Unprecedented Global Respiratory Disease

The scientists are beginning to figure out the mistake they have made, almost two years too late. It leads to graphs like this, that tell the whole picture:

You can read the study for yourself here.

These guys at least have the decency not to try to explain away their findings. They’re not making excuses, they’re calling a spade a spade:

The association of increased risk of COVID-19 with higher numbers of prior vaccine doses in our study, was unexpected. A simplistic explanation might be that those who received more doses were more likely to be individuals at higher risk of COVID-19. A small proportion of individuals may have fit this description. However, the majority of subjects in this study were generally young individuals and all were eligible to have received at least 3 doses of vaccine by the study start date, and which they had every opportunity to do. Therefore, those who received fewer than 3 doses (>45% of individuals in the study) were not those ineligible to receive the vaccine, but those who chose not to follow the CDC’s recommendations on remaining updated with COVID-19 vaccination, and one could reasonably expect these individuals to have been more likely to have exhibited higher risktaking behavior. Despite this, their risk of acquiring COVID-19 was lower than those who received a larger number of prior vaccine doses.

You can not justify what is happening now, by arguing it did work before the Omicron era. The impact is long term (hence we see increased infections even in people who had 1 shot or 2 shots here). In addition, the impact triggers self-amplifying positive feedback loops:

  1. Accelerating the evolution of SARS-COV-2.
  2. Immune depletion that sets people up for reinfection.

If you could somehow override the immune fixation on Wuhan (good luck getting people to submit to another medical procedure after your previous one caused them such misery), you would still be stuck with the long-term repercussions of the above two.

Taken at face value, results like this can be the difference between r0 of 0.8 (self-limiting waves) or r0 of 2.4 (growing waves). Although your individual risk is just 200% higher for the given time period, for a community as a whole it can mean orders of magnitude more infections.

But it’s worse when you properly account for the fact that breakthrough infections last longer: It takes people longer to get the viral load to zero. As a result, they get to infect more people. If you assume the window of spread is twice as long, you could look at r0.8 vs r4.8. You can also expect the immune damage to be more severe.

There is no circumstance whatsoever, under which you can justify a vaccine with negative efficacy against infection. This is an unprecedented global error.

And the consequences of this stupid unprecedented global error are almost everywhere now. The people who are now suffering the worst, are the ones you’d wish to spare most of all.


A surge in winter infections has reached unprecedented levels in Germany, according to one of the country’s leading doctors. The country’s intensive care units is struggling under the burden.

A leading German doctor says the rate of sickness across the general population is on a level previously unseen, with the country’s intensive care units (ICU) under tremendous pressure.

Gothenburg, Sweden (where it can’t be immunity debt from lockdowns or masks, as they already had a big wave a year ago):

Planned care is canceled to meet the extreme pressure on the pediatric intensive care unit. Nevertheless, the staff is finding it difficult to do enough.
Now, moreover, it is not only the RS virus that makes children seriously ill – but also influenza and covid-19

The rooms where there are oxygen outlets are not enough, says Sophia Hertram, head of the care unit at the children’s emergency department at Östra hospital.

Last RS virus season was described as unique. In October 2021, the pediatric intensive care unit in Gothenburg was filled with sick children for several weeks, and the number of patients was significantly more than the staff had ever seen before. The situation was extremely strained.

A maximum of 245 patients applied to the children’s emergency room at that time. That record has now been broken. On Monday, 249 patients applied to the children’s emergency room in Gothenburg, many of whom are young children who have become seriously ill with respiratory infections.

There are a lot of people who are sick, need oxygen and have difficulty eating, says Katrin Adrian, head doctor at the children’s intensive care unit at Queen Silvia’s children’s hospital.

Theory that the immunity against RS virus does not last
Once again, the RS virus season is thus unusually powerful, which surprised when a milder season was expected after last year’s record. At first, Katrin Adrian speculated that it was about children who didn’t get sick last year – but now it happens that they meet the same children this year as last year.

It is possible that the immunity does not last longer than a year or so.

In that case, it would go against the classic pattern. At the same time, a significant proportion of children who need treatment for flu or covid-19 have also started to arrive. So it is not enough to manage the RS virus wave.

