Treat DMT with respect

It’s increasingly thought that most mental illnesses are different phenotypes of relatively universal structural problems in the brain. It might be fun for psychiatrists to speculate whether someone is “schizotypal”, “histrionic” or “borderline”, but it tells us very little about what is going on behind the scenes inside the brain itself.

A lot of the different mental illnesses seem to be related to impaired mitochondrial function in our neurons. Human mitochondria are vulnerable, the ones in our neurons in particular have to do a lot of work. One simple problem can sometimes express itself in hugely varying ways. It seems that severe stress itself can also cause such mitochondrial problems in our neurons.

With Psilocin, DMT, Harmalas and 5-Meo-DMT, we have now accomplished enormous success in treating ailments that prevent vast swathes of the population from making use of their cognitive potential. 5-Meo-DMT and DMT in particular are sigma 1 agonists that help improve mitochondrial function, they will play a role in curing a wide variety of mental disorders. We don’t exactly know how Prozac works, but one theory is that it works because it is a sigma 1 agonist, like DMT.

Smoke a carefully crafted blend of Changa, put on your headphones, play this song, wait for the visuals to kick in at 0:55. Enjoy the hedonic singularity. After you have changed your underwear you’ll understand me when I say that the toenail of a Swedish beggar is worth more than all of the world’s epidemiologists put together. Thank me later.

It’s likely that DMT and 5-Meo-DMT will probably play a role in extending female fertility as well. Sigma 1 agonists like DMT and DHEA prevent apoptosis of granulosa cells. As a consequence, a woman’s egg count declines less rapidly as she ages. All the evidence suggests we’re completely underestimating what these chemicals are capable of. DMT in particular is referred to as a Swiss army knife for the brain, because it is capable of serving so many different functions.

The most mysterious tryptamine however, is its close relative, 5-Meo-DMT. 5-Meo-DMT is the tryptamine of legends. DMT takes you to a seemingly alien world. 5-Meo-DMT on the other hand, does no such thing. Most people don’t really report any visual effects from this chemical whatsoever. Rather, they experience intense physical pleasure throughout their entire body. The molecule has the nickname “the God molecule”. People tend to report meeting God under the influence of this chemical. It is almost as if it condenses the entire mystical experience people have with magic mushrooms down into a few minutes.

After inhaling 5-Meo-DMT, people tend to experience what years of psychotherapy, cocktails of antidepressants, exercises and other treatments don’t accomplish: Remission of severe depression. Entire academic disciplines and religious cults have sprung into existence, in a failed attempt to accomplish this. You can buy 5-Meo-DMT as a research chemical online, for 15 eurocent per milligram. A heavy dose of 5-Meo-DMT is twenty milligram. In other words, it costs three Euro to meet God. Maybe this is what Jesus was referring to, when he said to render unto ceasar the things that are caesar’s.

Trauma healing with DMT

I want to focus today on DMT, as opposed to 5-Meo-DMT. DMT itself is a wondrous chemical that can help people a lot, particularly when you are dealing with painful memories. Personally, I have very hurtful memories that tend to interfere with my life. My mother was convinced that I was “gifted” and so rather than helping me fit in with my classmates as a child (which I found challenging enough on its own), she ended up widening the rift I felt from everyone else. The only thing I genuinely wanted, was to be normal and accepted. What I was implicitly taught, is to think of myself as better than everyone else.

Charlatans teach people like my mother that their child is miserable because they’re “bored” at school, because they’re too “gifted” for their schoolwork. The solution is then to burden them with more schoolwork. In my case, I ended up being forced to attend all sorts of pseudoscientific courses during weekends, led by a charlatan who would make strange jokes that he would have you undergo a sex change if you didn’t get high enough scores on his test. His career ended after he was convicted of drugging and abusing “gifted” teenage girls. This was in the late 90’s, when everyone was convinced that the sky is the limit and gurus were going to unlock all sorts of human potential.

I don’t really blame my parents for the intense stress I suffered through when young. As you grow older, you have to learn to acknowledge to yourself that certain things went wrong. However, you simultaneously have to avoid blaming people for things they did not intend to happen and problems they are incapable of understanding. Human beings tend to pass on trauma down the generations, until you end up with people burdened with so much pain that they don’t reproduce. My parents were simply too innocent to grasp the degree of pain I had to experience at times.

My favorite artist is Zheani, because she grew up as white trash and speaks of the pain she had to experience as a consequence and the experience of being marginalized. One of the things that happen when you grow up suffering from trauma and marginalization is that you open yourself up to people who seek to prey on you. You don’t stand up for yourself and you allow people to make use of you. As an example, I have allowed girls to treat me like a doormat. I always thought that in love you don’t have to stand up for yourself, because your partner has the best intentions for you. I was wrong and naive.

What I can recommend people to do is to meditate on the pain. Meditate deeply, on your most painful and stressful moments in your life. Seek out the biggest pain you have lived through, that made you feel worthless, unloved and eager to die. Allow yourself to relive the emotions. And then, as you have fully reawakened what normally lies dormant, inhale a dose of Changa. The ingredients in Changa are capable of healing traumatic memories in the brain, but you have to help them figure out where the pain lies, to make optimal use of the experience.

The big mistake people tend to make is taking too much. You smoke a lot of Changa or pure DMT (don’t smoke pure DMT you idiots) and you “break through”. All these people on obscure subreddits always speak about “breaking through” and entering a “DMT realm”. To me, that is just the weird things you see when excessive DMT means your brain stops filtering the signals in your visual cortex. The people I see online who smoke high doses of DMT on a constant basis tend to be weird, bordering on schizophrenia.

When you’re dealing with something as powerful as DMT, you’re supposed to be careful with it. It’s a Swiss Army knife for the brain, you need to combine it with other chemicals to make proper use of it. Start out taking the minimum dose you need for visual effects, learn to get familiar with that. Entering the “waiting room” is fine. Are you hearing all sorts of very loud strange noises when you smoke DMT? You’re taking too much DMT at once. Try smoking Changa instead of DMT, ideally a form of Changa that contains blue lotus.

Do you really think your brain somehow benefits more from one intense two minute DMT trip filled with extremely loud auditory hallucinations, than from three mild five minute changa trips during which you simply see beautiful visual patterns and experience a benign healing presence? Think carefully about it and you’ll realize that the normie way of taking DMT is is simply a form of abusing DMT.

Make sure to take small doses of your changa, gradually build up the dose you take. This will allow you to make productive use of Changa. Don’t abuse it. As time goes by, it’s possible that your brain learns to better adapt to being flooded with DMT. It’s common for people to start out with Changa that has about 20-30% DMT, before eventually moving on to Changa that has 50% DMT.

When you’re properly using Changa, you should find that the emotional impact of your traumatic memories will be reduced. It’s like an invisible ballast that you’re throwing off your shoulder. I try to do this on a regular basis. I would recommend others to look into this as well.

One more thing I want to note is that although I like to help other people feel happier, I tend to end up taking on responsibilities in this matter that I can’t live up to. I’m a simple guy, who looks for ways to help himself deal with complex problems. I don’t like disappointing people, so I hope you will keep this in mind.


  1. I tried Change, heard the loud noises first time, then the following two times were unremarkable and made me tired after, i didn’t really see the long-term benefits outside of an interesting 10 minute light show

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