Two options

As far as I am concerned, the human predicament can end in one of two ways:

A: We face the start of a massive cataclysm within the next two years, that leads to a rapid reduction in the planet’s population, triggering massive global regrowth of vegetation which then stabilizes our climate and ends the unprecedented droughts. We have evidence of genetic selection by corona viruses throughout our genome, suggesting these viruses are capable of killing or disabling large numbers of people of relatively young age.

B: We face no such cataclysm but instead just continue the slow steady decline of civilization we experience in our daily lives, resulting in a population that slowly decarbonizes its economy as machines start doing most jobs for us, allowing positive feedback loops to trigger, resulting in a situation that hasn’t been seen in hundreds of millions of years (fossil carbon + natural feedback that would normally be triggered by the Milankovic cycles). Because the solar forcing is stronger than it has ever been in planetary history, this leads to an outcome worse than that seen in previous climatic episodes (See: Storms of my Grandchildren by Hansen). As far as intelligent organic life is concerned it would be over for this planet. You could kick the can down the hall by blocking the sun, but that would merely make the result after the eventual collapse of civilization even worse.

This blog should make it obvious that my money is on A. Specifically, I think we’re breeding highly virulent variants of SARS2, because most of the population is stuck with a broken immune response against the virus, a response that fails to select against virulence.

If I genuinely found myself completely convinced we’re going to end up with scenario B, I wouldn’t see a reason to go on living. I will never consent to living out my days in some AI “ancestor simulation” produced by a bunch of ugly bald nerds. I don’t want to go on living if the insects don’t go on living. This to me, is the most horrifying scenario.

I don’t need any “models” to see what’s happening. I know how this land looked when I was a child, I know how it looks today. The butterflies and bees have disappeared, there is now an eerie silence in the woods and a suffocating drought.

It’s obvious to anyone who isn’t a 98 IQ obese low status American white male divorced from the natural world, spending his days dwelling in his SUV, air conditioned cubicle or apartment. If you refuse to see it, you’re not going to make it. You are part of this machine and you’ll die with it.

I wish the low IQ low status white males much luck with their new ice age that should happen any day now and I wish the bugmen much luck explaining how none of this would have happened if we had kept the nuclear reactors running.

But like I said, my money is on A. I think humanity has made the biggest mistake in the history of civilization, by vaccinating during a SARS pandemic. I think this will result in highly virulent SARS variants that will depopulate the developed nations of the world. The survivors will mainly be children, teenagers and some of the young adults who were unvaccinated, resulting in the sort of demographic unable to rebuild civilization.

And my goal here, in writing about this, is to leave some sort of help for the survivors, who will have to make it through this transition into the new world. The survivors have to learn from everything we did wrong, to prevent our errors from ever being repeated. I’m not talking here about the failure to comprehend the evolutionary dynamics of a sarbecovirus pandemic. That’s merely the icing on the cake, the final result of a failure to respect the laws of Nature.

No, I’m talking about much more basic errors. The sort of pressures and expectations our society puts on children. The pursuit of perpetual economic growth. The abuse of animals. The distribution of wealth. The anthropocentric view of the world. The war on drugs. These are the main building blocks of the nightmare we now inhabit. The most important thing for future generations to understand, is that they should not look at us with envy.

The survivors of the cataclysm will have much shorter life expectancies, human beings will spend most of their existence as children from now on. The survivors have to make sure that they don’t embark upon trying to rebuild what we had. They should aim instead to commune directly with nature, through the use of entheogenic plants.

The San Pedro and Peyote cactuses have spread around the world, they are drought-resistant and will be the foundation of a new global religion. If humans are lucky, we will also be able to preserve Psilocybe mushrooms, Salvia Divinorum, Cannabis, along with the plants needed for Ayahuasca. People will have to live as nomads in tent camps. Sufficiently rapid depopulation should allow survivors to adjust using our food buffers.

If we place intermediaries between ourselves and the divine, we will give rise to new hierarchies, which will then give rise to wealth accumulation, resulting in new civilizations that make the rest of the Earth uninhabitable. We need to focus on enabling access to divinity without the need for intermediaries.

I live in a brief era in which a human being can spend his days accessing all of these plants. A post-cataclysmic world would be unlikely to have humans who can access all of them and so I hope to use my situation for good.

The vaccine is a blood oath to industrial civilization. To the cubicle. To academia. To the technocracy. To the Fortune 500 companies. To careerism. To technology. To alienation. I’m really sorry to anyone who signed up for it. But it’s either you, or all of us. There may be ways to escape, cannabinoids kill the T cells. But if you signed up for this blood oath, it’s the clearest sign I can think of, that you are part of this world, rather than the next world. And this world is nearing the end of its life.

It’s possible that I’m wrong, that we simply continue with business as usual. But in that case, all hope is lost. In that case all of you low IQ morons can sit in your air conditioned apartments, in a world gradually robbed of bees and butterflies, where food gradually becomes unaffordable, where billions of migrants will move towards Northern latitudes and where the Amazon forest dies. If you’re dumb enough to reproduce, you will find that your children will grow up to hate you.

I don’t pity humanity, because humanity made a choice. “Our industrialised genocide facilities for non-human animals made the planet uninhabitable” is not exactly something that is supposed to earn you sympathy. You vote to keep Auschwitz open. You people all did this yourselves. You chose this. Not me.


  1. Quote: “You people all did this yourselves.”

    Could be. But the Anti-Thesis is that the world is dominated by old families, and people have no power.

    Could you prove your thesis?

    And there is also this problem with Laplace’s Demon. If you know Sabine Hossenfelder, watch her video about free will.

  2. “I think humanity has made the biggest mistake in the history of civilization, by vaccinating during a SARS pandemic.”

