Unprecedented mass infection in Scotland

I’m gradually running out of new things to say on SARS-COV-2, but there’s one thing I think is worth looking at. Here you have the results of the ONS infectivity survey, which estimates that one in every 11 Scottish people now has a SARS-COV-2 infection:

People are still being hospitalized, in fact Scotland now has record hospitalizations. Let’s look at the infection rate estimate from longer ago:

Today you have nine times as many people with COVID-19 as you did during the peak before the vaccination campaign. And in case there’s any doubt as to what causes this mass infection, we can just take a look at case rates by vaccination status in England:

A non-sterilizing vaccine deployed to the whole population in the middle of a pandemic is a great way to turn a disaster into an existential threat. We have all installed the same new lock on our doors, through natural selection this virus is now trying to figure out what the perfect key is for this new lock.

We’re now in a bizarre situation, where everyone wants to pretend that everything is normal again. The new current thing is Ukraine, you’re supposed to forget this whole pandemic ever happened and if you bring it up again, you’re now the weirdo. In February, the Netherlands had the highest people home sick since march 2020, at 5.5% of all employees. Doctors have gotten much better at treating patients and everyone has had some exposure to the virus, so deaths are much rarer now.

A reinfection is generally less deadly than a first infection, but there is unlikely to be a further reduction in mortality from third and fourth reinfections. The reduction seen so far is as good as it’s going to get, unless we see new better treatment options. In fact, there is some reason to believe reinfections will get worse, as infections kill naive T cells.

Deaths from SARS-COV-2 generally don’t look the way they used to look anymore. South Africa’s deaths following their Omicron wave suggested the average delay between infection and death has increased. Late complications like strokes are now responsible for a larger share of the death toll. Often the death takes place more than thirty days after infection, so they’re no longer recognized as caused by the infection.

Among the elderly, many of the frailest most vulnerable people have already died from this virus. What I would recommend to see what’s going on, is to look at excess mortality in younger categories. Here you can see excess mortality as a percentage, in young American adults:

It becomes elevated in march and then it never drops back to normal. These are people who would have had decades of life expectancy left. Some will be opioid overdoses, which increased massively once the lockdowns started. Some deaths will be directly vaccine related. Others are long term population level consequences of the vaccination campaign, in that vaccination has been followed by a massive unprecedented wave of infections from this virus.

It’s not just the United States either. Europe is still witnessing massive excess mortality in young adults, higher so far this year than during the last two years:

Some phenomena in nature display positive feedback. Global warming is a notorious example. As the planet warms, the changing climate damages the ability of our planet to store carbon dioxide in forests and soils. Obesity is another: As you start to weigh more, your ability to burn calories through exercise is affected. Unfortunately, SARS-COV-2 has something similar going on. It kills the T cells your body uses to fight off the infection. Time will tell how big of a role this process will play in the unfolding of this pandemic.

I don’t really see things getting any better, until governments and academics become able to acknowledge the basic principle that their mass vaccination campaign has made the pandemic much worse and has now caused a situation in which unprecedented numbers of people in highly vaccinated nations are constantly being reinfected. You can’t solve the consequences of mass vaccination, when you can’t acknowledge them.

Millions of people around the world are stuck with:

-Antibodies to the NTD region of the spike protein that merely enhance the infection.

-An Original Antigenic Sin response, based off the Wuhan spike protein

-Decreased breadth of the immune response, as a consequence of repeated vaccination with the Wuhan spike protein

Governments considered this virus enough of an existential threat to prohibit you from leaving your home. Apparently however, offering you some sort of vaccine that genuinely works, as opposed to constantly injecting you with something that has been shown to fail within weeks, is too much to ask.

The effect the mass vaccination campaign has had, is to homogenize our immune response against this virus at a population level. El Gato Malo has written a good piece about this here, Eugyppius and me have also written on this topic a few times. This homogenization of our immune response causes mutations to carry an overall fitness benefit that would otherwise have been hampered by those who had a different response to this virus.

I don’t think you need very esoteric theories of vaccine induced AIDS or global depopulation campaigns to explain what’s happening, as evidenced by the simple fact that Geert van den Bossche managed to warn us about it before it took place. It’s simply a virus doing what it does best: Making use of the fact that most people in the Western world are now stuck with a very similar immune response to an old version of the virus that no longer works.

The koala in Australia is unusually good at digesting a toxic plant, eucalyptus. The reason such a strange animal, that sleeps 20 hours a day and is very vulnerable to predators, could evolve in the first place, is because the eucalyptus tree dominates large parts of Australia’s surface. If Australia had the occasional eucalyptus tree, there wouldn’t be sufficient evolutionary pressure to adapt to metabolize this plant, to the cost of all other traits an animal benefits from having.

