Try caring about your own interests

Some Dutch students have nothing better to do than doing Arabs dirty job for them

We could all talk about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict all day long. I’m not going to do that, but I will point out that I find it amazing how pillow-biting twinks and young bourgeois white women concern themselves about who may or may not be indigenous to Israel, as if that is somehow a problem for them. They clearly don’t have a very high IQ, or very high capacity to store information in their brains, but they’re using it for another ethnic group’s tribal conflict.

The last time I checked, all your own countries are being flooded by third world migrants. You are ethnic minorities in your own country’s major cities, where it is practically impossible now for you to find an affordable place to live. The countryside is increasingly no longer an option either, as that’s where you will find the refugees being settled too, in hotels and any other place the government can find. In Sweden, 80% of stranger rapes are committed by people not born in Sweden. Your country has simply become unsafe for you.

This is a phenomenon universal to the Western world. When it comes to young people, Canada now has a worse gender ratio than China and India, because of all the male Indians immigrants to Canada. Ireland and New Zealand have insane population growth of more than 2% a year, all due to immigration. This is affecting your own lives right now and this is going to wreck your future.

But you’re perfectly fine with all of this and upset instead because there are “settler colonists” living in Israel, that is, people descended from 19th century migrants who drained swamps around Tel Aviv, Holocaust survivors and Jews from Arab nations who were kicked out after the founding of Israel.

Even more stupid have to be the neonazi’s, who think that somehow attacking Israel is going to help them out. They never seem to seriously ask themselves how they manage to end up on the same side as Judith Butler, Naomi Klein and Jill Stein. They still seem to live in 2004, when the idea of the existence of a “Zionist lobby” with a “Zionist agenda” was controversial and ground-breaking.

The world changes and you have to deal with it. You can’t just pick a previous point in time and decide that’s what the world should return to. You have to work with the present day reality, work out reasonable solutions based off it and you can’t expect to address every historical grievance. Otherwise, if you wish to return to the world from before “Zionism”, I have some grievances of my own.

Back then Northeastern Turkey was populated by Armenians, Kosovo was firmly Serbian, Lebanon was a Christian-Druze proto-state and Betlehem still a Christian city. Karelia was inhabited by ethnic Karelians, instead of Russians. Kaliningrad was called Koningsberg, Germans still lived there as they had for centuries.

There was no such thing as California, these were the tribal territories of the Pomo, technically owned by Mexico. Most of the Pomo died in genocides, but a handful of people can still claim ancestry from them. I say that for the Hollywood celebrities: Those people don’t know anything other than living on stolen indigenous land. But they have opinions on Palestine.

What’s different of course is that we don’t treat any of those people as multi-generational refugees. If you’re an Argentinian with Maronite Lebanese parents who fled during the civil war, you’re not seen as a refugee by anyone. Only Palestinians get that bizarre treatment. Anyone else who loses a war just has to deal with it.

There isn’t really anything unique about the plight of the Palestinians either. There is a looming famine in Gaza today, actively incited by Hamas attacking the border crossings, but there is a famine in Sudan as well, stuck in a civil war that’s destroying the country. There is in fact a genocide to be found there too. In one single town in the province Darfur, 15,000 non-Arabs have been killed. That’s roughly the entire civilian death toll in Gaza right now. And nobody cares about it. The whole country is the theater of a proxy war, between the United Arab Emirates on one side, Iran on the other and a bunch of other countries and mercenary groups joining both sides too. An estimated 18 million Sudanese face the threat of catastrophic famine right now. You can add to this the people in the neighboring countries being sucked into the conflict, like those in South Sudan and Ethiopia.

Let me give you a small overview of how many news stories you’ll get from the main Dutch government news site, about Gaza and about Sudan. For the past month, there are 330 stories mentioning Gaza and 10 stories mentioning Sudan. There are a total of two stories mentioning Darfur specifically.

And you might argue you care about neither. Well, the irony is that the conflict in Sudan is going to affect you more than the one in Gaza. South Sudan produces oil, it’s 90% of its revenue. It can’t export its oil, because the pipeline that goes through Sudan has been damaged by the war and can’t be repaired due to the violence. So South Sudan is now imploding as a result too. The Wagner group run by Russia is using the civil war in Sudan to make money, because they allied with one of the fighting generals who controls a gold mine. And Ukraine has responded by fighting the group in Sudan.

