Vaccinate yourself against Xi Jinping thought

I will admit that this is not a particularly genius insight, but I have to point out that it’s good for your mental health to avoid exposing yourself to people who inspire revulsion in you. So who are these people who inspire revulsion in me? It’s not men or women. It’s not the young or the old. It’s not black people or white people, or any other ethnic group.

We’re all different, but we all have our own virtues and some of us show our best side during times of struggle. As an example, working class indigenous Dutch people were not very fond of mass immigration of Muslims, but now that Muslim youth have rioted against the lockdown measures, working class indigenous Dutch people and Dutch Muslims get along much better than ever before. The Dutch government had to abandon the evening curfew because they feared the Muslims would not put up with it during Ramadan. A growing number of young Dutch Muslim men are actually quite proud to be Dutch.

A few weeks ago I went to an illegal party in Amsterdam, my Moroccan taxi driver told me that he and his indigenous wife are “wappies”, low status working class Dutch people who protest against the lockdowns. Islamic culture has a healthy sense of fatalism: There are certain things in life that are just not meant to be under human control.

It’s also very clear that Xi Jinping feels threatened by Muslims. Hopefully Muslims around Europe see how the Jews are speaking out against the atrocities committed against the Uighur and so Muslims and Jews will get along better in the future too, just like indigenous working class Dutch people and Dutch Muslims do these days.

You can see the value and beauty of every culture, ideology and religion in how it inoculates a human being against Xi Jinping thought. We were all inoculated through the heritage we grew up with. Remember what you inherited and preserve it for future generations. We all inherited a weapon to wield against the dragon.

The Muslim was inoculated with fatalism, he knows that we are ultimately dependent on God for everything. The Christian was inoculated with compassion, because his messiah touched the lepers to comfort them. How did Jesus cure the Leper? With love alone. The biggest miracle that Jesus performed was seeing a human being, where others saw a threat.

The Hindu was inoculated with Ahimsa. The first principle is not to do harm to others. Indian doctors in American and Canada see children who are afraid of taking off their mask and so they speak out. If you want me to recommend a vaccine to you, I can recommend skipping Pfizer and going for the Bhagavad Gita. It will inoculate you against cowardice.

And I was inoculated with Western enlightenment thought. I was inoculated by Thomas Jefferson, who wrote: “all eyes are opened, or opening to the rights of man. the general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth that the mass of mankind has not been born, with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately, by the grace of god.”

It’s 2021, I personally don’t have a lot of interest in muh crime rates or muh islamization or any of this stuff that worried my parents generation. I think indigenous people who still lie awake about that sort of stuff need to realize that this is a thing you’re going to have to learn to live with.

I understand the anger. I was born in a big city where a third of the population, the people with money, left in the sixties and seventies. We were abandoned, left to fend for ourselves. My parents and grandparents generations were never asked, they were told. However, that’s not the hill I plan on dying on myself. What truly frightens me personally is that we are abandoning classical liberal enlightenment values in favor of a Chinese model of technocracy, an illiberal scientific dictatorship straight out of Bertrand Russell’s or Aldous Huxley’s nightmares.

The only people I see who are systematically trying to impose their values on me are people from the managerial class: People with Phd’s, blue checks on Twitter and pronouns in their biography. They look like me and speak the same language as me, but they feel endowed with the right to treat me as cattle. Political parties that represent the interests of working class indigenous Europeans should start to acknowledge this.

Science can tell us a lot of things, but it can’t tell us what we should value and cherish in life. Here’s what I value: When your father dies you should be able to hold his hand in the hospital bed. Your grandmother should be able to receive visits in the nursing home from her family. Your children should grow up seeing other people’s faces, they shouldn’t be afraid of breathing fresh air. If that increases the R rate by 11.61252% according to your models then I really don’t care.

The only people who genuinely inspire revulsion in me are cowards I suppose. People who choose the easy path in life, who adjust to whatever is popular, betray their own family and those who are more vulnerable than them. Not all high status people are cowards, but cowardice is an effective way to increase your social status. Just adjust to whatever indignities the technocracy seeks to impose on humanity and you will rise through the ranks.

The biggest act of cowardice that upsets me is the betrayal of children in the third world that began in March 2020. Western elites have abandoned the world’s most vulnerable, now we face a global humanitarian catastrophe. Children in Africa and India who still die from a lack of clean drinking water are going to be injected with an experimental vaccine against a virus that doesn’t affect them.

Hundreds of thousands of girls around the world suffered circumcision because the schools were closed, because of a virus that doesn’t affect them. Long haul COVID is bullshit, half of people in Indian cities have been infected and have antibodies, they coped fine. I get idiots telling me they know someone who still has pain in his chest when exercising. That’s what I get when I’ve spent months on the couch too.

And frankly, the only way for me to cope psychologically is to just tune out and dissociate. Maybe I’m on the spectrum, most of the men I can think of who said no to this in March of 2020 seem to be. I don’t want to see the cowards who did this. I don’t want to debate them, I don’t want to interact with them, I don’t want to be reminded of their existence. It’s relatively easy to do so. Don’t browse Twitter, don’t browse Reddit, don’t expose yourself to the news. That’s what I will be doing for now.