Similarly, with BA.2 we now have our own SARS-COV-2 variant, almost perfectly optimized to infect the highly vaccinated Western population. Where is Algeria’s BA.2 wave? Where is South Africa’s BA.2 wave? We’re its ecological niche, as evidenced by the 11% of Scottish people who are now estimated to carry it.

You should ask yourself, how much time your country’s minister of health spent, contemplating the long term impact of vaccination on the evolutionary dynamics of a coronavirus capable of reinfecting people. My guess is: Not a lot of time. The Dutch minister is embarrassed now, because some of his text messages were leaked, in which he discusses purchasing face masks from some scam artists who fleeced the government and now face legal consequences.

Here’s a quote:

‘You can better have that Sywert inside pissing out than outside pissing in,’ De Jonge said in a message to his most senior aide. De Jonge was referencing highly critical social media messages placed by Van Lienden about the government’s mask purchasing strategy.

This is the level of competence you’re dealing with. The problem, as Bertrand Russel famously explained, is that these sort of people are confident. They’re confident, because they’re not very smart. Smart people tend to be full of doubt.

These people who rule you on the other hand, have brains rushing with dopamine, allowing them to hold fancy speeches and climb the cubicle hierarchy, but not exactly contemplate what’s going on here. Their concern is managing people and public appearance. There’s no grand strategic vision or overarching plan to anything that has happened over the past two years.

The sort of geopolitical discussions in regards to Ukraine that you have on Twitter with some anonymous dude with a Roman statue avatar exceed the quality of discussion held in the White House. Kamala Harris has dispelled any doubt you could have about this.

Similarly, the sort of discussions I see in the comment section on the average fringe blog tend to raise the sort of criticisms in regards to the mass vaccination campaign that never even reach the ears of the dudes who have to make a decision. That’s the real shock people aren’t really ready for: They’re not smarter than you, they’re mainly more gregarious and ambitious than you.

And now we’re all paying the price.


  1. Because bureaucrats are dumb, you think this means the executive class is the same as the ruling class who managed to turn the entire globe into a prison? You cope and seethe but you’re ultimately too cowardly to face the truth and seek comfort in your own supposed genius.

    Your arrogance is unearned. Of course you ally yourself with the likes of charlatan Eugyppius.

    • “Because bureaucrats are dumb, you think this means the executive class is the same as the ruling class who managed to turn the entire globe into a prison?”

      You clearly haven’t worked in a senior capacity in a major corporation if you think those people have any serious broad-band intelligence. At best, they are midwit idiot savants.

        • the people pretending this isnt planned and controlled, are ignoring the people who said it was planned and controlled…and laid out the plans, long before it all happened
          Scientifically speaking: their hypothesis: Hidden hand control, with deliberate bumbling front men to hide behind, makes predictions, and those predictions are often highly accurate, despite incredible complexity far beyond what random/bumbling profit seeking could bring, while your hypotheses, makes very few predictions and does not fit outcomes when it does.

          Once you learn the plans, and see them rolled out, around the world, in lockstep, despite opposition from some of the worlds foremost experts, and despite utterly insanity…again and again…in various fields and events and disasters etc etc…well, you either wake the fuck up and admit to yourself that its all planned by some centralised power, NO MATTER how hard you find that to emotionally accept, or you are gullible and in denial.

          • Well, the bird-brained starlings do not need a centralised authority to do choreographed mass movements. But we can agree to disagree on what is at the core of this poodle: central authority or just doing what others are doing. I do not know how to find this out, but there are tests that indicate majority of humans will do what others are doing. A test I vaguely remember, a group waiting for the test starting, smoke starts to waft from under the door. Some actors in the group studiously ignore the smoke (no talking between the subjects) and most, maybe all, naive test ppl will do likewise. No central planning. I can’t help wondering where do they make these critters – ignoring smoke? Probably the hardest thing to accept, emotionally, is self-responsibility – not blaming some “higher” authority, be it central planning, parents or god or whatever. How do I choose my path in this spot, here, now?

          • Kristiina…that was a lot of words to say repeatedly you missed the entire point.