There is usually an epidemic at a time, and the children also do not usually get as sick from the flu as they have this year.


(which gave us this graph:)

Services are being reduced and medics focusing on patients “with the most needs”, says the chief medical officer at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

Steep rises in Covid-19, flu, Strep A and other winter illnesses are causing long waits at the hospital said chief medical officer Adrian Harris.

He urged people to “think very carefully” before going to hospital.

“Sadly how we will cope is by having to reduce the suite of services that we offer,” he said.


“These kids are just so much sicker [than we typically see during RSV season],” West said. “And when you think about nurses that are already in very large patient assignments, nurses are very worried that their child’s going to go downhill very quickly, that they’re going to maybe miss something because they’re spread so thin.”


At a media briefing Thursday, health officials said the weeks-long surge of pediatric RSV cases is starting to taper off, but influenza and COVID-19 cases among both children and adults are starting to rise.

“This really is a first for Oregon, that we have seen this,” said Dr. Wendy Hasson, the medical director of pediatric intensive care at Legacy Emanuel’s Randall’s Children Hospital. “We have dealt with respiratory surges every single season every single year, but this operating above capacity really is historic and new.”

State epidemiologist Dr. Dean Sidelinger said the combination of RSV, influenza and COVID is pushing hospital intensive care units beyond capacity, “which never happened during the darkest days of our COVID-19 pandemic in Oregon.”

“The situation facing our hospital is extremely serious,” Sidelinger said. “Today, more hospitals are reaching a point of crisis in their adult bed capacity just as our pediatric hospitals moved to crisis care standards in the past two weeks.”


A meeting between pediatric emergency medicine specialists and obstetricians in Metro Vancouver revealed a frustrated hospital workforce struggling to meet the demands of a region full of sick children, CTV News has learned.

The meeting revealed staffing challenges so severe that hospitals are turning away parents in labour in some cases.

Several physicians raised questions and addressed issues both specific and general, including the revelation that six children have died in British Columbia from influenza in a two-week period.

Most of the participants work at BC Women’s Hospital and BC Children’s Hospital. They described young patients and their parents sitting on the floor of the emergency department waiting room during peak periods, with those in active labour or requiring C-sections waiting hours for medical attention.

It should be clear by now that the mass infection experiment of the past year doesn’t work. Human beings, especially children, are not equipped to deal with three sarbecovirus infections every year. Before the vaccine experiment, we had studies showing 95% protection against reinfection for at least seven months, with no clear evidence of waning. Regardless of what people may say, that gets you to herd immunity.

Just as an influenza infection damages your immune system, a SARS-COV-2 infection damages your immune system. But whereas 8% of the population catches influenza in a normal year, the majority of children caught Omicron in 2021 and many of them multiple times. Children didn’t use to catch COVID and they’re bad at spreading it.

The children are suffering the consequences of the high infectious burden from SARS-COV-2. The constant spread is predominantly due to a relatively small demographic: Obese elderly, most of them highly vaccinated. About 80% of viral particles exhaled come from 18% of people. Obese people are much more likely to infect their coworkers.

The obese elderly were also first to get infected back in 2020 when this whole mess started. That gave people a false impression of the risk we were dealing with: The death toll was high, because the first people to get infected were also the ones most vulnerable to the consequences of an infection. In addition, they were best at spreading it.

But now… now we’re dealing with the repercussions of interfering with the mechanisms that normally lead to herd immunity. Thousands, perhaps millions of people around the world have been infected naturally with sarbecoviruses at some point in their lives, we’ve seen villages in China where 2% of people have antibodies.

These viruses struggle to spread, because our bodies try not to spread them. When we interfere at the level of entire populations with the mechanisms our bodies use not to spread these viruses, then we create an existential threat. Although SARS-COV-2 is intrinsically more dangerous than the other sarbecoviruses, as it has been passaged through immunocompromised humanized mice to make it far better adapted to spreading between humans, it’s still clear that negative long term vaccine efficacy against infection is what has made the difference, leading to the disaster we’re now faced with.