Only interact with working class people who didn’t graduate college and with those few who did but somehow retained the ability to see through this collective psychosis. I would literally sign up without a second of hesitation, to spend the rest of my life scraping chewing gum off the pavement if that allowed me to cease all interaction with bourgeois people with high status beliefs. If I’m allowed to ask one thing for myself, it is that I will forget that these types of people exist.


  1. “Children in Africa and India who still die from a lack of clean drinking water are going to be injected with an experimental vaccine against a virus that doesn’t affect them.”

    Exactly. WHO and unicef post little portions of drivel on my FB about what they plan on doing in various third world areas. It is absolutely mind blowing how stupid it is. Like once they said that african women were too scared to go to hospital to give birth and so babies were being born in unsanitary conditions. Obviously women who are young enough to give birth are too young to have a realistic chance of falling afoul of the virus. Powerful statesmen like Macron and Biden who often wear masks and say “we are at war !!” IMO have to take some of the blame for terrifying these african women.

    You are absolutely right about cowardice. I have a feeling that cowardice was more despised and frowned upon in the past. Now it’s taken as normal, people aren’t ashamed of being cowards.

    What has happened the last year wouldn’t have happened without cowardice being the norm.

  2. Also I can’t help thinking that the technocracy will have problems in the future because it is poisoning the well with all this bullshit.
    Like you for instance, I don’t always agree with you but you seem to be reasonably intelligent and try to think for yourself and then you put your ideas out. That’s good.
    A lot of intelligent people are going to be too disgusted to want take part in the system.
    “We need to vaccinate all these third world kiddywinks against a virus that won’t affect them, and then lots of them will have problems due to filthy drinking water and malnutrition anyway. But the vaccination program is priority number one !”
    You have to submit to that to be allowed to take part in the system, so IMO the system is excluding the less stupid and welcoming the more stupid aboard. And that just has to lead to problems. What do you think?

  3. > Islamic culture has a healthy sense of fatalism: There are certain things in life that are just not meant to be under human control.

    One of my favorite Sufi Rock songs of all time deals with this exact topic:

    Pyar Ka Jo Suroor Tha
    ([I], who had once enjoyed the glories of love)
    Ura Diya Dhool May
    (It all flew away, leaving nothing but dust)
    Jo Chaha Tha Na Mil Saka
    (What I desired, I have not received)
    Ek Shola Ghoomay Haathon May
    (A fire erred (?) in my hands)

    Sabhi Jhoom Lain
    (Now is the time to lose ourselves in devotion)
    Jhoom Lain Hum Kahin
    (Wherever we may be)

    Nadan Milein
    (Finally, I received it)
    To Had Se Milein
    (with my own two hands)
    Kuch Kar Chalein
    (I continued to act)
    (in ignorance)

    Bhula Diya
    Mita Diya
    Jab Laga Liya
    (When it appeared / was applied (???))
    Honton Se
    (Among their lips)

    Hum Sabhi Jhoom Lain
    (Now is the time to lose ourselves in devotion)
    Jhoom Lain Hum Kahin
    (Wherever we may be)
    Sabhi Jhoom Lain
    (Now is the time to lose ourselves in devotion)
    Jhoom Lain Hum Kahin
    (Wherever we may be)

    Andhero May Dia To Mila
    (In the dark, I received a lantern)
    Par Jala Gaya Aag May
    ([But] in [its] fire, I became helpless)

    Khabar Bhi Thi
    (So it was rumored)
    Pata Bhi Tha
    (So it was known)
    Kyun Gawa Diya Hoosh May
    (I know why – I’ve witnessed it myself)

    Kiya Mila?
    (What have I received)
    Jhoom Ke?
    (from my devotion?)
    Jab Giray Girtay Gaye
    (I just keep on falling)

    Bhujha Jo Ab Na Jal Saka
    (What is parched can no longer burn)
    Ek Raakh Si Ban Gaya
    (It has all turned to ash)

    Khabar Bhi Thi
    (So it was rumored)
    Pata Bhi Tha
    (So it was known)
    Sab Gawa Diya Hosh May
    (I’ve witnessed it all, with my own senses)

    Kiya Mila?
    (What have I received)
    Jhoom Ke?
    (from my devotion?)
    Jab Giray Girtay Gaye
    (I just keep on falling)

  4. <>
    check and check again
    specially if you have not been on the terrain.
    In 1800, there were 9 million Native Americans in the territory of the United States of America. In 1900, they were only 300,000. In 1978, there were 5.5 million Uyghurs in Xinjiang (China).
    In 2018, thanks to the exemption from the one-child policy, they were 11.6 million.
    Do you know that some (those who are under police control a very small (but dangerous) minority) Uighurs was in Syria with ISIS ?
    I like what you do, I was expecting some stupid site, definitely not the case
    keep on and be more suspicious

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