So the whole world is gradually being dragged into it. But other than the parties fighting each other in the country, nobody seems to care. Even the African Union just lets the whole thing run its course without trying to stop it. South Africa is busier attacking Israel than trying to stop Arabs in Darfur from exterminating the native black people, who are treated as slaves.

But I just wonder, what people concretely expect is going to happen, when they do Arabs dirty job for them. I had Arabs bitching about Israel, about the checkpoint system on the West Bank, which recently stopped an ambulance headed for Tel Aviv carrying terrorists, back when I was in high school. This is their favorite tribal dispute. What I don’t comprehend, is why white college students, women and sodomites, insist on helping the Arabs in their favorite tribal dispute.

That’s what I find bizarre. Almost every other ethnic group has its own tribal disputes that it stands up for. But for some reason, white people feel the need to pick the sides of their historical enemies instead, like a mouse infected with toxoplasmosis that runs up to cats.

Because yes, whether you like it or not, these are your ancestral enemies. There were political disputes, between Belgians, Dutch, French, British, Germans, all the time. But these were constantly changing alliances, the British monarchy had to change its last name because they were Saxe-Coburg-Gothas and that got awkward during the first world war. You know what never changed? Our relationship to the Muslims.

We feared the Barbary pirates, who would show up to our shores and enslave us. They traveled all the way from modern Algeria, to Iceland and the Faroe islands, to kidnap slaves. Cornwall was raided too, this was a problem affecting much of Europe from the 17th century onwards: Muslims showing up in ships to kidnap Christians. But today we imported the Barbary pirates and the people who would have been kidnapped by them in the past, now fight their tribal disputes against Jews for them!

Here’s a dirty secret: Have you ever considered WHY Algeria was colonized by France? Europeans and Americans fought multiple wars against them, the French even instituted a naval blockade against the Algerians, but none of this worked to stop the barbary pirates. In fact, before the second Barbary war there was a treaty set up with the Algerians, for them to liberate their Christian slaves. But whereas negotiations with neighboring Tunis seemed to work, in Algeria, they massacred 200 enslaved European fishermen. So a war was fought with Algeria and the habit of paying them tribute to be left alone stopped.

The piracy did not stop however, so then in 1830 the French finally decided enough is enough and they simply took over Algeria, they turned it into French territory and that’s when the problem stopped. That’s the ugly little part about “settler colonialism” that angry fat brown women don’t like to talk about: It was a surprisingly effective response to the slave raids being committed against Europe and the massacres committed against the enslaved Christian Europeans held captive in North Africa.

But these people’s descendants now live in Europe, where pillow-biting twinks and insecure they/thems rally as their modern day slaves, forcing their governments and universities to pick the side of the Arabs in their new tribal dispute in Palestine.

But that’s the general pattern it seems. Arabs learned how to make use of the simple fact that European schools don’t teach their children about history, from their perspective. British children are taught about how racist and imperialist and settler colonialist they are. You know what they’re not taught about? Muslims from Algeria showing up in Cornwall, to kidnap entire families.

German kids are taught about the Holocaust. You know what they’re not taught about? The Nazi party’s inspiration drawn from the Ottomans getting away with their own genocide against the Greeks, Assyrians and most importantly, the Armenians. In high school, the preparation is laid to turn Western children into good useful idiots for Arab Muslims by the time they go to college.

And perhaps the most successful scams the Arabs pulled off in response to Western reluctance to teach history, is the invention of the Palestinians. There was no such thing as a Palestinian ethnicity, until it was invented after the 1948 failure to defeat Israel. Arab resistance to Israel at the time was inspired by pan-Arabist ideologies, the sort of ideologies that fused Syria, Egypt and Yemen together into short-lived unified states.

The idea of a Palestinian identity was invented, to suggest that there is an indigenous ethnic group that has Palestine as its native land. But that does not exist. Palestine is a name Europeans use for the region. They can’t even pronounce it, it’s not an Arabic word. Between 48 and 67, what we now call “the Palestinian territories” were divided between Egypt, which ran Gaza, and Jordan, which ran the West bank. Families in Rafah in Gaza, continue to have family members living on the other side of the border. To insist that on one side live the “indigenous Palestinians”, whereas on the other side of the border live their first cousins, the “indigenous Egyptians” is an absurdity.