It’s relatively easy to demonstrate this: In the Omicron era, the pandemic stopped in unvaccinated nations:

This is the important part to understand. What’s starting to happen now really didn’t need to happen.

The constant infections in children now are not just a result of high infectious burden in the population, but also a product of Western populations now favoring the vaccine-enabled Omicron variants. The pre-Omicron variants depended on TMPRSS2 for entry, expression of which increases highly with age. Omicron in contrast to pre-Omicron variants, is discouraged by high TMPRSS2 expression. The Omicron variants have higher ACE2 affinity, but nonetheless the Omicron variants can’t produce these big constant waves in naturally immune healthy young populations. As a result the children are spared.

For what it’s worth, like the lockdowns, the vaccines never stood a chance of working. The lockdowns didn’t stand a chance because the virus was in every major city by November 2019, if you then lock everyone up at home in March 2020 you’re not accomplishing anything. The vaccines never stood a chance of working because the first Omicron variants emerged in Africa in the summer of 2021, evolving stealthily under the radar while the vaccination campaign had only just begun. If you take into consideration where it evolved, in a young population where most adults would already have been infected, then it’s not strange that it grew more competent at infecting children.

This whole narrative that vaccine-evasive variants would only emerge if we didn’t vaccinate rapidly enough is nonsense, they were inevitably going to emerge because your vaccine was utterly inadequate to address even modest variants like Delta. It’s a race you stood no chance of winning.

What you have now accomplished as a result of the failed experiment are repeated vaccine-facilitated sarbecovirus waves competent at infecting children, that cause escalating immune depletion.

There’s no way around it, young children should not be constantly getting infected by a sarbecovirus. The immune damage makes it harder for them to deal with other viruses their bodies still need to learn to deal with, like RSV. The plasmacytoid dendritic cells that produce most of our interferon are depleted after an infection. This is an important part of the early warning system your immune system uses upon infection.

There is another factor that needs to be considered: An increase in asymptomatic transmission of RSV and other pathogens by vaccinated adults, whose immune systems are showing clear signs of shifting from pro-inflammatory towards anti-inflammatory IgG antibodies against SARS-COV-2. This is what Geert van den Bossche has suggested. This wouldn’t explain however why infections in children now seem to be more severe than usual.

But the big problem we’re dealing with is that the spread of a sarbecovirus was interpreted as a problem because it means we get too many elderly in the hospital simultaneously. The vulnerable were generally first to get infected, so by the time the Omicron waves began it was inevitable that the number of hospitalizations per infection would go down a lot, regardless of whether Omicron is milder.

Because the problem is defined as “too many elderly in the hospital”, a vaccine that shows a reduction in hospitalizations among elderly, even if it happens to wane, is seen as a solution. If the problem were defined as “the human body is not equipped to deal with multiple sarbecovirus infections every year”, then you would find yourself reflecting critically on studies like this, that clearly show higher reinfection rates:

But findings like these, which were already emerging in late 2021, are simply constantly explained away, until it becomes impossible and unaffordable to explain them away. The government bureaucrats and public health scientists were already sitting on these numbers in late 2021, they have absolutely no excuse for their unprecedented failure.

The big problem you’re dealing with in regards to SARS-COV-2 is not how intrinsically dangerous the virus is. The big problem, the catastrophic factor that turns this into an existential threat, is that everyone is now constantly getting infected. It’s the massive constant waves that are abnormal. Only about a quarter to a third of the whole population ever got infected during the 1918 influenza pandemic, but you’re now dealing with a situation where the majority of the populations gets SARS-COV-2 multiple times in a year.

If you got three influenza infections in a year, you wouldn’t be doing too well either. That’s what vaccines with negative efficacy against infection do: They create unprecedented problems. They don’t just harm the people who receive them, they harm the people around those people, who are now constantly exposed to whatever virus it was supposed to protect against too.

