1. harmlessly visualize flattening your parent’s skulls with a cinder block to help address lingering deficiencies in sense of self and imprinted emotional neglect in early life

    one doesn’t get rolling very far on the rollercoaster of independent thought until both of those fuckers are dead and buried in the scope of your conceptions outright anyhow

    • Nah. Forgiveness is key.

      Your parents are not static and they had their own problems that affected how they raised you.

      Remember what Jesus said: Forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.

      • Yes! Forgiveness and individual responsibility!

        There comes a time when everyone must ‘grow up’ and be independently accountable for actions, thoughts, words and feelings!

        So fucking sick of people making excuses for their own laziness in self actualization! Whatever it takes for people to get where they need to be without blaming others or taking others down with their choice… Go for it!

  2. I love that stuff. Makes you able to completely let go of everyday bullshit, and doesn’t fuck you up in the least, provided you drink enough and take it only sporadically.

  3. I’d rather be miserable and right than blissed out and deluded. Our thoughts and perceptions get used to derive our next set of thoughts, which go on to determine our actions. If even the tiniest delusion contaminates our thoughts, then everything we do from that point forward could be nothing but a giant error that could take decades to untangle.

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