But then as they lost in 67, these places became occupied by Israel and so now Israel is stuck having to figure out how to deal with the Arabs living there. But the biggest scam of all was perpetrated by Jordan. In 1988, Jordan unilaterally gave up its claim to the West bank and relinquished the citizenship of the Arabs living there. So now those people effectively became stateless. And in the years since then, Jordan has continued revoking citizenship of thousands of people from Palestine who lived in Jordan. If you lived in Jordan and went to study abroad, they would just decide to revoke your citizenship.

Because that’s the other dirty secret: None of the Arab countries want the “Palestinians”. They don’t receive citizenship, they’re kept in perpetual limbo, left waiting for the imminent end of Israel. They lost their portion of Dar al Islam and they’re expected to figure out how to reconquer it.

In a sense, the Arabs are just smarter than Westerners, because they don’t believe in modern delusions. Owning a website is not wealth. Owning a fashion label is not wealth. Owning land is wealth. In Europe we don’t seem to comprehend this, we happily abandoned our colonies, we live crowded together in cities, we let more people enter our countries.

That’s how you end up with a situation where you can’t really do anything except go to university, because you don’t own anything. You have no herd of goats to maintain, you have no orchard to harvest, you don’t even have a restaurant or a hotel where you can have guests. You own nothing, your parents work some desk job and expect you to figure out on your own how to live, so you have no real other choice than to go to university or become an influencer. But most of you just take this for granted, you don’t even consider how undesirable this situation is.

I think if Westerners could just accept for a moment that there is no AI singularity post-scarcity future ahead of them, if you could accept that we won’t have infinite energy from nuclear reactors, if you could accept we’re not going to terraform Mars, if you could accept that there’s no way to have a society where everyone spends their days making sure nobody is racist for a living, if you could accept that real wealth consists of things you can touch, people would be less willing to do the Arabs dirty job for them.

But accepting that realization is ultimately even more painful than being filmed keeping Jews from going to college.


  1. Israel isn’t indigenous to the Levant. Almost everyone in the region hates them. They exist because America bribes Egypt and Jordan to look the other way or even help the Israelis and because the Palestinians are a very fragmented group, like that Monty Python skit. America can’t bribe Lebanon (Lebanese Shia/Hezbollah) or Iran or the Houthis, so they’ve been the main resistance in the region.

    I’m not rabidly anti-Zionist, I get the point about California etc, I just don’t see how they continue to exist as the US loses its status as a superpower. A superpower needs a strong currency (we have fake money and debt) and a strong army (Afghanistan, etc).

    Nobody in Europe is powerful enough to sponsor Israel. Most European societies that were powerful are weakly held together now— honestly, I’d bet more money on Britain/Germany/Spain/whoever fragmenting this century than on them adding new territories or founding states. And the whole idea of an ancestral enemy is fake— you need a real enemy, at a certain time and at a certain place, not an abstract intangible idea.

    • Doubling down on Zionism leads to a huge spectacle like we’re seeing now, but it will only intensify the enduring hostility between Israel and the rest of the region. As American wealth, prestige, and influence fades there will be fewer and fewer incentives to stick with Israel (such as bribes) and also fewer and fewer penalties.

      And they’re not even doing well in their real conflict, against the Lebanese in the north, where Israel already failed twice (2000, 2006).

      It’s a bad investment.

      • They have the big bomb and a big fat stack of chemical and biological weapons. Defeatists like you are welcome to watch what happens when Israel is left to fend for itself.

        They’ll take the whole region down with them.

        • The Russians, Chinese and Iran now have effective nuclear fission powered hyper-sonic missile defenses against traditional nuclear ballistic missiles and other warhead delivery methods.

          The Z.O.G infested governments of the global west have succeeded in killing their hosts. Fake money can be printed, but weapons factories cannot. The Mullahs can wait whilst Uncle Sam fast runs out of military support for the Jews. Israel is fucked. The Jews cannot win this war of strategic depletion.

          There is no scenario where I do not see the people of Amalek winning.

        • Lol, sure they will.

          I’m not a defeatist, you’re just treating discourse like it’s some kind of war — either TEAM US or TEAM THEM. In reality, discourse means jack shit and does not affect real outcomes. The best you can do is try to guess and predict.

          In terms of predictions, when was the last time the NATO/West won a war? It doesn’t take a genius to see how the next one will go. Instead of repeatedly losing, find a different method.