I wish to remind you again, my dear readers, of my warnings not to do this:

June 2021:

Of course the really unfortunate part is that for coronaviruses, we know that poor antibodies can be worse than having no antibodies, because of a phenomenon known as antibody dependent enhancement. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about it:

ADE was a concern during late clinical stages of vaccine development against COVID-19.[25][26]

ADE was observed in animal studies during the development of coronavirus vaccines, but as of 14 December 2020 no incidents had been observed in human trials. “Overall, while ADE is a theoretical possibility with a COVID-19 vaccine, clinical trials in people so far have not shown that participants who received the vaccine have a higher rate of severe illness compared to participants who did not receive the vaccine.”[27][28]

That’s not very reassuring, is it? “Although we know it’s a theoretical concern, we haven’t seen anything bad happen yet.” Is not a very reassuring statement, when you consider that the whole problem is that people worry these vaccines could make the virus more deadly for vaccinated people, after mutated versions of this virus will start showing up everywhere this fall.

July 2021:

Here’s my big worry: I think what we’re facing is a situation where the virus is going to further mutate in the months ahead, which subsequently leads to a situation in which people who were vaccinated no longer have a proper immune response that they can launch against the new variants. This is the logical conclusion to draw, if you extrapolate from the evidence we have so far.

August 2021:

What I expect will take place as a consequence is that we’re going to see what evolutionary biologists call an adaptive radiation. History is filled with examples of animals that change very little for a long time, until they conquer a new ecological niche and suddenly evolve into all sorts of different directions as a consequence. With this virus, we have now created a situation where it’s going to branch of into numerous different directions.

This creates a huge problem, when it comes to creating a vaccine against these new strains. With the Dengue virus, we see that you can’t really develop a vaccine, because an immune response against one strain actually has the effect of enhancing the infection with another strain. With this virus, we haven’t reached that point yet, but genetic diversity is rapidly exploding, so we’re likely to see something similar eventually.

October 19 2021

Whenever the vaccinated get infected, there’s no proper broadening of the immune response. It’s not just the case that immunization creates inferior immunity compared to a natural infection, it prohibits the development of optimal immunity.

So what can we expect now? Well, to start with, we can forget about returning to “normal” anytime soon. There’s not going to be herd immunity, because most of the population is now unable to develop long term sterilizing immunity against this virus.

With every injection of these vaccines, we make people more vulnerable to the new variants that will emerge. The virus in turn, is left with the perfect landscape to evolve towards increased infectiousness: A population where everyone has a highly similar antibody response focused on the Wuhan version of the Spike protein, because everyone was vaccinated with vaccines based on the Wuhan spike protein. It is the equivalent of a burglar who moves to a town where every door has the same lock.

21 Oktober 2021:

This tiny age cohort of young teenagers is now responsible for the majority of cases. But why? Because they haven’t been vaccinated yet? Then why aren’t the younger children affected? It should be pretty straightforward to recognize what’s going on here: The two week worry window. All the evidence shows that during the two weeks after your first shot, you’re more susceptible to getting infected. Take a bunch of kids who normally don’t notice this virus, start injecting a bunch of them, put them all together in classrooms and you have the exact recipe for an explosion in cases.

23 Oktober 2021.

In the red scenario, the changes that occur to this virus in the context of a massively vaccinated population lead to a situation where the immune response that your body is taught to develop causes your immune system to be prepared in an inadequate manner. Your body is defending the Maginot line and the virus shows up through Belgium. You’ve seen different technical terms thrown around, like antibody dependent enhancement, original antigenic sin andsoforth, but they all boil down to this basic idea: An immune system prepared for the wrong situation is ultimately worse off than an unprepared immune system.


But what does the evidence suggest? Well I’m afraid to say, as time goes by, it’s looking more and more like we’re faced with the red scenario: Everyone is stuck with a bad immune response that the virus is learning to use to its own advantage.

I hadn’t studied viruses much until 2021, I had some knowledge of the limitations of vaccines, but the evolution of viruses in response to antibody pressure is a subject I had never looked much into until 2021, so I didn’t spend much time looking at this vaccine, realizing the low risk I faced from SARS-COV-2 versus the high rate of adverse effects of these vaccines was enough to have me avoid it.

And so by the time I started posting my warnings, they had already gotten to most people. That tends to frustrate me. Even my friends didn’t believe me and signed up for this thing. I have one well-read guest article published under my real name, that may have stopped some people from getting the booster. If I had just looked at the vaccine earlier, I would have figured all of this out much earlier too, but I simply hadn’t looked into what they were planning.

