1. She just went bonkers. It happens to all kinds of animals, including the human animals. And it happens both within nature as well as within civilization. Kind of sad but nothing exceptional.

    I have a suggestion for your next post. I am interested in what you really eat. Can you chronicle each meal for a week? And add information which meals you cooked by yourself a how long it took.

    And I wonder how you look – like a soyboy or like a man?

    I am looking for a way to eat less meat but I find it too difficult. The recipes take too much time and usually contain little protein. And the fucking beans give me gas.

      • >And I wonder how you look – like a soyboy or like a man?

        Warning: Too much information alert.

        How do I say this: At some point when I measured my dick as a teenage boy I kind of stopped caring whether I look manly enough. All of you are probably much manlier and stronger than me, eating massive amounts of protein that turns you into real strong dominant alpha males, bankrupting yourselves buying grassfed beef.

        Me on the other hand? I will proudly admit that I’m a cocksucker. To be more specific, I suck my own cock. I can’t graduate college, I can’t hold onto a job for more than a few years, I can’t outperform the indexes, I can’t keep a normal conversation going at a party and I can’t hand in old beer bottles in the supermarket without accidentally spilling old sour beer on my shoes in the presence of two young women, but I can still suck my own dick and that makes it all bearable.

        I don’t do it very often, because it feels more like sucking a dick than it feels like having your dick sucked, but it was nice to realize a few weeks ago that I can still do it at the ripe age of 31.

        Of course I do exercise, I’m not a complete degenerate, I go jogging and I do pushups and back when the gym was still open I did all sorts of other exercises too, but I’m not aiming to become very bulky.

        Note, in case anyone wonders about this: I have been eating large amounts of soy ever since I was around 10 years old and realized that animals need to be killed to produce meat. I would recommend you to ignore the 4chan “soyboy” trope, it’s nonsense.

        Soy is a healthy part of a human diet. Phytoestrogens from soy actually help protect your body from the effects of synthetic man-made estrogens. Just as with everything you shouldn’t overdo it, I wouldn’t recommend giving soymilk to infants, but soy is a perfectly fine element of a young man’s diet.

        If you’re wondering why I never jumped on the pickupartist/alpha male/gymbro/manosphere/redpill bandwagon, now you have your answer.

        I’m only telling you all this, because I want to encourage other people to start eating less meat too. It definitely has nothing to do with feeding my ego. After all, for that I have my lips.

    • When switching to a largely plant-based diet, you got to give your gut microbes time to adapt. The fiber is what’s important. If you eat the average omnivore diet, you will have maybe 20 g of fiber in a whole day. Some plant-based foods have that amount in 100 grams. If you suddenly up your intake by a lot, the gut microbes are overwhelmed and mis-ferment the stuff, which produces lots of gas and fucks with your digestion. It can take a few weeks to adapt to larger amounts of fiber, so aim to increase it slowly. Start with easier stuff like grains and lentils, and gradually add an increasing amount of beans. If you want to go for beans right away, cook them in plenty of water and pour it away. Canned beans you gotta wash (the thick gel that comes out is thick because of fiber, so get rid of that).

      Protein-rich vegan stuff is anything made from soy (tofu, milk), lentils & beans, wholegrain noodles (some have 13 g / 100 g), peanuts and peanut butter, protein bread (mind the fiber!), quinoa, yeast flakes, fake meat products (use in moderation). If in doubt, you can get a pea protein shake, though those usually don’t taste all too good.

      An easy, protein-rich recipe is spaghetti noodles with tomato sauce (spice with garlic, mediterranean herbs etc.), green or black lentils instead of meat, and yeast flakes on top.

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