          What’s not in my best interests is furiously doubling down out of impotence, then investing billions of dollars (and many lives) in another conflict that ends in humiliation. Avoiding that outcome is a win.

      • But you think the Palestinians will endure? Where? Who wants them to have a state of their own except for know-nothing college-age children.Certainly no one in the mideast except perhaps Iran, and then only to be a thorn in the side of Israel.

        It’s a tough neighborhood, and none of the states adjoining Israel are thriving.

  2. And lastly, almost everything people tell you to do ‘in your interests’ turns out to be wrong or in their interests.

  3. So, what’s in the interests of maintaining Israel for the LSWM?

    I’d say it’s ‘trickle down’ benefits, which translates into SFA to most LSWM, and less of those all the time.

    That said, it isn’t impossible to get the LSWMs onboard, not when all self-respecting LSWMs are going to have a mercenary scumbag streak a mile wide after being betrayed for decades by TPTB in the West – it’s just that TPTB need to sweeten the deal to get them interested.

    Sure, they could try the religious angle: e.g. explain that Israel is to play a role in the ‘end of days’, so it needs to exist, but the West doesn’t generally believe in that sort of thing anymore, so that’s not a big draw card.

    And it’s definitely not worth trying to play on sympathy, not after a lifetime of ruthless competition and indifference (at best) from TPTB. Nowadays, in general, the Westerner is a materialist who wants material gains, not to offer anything to a cause out of volunteerism, or duty, or whatever. Indeed, that sort of ‘weakness’ is anathema to him in the nil-sum-game world he’s been raised in.

    So, given the average Westerner is in all likelihood a Machiavellian LSWM mercenary scumbag, and given TPTB are keen to get them interested but religion and a sense of duty cannot be leveraged to achieve this, then what is left but for TPTB to offer the LSWMs a fair share of the spoils of war?!

    I bet there’d be instant interest if equal shares in the booty were on offer.

    But then, there’d be less profit for TPTB! So there goes that plan! TPTB will bever offer the LSWM a fair share, even if it means losing.

    And thus, we find (yet again), that the interests of the LSWM are not the same as the interests of TPTB.

    Good luck to TPTB running and winning a war when supporting it isn’t in the interests of the LSWM.

    It might be nice if one day the LSWM finally got serious about their interests and rid themselves of the hierarchy that embuggers them all, but sadly there isn’t any revolutionary spirit among them. So, sayonara Israel I guess, and all the rest.

  4. >So, what’s in the interests of maintaining Israel for the LSWM?

    What’s your interest in Taiwan? What’s your interest in South Korea?

    What’s your interest in Estonia?

    What was your interest in Lebanon?

    What was your interest in South Africa?

    You benefit from having other functional societies.

    That’s how simple it is.

    If you stand by and let functional societies implode, the people living there will flee to your countries, until eventually your own society is no longer functional either.

    • You may be right, but acting accordingly would require seeing beyond one’s own immediate selfish individual interests – which is not a trait that the West has nurtured for the majority of its citizens entire lives.

      In fact, the opposite has been encouraged.

      Selfless thoughts don’t even enter the minds of the majority of the LSWMS, and if they do, most of them are certainly not going to act on them.

      There is a famous line somewhere about how: “the capitalists will sell us the rope we hang them with”

      And it’s true.

      Everyone has been encouraged to pursue their own personal self-interests, TPTB have gotten very rich out of selling out their societies, and it’s not very realistic to expect them to change now.

      But if they want to get the LSWM on board with wars, then quite seriously, TPTB need to offer the LSWM mercenaries, that they have created, the booty that they deserve.

      And why not? This is all about the common good right? Right? Simply having functional societies? So why not share the spoils?

      Yeah, right.

      The whole world is on the cusp of falling over, in part due to the actions of TPTB who have been acting in their own interests, at the expense of everyone and everything else’s interests.

      Therefore, I’d say TPTB need to go before it is possible to change the way that the average LSWM thinks and behaves.

      The fish rots from the head and all that.

      I don’t think it will happen though, or it should’ve by now. Even if it were to be turned around, it would take decades to rebuild the industries necessary to defeat all the other players in war after TPTB treacherously, and greedily sold us all out – if such a thing is even possible anymore due to resource depletion etc.

      Just look at Ukraine, all the weapons that the West can manufacture, and it’s still not enough to match Russia’s production, so Ukraine is getting slaughtered. Not for a lack of bravery, but because they are just losing the battle of attrition.