Now we’re sinking into self-perpetuating positive feedback loops. Have a good look at SARS-COV-2 RNA in Dutch sewage:

That jump there suggests we’re now headed for a new record. I don’t like seeing sudden jumps like this. And yet, the average guy in the street thinks the whole thing is over, even as everyone is getting sick.

There isn’t really much we can do now, the big collective mistake has already been committed, but I recommend taking good care of your gut. The bacteria in our gut help regulate the immune response to respiratory infections.


-Fermented and probiotic foods, like Kimchi

-A high fiber plant based diet

-A diet high in plant proteins, preferably cooked at relatively low temperatures to preserve the protease inhibitors

-Raw oysters are a good source of zinc


-Food high in palmitic acid, like dairy and meat.

I have documented this many times by now, that a plant-based diet overwhelmingly reduces risk of severe outcomes from SARS-COV-2 and reduces risk of infection. This is one of the reasons India, sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia have done relatively well, whereas the United States is suffering severely.

People don’t enjoy hearing this, they want to hear how everyone who got vaccinated is going to develop heart failure and die, but you have to shut down your social media for once and just confront yourself with the reality that the children are now getting sick in droves, including the children who were not vaccinated, like those in Sweden.

Things are starting to get very nasty now and you need to realize that idiots on social media who tell you to eat a diet of cheese and meat so that you enter “ketosis” are responsible for fueling the fire.


  1. My son (5) and his mother came down with something nasty recently. (Doctor diagnosed flu over the phone). Neither has had any illness since their first covid infection twelve months ago. How would this fit the immune depletion from repeat covid infections theory? The only notable event in close proximity was other kids getting the flu vaccine at school day earlier. None of us is covid jabbed.

    Would you be inclined to think that immune damage has occurred through asymptomatic infections? Or is it just due to the high prevalence in the community?

    • I don’t really know. Both suggestions you make seem plausible. It’s also possible for some degree of immune damage to still be present after twelve months.

    • Same here: kids and wife got sth nasty one month ago. Kids (unvaxxed) were ok after 2-4 days but wife (2 doses of the mrna pfoison) was sick for almost 3 weeks. Her symptoms were consistent to what the kids had during the first 2 days – very high fever and muscle/joint pain. Obviously a virus infection. However she was not able to shake it off and stayed ill for a very long time. Some of her prolonged symptoms were very covid-like: intense cough and shortness of breath. She was barely able to climb the stairs. I am pretty worried for her, because this was highly unusual – typically it’s me who gets the bad flu symptoms, not her. I am afraid she either had covid again (we all had Omicron this spring) or it was another virus that was able to prey on her weakened immune system. I (unvaxxed) got lucky and did not catch that specific bug this time.

      I think it is just the huge prevalence of covid/rsv/flu in the community right now. Be it because of the vaxx and/or to some extent because of some immune debt. What goes around comes around!
      We now have 2 sub-populations, vaxxed and unvaxxed. While the R0 for the unvaxxed is clearly below 1, for the vaxxed it is way above 1 so on average you get a population wide effective average R0 of above 1. Everybody suffers then, vaxxed or unvaxxed, because everybody gets exposed on a regular basis.
      I think Radagast nailed this one very early! Thank you, @Radagast! You certainly helped a lot of people even if many did not listen.

  2. If these government officials start distributing prophylactic anti-virals such as ivermectin as Geert van den Bossche recommends on a mass scale, that’s when you know this whole thing is going to shit. It hasn’t happened yet, but it may come soon.

    • you expect them to admit to have made a mistake and correct themselves?
      they are busy with manipulating the data in order to hide the side effects right now.

  3. It’s going to get pretty fucking hard to ignore this, surely. At least 60% of the people in my work have been coughing their brains out for the past three weeks. Huge swathes of the work force are going off on long-term sick. It does seem like many people are starting to wake up to the fact the vaccines are not only useless but may be harmful and are going to get very angry at the know-it-all arrogant bastards that pushed and bullied these shots into billions of people. If I was Gates or Fauci I would be hiring armed guards right now.