    I’m increasingly sceptical that it was a mistake. It’s curious that the adenovector vaccines (which don’t induce an IgG4 response) were villified once people started acquiring side-effects after the Astra shot, yet regulators were completed unconcerned about the mountains of people with side-effects after the mrna shots. Humanity is at a critical moment in terms of overpopulation, global warming and basic resources. It’s curious it has happened right at this point. Perhaps there is some otherwordly intelligence or maybe something extraterrestrial even watching over this planet and they decided enough is enough. I can’t help shake that feeling. If it was, there must have been decades of planning involved.

  3. > The vaccine is a blood oath to industrial civilization. To the cubicle. To academia. To the technocracy. To the Fortune 500 companies. To careerism. To technology. To alienation.

    This is such good writing. The best paragraph you have written, Rintrah.

  4. > I will never consent to living out my days in some AI “ancestor simulation” produced by a bunch of ugly bald nerds.

    How do you know you’re not in one right now? God could be an ugly bald nerd.

    • I have taken psychedelics often enough to have a bit of an idea of what God looks like. I also know what Satan looks like.

  5. I remember when you would get bugs on your windshield when driving in the summer. I drove from South Carolina to Boston last summer. Very few bugs. And no it wasn’t I95. It was an inland route through mostly farmlands.

  6. There are only two things to fear A) The end of the world as we know it and B) the continuation of the world as we know it. If we can avoid those two dire outcomes we’ll be fine.

  7. What motivates you to tell the most intelligent and moral not to reproduce? What how does a dysgenic breeding pattern optimize humanity’s long term odds of success?

    Only because I’ve read this blog so long, I strongly suspect there is some kind of motivated reasoning going on when you preach antinatalism.

    • >What motivates you to tell the most intelligent and moral not to reproduce? What how does a dysgenic breeding pattern optimize humanity’s long term odds of success?

      It reduces suffering. I’d rather see the bottleneck have an 85IQ, than a 115IQ.

  8. Because the Tonga explosion emitted water vapor, it could be responsible for some short-term extra warming, for five years or so. I don’t know why that isn’t getting more attention. Also the new sulfur emission rules for ships are going to allow a lot more sunlight to get through; that may be the reason for the sudden ocean surface temperature rise. Those two things could speed up whatever is already happening.

  9. A rather borderline black and white text lacking what was always there: Spaces where noone looks.

    Yesterday we read about a side channel of the Aare having a rare fish species. We looked it up bc they were there, swimming around. This side channel is part of a high rise building village. Where I live a fox family successfully established shop against all neighboring cats. I have time to observe. My academic friends read in the media all is going to shit. I see through the gaps.

    Nothing will happen. Just a few percent more die off. If at all. HC costs will explode. Socialized, taxed lives will become poorer. That’s it.
    At least until the next round. Then the rubber meets the road.

    LSWM here who does not work. I guess this is the lowest status possible, right?

  10. Option A
    Because of the vaccine, covid kill a large part of the population in the western world before they destroy the world thru resource depletion and climate change. The nuclear reactors and used fuel ponds will make most of the world inhabitable for humans for a while. Africa will be the place where a small fraction of human population can survive and then repopulate the world and maybe be able to build a new civilisation. Advanced technology will be gone.

    Option B
    After some decades of misarable existance for most humans and domesticated animals it will leave the world as an empty shell. Resources depleted, environment destroyed and the climate change will probably make the earth uninhabitable for human life.

  11. Droughts are more likely the result of cooling. You’d get more greening with a bit more warming and moistugre with more carbon dioxide in the air, not less.

    • Wrong. Problem is not moisture in the air, which actually increases slightly as the planet warms.

      Rather, the problem is precipitation pattern: We get more intense downpours, but the water that falls during such downpours tends to end up washing out into the rivers and ocean. The soil can’t absorb it all, especially when it falls all at once. Those downpours are then followed by dry periods, which become more intense.

      It’s the distribution of precipitation that is the main problem we’re dealing with. The more intense downpours can’t compensate for the longer dry periods.

  12. A Discipline by Wendell Berry

    Turn toward the Holocaust, it approaches
    on every side, there is no other place
    to turn. Dawning in your veins
    is the light of the blast
    that will print your shadow on stone
    in a last antic of despair
    to survive you in the dark.
    Man has put his history to sleep
    in the engine of doom. It flies
    over his dreams in the night,
    a blazing cocoon. O gaze into the fire
    and be consumed with man’s despair,
    and be still, and wait. And then see
    the world go on with the patient work
    of seasons, embroidering birdsong
    upon itself as for a wedding, and feel
    your heart set out in the morning
    like a young traveler, arguing the world
    from the kiss of a pretty girl.
    It is the time’s discipline to think
    of the death of all living, and yet live.

  13. “When civilization collapses, and ego’s hold over the earth is released, everyone must face the music. There is no escape from perfect, insane suffering. The poor face the flames first, but the fire soon covers the earth. There is no hiding place. Just as every man and woman *is* the entire dystopian world, carrying the perfect prison in and as their selves, so the collapse has its centre in every single human self, which comes tumbling down, which is the necessity and the justice of it. Not in the collapsing outer world, which is nothing but ruin and anguish, but in consciousness, where, in the desert of charred stubs that man calls his soul, in the rubble of the little world he built there, which nature has crushed like a rock-fall crushes a doll’s house, life again is free to grow. Just as only suffering changes man, so only complete suffering can change the complete non-man. Only total loss, perfect horror and the presence of a world of death can blast the world from him, leaving, finally, an adult.”

    Darren Allen, Self And Unself

    If you appreciate these words, please get in touch; I would love to buy you a copy of this book, which I know you will love, for it is the most rewarding work I have ever read.

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