Tough pill to swallow

If you never had a girlfriend as a teenager, you’ll always be thinking like an incel. Sorry. Age 19 is absolutely the latest to have a chance at functioning normal psychologically.

After age 19, the pathologies just build up like a snowball rolling down a hill. You’ll listen to some guru like Andrew Tate or Jordan Peterson and learn to reverse engineer human psychology.

You’ll be this-maxxing and that-maxxing. You missed out on that brief period of girlish innocence, where you can steal her heart simply by dressing like the lead singer in her favorite band, or by having freckles.

Now the questions just grow cynical and pragmatic: What does your father do? What do you study? What kind of car do you drive? And eventually: What do you do for a living?

I’m not saying you’ll never have a girlfriend. No, it’s far worse than that. You’ll get a degree in engineering and you’ll be guy number five, or number three if you go for a shy boring woman.

You’ll never really do the fundamentals together with someone who is discovering it for the first time too. Sex is the obvious one, but even just kissing or going on a date. The little things are worse than the big ones.

You won’t notice that nervousness she had in her eyes at age 17 the first time she met up at the mall and tried something new with her make-up.

You’re not going to sneak into an abandoned mansion together. No my friends. You’re going to watch a Netflix crime drama with her, while you’re browsing your phone. On a Friday evening.

There is no going back, there is no real recovery. Sorry. This is the reason millennials watch Euphoria or 13 Reasons Why on ketamine or cannabis. Building memories that are not yours.

But you’re not alone. What I’m explaining here is why countries like South Korea now have less than one child per woman.

But I want you to keep in mind who did this to you. Don’t shoot up a school. It’s our parents generation, whose main concern was that we would get high grades, who never even asked themselves if we were developing normal psychologically.

They did it to the girls too, mind you. That’s why we have these they/thems, the “queer” ones, the ones always engaged in some social justice cause, or why you end up with some narcissistic woman who just drains you psychologically.

And unless you’re already completely psychologically defeated, droning away on autopilot at some office, you’ll never be really able to truly close this chapter.

You’ll have some period in your thirties or forties where you suddenly care about male fashion, or you’ll try to find a sugar baby when you get a well paying job, or you’ll try to fit in at your own son’s birthday parties and talk to his friends. You’ll be strangely nostalgic at an early age.

This is what I mean, when I argue the rot in our society goes much deeper than people think it does. Too many brown people in your country, too much carbon dioxide in your atmosphere, these are things people talk about because you can at least bring numbers and facts to the table.

But the real problem sits much deeper. And I hate to say it, but it’s strangely comforting that the zoomers are even worse off than millennials like me. The emo girls did not have surgeons amputate their breasts for them.

At least I had some girls crush on me. One of them had me listen to My Chemical Romance on her headphones, i told her it’s not for me at the time, but it’s what i now listen to when I take mushrooms.

But there’s a deeper circle of hell, where you’re not just autistic but also ugly. I’m sorry, I have no advice on that. I’m just acknowledging it exists, which is the most i can offer.


  1. For the Incels in their 30’s and middle age. Jesus is the way.

    Whether peace with life-long virginity or not. I am sure God will make use of them if they are willing. What else do they have to lose?

  2. People like you I send to one of our facilities in Indonesia on secondment. They always come back with an Indonesian wife and an extended family back in Indonesia to support. But they come back happy, and their newly found young wives take good care of them. Sorry I cannot touch the grass, but only eat it. It is not my fault. I am in the bio-weapon countermeasure business.

  3. You should read up on the Silent Generation. They grew up under similar circumstances, only in the 50s. You did what you were told, got married and got a factory job (easier times), and listened to your parents. What could go wrong?
    Well, history is not linear. If you grow up sheltered, you end up going wild later on. The Silents ended up being the leaders of the hippie uproar of the 60s and 70s, the divorce epidemic, all of those weird sex things (like swingers), feminism early rock and roll, and a bunch of other things…
    There’s nothing wrong with dating a teenage girl when you’re in your twenties or thirties or wherever. It used to happen pretty often in the good old days, and it will happen again as people start to become uninhibited.

    • Honestly I don’t care about the looks of a 17 year old versus a 30 year old.

      But I’d take the mind of a 17 year old over a 30 year old anytime.

      • Yeah, the innocence itself is attractive. It’s the lack of exposure to pettiness, disappointment, and all the bad sides of getting older. The last thing you want is a woman that treats you like just another tool, when there’s enough of that attitude in life as it is.

    • It’s happened before, historically. Hell, it happened when they were filming Star Wars.

      In almost all societies a man has to be somewhat “established” before he marries. In the good old days, you could do that pretty early, since factory jobs were plentiful. However, if the society has massive wealth inequality, harsh Darwinian conditions, it takes a while to establish your career– then the man will marry later, to a younger girl, who will presumably be more open to that. That’s why you used to see guys in their thirties married to girls in their teens, before we industrialized.

      And women are attracted to older guys, and always have been. Obviously not dudes who are decrepit, but meaning guys who are handsome but give off a sense of being older, experienced, and mature. They’re attracted to that quality of being experienced, mature, or older in guys in the same way we are attracted to innocence, lack of jadedness, and youth in girls. It’s one of those ying and yang things, where the different sides complement each other. If you’ve been friends with girls IRL, not just on PUA forums or strange Dutch blogs, it’s one of those things that end up ringing true, whether you like it or not.

      • You are taking as the norm societies of the past in which women had no choices. That could happen again, but it isn’t the case now.