      That’s what happens when TPTB sell out your industrial base, and all the LSWMs that worked in it. . .

      The situation might be recoverable though, if one were to go and steal it. But for that, LSWM warriors would need a strong motivation, and to lose its parasitic hierarchy.

      Hmmm, I wonder what that motivation might be. . .

      • They are trying to use nationalist rhetoric for globalist aims, without realizing that the two directly contradict each other.

  5. For this LSWM it’s crystal clear – we are at war with the evil cult of Islam across the planet. It’s not a war we started – global jihad is being waged against us and we better recognize that fact.

    Muslims should not be allowed to even enter the progressive nations of the West.

    Jews don’t try to force me to join their religion, but Muslims do.
    Jews don’t commit atrocious terrorist acts but Muslims do.
    Jews aren’t attacking churches and issuing murderous fatwas.
    Jews didn’t enslave my European ancestors for centuries, Muslims did.

    Europe is being ruined by the influx of millions of the barbarians and they’re breeding like rats.
    Even in the US, where they’re less than 2% of the population they have the gall to carry out terrorist acts and publicly bray “Death to America.”

    God bless Israel in their existential struggle against the dark, satanic, civilization destroying barbarians. I hope they’re successful in killing every single member of Hamas.

  6. I just dropped by to defend Russia lol.
    So. (Great) Novgorod was initially a Viking trade post (“Varangian route to the Greeks) which turned Russian (Rus’ probably means the Swedes in Finnish) as they traded and mixed with local Balts, Finns, Slavs, and above all: as they became Christians, thanks to the genius of Saint Photius who brought Christianity to the Slavs of Eastern Europe.
    In the years after the ‘Great Schism’, Karelia became (Orthodox) Christian and a part of Novgorod before the Swedes and others started attacking the “heretic Greeks” (the Orthodox) in the 13th century.
    Therefore, you can’t say that Russia was second there. They were the first, not only the first of the organised states. But they were also composed of locals, Balts and Finns (in the wide sense), who were just tribes, not nations.
    Proof to this, is the fact that the first written record of the Finnish language is in Karelian dialect (now a language) written on birch bark using the CYRILLIC alphabet. The alphabet devised by the Greek missionaries (that Photius send), the SAINTS Cyril and Methodius from Thessalonica, and their disciples, in order to spread the Gospel, and translate amazing books from Greek, importing a huge amount of translation calques, and thereby making them civilised and saving them from turning into Germans (the Prussians were Balts until they were assimilated by the Germans) or Swedes. Arguably, the main reason why the under-developed Finns remained Finns instead of becoming Swedes, is because Russia won the wars against Sweden (Novgorod fought them 20 times), and Finland was raised to the status of a Great Duchy (the Eastern European Union was accomplished centuries ago by the Russian Empire).
    Here is that birch bark letter (actually the language must be called “Finnic”, not Finnish–my mistake).

    • > Arguably, the main reason why the under-developed Finns remained Finns…

      I argue that the same may hold for the Baltic and other Finnic (like the Estonian) tribes over there. If it wasn’t for Russia, they would have turned into Germans easily (see what happened to Prussia), due to the assimilating power of commercial ties (Hanseatic League) and the more advanced cultural stage of the Germanics. So, the existence of the Russian pole brought a balance there and gave them a chance to become distinct nations (Latvian is full of germanic and eastern slavic loan words).
      This is how it has always worked actually, since antiquity.
      Actually, to take it further, the Europeans of Central-C.Eastern Europe should have never joined the EU. It would have been much more profitable and to their OWN INTEREST to be a middle ground, intermediates to Russia and Western Europe. This is a general principle.

  7. There is no pre-ordained law than any ethnic group “deserves” to exist. If your nation wants to stop having children, import 30% of the population who still want to have children, and then everyone is asking “how did the Dutch nation disappear”? Well remember that nothing wrong happened. History is being written as we speak. Make a baby if you care enough

    • Igor, I hope Rintrah doesn’t mind that I’m using his blog to suggest something for your blog.
      I’d be extremely interested if you were to use your math skills to come up with an estimate of how many people have been killed to date by the mRNA injections, in the US and worldwide.
      Your estimate of a million missing babies in Europe awhile back was pretty shocking.
      Denis Rancourt has estimated over 17 million killed so far by the safeandeffective injectable products. Steve Kirsch has estimated 13 million. Peter Halligan a year ago said 20 million.
      What is your estimate?