  4. Won’t the positive feedback loop get a lot worse and ultimately reaches a catastrophe as time passes? If R0 for an unvaccinated is 0.6 today, but the environment is bombarded with virus exposure, the R0 will likely increase to 0.7, which will then further the exposure risks.

    So far R0 has not exploded exponentially according to the Ethical Skeptic who tracks it diligently. I assume people are actually building up immunity against the virus. Maybe we will avoid the worst.

    Thanks for the great work!

    • >Won’t the positive feedback loop get a lot worse and ultimately reaches a catastrophe as time passes? If R0 for an unvaccinated is 0.6 today, but the environment is bombarded with virus exposure, the R0 will likely increase to 0.7, which will then further the exposure risks.

      I think so yes.

      We know young unvaccinated people’s protection against infection is increased from their first two infections.

      But if you’re constantly getting exposed to this virus, with high infectious doses, at some point I would expect that the immune damage incurred from an infection will exceed whatever improvement in protection is derived from a broadened immune response.

      • For the unvaccinated, wouldn’t frequent incremental exposure strengthen the immune response? On the other hand, permanently elevated T-cells could lead to t-cell exhaustion, like the vaccinated are experiencing.

  5. “-Food high in palmitic acid, like dairy and meat.

    I have documented this many times by now, that a plant-based diet overwhelmingly reduces risk of severe outcomes from SARS-COV-2 and reduces risk of infection. This is one of the reasons India, sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia have done relatively well, whereas the United States is suffering severely.”

    Or we can eat Meat and Dairy. But we must incorporate fasting days where we go Vegan:

    Being inflexibly absolute doesn’t benefit anyone.

    • This is true, I advocate for a balanced approach as well. However, it is very difficult to transition to a plant-based diet without a brief but intense period of radical change. In early 2022, I experimented and stumbled upon something that works for me. I ate a plant-based diet of mainly leafy greens such as swiss chard, spinach, kale, arugala, broccoli with only beans + rice as my plant-based protein. The only thing is, eating a plant-based diet will not be palatable for most people who are essentially omnivores for most of their lives. Perhaps it is best to shift the composition to 20% animal / 80% plant and stick to high-quality meat such as farm-raised chicken and eggs and/or grass fed beef in addition to wild caught fish. That is my current diet essentially as I need some meat to feel satisfied. I think what I described is a more realistic long-term diet.

      A ketogenic diet (leafy greens are low in net carbs (net of dietary fiber) so you can eat as much as you like) with the right proteins along with intermittent fasting has also proven to be effective. Look up Eric Berg on YouTube, he is a legit source for easily accessible but high quality health advice.

        • Inuit, and Western long term visitors studying them, ate ketogenic diets with almost ZERO vegetables most of the year, and were quite healthy.
          Many other tribes eating how our ancestors did eat mostly or majority animal products, and go in and out of ketosis regularly, and are far more healthy than most people, including most grey skin, half dead looking long term vegans.

          Your entire premise is based on wishful thinking, deliberate blindness, and ignoring that there are more animals kille, and more environments destroyed, for your crops, than for responsibly raised livestock.

          Also, palmitic acid is literally our bodies favourite way to store fat, and has no issues as long as it is from whole foods, not synthetically isolated.


          Going to this diet, which is semi ketogenic and has large amounts of animal fats (palmitic acid), MASSIVELY boosted my immunity, general health, mental health, youthfulness, etc, and has done so for the 15 years I have been following it.
          The 6months I went vegetarian gave me near constant neurochemical depression, which I have never experienced before or since.

          • I’ve experienced the opposite in terms of my mood since cutting out meat. Some people are different though. I can go way deeper when I meditate too. I still eat fish. Eating too much soy products like Tempeh can make me feel like shit though.

    • I liked the site you linked to. Ironically it contains a post from one of his parishioners on the moral case for taking the covid shot(s). Dated June 2021, it says Britain and US are benefiting from covid decline as the vaccine is creating herd immunity!