        In Ireland a couple hundred years ago, young women would marry old guys who had finally inherited the family farm. That was because they had no other option if they wanted to have property and a family. They aren’t doing that now that they can have jobs and young husbands; the Irish ladies I know are going for guys who are their own age; guys who want to have kids. I had a friend in her mid twenties who wanted to have a kid and she was going strictly for nerds her own age. I told her she might as well go for someone whom she actually found attractive, and she went for a guy her own age who was extraordinarily handsome; their relationship was a disaster but she got a stunningly attractive kid and she is delighted.

        The teenage girls I know have no interest in dating anyone. They like to hang out with their female friends. I don’t have any particular opinion about that one way or another, but it is what I see.

        We could get back to the male demographic glory days of the 1960s if we had another world war, but otherwise with shrinking population rates the ratio of older guys to younger women is going to keep getting worse for males. And the sex boost of safe contraception was a one-time thing. I think young guys need a life plan that doesn’t involve waiting for a historical aberration. Harlequin romance novels are still very popular, and they still always end with a baby and a ring.

        • Seems like a good long term Malthusian strategy for boys and men to not be able to couple with or have sexual contact with the opposite sex until their late 20’s, 30’s and 40’s because of whatever barriers that prevent them from doing so.

          This would tend to select for slower life strategy. And likely slower population growth.

          Once economic viability becomes more important. This would be more true. That and other requirements of excellencies.

  4. People in the West (including South Koreans, Japanese etc) have romantic dreams.
    I don’t know how it came to be, and I don’t want to blame us for this; it is part of who we are. Maybe the dream of pure teenage-like love is part of human nature (see “The sea-gull” by Chekhov). The “paradise lost”.

    When I started reading Dostoevsky (some 30 years ago), I thought he deviated from western romance. And maybe he has some answers to give in his novels.
    He also struggled with these questions in his own life.
    But he did manage to find a remarkable wife, his second wife (a typist), a seemingly unremarkable creature compared to the literary circles of mid-to-late-19th century Saint Petersburg.
    Possible: when he abandoned the idea/dream of a remarkable romance, like the ones we dream of in the ‘West’.

  5. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with autistic incels looks-maxxing in an attempt to escape their chronic loneliness and isolation, much better than the alternatives i.e. LDAR (lay down and rot) or “roping” themselves.

    Hair transplants in Istanbul, looking after their skin, top 1% physique. I’m not talking about looking like a bodybuilder, most girls don’t even like that “artificial” look. I’m talking Brad Pitt’s body in Fight Club. Or welterweight prizefighters (see the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao weigh-in as an example). Not “big”, but super lean, where you can see the striations and veins on your biceps and abs. Girls love that shit. Having a thick muscular neck is also very important. Like Rory McIlroy. And forearms as well, don’t forget the forearms. Also weighted pull-ups. You need that wide tapered v-shaped back. High shoulder width to waist ratio signifies high testosterone and high fertility to the opposite sex. That will make you really stand out in a society where the majority of the population is overweight or obese. This newfound confidence will invigorate you and then you can contribute to society in a positive way. Add in some psychedelics and all your emotional scars will simply melt away. Am I trolling with this comment, or being dead serious? I’ll let you all decide for yourselves.

    • Ugly autists can also take cross sex hormones come out as lesbians then have gay sex with each other. Modern problems call for modern solutions. Improving your looks, traveling, roping, or LDAR is so last decade. I’m into future trends and I’m thinking in the 2030s you can just upload your consciousness into the singularity bro and have your body composted.

    • I had the most repulsive experience several months ago. I am a lady in late middle age, but I look okay and I have a “figure”. I avoid humans as much as I can, but I was stuck by chance meeting a guy in my volunteer organization for the first time in person. He is somewhat older than me, I guess. I am short (5-4″), but he was several inches shorter than me. The stunning thing was that he immediately started to brag and preen about a project he was working on (which interfered with one I’m working on, but he was oblivious to that), and he kept coming closer to me over and over and over again and I had to back all the way around the room several times. To say that I now hate this guy wouldn’t even start to capture my view.

      I didn’t care about this guy’s height. I did not notice his hair. I can say that he was a total and complete asshole. I can tolerate chatting with people about interesting things even if they are stupid; if he hadn’t been an asshole I would have been willing to talk with him to see if he had anything interesting to say. But he was an asshole. So I would recommend: don’t be an asshole.

  6. “But thereโ€™s a deeper circle of hell, where youโ€™re not just autistic but also ugly. Iโ€™m sorry, I have no advice on that. Iโ€™m just acknowledging it exists, which is the most i can offer.”

    Apparently there is a drug called Heroin which helps immensely with this condition but unfortunately they banned it.

    Seriously though, even if you’re good looking and autistic you’re still at a major disadvantage as a lot of women find social ineptness and chronic shyness on a man very unattractive, like smelling vomit on a drunk. Lefty women are the worst in this regard.

  7. I am autistic and ugly. I consciously hate my life more-less since I was four years old. Somehow, I managed not to be angry at women but rather at my parents, for coming up with the ridiculous idea of having me. I can agree that missing out on teenage love damages a person irredeemably. No amount of bitches fixes it and I have tried.

  8. > But I want you to keep in mind who did this to you. Donโ€™t shoot up a school. Itโ€™s our parents generation, whose main concern was that we would get high grades, who never even asked themselves if we were developing normal psychologically.


    But to be fair, Is it even realistic to expect otherwise? Has there ever been a time in history where parents were expected to be psychotherapeutic sleuths ensuring their children werenโ€™t victims of unconscious inter-generational trauma, modeling and socially inherited beliefs?

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