPTB are lying about the global population. It is not 8 billion. It is 10.5 billion.

      Hot new LSWM conspiracy theory just dropped.

      This reminds me of people who claim the dark ages never happened.

    • I’ve seen your other comments on Rintrah’s blog and would appreciate a more detailed explanation as to how you think the HLA system is being targeted by the virus/vax and what that means for public health. Is your story something along the lines of virus/vax causing integration that impairs the HLA system for the vast majority, who are progressively unable to ward off common infections? And even the unvaccinated are affected insofar as they’re susceptible to integration from recurring Covid infections (assuming they belong to the genetically targeted majority)? Or am I completely off-base here. In any case, the more details the better on how you see our current situation.

      Rintrah seems to envision a catastrophic (albeit gradual) erosion of our immune system due to T-cell exhaustion, etc. from contracting an immunosuppressive coronavirus multiple times a year, which doesn’t exactly spare anyone much less a privileged 10% (or whatever).

      • It is a binary bio-weapon system (virus + immune system homogenization). One part cannot work without the other. It is both lifestyle and genetically targeted. The genetic targeting is primarily via triggering autoimmunity. 6 to 8 reinfections and the immune system will bite. As for the HLA targeting, it is not about human race, it is about human SPECIES (per my BLAST and PLAAC analysis). Not all humans are descendant from the same SPECIES. Some whites are more like blacks (the stupid whites). Other whites are more like East Asians (the smart whites). Guess which whites are exempt from the autoimmunity targeting? Hint: not the stupid whites. The bioweapon system is Africa’s solution to climate change. Yes, they genetically targeted themselves. All those corrupt injected African blacks living the good life, they get to die. All the poor blacks, they are not injected, and they are lifestyle exempt with rock solid immune systems. They will survive. Blacks, albeit stupid, are smart enough to realize that they do need some whites and East Asians around to keep things going, so they picked that species minority to make exempt.

        The injections also form a secondary role as germline gene therapy, to keep birth rates down in the next generation of females. That is the “DNA contamination” part.

        • Thank you for this response. One detail that remains fuzzy is whether it takes “6-8 reinfections” to trigger the autoimmune response independent of vaccination status, or if an even greater number of reinfections are generally needed for the unvaccinated, whose immune systems aren’t already primed with Spike antigen.

          If you don’t mind, here you say that this is “Africa’s solution to climate change,” but I recall another comment in which you alleged that the program was run out of Melbourne in Australia, which implies this is a Western scheme. Care to remark just a bit more on this (prima facie) disconnect? And can you speak to how you would be in a privileged position to comment on such political details? For these questions I’ll be content with a vague reply.

          • With the injections, for the individual injected person, the injections induce tolerance, not immunity. This is where I do not know the answer. For an injected person, they have induced tolerance, but also the incorrect immune response. For a non-injected person, with the correct exposure, they will have the correct immune response, but without tolerance, except for the usual protections against an autoimmune repose, in relation to self-like epitopes. In my view, it is 6 to 8 hits, regardless of injected or not. There is in my view too much focus on the acute infection stage. Yes the acute stage can kill, but it is the secondary stage that is the bigger problem.

            With Melbourne Australia (e.g the Burnett institute), I agree, it does not make sense, but this is where all the paths converge. Ukraine (everything frozen dodgy was sent back to Melbourne), Central Africa (Doherty Institute), WHO, Tedros, the massive global corporate public health vaccination machine, it all points back to Melbourne Australia.

  3. The DUTCH duo doom mongers!
    RR and Bossche, and both are claiming to be expert about things neither one of them understands!

  4. Degrowth does have a nicer sound than rapid collapse.
    When I was a child, my family lived in an extremely rural community. I remember the transition from using an outhouse to indoor plumbing. The luxury of heated water coming out of a gas-fired water heater. Yep, not looking forward to his ecosocialist utopia.

  5. “ All these people sleep. Canada and the UK grow their population at the fastest rate in sixty years? Crickets.”

    I know. We live in a deeply unserious time in which the masses have been manipulated into exhibiting a veritable kaleidoscope of cognitive dissonance. For me Covid was an apocalyptic event insofar as it showed the extent to which such manipulation was possible, with our best minds touting cloth masks and injections with unknown consequences; that such was possible for an event not subject to longstanding ideological divisions was eye-opening.

    Whatever horrible fate is in store for our society in the years to come, I’d like to avoid participating in the lies inasmuch as possible and encourage others to do the same and thereby retain some measure of spiritual integrity.

  6. I really don’t buy and don’t go along with your climate doom narrative, but you absolutely nail the bewildering zeitgeist of our current western clown-societies.

    It will end like society wide delusions usually end. Ironically that might very well include degrowth of various kind.

  7. There’s no explaining to people that our levels of consumption need to fall – not even to the de-growth crowd who you’d imagine would be on board with it.

    Why is that though?

    Perhaps ‘death denial’?

    Everything dies, and this will include the industrial technological civilization upon which we all depend for survival once it gets through with consuming the ecosystem in which it is embedded and/or finally converts a sufficient amount of the resources upon which it depends into toxins and chokes out etc., but we don’t want to look that terrifying reality in the face.

    Instead, we want to keep on buying stuff in the hope that one day we will buy immortality, or at least get something that will stave off death for a while.

    We literally cannot face the scary knowledge that we are mortal, instead we want a death free utopia stuffed with machines to clean everything for us, heat our houses, provide food and potable water, transport, entertainment. . .

    Even the de-growth guy wants his consumer goods and the benefits of ‘progress’, while somehow de-growing the system, which is ludicrous. And to cap it off, he seems to think this de-growing system can provide modern wonders for all with 95% less energy AND pay reparations to boot!

    With what surplus will, say, the average future citizen of the
    UK pay reparations to the former British colonies when each individual in the UK has less energy at their disposal on a per capita basis than a contemporary Indian living in a former British colony?

    Clearly, the de-growther is deluding himself.

    But why must he delude himself? Which brings me back to death denial. The de-growth guy is a human and humans are scared of death, so they deny the risks of death and go about their lives as if nothing is happening. If they couldn’t do that, they would never leave the cave.

    This mechanism for death denial is therefore adaptive, at least most of the time, but it also gives us some pretty damn significant blind spots, including being unable to see that if the system stops using 95% of the energy that it currently uses, then just about everyone who depends on the system to survive will probably die.

    That’s one theory anyway. Seems to fit.

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