    • India eats large amounts of dairy, and plenty of meat, they are not vegan, and they had plenty of issues with covid until they started mass distributing ivermectin, zinc, d3, hcq etc.

      African people eat meat and literally dose themselves with overheating weekly, and the parts of Africa at the north and south that don’t do this had plenty of issues with covid.
      You are blindly claiming things completely unrelated to your vegan cult as if they are benefits of veganism.
      There could be (is) a benefit to the ghee (butter ie palmitic acid) traditionally used in India over the Canola soy corn and Canoga oils widespread in USA, etc, but claiming this is mostly or demonstratively a vegetables thing is just stupid.

  6. Thank you for your posts. After reading today’s I think it best to say the following.
    Please be gentle on your good self. This world is full of burdens to carry if you look for them. You can only be a good soul doing their best.

  7. “I wish to remind you again, my dear readers”
    Thank you for calling us ‘dear readers’ instead of low-status, middle-aged white MAGA readers. At least we were smart enough not to take the jab.

    • In many ways his attitude is typical for Europeans who don’t know many or understand Americans. I used to live in Germany, right by the border by Enschede, and know their mentality. Most of them are fully on board with this “nice” form of lite socialism, fully expecting that progress equates with benevolent and competent government controlling everything. It dovetails hand in hand with the general de-christianization of the population, which is also seen by such people as “progress”. If you understand this world view you understand where Radegast is coming from.

      The MAGA Americans don’t buy into this, they realize Government can only be corrupt and compromised and will always descend into Tyranny. Most of these Americans remember the countries they fled, when such “progressive” governments inevitably turned against their citizens, forcing them to find a new land. One side keeps trying, unable to see the folly in their beliefs. The other side remembers who God is and what was done to them.

      The lights will come on when it is realized that the errors made worldwide necessarily come from the expectation that Government is there to solve all of our problems. It can NEVER be any different, regardless who is in charge. This is why those low value MAGA males figured this out long before the data confirmation.

  8. “…and ignoring that there are more animals kille, and more environments destroyed, for your crops, than for responsibly raised livestock.”

    What do you mean by responsibly raised? And I don’t think that that would tip the balance towards meat (especially of large ruminants) having a lower land-use than plants (considering that it is orders of magnitude abobe the land-use per kalories of plants –> https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/land-use-kcal-poore).
    Additionally, one should also consider that land could be redeveloped into natural areas, so by sticking to land-use intensive farming practices in the status quo, you are also “destroying” large swathes of environmental areas (i.e. by disallowing the renaturalization of areas needed to feed cattle).

  9. Here are my recommendations:
    -Acknowledge death, as medieval man did. The tendency of modern man to run away from death is at the root of the present disaster.
    -Make friends with death, as primal man did. It’s not an end-of-life event, but a constant companion.

    Radagast, you write about corona more intelligently than anyone ever has. The limitation of intelligent, unselfish criticism, pertaining to the things that really matter in life, is that you’re pointing out the flaws in people not just doing as they please, but being as they are. Thus, you wouldn’t really have been able to save people by realizing the risk of our present scenario earlier than you did; everyone who was paying any real attention had realized that nobody knew what they were doing, and everyone who was fleeing death like, well, death, couldn’t care less about the miserable promises they flocked to.

  10. The inuit are not models of successful aging. Traditionally, most died in their 50s. Free from civilization’s diseases, true, but short-lived.

    There is not NEARLY enough room on planet earth for everyone to be a meat-eater, or even for most to be meat-eaters, given current technology. True that there are “more animals killed, and more environments destroyed, for your crops, than for responsibly raised livestock”, but that is a trick way of expressing things which amounts to a lie, because said “responsibly raised livestock” can only support a vanishingly-small percentage of the population. Yes, agriculture causes a lot of environmental damage, but what is the alternative? Let 7 billion people die, so the rest can eat meat?

    With newer technology (precision fermentation and other) it will be possible to create “animal products” with vastly lower environmental footprint, so it will eventually become a moot point. But that is a couple decades away, at least.

  11. I don’t want to spread panic, but is this stuff not in our daily drinking, teeth brushing and washing water, since long ago? What to do: boil it, cook it or … ???

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