      • Agreed. I’m surprised there aren’t more efforts to make these estimates. And to bring them to everyone’s attention.

        Great post, Rintrah! I might steal your summary (paraphrased) of why Algeria had to be colonized and spread the meme.

      • Keith, to be honest, most numbers you hear are made up, and there is no certain way to calculate something this complicated.

    • I don’t know if anyone really consciously wanted to have fewer children, that just seems to have been one of the consequences of sending both men and women to work like navvies, and raising everyone to be grubby selfish, materialists. So, TPTB introduced mass migration to keep the economy growing (only cancer grows like the human economy) despite reducing society’s birthrate.

      Mass migration also has ‘benefits’ like driving down wages to compete with countries TPTB have sold everyone out to, creating vast housing ponzi schemes for TPTB to get rich off by ensuring demand outstrips supply, and bringing in millions of migrants to stack electorates, who will now vote to keep the migration and housing Ponzi and growth of the cancer cell happening.

      And they offshored all the industries, so the place has really only got one way to get that growth as the value happens offshore too, which is by importing millions of new citizens into our overburdened systems, that are already completely unsustainable.

      TPTB didn’t want a world for any particular ethnic group, they wanted a world set up for capital/profit/growth, so they set things up to create the world we have, guided by the ‘invisible hand’.

      Thus, if anyone wants to arrange a society for the interests of their own ethnic group, they first need to get rid of TPTB who haver and will work actively against those interests.

      • Ethnic identity?

        That’s so last millennium 🙂

        The masses in the West been sold out for decades, within a system that is completely unsustainable and doomed anyway.

        It seems pointless fretting over it now.

        The dice were cast long before we had any say, and it all probably isn’t under rational, conscious human control anyway, at least not anymore than an ant colony is under the rational, conscious control of the ants.

        We fret and complain away, but there is nothing at all we can do to influence these events.

        Like citizens of Pompeii, watching the volcano rumble away, but helpless to leave because they had bills to pay, and work to do, etc.

        • If it were under rational, conscious, human control, the masses would have already risen up and gotten rid of TPTB.

          But they didn’t.

          Not even when TPTB injected them all with rat juice.

          • Every time I scroll down past Keith, it reminds me of the glory days of biotech – the 1990s. I was employed back then in Aussie down under, and boy did we get up to some serious unethical shit in a place where nobody was looking.

            Anyway, back to Keith. Every morning when I drove to work, on the radio I listened to this – some serious funny shit from that guy:




            Fuck I loved the 1990s

          • That is funny.

            I’m not surprised about the biotech industry, but I wouldn’t be surprised at players within any industry doing crappy things

            It does make me feel like we’ve sold our souls. I periodically resign and spend some time in the metaphorical wilderness whenever the risk of moral injury gets too great to accept.

            This happens so frequently I’ve come to see it as inevitable in certain lines of work.

            But, what to do hey?

            The system is all-encompassing, so there’s nowhere else to go, unless you were to go Desert Father hermit, or live like Diogenes.

            My health is really suffering. Heart rate is through the roof. But, what to do? There are bills to pay, etc.

    • I just dropped by…again lol… to say how much I enjoy Igor’s substack, and Wombat’s comments.
      I wish I had more time to comment back. And I hope they get enough attention.
      How about the fact that in the West we spend SOOOO much time studying, and we eventually (if ever) get married when we are too old to have more children and enjoy their company as young parents? As Wombat says “sending both men and women to work like navvies, and raising everyone to be grubby selfish, materialists”…

      • Another reason why we marry SOOO late (or don’t marry at all), is because we abandoned the strict monogamy of the Christian way.
        Others think that the Christian monogamy enslaves them instead of freeing them.
        And they hate Christianity for that.
        Besides, Christian monogamy is connected to our Lord: “Love your wives as Christ loves the Church”, Paul says.
        And he adds, this (marriage) is a “great sacrament” (mysterion mega μυστήριον μέγα).
        Marriage is leading us (μυῶ – myoo = initiate) to salvation, freedom.
        These things are huge…

      • Thank you. I told my kids not to wait too long before marrying and having children. After a certain age, the quality of available marriage candidates drops like a rock, and so does the human ability to give birth and parent.

        Their money and careers are important, but not that important and can be accomplished with kids.