            Starlings do not publish the planned movements they intend to make 100 years int to the future or more. The 100% present planners behind the current genocide DO. People waiting in a lobby seeing others ignore don’t plan to ignore the smoke…but the planners of the TEST do, and that is a great analogy for this situation: Hidden Planners, who I can guess at but it would be mostly educated guesses, actors, pretending to not notice the smoke, hordes of morons taking that as a cue to ignore the smoke, and the masses, divided between sane people, who are worried about the smoke, and the sheeple, labelling them anti-smokers

            Point is, these events are UNQUESTIONABLY planned, and I say that because I, and many others, bothered to read the plans.
            You sitting there, not having read the plans, trying to speak like you are informed on the matter, is pretty silly

  2. “They’re not smarter than you, they’re mainly more gregarious and ambitious than you”.

    My story of not playing in the school yard and just going along may be a little different but I’m so glad that I am not a ‘normal’ drudge of a person!

    I’ve never been able to acquiesce to authority yet have always tried to play by the rules.. If I had questions, I asked them, and if not given a sufficient explanation, continued to search out the overlapping information to make decisions.

    My family doctor (32 years) has tried on different occasions to refer me to another doctor who was in his sphere and after trial and error, I realized that only about 1 in 5 of his suggestions was even borderline competent, let alone outstanding! So, I sought out my own doctors for specialized treatment and have had shining success.

    That said, I do not understand how people anywhere can trust anything that is said regarding covid or any other issue in this world. The baked in layer is always that whoever is demanding something, they will get a positive return from others acting on the information… Fauci is bought by big pharma, governments are bought by power, etc.

    When questioning authority, making independent decisions, or refusing any mandates will get you canceled, the man behind the curtain must be exposed! Slowly, we are getting there and unfortunately we will see many more deaths before the awakening happens.

    I cannot save those who have chosen fear over information and I’m fucking pissed that the blood supply is now tainted! So, until the rest of the world wakes up, we are at the mercy of the gregarious and ambitious!

    “And now we’re all paying the price”.

  3. > until governments and academics become able to acknowledge

    It seems everybody is still entrenched in their positions. I don’t see that changing anytime soon especially in academia.

    Many countries are seriously considering 4th dose or even Omicron-specific
    booster. Nobody has learned anything.

  4. I can’t explain why BA.2 is mostly leaving North America alone at the moment. Covid infections in the USA are near an all time low. Otherwise I think your assessments are spot on.

    • It has been said by others that in the United States a significant number of people refused the booster so that when the first Omnicron came through a large number of people were infected and thereby developed natural immunity. The B2 found fewer susceptible individuals. In Europe a larger number had taken boosters several weeks before B1 arrived and therefore resisted infection due to the transient protection the booster afforded. This immunity was temporary and when B2 arrived it found a population largely susceptible. As in a lot of things in life it’s all about timing.

    • I’m guessing the US might see a slow burn of BA.2 in those states with booster rates around 50% or more. Obviously we’ll see!

  5. So interesting to watch the comments. As a well-argumented blog starts to gain visibility, the comments become quite relevant. And when the first commenters are organic-fertilizer-flinging apocalypsoists, it becomes easy to categorize the views of the blog as fringe. The happy days of having a viable opposition are long gone. The free-floating clownery clings to everything and makes the point impossible to discern if one is not totally committed to finding it. Calling Eygyppius a charlatan – of all things! That is pure clownery. And clowns are ultimately a way of propping up the powers that be through being a safety valve, when truth is starting to disappear from sight. When the organic fertilizer-firehose is directed at you from both government and clown department, it gets hard to know where you stand. So much fertilizer, so few seeds… This blog is one of the lighthouses for me, thank you.

    • misslabelling anyone you disagree with using derogatory innacurate terms is a great way to never learn a fucking thing.
      “apocalypsoists”…have you even read this blog? Even with your head too far up your ass to see the clear and pre announced plans rolling out, even just sticking to the well laid out scientific expectations this blog does so well at elucidating, things are not going to be pleasant for the next decade or so, and apocalypse is a reasonable description (unveiling or revealing, in this case, of how abysmally bad, deadly, and actually, evil, our central government and medical monopoly system is)
      But keep sitting within your illusion of intellectual superiority you maintain by refusing to look at things and laughing at those with their eyes wide open.

  6. –>”The problem, as Bertrand Russel famously explained, is that these sort of people are confident. They’re confident, because they’re not very smart. Smart people tend to be full of doubt.”

    In other words, “I’m not always right, but I’m always sure.” Yes, I’m very familiar with that mindset.

  7. You write in your article:

    “… unprecedented numbers of people in highly vaccinated nations are constantly being reinfected.”

    Constantly … reinfected … Have you read this analysis yet?


    By the way, you write:

    “I’m gradually running out of new things to say on SARS-COV-2, …”

    Please, just say the essential points in other words — again, and again, and again! The whole matter is so complicated, and so important, that you should repeat yourself for the rest of our lifes! Thanks in advance!

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