Two types of people

There are two types of people in our world.

The ones who would rather live here:

And the people who would rather live here:

I am the prior and realize there can be no long term coexistence with the latter.


      • I’m not mad at all, it was just a playful joke.

        Just like you like to joke around when you wish death on all non-Aryans, vegans and COVID cultists.

        At least I HOPE that you are just trolling when you write those kinds of comments.

        And I respect your religious beliefs, I’m joking about it being a cult. In fact, I myself admit to being a former member of a cult (Church of Max Keiser).

        Mormons do have a reputation for being extremely kind, gracious and forgiving. Just like the Amish and Mennonites.

  1. Okay, so move to a town very close to my hometown and buy this house and paint it a little better and plant some extra trees and bushes and flowers. It is under 200K: You’d have almost three acres!! I personally love the vintage decor. It needs some repairs but it isn’t a wreck. You’d even get a big garage/barn thing. The property tax is 3k/year (cheap). Recreational marijuana is now legal in CT. There is nothing special about this house or town; I just happen to know that it is a low crime region.

    • That’s a pretty looking bit of land, I doubt you’d find anything comparable anywhere near me for that price.

      A quick search though revealed this little gem, for about the same price, in Captains Flat:

      The best thing about Captains Flat is that it had (if it’s still open) a very long bar in the pub. In its heyday, getting drunk was the best thing going for the place. Now, it’s a dead mining town, with a dead heavy metals mine, that has poisoned the soil and rendered the local waterway devoid of fish to this day.

      For a mere $300k AUD, you could buy that dilapidated mining cottage, with a view of the ‘remediated’ mine, and perhaps have enough change for a shotgun shell to blow off the top of your dome.

      That was the second stand-alone dwelling on offer I spotted for under $300k in NSW, the first one was a portable in bumbfuck nowhere, presumably in a caravan park, or whatever else ‘the bungalows’ is a euphemism for:

      • That’s a very nice landscape. Much more scenic than rural Connecticut. Still, CT isn’t so bad, once you get away from the shopping areas.

        Until recently it was easy to find a house for under 200k in eastern CT if you liked old houses. It is still pretty easy if you are willing to go up to 250k (this one is amazing; it was built in 1702:

        I don’t think there is much of a pollution problem in CT since industry has been gone for so long. There aren’t even so many farms anymore since it is a terrible place to farm most things due to the rocky soil, and people who really wanted to farm moved west. Two hundred years ago about 80 percent of the state was farmed; now not much is, and most farms are family type farms that Rintrah might not object to too much. As you drive through it is mostly trees growing where the fields used to be; just like Rintrah wants.. All through the forests there are decaying stone walls that surround the areas that used to be fields.

        If Rintrah goes to to the bar in my hometown he can pick up an acquaintance of my mom’s; she is in her 70s but hangs out there all the time and has pretty good success since she isn’t fat. We went to the restaurant attached to the bar a few years ago and my mom cluelessly asked me if we should ask X to join us since she must be lonely sitting on that bar seat, haha.

        • Most of the landscape around me is pretty harsh. It’s dry country and the soil is only good for growing rocks.

          Even so, that ‘fixer-upper’ with lead polluted soils, and presumably asbestos as well (my guess is the place was lined with it, and the owner got paranoid about cancer and stripped it out), about 50kms from the closest facilities/shops, is going for about a third of a million.

          No, there are no bargains to be found anywhere in these parts. And I doubt there will be ever again as the ponzi lords control all the levers: migration etc.

          And the bubble they’ve made will live on until it all comes down: the ponzi lords will throw everything at it to make sure it doesn’t collapse until then – it’s all too big to fail now.

          Your links make a move seem pretty tempting in many ways, but I am rooted here come what may. This is where they will lay my bones.

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