        • GREAT advice you gave your kids.
          (I hope our societies realize that before it’s too late)
          I dare say that the quality of ourselves drops like rock if we stay single (i.e.voluntarily, not wanting to relate and share) for too long, or polygamous.

  8. Consider the possibility that there is no G-d but HaShem, Moses is His Prophet, and the Torah is true. Jews have 613 Commandments. Gentiles have seven laws. Within 214 years (hopefully sooner), Israel will have a King (like David) and a fully restored Temple. Mankind’s telos is not DEI or any secular utopia. The earth is destined to become a Torah Theocracy, characterized by peace and universal knowledge of the One True G-d. This isn’t a “religion.” It’s the universe we inhabit. “Judaism” isn’t ultimately about the Jewish people or Israel. It’s about the Glory and Honor of HaShem. (This is stated explicitly in the Torah portions about the golden calf, the sin of the spies, and the Book of Ezekiel. See Maimonides’ 13 Principles for a traditional statement of Orthodoxy. Everyone should at least know what they don’t believe.)

  9. They get psyched up about Israel because they see it as a white country that refuse to apologise for beeing white and welcome billions of Bomalians. They want gaza people in Israel and hate Israel for saying fuck you. They are the same anti-white, anti-men people that hate me. I am happy the cops butalise them on college campuses. The fact that neonazis don’t consider jews to be white or that some Israelis don’t look white at all is just useless verbose orbiting the point. So if someone really believe in humanitarianism and all people matters, they should organise and do something for sudan or tigray or myanmar, but nobody does because it’s bullshit. Also if you are jewish and have pushed anti-white, anti-men stuff and you don’t like the new antismitism, I am happy that leopards eat your face.

  10. If arabs exterminated the whole continent of Africa and took it over, the whole world would be a few shades lighter on average, and thus, morally better than it is now.

    I see no reason to stop whatever is apparently going on in darfur, although I hold no illusions that I’m in the slightest position to change that situation at all.

    • Also I agree that feudalism (aka land politics) plus tribalism together constitute the only sane worldview, whether historically, in the present, or in the future.

      I’m glad to see others online beginning to draw this conclusion too. The second we throw out stupid modern theories and embrace the eternally obvious, we can finally return to sanity.

      • “Woe to you, godless ones, who have no hope, who rely on things that will not happen!

        “Woe to you who hope in the flesh and in the prison that will perish! How long will you be oblivious? And how long will you suppose that the imperishables will perish too? Your hope is set upon the world, and your god is this life! You are corrupting your souls!

        “Woe to you because of the wheel that turns in your minds!

        “Woe to you, captives, for you are bound in caverns! You laugh! In mad laughter you rejoice! You neither realize your perdition, nor do you reflect on your circumstances, nor have you understood that you dwell in darkness and death!

  11. The question is not of ‘indigeneity’ to the region, but whether one supports genocide and mass child murder, which you plainly do, or not.

  12. Quote: “We could all talk about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict all day long. I’m not going to do that …”

    And then you talk all day long about it.

    It was the first political impression I got as little kid in front of the TV: The middle-east conflict. 4000 km away on another continent.

    I cam’t hear it any longer.

  13. bedankt voor het praten over Sudan, ondanks alles dat er in Ghazza gebeurt moet niemand de barbaarse genocide vergeten die daar wordt uitgevoerd door de opvolgers van de Janjaweed.

  14. Your rhetoric about California Brown-indigenous muddles your correct observation that first-group is irrelevant and whichever group has the numbers and owns the land becomes the new civilization. Speaking as the voice of the Mohammedan-supporting White leftists and switching back to your own voice apparently confuses readers, as well as me sometimes. You frequently do that switching where I cannot tell what is your view or your description of your antagonist’s opinion or is it zoomer irony/no-irony switching for comedy I ask myself. It cannot be illogic because you have a biology rational mind I think to myself, or is it another emotional writer, I wondered for a while.

  15. All this talk of Barbary pirates from modern day Algeria arriving on European shores and kidnapping and enslaving the natives reminds me of one of my all time favourite movie scenes – the Sicilian scene from True Romance:

    Some of Quentin Tarantino’s best writing, with amazing acting from Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken, accompanied by Lakmé’s “The Flower Duet”. Those of us who are self-confessed racists will love this scene.

    The movie soundtrack “You’re So Cool” by Hans Zimmer is also brilliant.

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